Nour El-Tayeb
by Nick-At-Will

October 23, 2018

When Nour El Tayeb played in a (WISPA) women's pro tournament at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in 2007, she was only 14 years-old! She lost in the first round to Alana Miller of Canada! Nour is now 25, ranked #3 in the world (11 years later) and just won the $51,000.00 2018 Carol Weymuller Open in Brooklyn, NY... beating world #8 Sarah Jane Perry in the final! Here's a photo of Nour at the LAAC in the club's 1932 Olympic plaque and sculpture...'s Nour now, (11 years later), winning the Weymuller Open...

Time goes by...when you're having (squash) fun!

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