New York's CityView Announces Promotion For Former NYSC Lincoln Center Members
from Christina Lenahan, CityView Membership & Marketing Director

October 16, 2012

For those NYSC Lincoln Center squash members who have not yet found their new squash club, CityView is happy to offer a complimentary month of membership upon activation. 

Players will also receive 2 complimentary guest passes.
While CityView has beautiful amenities (bar, steam, sauna, fitness equipment, roof deck) and gorgeous squash courts (3 singles and 1 doubles), another big allure to CityView is that there are NO COURT FEES.

We have a thriving group of players who are excited to welcome more enthusiastic squashies to the fold. 

Anyone who is interested please contact me by e-mailing:

or by calling 718.389.6252

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from former NYSC Lincoln Center members!


Christina Lenahan

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