Shaun Moxham & David Palmer Lead Masterclass in Westchester County

photos Shaun Moxham

Portchester, New York - Sep 25-26  This weekend, 2 legends of the game are back together: SHAUN MOXHAM and DAVID PALMER. A Coach and Player relationship that resulted in 2 World Championship Titles and 4 British Open Titles.  Both Australians now live in the US. Palmer is Head Coach of Cornell University, while Moxham runs MSquash Academy, his own and one of the most High-Tech Squash Academies in the world, in Port Chester NY.

Together, at MSquash, they are doing 2 Masterclass weekends this September, in which they come together as coaches now, to share what used to work for them, with adult and junior players.

The chemistry between Palmer and Moxham is still there, as strong as it was. Maybe even stronger as the mutual respect and friendship continues to grow.

Moxham: “One of the greatest pleasures I have now is, knowing what an amazing player David was, seeing him be a fantastic coach.”

It is evident throughout the clinics as they both share a similar mindset both on and off the court. The ultimate goal they teach the players: improve everyday, both physically and mentally. Give 100%. Overcome adversity.

Palmer: “Yeah but coach” … that is not what we want to hear;  it’s all about accepting criticism, believing in the coach - player relationship. Any good relationship is two-way, coach and player. Both believe, both listen, and both work hard. Just like anything else in life, if you want to be successful on the squash courts, you must work hard and leave all excuses at the door.”

This is the first ever time Palmer and Moxham get together to coach. And they work with adults and juniors. With one weekend down, the duo will focus this weekend on:

  Special Moxham-Palmer drills:  how they kept their training sessions always different, innovative and quick

  David’s favorite Shot : The renowned Dropshot --> how did he play it?

  Physical Training: The Beep test - how it helped David and his tips to run it well

  Mindset: What to do and how to keep on learning when you get to the #1 spot in the world, or when you're the best in your group, or even when you're the best on your court..

It is not often that both kids and adults get an opportunity to learn from legends in the sport of squash. An important message they both want to get across to the participants is that to be a world champion in a sport, you need to be a world champion person first. These are the ideals that the teams at MSquash and Cornell continue to instill in all their players, day by day.