More SDA Pro Doubles Events Canceled As Baltimore Cup and Graham Company Cup Pull The Plug
by Rob Dinerman

Dateline January 9, 2020 --- A 2019-20 SDA North American pro doubles tour that has already been plagued by cancellations, eleventh-hour prize money reductions and a series of retirements, defaults and injuries to key players took yet another hit when it was announced today that the Baltimore Cup (which for years has been hosted by the Baltimore Country Club) and the Graham Company Cup (which for even longer has been held at the Germantown Cricket Club in suburban Philadelphia) were both canceling their tournaments, which had been scheduled to take place in February and March respectively. Less than an hour before today’s noon entry deadline for the Baltimore event, Graham Bassett, the SDA Tour Director, informed the tour's playing group of the cancellations, citing fundraising difficulties that the Baltimore host club Committee had encountered and a management shake-up that has arisen at Germantown.

   This double-whammy occurs less than two months after the Tournament Committee of the Jim Bentley Cup in Toronto decided to withdraw their event from the official SDA schedule and instead hold it as a private invitational in the wake of a disagreement that arose regarding the quality of the team entries.

   The SDA tour schedule resumes tonight with the MFS Pro-Am tournament at the University Club of Boston.