Weekend Masked-Up Junior Event Concludes in Westchester
by Shaun Moxham  

September 20, 2020 Port Chester, NY – This weekend, for the first time in six months, US junior squash players returned to the courts to compete in a Livestreamed College Exposure Event. MSquash, the High Performance Squash Academy in Port Chester, NY, launched a brand new recruitment concept of live-streamed Matchplay for Junior and Sophomores players. During the pandemic, it is harder than ever for athletes to showcase their potential to college coaches, and for colleges coaches to get to know the players that will be the backbone of their future teams. Summer camps could not be held on college campuses this summer and with no tournaments since March, players have no avenue to show their potential to college coaches.

Using the high-tech capabilities that they are known for, MSquash connected all college Varsity and Club coaches with the live matches through their private youtube channel. The matches have also been organized and uploaded for on-demand viewing by all coaches. High School Junior Boys and Girls from non-quarantined States around the country competed in the event, which was held on Friday and Saturday evenings last weekend, taking into account all Covid-safety regulations.

MSquash in Port Chester NY, is the first club in the US to offer live streamed competition since the pandemic started. They set a goal to become the safest place to play squash in the country and require players to wear a mask on the court. 

Shaun Moxham: “We created this College Exposure Series to enable HS Juniors and Sophomores to show their recruitment potential to college coaches at a time when all other avenues are closed. My wife and business partner Katline Cauwels & I could not be more humbled by the incredible support that we have received for this event from college coaches and the junior squash community.”

The concept was received exceptionally well by College Coaches. They see it as an amazing initiative, and were grateful to be able to see the players play. They respected the players’ courage to be the first ones back on court.

This was just the first in a series of 11 Showcase events to be held this fall at MSquash. The next ones will be held on Oct 2 and 3 for Sophomores.