Sobhy Sisters Kick Off Spence School 9-Court Facility Grand Opening

photos Spence School

On Saturday November 6, 2021, after years of construction and 18 months of COVID obstacles, the Spence 412 Squash Center opened its doors for world class squash and hosted former Harvard University All-American sisters, PSA World # 3 Amanda Sobhy and her sister # 21 Sabrina for the grand opening “Sobhy Showdown”.

With Amanda and Sabrina as ambassadors for the sport, the Spence community gathered together to celebrate squash and the first ball marks on the walls, squeaks on the floors, sounds of the ball, choreography of their movements, and dazzling display of artistry, creativity, skill, finesse, and power. The event was emceed by legendary event promoter Bill Buckingham, host of the popular squash podcast “The Breakdown” on the Squash Radio network. The Showdown came down to the wire, with Sabrina squeaking out a 12-10 victory in the 5th game over her older sister.

The Spence 412 Squash Center is located on 412 East 90th Street between 1st and York Avenues and features 9 state of the art squash courts. It is the home of the Spence Sabers Middle School, JV, and Varsity teams and recently opened its doors for school community memberships. It is also a center for teaching Lower and Middle School classes as well as court rentals for neighboring school programs.

In the days ahead, the 412 Squash Center looks forward to expanding access and serving as the epicenter for the sport of squash in Metro NY, with a particular focus on building grassroots programs and promoting scholastic and women’s squash.

You can learn more about the Spence 412 Facility here.