No Doubt!
by Nick-At-Will

November 26, 2019

There is "no doubt"...that scheduling the Western Junior Regional Squash Championships over a day-and-a-half ONLY had a detrimental effect on the results and outcome of the boys under 17 division! As it turned out, the #1 seed (Ahmad Haq) played the #4 seed (Eric Lin) in the top half of the semi-final draw. The match was a Marathon, going five games to extra points in the fifth game...Ahmad winning 13-11! So...Ahmad went on to play the finals of the main draw. Eric went on to play the 3/4 play-off finals. However...the other semi-final (between Mohamed Awadalla and Kamran Zia) was pretty-much a cut-and-dry three-gamer...Mohamed coming out ahead to play Ahmad in the main-draw finals, Kamran went on to play Eric in the 3/4 play-offs. Wouldn't it have been nice (proper and logical) if the totally exhausted Ahmad and Eric (having played two matches already on Saturday) could have had a good-night's rest and played the main-draw and 3/4 play-off finals on Sunday!? But NO...after having (less than) a two-hour rest, both boys had to play their finals as a third match on the same day...Saturday! The result and outcome of these two matches was easy to predict, as Mohamed beat Ahmad in a relatively easy three-games...and Kamran beat Eric in an relatively easy 3/4 play-off four-game match. We would hope this serves as a good lesson and example of why or when there is the potential for junior squash-players to play four matches in a tournament, that the schedule permits them to have a decent rest before playing the finals, as was so with All of the other seven Regional Junior Squash Championships! We wondered...why would this event even be accredited and/or sanctioned to be played in one-and-half days...requiring the quarter's, semi's and finals to be played ALL on the same day!? The kids work so very hard in preparing to enter and play in these important ranking junior squash-tournaments, not to mention the coaches and parents committing the time and resources to get and be with them, loss of school, work, etc. Every effort should be made to give these junior squash-players every opportunity to play their very best..."No doubt!"