Junior Squash-Player / Sketch Artist
by Nick-At-Will

photos: Nick at Will

Dora Dong, 13 year-old squash-player, 7th grade middle-school student and i-SQUASH team member in South Pasadena, California, has been playing junior squash tournaments for just over two years.

Arriving to the United States from Shanghai, China on October 15, 2017 at age ten, she spoke no English and had no idea what the game of squash was!

As of this date, the left-handed Dora has played in 25 U.S. Squash accredited junior tournaments, winning four and placing second in seven of them.

Dora was ranked as the #1 GU13 junior and now is the #2 GU15 ranked squash-player in Southern California.

More than that...Dora is an aspiring and accomplished sketch-artist!

We wonder what Dora's future will be with her two passions of squash and art! Above are two samples of Dora's sketches...

We wish Dora good luck in both her squash and art careers!