Three DSR Writers Set for 50K-Word Novel Challenge

Febuary 13, 2017

DSR contributors Chris Dec, Ruthanne Deceder and Ted Gross kick off an 8-week novel-writing challenge today, where it will be determined who has the right stuff and who gets booted out.

The three authors will work on independent novels and will attempt to submit 12,500 words every two weeks, until they reach the 50,000-word mark, generally considered the magic number to qualify as a novel.

Should any of the authors fail to meet any of the four deadlines or word counts, they will be eliminated from novel-writing contention.

Chris Dec:

Title of Novel:      Homeless State

Author:                 Christine Dec

Genre:                   Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Dystopian future

In the not too far future, the economy is squeezing a larger gap between the haves and have-nots. More jobs are offshore, more foreclosures are happening, and the record number of homeless families and individuals is a real problem for the government. Shelters are overflowing, and building new shelters can’t happen fast enough.

The story is about a homeless family that begins living in a government proposed experimental housing cooperative. Homeless State, carved from four adjacent states, becomes home for a growing number of capable candidates who cannot manage a high mortgage or rent, but who are willing to give their energy to creating a cooperative community.

The novel takes place over 4 years, during which time, Jack, at 13, is in a new high school at Homeless State where he develops into an extraordinary leader.

This is my first novel. I have an outline, story and characters developed. It has been a few years of me being kind of stuck, not knowing how to proceed. I am going to stop bouncing from one chapter to another and join Ted’s marathon, hopefully, getting one chapter finished at a time.

Ruthanne Deceder:

Title of Novel:      TBD, but most likely "A Memory of Lilies"

Author:                Ruthanne Darling-Deceder

Genre:                   Fiction

A young girl born in the rural southern France, yearns to move to America.  Through multiple adverse and comedic adventures, she realizes the art of possibility and realizes her part in making her dream come true.  Her family remains unified while surrounded by a broken world caught up in international politics surrounding Vietnam.  Madeline longs for newness, but too nieve to realize the dangers of uncharted international waters.  The tides of strife and struggle nearly break her and her dream, but she knows the fields of lilies always bloom again.

This is my first novel while I have several started, this is the hope for a finished product.  I thought of finishing one of my other novels, one being a memoir, but something this week led me to pay homage to the memory of my mother's story through the eyes of Madeline.  Totally new book for me and special in a way as I am collecting memories from my belated mother's friends here and abroad to solidify Madeline's story.

Ted Gross:

Title: Losers Weepers

Genre: Sci Fi / Time Travel

18-year-old Pike Gillette contends with super powers that first surface during a high school football game.

None. I've read very little science fiction and have never tried to write any.