Breeding Ground
by Nick-At-Will

Is our great game of SQUASH a breeding-ground for the Covid-19 Coronavirus!?

Perhaps...but not necessarily so!

Unfortunately...squash is played (mostly) indoors, which is a natural environment for spreading ANY disease!
However...there are protective measures that can be taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while playing squash.

First and foremost...the entire venue must be thoroughly and regularly cleaned! All surfaces must be sanitized and the air circulated well.

Secondly..."playing" the game between two "strangers" is NOT recommended. If siblings and/or (tested negative) members of the same household want to "play" squash, that's fine, but not with others! Self or solo-practice is also fine, as long as it's in a "clean" and "safe" environment!

What about "playing" squash-tournaments, middle, high-schools or college squash!? These activities are NOT recommended for a number of reasons!

This is where the Covid-19 Coronavirus can rapidly be spread most! With two "strangers" playing squash in an enclosed area, the chance of spreading the disease is just too feasible! This would and will be true if and where "spectators" are involved! This should also be avoided!

So...what are the prospects and future of "playing" the game of squash. Not be sure!

Until such time that a vaccine can be developed and administered to the public for diphtheria, small-pocks, polio, pneumonia or the flu, "caution" MUST be the word!