April 2014- Archive

4-30-14 What's On My Mind? by Guy Cipriano

4-30-14 The Here and Now: a little skiing/squash zen by Tracy J. Gates

4-30-14 World Champions Matthew & Massaro To Boost Duffield Dunlop PSL Title Bid by Howard Harding

Mind Games for World No 4 Joelle King by Aaron Goile

4-30-14 Job Opening: Squash Manager, New York City

4-30-14 Final Men's Division 1 Team Rankings

4-30-14 Video: Irish Open Semis

4-30-14 Tom Richards: "A Fitting End to a Rubbish Season"

Karachi Squash to Hold 1st Event in 14 Years

4-30-14 Eye Rackets Connects with Spirit of Squash

4-30-14 Nike Lykin 11 Toddler Court Shoes by Pierre Bastien

4-30-14 IOC Vice-President Says Rio Olympics Preparations Are Worst Ever

Liu Tsz-Ling Takes Malaysian Tour Title by Howard Harding

4-29-14 Ferreira/Chaudhry Beat Smith/White 15-14 in the Fifth to Win Pro Doubles R&T Challenger

4-29-14 US Junior Bronze Championships Crown Nine Winners

4-29-14 Minnesota Urban Squash Director Sought

4-29-14 Video: Hybrid Squash, Selby v Nicol

Ferez Nallaseth Re-Replies to Kenneth Tuttle

4-29-14 Ireland With 'Historic' Win Over England

4-29-14 Head Nano Ti 110 Racket by Pierre Bastien

4-29-14 Tennis Pros Increasingly Plagued by Wrist Injuries

4-29-14 New York State Schools Set to Make Cheerleading a Sport

4-29-14 Scientists Say Modern Humans are Weaklings

How to Buy a Stake in Your Favorite Tight End by Jeff Morganteen

Black Knight Squash Fiction: "Destiny's No Darling" by Al Tommervik

Black Knight Squash Fiction: "And Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson" by Will Gens

4-28-14 WDSA John’s Island Open Final: Pierrepont And Krizek Triumph Over Quick And Hewitt by Rob Dinerman

4-28-14 Shabana Shakes Off Momen To Capture $50K Zurich Grasshopper Cup

-28-14 Lincou Over Palmer to Win PST Tri-State Open

4-28-14 Attorney Says Colleges May Stop Recruiting Squash Players

Joshana Chinappa: Squash Not Growing in India

4-28-14 Video: Squash/Racketball Exhibition

4-28-14 Princeton's Maria Elena Ubina Earns Post-Season Honors

4-28-14 Adidas Adizero Feather Pro Shoes from Pierre Bastien

Fram’s Corner: When General El Sisi Met Ramy and Nour

4-28-14 Celebrated Coaches Launch Next Generation of Aussie Stars by Kim Schramm

4-28-14 What Happened to Arcade-Style Sports Video Games? by Owen S. Good

WDSA John’s Island Open Update: Pierrepont/Krizek To Face Quick/Hewitt In Sunday Final by Rob Dinerman

4-27-14 Willstrop Loses, Shabana & Momen Set Up All-Egyptian Zurich Final

4-27-14 Egyptian Teenager Gohar Grabs Irish Open Crown by Howard Harding

4-27-14 Waller Welcomes 'Best Result Yet' In Dublin

4-27-14 David Palmer and Thierry Lincou to Meet in PST Tri-State Open Final

Momen Sinks Selby To Make Zurich Semis

4-27-14 Video: Irish Open, Tesni Evans v Aisling Blake

4-27-14 Shabana Praises Junior's Sportsmanship

Scozzie Squash: Kicking Mr. Gladwell

4-27-14 Neotum Sports Ranks Top 5

4-27-14 More Unrest in Pakistan Squash

4-27-14 Asics Gel Volley Elite 2 Shoes by Pierre Bastien

4-27-14 Can a 15 Inch Cup Save Golf? by Joseph Satto

Sport Supreme by Ned Averbuck

4-26-14 Gohar Over Blatchford in Women's Irish Open Semis, Clyne and Waller in Men's Final

4-26-14 Abouelghar Ousts Pilley In Grasshopper Shock

4-26-14 Video: Irish Open Quarters, Cuskelly v Weenink

4-26-14 Job Openings: Head Pros, White Plains and Stamford

4-26-14 Video: CSA Women, Harvard v Trinity

4-26-14 PSA Squash Video Game Releases Screen Shots

4-26-14 The Rules of Hybrid Racketball

4-26-14 Chris Simpson Fears Early Exit from May British Open

4-26-14 2014 Canadian Junior Champions Crowned at Mayfair Parkway

US Junior Bronze Championships Underway at Yale

4-26-14 Squashsite Daily Photo

William Cohan on the Duke Lacrosse Scandal by Joe Coscarelli

The Squashist is Back!

4-25-14 Olivia Blatchford Shocks World No 8 Madeline Perry in Irish Open Quarters

4-25-14 Rösner Resists Local Hero Mueller In Zurich PSA Grasshopper

4-25-14 Robbie Temple Headlines PST's First Event in Canada

4-25-14 Video: Robbie Temple Two-Handed Backhand

4-25-14 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, San Diego

Squashskills on Types of Stretching

4-25-14 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Washington DC

Navy Teams Up With Baltimore SquashWise

4-25-14 World Squash Federation to Hold Annual Meeting at Philly US Open

4-25-14 New Gear for the Big Man by Pierre Bastien

4-25-14 Canary Islands Timeshare Adding Courts

4-25-14 British Tennis Chief Vows to Toughen Up Players

What's On My Mind? by John Musto

Krizek And Pierrepont Head Seeds In Inaugural John’s Island Open by Rob Dinerman

4-24-14 Willstrop Top Seed as Zurich Grasshopper Underway

4-24-14 Irish Open Day One Report

4-24-14 Phillip Marlowe: Switching from Narrow to Broad Focus

4-24-14 Four World Champions Roll Back the Years by Cassie Thomas

4-24-14 Men's College Scholar Athletes Announced, by Michael Bello

4-24-14 Video: PSA March Shot of the Month

4-24-14 Handouts Knot Black Knight Fiction Match at 4-All Behind Steve Hufford's 'Resurrection'; Complete Novel to Date

4-24-14 Fiction Match Scoreboard

Video: Squash TV Team Taken by Surprise by El Gouna Close

4-24-14 Students Cry Foul Over Athlete Unions

Sonoma Vacation Home a Bargain at $75K a Month

4-23-14 Chelsea Piers Connecticut Director Mollie Marcoux Named Director of Athletics at Princeton by Erica Schietinger

4-23-14 Korean Ahn Maintains Malaysian Momentum by Howard Harding

4-23-14 Koukal Closes In On Half Century In PSA Brazil

4-23-14 Interview with Nour El Sherbini by Alex Wan

4-23-14 Final Women's College Division 1 Rankings from Michael Bello

4-23-14 Zurich En Bref by Fram Gommendy

4-23-14 Willstrop: Facilities First Class

4-23-14 Video: Peter Marshall v Chris Dittmar, 1993

4-23-14 Yale Elects Rising Senior Joseph Roberts Captain

4-23-14 July Squash and Paddle Camps Set in Spain

4-23-14 Urbane New Yorkers Ruining Soccer by Dayna Evans

What’s On My Mind - What Do We Need In Squash? The Answer Is Drama by Aubrey Waddy

4-22-14 Lust Outlasts Beddoes For Toronto Title by Howard Harding

Kippax Crowned CourtCare WSA Champion In Chorley by Howard Harding

4-22-14 Nabil Wins PST Pyramid Open

Clyne Conquers Cuskelly For Six

4-22-14 Coleman Captures First Tour Crown In Aberdeen

4-22-14 Q & A With Shaun Johnstone by Brett Erasmus

4-22-14 Video: CSA Men, Navy v Dartmouth from Michael Bello

4-22-14 Borja Golan Back to Dunlop for a Minute by Pierre Bastien

Dennis Curtis Steps Aside

4-22-14 Can College Sports Survive Collective Bargaining? by Will Leitch

Black Knight Squash Fiction: The Best Laid Plans by David Smith

4-21-14 Black Knight Squash Fiction: Resurrection by Steve Hufford

4-21-14 Chinappa Besting Grinham In Richmond Ends Career-Long Losing Run by Howard Harding

4-21-14 Shahin Makes It Three In A Row In WSA Johannesburg by Howard Harding

4-21-14 Comeback King Schweertman Shines In Johannesburg PSA

4-21-14 The Engineering of Squash by Ijaz Chaudhry

4-21-14 Aamir Atlas Says Challenge Starts Now

4-21-14 Play Your Own Way! by Derek Thorpe

4-21-14 Video: Basic Speed Ladder

Golf Considering Gimmicks After Losing 5 Million Players

4-21-14 Social Media Terms & Squash/Tennis Analogies by Dax Nair

4-20-14 What's on My Mind by Pierre Bastien

4-20-14 Joshana Chinappa Defeats Rachael Grinham to Capture $10K WSA Richmond Open by Kristen Lange

4-20-14 Video: El Gouna Finals Highlights, Ashour v Elshorbagy

4-20-14 68,000 Square-Foot Racquetball/Squash Arena Planned for Reno, Nevada

4-20-14 Squashsite Photo of the Day

4-20-14 Trinity's Paul Assaiante Heading ISA Summer Camps

4-20-14 Nike Pico 4 Toddler Squash Shoes by Pierre Bastien

4-20-14 Video: Attacking Under Pressure

John Lewis Partnership Celebrates 150 Years in Business, Once Featured Employee Squash Court

4-20-14 The ‘Rub’ of An Athlete by Brodie Merrill

4-20-14 Everest Avalanche a Tragedy for Mountain's Thankless Workforce by Austin Murphy

4-20-14 The World’s Most Exclusive Club by Bill Simmons

What's On My Mind by Geoff McCuen

4-19-14 Ashour Beats Elshorbagy in Four to Win $115K El Gouna International by Nathan Clarke

4-19-14 Steve Cubbins' Finals Report

4-19-14 Video: El Gouna Semis Highlights, Gaultier v Elshorbagy

4-19-14 Video: El Gouna Semis, Ashour v Shabana

4-19-14 Grinham Over Sabrina Sobhy, Khan Advances in WSA Richmond Quarters; Report by Kristen Lange

4-19-14 Richmond Semis Report by Kristen Lange

Job Opening: Pro, St Louis

4-19-14 Nabil Seeded #1 for Weekend PST Pyramid Open

4-19-14 Video: Harvard Women's Season Recap

Peter Nicol on the Legends: No One Way to Play Squash

4-19-14 Video: Seniors' Perspective from Ali Farag & NIgel Koh

4-19-14 Scribe Says British Squash Interest at All-Time High

4-19-14 Elite Junior Camps in Germany Tied to Pioneer Open

4-19-14 Wilson Ripper BLX Racket by Pierre Bastien

Elshorbagy Beats Gaultier, to Face Ashour in El Gouna Final by Nathan Clarke

4-18-14 Video: El Gouna Quarters Part 1

4-18-14 Video: El Gouna Quarters Part 2

4-18-14 More El Gouna En Bref

4-18-14 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Brooklyn Heights Casino

4-18-14 Reply from Kenneth Tuttle

4-18-14 First Round WSA Richmond Report by Kristen Lange

Rachel Arnold Hoping This is Her Year by Kng Zheng Guan

4-18-14 Fiji Squash Community Loses Warren Yee

Peter Gerra Motivating Orange County Squash Community

4-18-14 A Quiet Day in El Gouna