April 2020 - Archive

In Squash Podcast: Dean Brown & Super Squash Saturdays

4-29-20 Power 14-12 in the 5th Over Elias in Hardball Showdown 1

4-29-20 Nick Matthew Home Workout 8

4-29-20 Hmm

4-29-20 Signature Shots, Camille Serme

Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe and Mike Lupica

4-29-20 Sarah Outen

4-29-20 Baseball Determined to Salvage Season

4-29-20 Fans and Stadiums

4-29-20 Poll Suggests Most Americans Won't Attend Sporting Events Until Proven Vaccine

Quarantine Hardball Squash: Diego Elias v Jonathon Power

4-27-20 Nick Matthew Home Workout 14

In Squash Podcast: Alan Clyne

4-27-20 Songs of Hope by Alan Thatcher

4-27-20 Where US Squash Stands by Kevin Klipstein

4-27-20 Squash Shots & Rorschach Inkblots by Eric Zillmer

4-27-20 Sports Bookies and Coronavirus

4-27-20 UFC Schedules May Fight Cards in Florida

4-27-20 Arena Renovations and Covid

4-27-20 US Tennis Open Could Move to Indian Wells

When We Reopen by Rod Bannister

Nick Matthew Home Workout 12

4-24-20 Tribute to Stuart Dixon by Chris Hanebury

4-24-20 Georgia Adderley

4-24-20 Women's Rallies of the Decade

4-24-20 If Colleges Cut Sports Programs by Ralph Russo

4-24-20 California College Commits to Virtual Fall

4-24-20 On the Front Lines of Virtual NFL Draft

4-24-20 Covid Sports Updates

4-24-20 Tennis Mailbag

UK Clubs' Battle for Survival Part 2 by James Roberts

4-22-20 Canadian Star Samantha Cornett Retires from Squash

4-22-20 Nick Matthew Home Workout 11

4-22-20 Willstrop Isolation Conversation 3

4-22-20 Signature Shots

4-22-20 Tony Griffin: Evolution in Coaching

4-22-20 Street Squash Seeking Virtual Tutors

4-22-20 Djokovic

4-22-20 Celebrity Athletes by Nick-At-Will

4-22-20 Korean Pro Baseball Restarts

Video: Ashour v ElShorbagy, 2015 El Gouna Final

4-20-20 Some Are Close to Home by Harry Leitch

4-20-20 Nick Matthew Home Workout 9

4-20-20 Lockdown Blog by Alan Thatcher

4-20-20 Camille Serme

4-20-20 In Squash Podcast, Matt Easingwood

Grim Outlook for Spectator Sports

4-20-20 Theory by Nick-At-Will

4-20-20 Harvard Rakes in $9 Million in Coronavirus Aid

4-20-20 Virus Doesn't Care by Joe Drape

Nicol's Nicks by Nicol David

4-17-20 Video: Farag v Momen, Full Match

4-17-20 Paul Coll Home Training

4-17-20 The Next Chapter by Chris Hanebury

4-17-20 Sports Redeploying Resources by Louisa Thomas

4-17-20 Austria to Unlock Social Distance-Friendly Sports

4-17-20 Quarantine-ee Runs Marathon in Hotel Room

4-17-20 Colleges Brace for Campus-Less Fall

4-17-20 USTA Pledges $50 Million in Relief to US Tennis

4-15-20 Once-Legendary Squash Club Chain Town Sports Reportedly Near Bankruptcy

4-15-20 Video: El Welily v El Tayeb

4-15-20 WSF CEO William Louis-Marie

4-15-20 World Squash Library

4-15-20 Men's Shots of the Month

4-15-20 Family Squash Skills

In Squash Podcast: Alison Waters

4-15-20 Florida Deems Pro Sports Essential

4-15-20 Love (and Death) and Basketball by Kevin Armstrong

4-15-20 Local Bookstores Try to Cope

SDA Season Recap by Rob Dinerman

4-13-20 Video: Serme v El Hammamy

4-13-20 US Junior Sportsmanship Awards

4-13-20 Lockdown Digital Resources

4-13-20 Kettlebells

4-13-20 Ted Robinson Roundtable

4-13-20 Damien Mudge

4-13-20 Ex-Soccer Writer

4-13-20 On Sports Cancellations in Britain by Rory Smith

4-13-20 Virus Claims Beloved NY Sports Photographer

The Manhattan Squash Show Episode 3

4-10-20 The Manhattan Squash Show Episode 4

4-10-20 James Willstrop Corona Diary 2

4-10-20 Video: Abouelghar v Rosner, Full

4-10-20 Nouran Gohar

4-10-20 Lockdown

4-10-20 In Squash Podcast: Greg Lobban

4-10-20 Spec Tennis Driveway Distancing

4-10-20 Poll Suggests Most Fans Won't Attend

4-10-20 Tennis Execs Insist US Open Still On

4-10-20 Fall On-Campus Returns in Jeopardy

UK Clubs Battle for Survival by James Roberts

4-8-20 Manhattan Squash Show Episode 1

4-8-20 Squash Player Magazine, Latest Issue

4-8-20 ElShorbagy

4-8-20 In Squash Podcast: Jethro Binns

4-8-20 East Versus West by Nick-At-Will

4-8-20 From A Reader:

4-8-20 College Team Attitude by Steve Tignor

4-8-20 Passing Shots 2020

4-8-20 Platform Tennis Works Around Social Distancing

No.  Please Refund All the Money Including the 'Administrative Fee'

4-6-20 Video: Canary Wharf Final

4-6-20 Video: Black Ball Open Final

4-6-20 Outside the Glass: James Green

4-6-20 William T. Ketcham Jr. Awards Announced

4-6-20 Ted Robinson

4-6-20 How Long? by Adam Kilgore

4-6-20 Virus Claims Record-Setting NFL Kicker Tom Dempsey

4-6-20 Reminder by Phil Mushnick

4-6-20 Mike Lupica: Don't Think About It

Not Good

PSA Extends World Tour Shutdown, British Open Off

4-3-20 British Open Tape, 1981

4-3-20 July World Juniors Cancelled

4-3-20 James Willstrop: Isolation Conversation

4-3-20 Selby Family

From a reader: Early reference to squash in fiction

4-3-20 CSA Men’s Scholar Athletes

4-3-20 Best Laid Plans by Bob Kingsley

4-3-20 Sports Leagues

4-3-20 Federer

4-3-20 Sean Doolittle

From Andres Vargas

4-1-20 MTF Volunteers by Alan Thatcher

4-1-20 Mike Vaccaro

4-1-20 Flushing National Tennis Center Slated for Overflow Hospital

4-1-20 Dr. James Andrews Halts Tommy John Surgeries

World Squash Library

4-1-20 College Scholar Athletes Recognized

4-1-20 From a reader . . . helping with masks

4-1-20 Books

4-1-20 American Tune