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7-25-22 Chris Stevens, 1969-2022, Two-Time First-Team All-American at Princeton
7-11-22 Pete Bostwick Jr., August 22, 1934 – July 7, 2022, Multi-Sports Athlete Extraordinaire and Three-Time U. S. Squash National Age-Group Champion
6-6-22 Manek Mathur Tops SDA Pro Doubles Rankings For The Fourth Time
5-13-22 Adel Sammons Captures Hyder Women’s Crown
5-11-22 Profile of Clinton Leeuw, Head Professional At The New York Athletic Club
5-4-22 Manek Mathur And Chris Callis Capture Kellner Cup Crown
5-2-22 Another Honor For Brunswick School’s Legendary Squash Coach Jim Stephens (Tennis This Time)
4-11-22 Edward P. Harding, 1936-2022, Three-Time U.S. Squash National Age-Group Champion
3-7-22 James Stout and Scott Arnold Capture SDA Pro Doubles David C. Johnson Memorial In Brooklyn Heights
3-4-22 Longtime Brunswick School Squash Coach Jim Stephens Honored At Scholastic Squash Dedication
2-25-22 A Look Back At Harvard’s 5-4 Potter Cup Final-Round Win Over Penn
12-20-21 Rick Woolworth, 1952-2021, Early-1970’s Dartmouth Squash And Tennis Star
11-15-21 Dinerman’s Weekend Doubles Wrap-Up: First-Time Partners Gina Stoker/Lauren West (Philly Open) and Clinton Leeuw/Kyle Martino (Silver Racquet) Five-Game Their Way To Victory
11-3-21 Mathur and Arnold Win Big Apple Open Doubles
11-1-21 Top Two Seeds Mathur/Arnold (Barely) And Stout/Badan Advance To Big Apple Open Doubles Final
10-25-21 Kayley Leonard and Maria Elena Ubina Capture New York City Open Doubles Crown
10-8-21 Manhattan Community Squash Center Changes Its Name To “Open Squash”, Holds Hugely Successful Fundraiser Featuring World No 1 Ali Farag
3-31-21 Paul Assaiante Inducted into College Squash Hall of Fame
1-25-21 Dave Talbott Retirement Marks The End Of An Era In Yale Squash
9-14-20 Damien Mudge, Best-Of-All-Time Doubles Player, Returns To Native Australia
3-30-20 Azam Khan, 1925-2020, Four-Time British Open Champion
2-23-20 Pat Canavan, 1958-2020, Longtime Head Pro At The New York Athletic Club
1-21-20 Chris Walker and Tom Harrity Win US Century Doubles For Second Straight Year
1-18-20 Nick Matthew Edges Ramy Ashour To Capture RAM Challenge In Grand Central Station by Rob Dinerman
10-22-19 Jim Bentley Cup Withdraws On Short Notice From The SDA Pro Doubles Schedule
8-14-19 Damien Mudge, SDA All-Time Greatest Doubles Player, Retires
6-26-19 2018-19 Pro Doubles Season Recap
5-21-19 Revolutionary RAM Scoring System Debuts To Rave Reviews In Ramy Ashour Invitational
3-25-19 Ed Reade, 1921-2019, Legendary Squash Coach At Deerfield Academy
2-27-19 Record Low Turnout As Zac Alexander and Kelsey Engman Win US Hardball Nationals
1-23-19 Chris Walker And Tom Harrity Win US Century Squash Doubles
11-12-18 Clinton Leeuw And Hamed Anvari Capture Silver Racquet Doubles Crown
10-30-18 SDA Star Manek Mathur Incurs Possible Achilles Injury In Big Apple Open Final
10-7-18 Cyrus Mehta, 1967-2018, Captain Of Yale’s 1989-90 Championship Team
9-28-18 Kicking Off The Pro Doubles Season Amidst A Transformed Competitive Landscape
8-29-18 Charles Ufford, 1931-2018
8-2-18 Damien Mudge To Undergo Knee Surgery, Sidelined Until Calendar 2019
6-19-18 Bill Sykes, 1935-2018
6-7-18 Profile Of Ed Garno, US National Doubles Champion
5-22-18 A Retrospective On The 2017-18 SDA Pro Doubles Tour
5-8-18 Squash World Mourns The Passing Of Gul Khan, 1948-2018
3-12-18 Former U. S. Nationals Finalist Russ Ball Jr. Inducted Into Haverford School Athletic Hall Of Fame
2-28-18 Zac Alexander Dominates 111th US Squash Hardball Singles Championships by Rob Dinerman and Tefft Smith
2-21-18 Potter Cup Preview: Trinity, Ivy Champ Columbia Seeded Nos. 1 and 2, Yale Fails To Qualify
2-15-18 End of an Era and A Season Of Cliffhangers For Penn Men's Team
2-12-18 Josh Schwartz And Peter Kelly Capture New York Athletic Club Invitational Doubles
1-29-18 Dominic Hughes And Nigel Thain Capture Record Third Straight US Century Doubles Crown
11-27-17 Robin Clarke/Ryan Herden and Steph Hewitt/Nikki Todd Capture 2017 Ontario Doubles Crowns
11-2-17 Final Tribute to the Uptown Racquet Club, FORUM
9-18-17 Excerpt from Forthcoming History of Squash at Princeton
6-7-17 Dinerman SDA Pro Doubles Season Recap
4-17-17 Presented For The First Time: A History Of Yale Women's Squash DuringThe Mark Talbott Coaching Era (1998-2004)
2-18-17 Richard William Danforth, 12/31/27 – 2/13/17, Three-Time US National Doubles Champion
2-17-17 Yale Club Head Pro Servando Velez Honored At Retirement Party After 30 Years Of Service
2-14-17 James Stout And Dylan Patterson Capture New York Athletic Club Invitational
1-4-17 Brand-New Partner Alignments Energize The 2016-17 SDA Pro Doubles Tour
12-8-16 Will Mariani And Fred Reid Jr. Capture Assante Wealth Ontario Doubles Men’s Open Championship
11-14-16 Addison West And Whitten Morris Capture Silver Racquets Crown
10-25-16 Steph Hewitt And Narelle Krizek Capture Inaugural BMO Canadian Pro Women’s Squash Doubles Championship
10-4-16 US Squash Summit Canceled Reportedly Due To Lack Of Attendees
7-18-16 A Response To Squash’s Attacks On Rory McIlroy And The IOC
7-1-16 Former Harvard Standouts Amanda Sobhy And Hope Prockop To Sing “God Bless America” At Fenway Park
6-13-16 A Comparative Examination Of The US Squash Decision To De-Classify The Hardball Nationals
6-11-16 Mike Ferreira And Baset Chaudhry Capture Racquet & Tennis Club Doubles Championship
5-6-16 Suzie Pierrepont Ruptures Achilles, Will Undergo Surgery Today
5-4-16 A Recap Of The 2015-16 SDA Men’s Professional Doubles Tour
5-1-16 Scott Arnold And Steph Hewitt Capture Canadian Mixed Doubles Crown
4-18-16 First-Time Partners Manek Mathur And Ben Gould Capture Tavern Club Invitational Crown In Dramatic Finish
4-10-16 Ogden “Dinny” Phipps, 1940-2016, Deerfield Squash Captain And U. S. Court Tennis Champion 
3-24-16 Ian McAvity, 1942-2016, 1970 Canadian National Doubles Champion 
3-10-16 Former Harvard Captains Amanda Sobhy and Hope Prockop to Sing National Anthem Tonight at Bruins Hockey Game
3-4-16 Dane Sharp Captures US Hardball Nationals Crown
2-22-16 Fifteenth Straight David Johnson Memorial Title For Damien Mudge As He And Viktor Berg Surge To Victory
2-19-16 Corrections To The (Numerous) Errors In Squash Magazine’s February 2016 Cover Article About Ben Gould’s Retirement
2-12-16 Bill Ullman Captures 60th Annual Cate Hardball Squash Invitational
2-8-16 Canadian National Singles And Doubles Champion Jay Gillespie, 1955-2016
2-7-16 Top Two Seeds Ryan Cuskelly And Campbell Grayson To Contest Inaugural Blue Devil Challenge In Brooklyn 
2-1-16 James Stout And Will Newnham Capture New York Athletic Club Invitational
1-12-16 Wade, Yeager, Zug, Ford And Stokes Shine In Hardball Singles At Merion
1-5-16 Newly Discovered WPSA Film Disproves Commonly Accepted Belief About The Length Of Jahangir Khan’s Legendary Winning Streak
12-28-15 U. S. Hardball Nationals To Have Its Swan Song In 2016
12-21-15 NYSC Flagship Uptown Racquet Club To Close In January
12-3-15 Dartmouth Men Shock Harvard for First Win Since 1946
11-25-15 Betts And Hewitt Storm To NYC Open Women's Pro Doubles Title
11-23-15 Betts/Hewitt Shock Grainger/Pierrepont, Will Face Tippett Sisters In NYC Open Final
11-19-15 New York City Open To Make Debut Appearance November 21-23
11-9-15 Addison West And Will Hartigan Capture Silver Racquet Crown
10-27-15 Friends Of Harvard Squash Celebration A Huge Success
9-24-15 CityView Becomes Latest Public Squash Club To Scrap Its Doubles Court
8-24-15 Final WDSA Season Under Narelle Krizek Leadership An Historic One By Rob Dinerman, Assisted By Joyce Davenport
8-21-15 Women’s Pro Doubles Association In Transition As Founder Narelle Krizek Sells WDSA Tour To Suzie Pierrepont
8-21-15 Tom Harrity To Undergo Total Hip Replacement Surgery Today
7-28-15 Memoir By Former WPSA Hardball Star and ISRF World Champion Steve Bowditch To Be Published Shortly
7-28-15 Alicia McConnell Record Set Straight, Correction of US Squash President's Cup Posting
7-18-15 Ray Godfrey, Former New England Interscholastic Champion and Yale Captain, 1945-2015
7-15-15 Historic Achievement As Tippett Sisters Top WDSA Pro Women's Doubles Rankings
5-16-15 Domination But No Coronation For Mudge/Gould: 2014-15 SDA Doubles Tour Retrospective
5-11-15 Suzie Pierrepont And Carrie Hastings Capture Women's World Doubles Crown
5-10-15 Women’s World Doubles Update: Pierrepont/Hastings To Meet Stoker/Simmonds In All-England Final
5-7-15 2015 Mass States Doubles Champions Crowned In Climactic Finals Night
5-4-15 Mass State Doubles To Culminate In “Finals Night”
5-4-15 WDSA Tour Gears Up For Biennial World Doubles In Chicago
4-20-15 Dana Betts And Tarsh McElhinny Capture WDSA John’s Island Open
4-19-15 Amanda Sobhy And Latasha Khan Surge Into John's Island Final, Will Face Dana Betts And Tarsh McElhinny
4-18-15 SDA Tavern Club Invitational Update: Fourth Seeds Imran Khan/Greg Park Fall To Robin Clark And Scott Arnold
4-15-15 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Preview: Strong Field Gears Up For John’s Island Open This Weekend
4-14-15 Scott Arnold And Robin Clarke Successfully Defend Canadian National Doubles Crown
4-12-15 Seanna Keating And Steph Hewitt Capture Canadian National Doubles Women's Crown
4-6-15 Massachusetts States Open Doubles Update: Amanda Sobhy And Fernanda Rocha Record Upset Win Over Sandy Tierney And Pat Malloy
3-24-15 Suzie Pierrepont And Steph Hewitt Capture Third Straight Hashim Khan Open
3-20-15 Turner Cup Finalist Kayley Leonard Wins Major Junior Award
3-4-15 A Few Contrasting Thoughts About This Past Weekend's Results
3-2-15 Dana Betts And Steph Hewitt Capture WDSA St. Louis Open
2-13-15 Messages Both Sent And Received This Week At Harvard’s Murr Center In Possible Potter Cup Finals Preview
1-26-15  Suzie Pierrepont And Narelle Krizek Capture 2015 Turner Cup
1-25-15 Suzie Pierrepont/Narelle Krizek To Meet Kaylee Leonard/Natalie Grainger In WDSA Turner Cup Final
1-24-15 WDSA Turner Cup Update: Qualifiers Grainger And Leonard Surge Into The Semis
1-17-15 WDSA Turner Cup Attracts Impressive Field
1-7-15 SDA Pro Doubles Tour Resumes Today In Boston
12-4-14 An Unfortunate Saga: The Cancellation Of The 2014 US Open Doubles Championship
12-3-14 John G. Davis, 1936-2014, Harvard Squash And Baseball Star
11-28-14 SDA Doubles Star Matt Jenson To Undergo Achilles Tendon Surgery Today
11-11-14 John Russell And Clive Leach Capture Big Apple Open Crown
11-10-14 Steph Hewitt And Dana Betts Capture Cincinnati WDSA Open
10-6-14 Alison Waters Rallies Past Raneem El Welily In Semis Of Carol Weymuller Open
10-6-14 WDSA Report: McElhinny And Krizek Surge to Philadelphia Open Crown
10-5-14 WDSA Update: McElhinny/Krizek To Face Quick/Hewitt In Philadelphia Open Final
10-5-14 Raneem El Weleily Rallies Past Emma Beddoes In Weymuller Quarterfinal
10-3-14 Omneya Abdel Kawy Over Samantha Cornett In Carol Weymuller Open First-Round Action
10-2-14 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Tour Gears Up For Eighth Season
8-11-14 Recap Of The WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Season: Narelle Krizek And Suzie Pierrepont Are The Top Team in 2014
7-27-14 Meredeth Quick And Steph Hewitt Capture Wilson Cup
5-26-14 Former Princeton Captain Arif Sarfraz Dies At Age 60
5-19-14 WDSA Turner Cup Final: Pierrepont And Krizek Motor To Victory
5-18-14 WDSA Turner Cup Semis: Pierrepont/Krizek and Quick/Hewitt Charge Into Final
5-16-14 WDSA Turner Cup Round-of -16 Summary
5-9-14 Hewitt and McElhinny Capture WDSA MetroSquash Open
4-28-14 WDSA John’s Island Open Final: Pierrepont And Krizek Triumph Over Quick And Hewitt
4-27-14 WDSA John’s Island Open Update: Pierrepont/Krizek To Face Quick/Hewitt In Sunday Final
4-24-14 Krizek And Pierrepont Head Seeds In Inaugural John’s Island Open
3-24-14 Manek Mathur and Steve Scharff Capture U. S. National Doubles Title
3-18-14 Outstanding Turnout For Milestone Hashim Khan Invitational, 22 Champions Crowned
3-17-14 Steph Hewitt and Suzie Pierrepont Charge To Hashim Khan Invitational Crown
3-3-14 Krizek And McElhinny Rally To St. Louis Open Crown
3-2-14 Quick/Hewitt To Face McElhinny/Krizek In St. Louis Open Final
2-28-14 Women’s Pro Doubles Tour Picks Up Today In St. Louis
2-24-14 Tierney And Scharff Capture US Century Doubles Open Crown
2-9-14 125 Years Of Penn Squash Celebrated In Memorable Fashion
1-20-14 Sobhy Stages Major Comeback to Knock Off El Sherbini and Qualify into Women's TOC Main Draw
1-19-14 ToC Update: Rosner Rallies Past Ghosal In First-Round Action
12-9-13 Suzie Pierrepont And Narelle Krizek Dominate US Open Doubles Championship
12-3-13 Scott Stoneburgh/Jay Gillespie (Open), Gary Waite/Sharif Khan (Legends) And Tom Boldt/Steph Hewitt (Mixed) Win Canadian Century Cup Titles
11-19-13 LA Open Recap: Sobhy Wins WSA Singles, Betts/Pierrepont Take WDSA Doubles
11-12-13 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Recap: Suzie Pierrepont and Narelle Krizek Capture Inaugural Cincinnati Open
11-11-13 Baset Chaudhry And Whitten Morris Win Thrilling Silver Racquet Final
10-30-13 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Tour Gears Up For Seventh Season
10-27-13 SDA St. Louis Recap: Mudge And Gould Dominate St. Louis Open
10-6-13 Weymuller Semis Update: Nicol David Charges Past Raneem El Weleily, Will Play Camille Serme In FInal
10-5-13 Weymuller Quarters Update: Late-Game Rallies Drive El-Weleily Past King
10-4-13 Carol Weymuller Round-of-16 Update: El Weleily Surges Past Hansen
10-2-13 Weymuller First-Round Qualifying Update: Aitken Rallies Late To Out-Last Teran
9-23-13 Smith And Nanda Capture Inaugural UVA Challenger Tourney As SDA Season Gets Underway
8-6-13 WDSA Season Recap: Pierrepont And Krizek Regain Their No. 1 Standing
7-29-13 Pierrepont And Krizek Successfully Defend WDSA Wilson Cup Title
7-24-13 Krizek And Pierrepont Are Top Seeds In Season-Ending WDSA Wilson Cup
7-8-13 Former Harvard Squash Champion Ivy Pochoda Pens Her Second Novel
6-5-13 Men's World Team Championships Update: Dylan Murray To Replace Injured Todd Harrity On USA Squad
5-7-13 Inaugural NY Squash Doubles Championship Held In Conjunction With Hyder Cup
5-6-13 Hyder Cup Final: Hisham Ashour Charges To Comeback Victory Over Cuskelly
5-2-13 Kenny Surges Past Callis As Hyder Cup Main-Draw Gets Underway
4-30-13 All-Greenwich Finals (And Nearly All-Greenwich Turnout) In US National Mixed Doubles Tourney
4-24-13 Princeton Club Edges Harvard Club In NY Squash Metropolitan A League Playoff Finals
4-23-13 Suzie Pierrepont And Narelle Krizek Capture Inaugural $25K John’s Island Title
4-22-13 Chris And Carson Spahr Capture US Father & Son Open Doubles Crown; Millers, Zugs And Curtises Take Age-Group Flights
4-20-13 Shaun le Roux Quits While Trailing 2-1, 10-6, As Chris Gordon Captures Oliver NY Metro Open Final
4-15-13 Natalie Grainger And Amanda Sobhy Surge To World Doubles Women’s Title
4-14-13 Australians Paul Price And Narelle Krizek Edge Americans Preston Quick And Natalie Grainger in World Mixed Final
4-10-13 A History Of The World Doubles Squash Championship
3-15-13 Pierrepont And Hewitt Earn Hashim Khan WDSA Open Crown
3-1-13 A Retrospective On The 2013 Potter Cup National Collegiate Team Championship
2-19-13 Chris Walker Captures U.S. National Hardball Championship
1-27-13 Hundreds Of Amateurs Compete In J. P. Morgan Tournament Of Champions Grand Open Extravaganza; Hartigan Captures Top Men's Division
1-26-13 Tournament of Champions Finals Recap: For Ashour, First Bare Survival, Then Total Domination
1-24-13 ToC Men’s Semis: Magnificent Ashour Rallies Past Willstrop
1-23-13 ToC Women’s Quarterfinal Recap: Brown Fends Off Sobhy To Advance To Semis
1-22-13 Kippax, Chan Prevail In Mid-Afternoon ToC Women’s First-Round Action
1-21-13 Willstrop Weathers Stiff Challenge From Momen, Advances To ToC Quarters
1-20-13 No Americans Left In ToC Men’s Draw As Richards Prevails Over Princeton Star Harrity
1-12-13 DSR Remembers Steve Germansky, 1948-2012
1-2-13 A New Year’s Day Statement In Support Of Howard Harding
12-10-12 Hewitt And Quick Surge To U. S. Open Doubles Crown
12-2-12 College Women’s Action: UVA Sweeps Final Round, Defeats Vassar, 6-3 by Rob Dinerman
12-1-12 Olympic Bid Suffers Potential Setback Amid Multiple Defaults In Hong Kong
11-20-12 A Look Back At The US Performance In The 2012 Women’s World Team Championships by Rob Dinerman
11-12-12 Silver Racquet Final: Trevor McGuinness And Whitten Morris Surge To Championship
11-11-12 Top Seeds McGuinness/Morris Rally From Love-Two Down To Gain Silver Racquet Semis
10-30-12 A Tribute To The Career Of Princeton Men’s Squash Coach Robert W. Callahan
10-29-12 Canadians Rally Past U. S. To Capture 2012 Can-Am Cup
10-29-12 SDA St. Louis Open Recap
10-25-12 Steph Hewitt And Scott Dulmage Take Convenors Cup In Toronto
10-25-12 Racquet Club Of Chicago To Celebrate Restored (After Eighty Years!) Court Tennis Court
10-14-12 Dr. Charles H. W. (Henry) Foster, 1927-2012, 1951 Intercollegiate Individual Champion
9-24-12 G. Diehl Mateer Jr., 1928-2012
9-11-12 Supreet Singh And Olivia Blatchford Join Impressive Chelsea Piers CT Pro Staff
9-10-12 Mid-October Second Annual Philadelphia Open To Launch 2012-13 Women’s Pro Doubles Campaign
8-20-12 J.D. Cregan To Be Inducted Into The Trinity-Pawling Athletics Hall Of Fame
8-17-12 New Pro Doubles Tour Produces Promotional Video
8-6-12 WDSA 2011-12 Tour Recap: Hewitt And Quick Reign Supreme
7-30-12 Chelsea Piers Connecticut Club Unfurls Full Slate Of Autumn Squash Programs
7-29-12 Longtime ISDA Star Willie Hosey Captures World Masters 50-And-Over Crown
7-28-12 After 12 Years At The ISDA Helm, Hewitt To Step Down
7-24-12 Chelsea Piers Connecticut Club Already Off And Running
7-23-12 1986-87 Squash Team To Be Inducted Into Franklin & Marshall Hall Of Fame This Autumn
7-22-12 Possible Rules Change In Doubles? Pros Experiment With One-Serve Rule This Weekend In Nantucket
7-16-12 WDSA Wilson Cup: Krizek And Pierrepont Out-Last Hewitt And McElhinny In Route-Going Final by Rob Dinerman
7-14-12 WDSA Wilson Cup Update: Top Two Seeds To Meet In Final
6-4-12 Krizek And McElhinny Win Crescent Capital LA Open
5-21-12 Hyder Trophy: El Hindi Rallies Past Razik In Thrilling Final, Grainger Takes Women’s Title
5-20-12 Hyder Semis: Razik And El Hindi Surge Into Rematch Of 2007 Final
5-19-12 Hyder Quarterfinal Report: Razik Comes Through In Tiebreakers Against Ball
5-17-12 Faraz Khan Out-Lasts US Team Member Graham Bassett In Hyder Cup 1st Round
5-16-12 WDSA Turner Cup Recap: Final-Round Masterpiece For Quick And Hewitt
5-14-12 Turner Cup Semis Recap: Top Two Seeds Power Their Way Into Final
5-13-12 Turner Cup Quarters Report: First-Time Partners Keating And McElhinny Topple Fourth Seed To Reach Semis by Rob Dinerman
5-12-12 Turner Cup Rd-Of-16 Recap: Stephenson/Rocha Take 18-17 Fifth-Game Thriller
5-10-12 Massachusetts State Doubles Recap: Lifford/Spahr (Barely) Retain Their Crown In Thrilling Final
5-7-12 Massachusetts States Hardball Doubles Update: It’s Spahr/Lifford Against Tierney/Malloy In Men’s A Final Tonight
4-30-12 Manek Mathur And Narelle Krizek Capture US Mixed Doubles Title
4-25-12 Massachusetts State Doubles Update: Defending Champions Still Alive In Men’s A, Women’s A, Mixed and Parent/Child Draws
4-23-12 US National Father & Son Doubles Summary: Lemmons, Poors And Parkhursts Are Repeat Champions
4-22-12 US Father & Son National Doubles Update: Lemmons Out-Last Spahrs In Route-Going Open Semi, Will Face Simontons In Final
4-22-12 Quick And Hewitt Triumph In Chicago
4-20-12 Lemmons And Parks Headline Strong U. S. Father & Son Doubles Championship Draw
4-16-12 Will Mariani and Ian Power Capture Canadian National Doubles Championship; Dana Betts/Jess DiMauro Win Women’s Title
4-15-12 Top Two Seeds Toppled In Canadian National Doubles Semis
4-13-12 Defending Champions Pirnak And Hosey Headline Strong Canadian National Doubles Field
4-12-12 Doubles Recap: Quick And Park Claim US National Women's Crown
4-5-12 A Recap Of The 2011-12 ISDA Pro Doubles Tour
3-30-12 ISDA Stars Preston Quick And Greg Park Head Strong U. S. National Doubles Field
3-29-12 First-Time Partners Hewitt And Betts Win Hashim Khan Invitational
3-28-12 Former SL Green Champ Anders Wahlstedt Wins Swedish National 45-And-Over Laurels
3-26-12 Doubles Recap: McGuinness/Ruth (Barely) Win PSRA A Title; Betts/Hewitt Capture Hashim Khan Invitational
3-23-12 WDSA Tour Stop In Denver Launches Hectic Spring Schedule
3-20-12 Toronto Gears Up To Host Canadian National Doubles Championships In April
3-12-12 Graham Cup Final: Khan And Park Win In Convincing Fashion
3-6-12 Dulmage/DiMauro Capture Canadian Mixed Doubles Title
3-5-12 NYAC Invitational Update: Spectacular Pierrepont/Krizek Run Ended In Semis
3-4-12 NYAC Invitational Shocker: Top Seeds Julian Illingworth and Tim Wyant Ousted In Opening Round By WDSA Women’s Stars Suzie Pierrepont And Narelle Krizek
3-2-12 WDSA Tour Outlines Active Spring/Summer Pro Women’s Doubles Schedule
2-29-12 The 2012 Heights Casino Qualifying: Where You Had To WIN A Tournament Just To Be IN The Tournament
2-27-12 Heights Casino Finals Report: Mudge And Gould Hold Off Late Comeback Bid, Capture Johnson Crown
2-24-12 ISDA Report: Different Teams Emerge To Challenge Mudge/Gould In Every Event
2-23-12 Still Going Strong, Joyce Davenport Turns 70 Today!
2-21-12 Retrospective On The 2012 Potter Cup College Team Championship
2-20-12 Preston Quick Captures US Hardball Nationals Crown
2-17-12 ISDA Stars Quick And Walker Headline US National Hardball Championship
2-14-12 Mudge And Gould Eke Out Final-Round Thriller To Capture Tompkins Invitational
2-13-12 ISDA Update: Top Two Seeds Mudge/Gould And Mathur/Leach Advance To Tompkins Invitational Final
1-28-12 ToC Finals Recap: Game-Changing Moment Leaves Willstrop Lamenting What Might Have Been
1-25-12 Mid-Day ToC Summary: El-Sherbini, Natalie Grinham Roll Into Semis
1-24-12 Mudge And Gould Rally To Retain North American Open Doubles Crown
1-23-12 North American Open Doubles Semis Recap: Jenson/Badan Upset Mathur/Leach, Will Face Mudge/Gould In Final By Rob Dinerman
1-16-12 ISDA Report: Mudge and Gould Power Their Way To Boston Title
1-15-12 Boston ISDA Update: Top Two Seeds Surge To Final
1-15-12 Nelson Montgomery Graves, Jr, 1926-2012, Multiple Age-Group U. S. National Doubles Champion
1-11-12 Winter/Spring ISDA Tour Schedule Features New Partnerships And Intrigue by Rob Dinerman
1-10-12 Merion Celebrates Golden Anniversary William White Invitational In Glorious Fashion by Rob Dinerman
1-6-12 US Squash Doubles Committee Votes To Eliminate The 50%-ISDA Rule For 2012 National Doubles Championships
12-29-11 Rob Dinerman’s Picks For The Most Memorable Performers/Performances Of 2011
12-27-11 Fall ISDA Recap: Orderly Tour Turned Topsy-Turvy In December
12-13-11 Giant-Killers Mathur And Badan Surge To Briggs Cup Crown
12-7-11 Mudge And Gould Surge To Big Apple Open Crown
12-5-11 Top Two Seeds Barely Survive Riveting Big Apple Open Semis
12-4-11 Khan/Nanda Stun Walker/Chaloner To Reach Big Apple Open Semis 
11-30-11 Tough Draw For Gould And Mudge In Upcoming Big Apple Open
11-23-11 Chaloner And Price Dominate Cambridge Club Doubles Final
11-22-11 John White And Shane Coleman Capture Jimmy Dunn Invitational
11-21-11 It’s Mudge/Hosey vs. Price/Chaloner In Cambridge Club Final After Marathon Sunday Action
11-14-11 West And Morris Capture Silver Racquets Invitational
11-12-11 Wilson And Sambrook Capture 25th Annual Smith-Chapman Invitational
10-29-11 Champions Crowned In Atlantic Coast Squash Tournament
10-26-11 An Examination Of The Performance Of The US Men’s And Women’s Teams In The Pan American Games
10-24-11 Jonny Smith And Imran Khan Dominate $10K ISDA Pittsburgh Cup
10-18-11 Hewitt-Quick Over Pierrepont-Krizek In WDSA Philadelphia Open Final
10-16-11 Top Two Seeds Advance To WDSA Philadelphia Open Final
10-13-11 Preview Of The 2011-12 WDSA Women’s Pro Doubles Tour
10-11-11 WISPA Brooklyn/Philly Tour Stops May Have Far-Reaching Impact
10-10-11 U.S. Teams Gird Up For Quadrennial Pan American Games in Mexico 
10-3-11 Post-Mortem On The U. S. Men’s Results In The U. S. Open Qualifying Round
9-27-11 Leg Surgery This Month For Decorated Philadelphia Veterans Harrity And Mateer
9-26-11 El Weleily Surges To Victory In $50K WISPA Weymuller Open
9-25-11 El Weleily Spectacular In Weymuller Semis Win by Rob Dinerman
9-24-11 Madeline Perry Rallies Into $50,000 Weymuller Semis
9-23-11 Perry Prevails Over Pallikal In Weymuller
9-21-11 NYAC Honors 9/11 Casualty & Reigning Club Champion Derek Sword
9-1-11 An Examination Of The US Men’s 7th-Place Finish At The World Teams
8-22-11 An Interview With Notre Dame Coach Geoffrey McCuen
8-4-11 An Interview With Squash Haven Executive Director Julie Greenwood
8-1-11 Egypt’s Win Over The US In The 2011 World Junior Championship
6-27-11 Question From A Reader
6-24-11 Gary Waite, NHL's Verbeek To Be Inducted Into Sarnia Hall Of Fame
6-21-11 Grainger Dominates, But An Alternate After US Pan Am Trials
6-17-11 Squash Returns to Palm Springs
6-15-11 CHARLES M. P. BRINTON, 1919-2011, Four-Time National Champion
6-13-11 WDSA Season Recap, Top-Level Rivalry Emerges 
6-12-11 More On The Mudge/Gould Undefeated Season 
6-7-11  Question From A Reader
5-16-11 Alister Walker Captures Thrilling Hyder Final 
5-16-11 Krizek and Pierrepont Win Crescent Capital LA Open  
5-15-11 Crescent Cap LA Open: Top 2 Seeds To Meet In Final  
5-15-11 Alister Walker, Shahier Razik Reach Final Of Hyder
5-13-11 Pierrepont/Krizek Head Crescent Cap LA Open Field
5-13-11 Walker, Razik Head Field In New York Hyder Quarters
5-12-11 Mudge/Gould Win World Doubles, Undefeated Season
5-7-11 British Teams To Clash In Semis Of World Doubles by
5-6-11 Hosey/Pirnak Advance In World Doubles  
5-5-11 World Doubles Begins Today - Preview
5-1-11 Mudge And Gould Clinch Undefeated  Campaign 
5-1-11 Chris Walker Triumphs in Players Championship Hardball Invitational
4-30-11 Krizek And Pierrepont Capture Players Championship 
4-30-11 Lemmons, Poors  Win US Father & Son Titles  

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