Daily Squash Report Turns 10
by Ted Gross

Ten years in the books, we're still standing, and many to thank.

It's been an honor to build on Tom and Hazel Jones's Squash News, and later Ron Beck's Squash Talk.

Much appreciation to our dozens of contributors. It's a tough call but my favorite DSR piece is the collaborative serial novel, The Club From Hell.

In my view the best thing that's happened to the sport in the last decade is the evolution of SquashTV.

Thanks to my friend Rob Dinerman, without whom this 'experiment' on April 30th, 2011, never would have worked.

Thank you to Fram Gommendy, Steve Cubbins and Alan Thatcher for covering the sport with class and sharing your work.

Special thanks to a select group who have been supporters since Day 1: Larry Heath, J.D. Cregan, Bob Hanscom, Guy Cipriano, Sasha Cooke, John Branston and Reynold Chan.

I've tried to present a balanced view of the sport, while sticking in the needle now and then.

It's been a grind at times but always worth it.

Another ten years makes twenty. That would be a good story.