Eleonora Sears
by Nick-At-Will

The story goes that Eleonora Sears (from Pride's Crossing in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts) started playing squash in 1918. In 1928 she helped to incorporate the United States Women's Squash Racquets Association. She was the first women's singles squash champion (that same year at age of 46) and later served as its president, captain and coach of the American women's national squash team. Eleonora was not only a champion squash-player, but prominent in many other sports like tennis, (1968 Tennis Hall of Fame inductee) horse-back riding, golf, swimming, polo and long-distance walking. She was considered to be one of the leading all-around women athletes in the first-half of the 20th century! Eleonora succeeded in sports when it wasn't thought important for women to athletically succeed. And so it goes for women's equality, (way back in 1918) over 100 years ago!