Is It Time!?
by Nick-At-Will

With the Covid-19, Coronavirus looking like it will be around for a very long time, "is it time" to seriously think about supporting and building more open-air, outdoor squash-courts!?

Just think, in the space of just one 60' x 120' tennis-court enclosure, SIX international squash-courts can be built and accommodated!

Doing this in states with climates that are best-suited for outdoor squash-courts could actually begin to balance the demographics of the U.S. Squash-playing community...between the east, west, and southern parts of the country.

Doing this could just perhaps begin to provide tournament venues not traditionally wanting and/or able to host junior and adult squash-tournaments.

The concept may (at first) seem to be a radical idea, but think of the most popular sports played out-of-doors, e.g. soccer, basketball, baseball, football, golf, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, handball, swimming, surfing, skate-boarding, etc.

If those are among the very popular outdoor sports played outdoors...why not SQUASH!?

Just imagine...squash-courts located in all city recreation parks around the country!

What a wonderful and innovative way to promote and further-popularize our great game of squash!