Changes Needed to Major Sports
by Ted Gross

April 5, 2017 - Opening Day baseball was a reminder that pitching has evolved too much under the current rules, and that the sport needs an update.

That, plus necessary revisions to the major sports are the following:

Baseball: a) Pitch must be received in the air by catcher to be a strike, whether batter swings or not. You need to complete the play. b) No replay reviews until the playoffs.

American Football: Eliminate kicked PAT's. Eliminate pile pushing.

Ice Hockey: Don't broadcast any games or discuss the sport until the playoffs.

Soccer: Scrap the offside rule.

Tennis: Eliminate the 2nd Serve.

American Racquetball: No changes needed. Simply eliminate the sport entirely.

Basketball: When a shooting foul occurs, give the fouled team the option of inbounding the ball.

Golf: Never show it on a major TV network.

Water Polo: Don't even show it during the Olympics.

Squash: All pro matches 48 minutes with running clock and running score. Mercy rule in effect if one player gets dominated.

Volleyball: Eliminate all versions of the sport except for the women's beach version (okay maybe not).