August 2017 - Archive

8-31-17 New Champions Predicted At 2017 World Hardball Doubles Championships by Howard Harding

8-31-17 $200K China Open Qualifying Wrap

8-31-17 China Squash Open Preview

8-31-17 PSA Reportedly Lifts Ban on International Events in Pakistan

8-31-17 5 Questions Coline Aumard

8-31-17 Video: Lincou v Iskander, WC 2006

8-31-17 Back Not Up

8-31-17 Any Tennis Refs Out There? by Ted Gross

8-31-17 You Make The Call

8-31-17 Lighter Racquets May Contribute to Tennis Injury

8-31-17 Survey Suggests Most Elite Track Athletes Doping

8-31-17 Exercise After Learning May Improve Memory

8-31-17 Munich to Open 1972 Olympic Massacre Memorial

8-31-17 Study Says China More Overweight than Even US

8-30-17 $200K China Open Set, DRAWS

8-30-17 Willstrop Previews '17-'18 Season

8-30-17 5 Questions Nicolas Mueller

8-30-17 Video: Megarally 185, Farag v Willstrop

8-30-17 Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 from Pierre Bastien

8-30-17 Video: Men's College, Columbia v Trinity

8-30-17 Video: Cut the Options

8-30-17 Whose Game Do You Play?

8-30-17 NZ Farmer Helps Build Town Firehouse, Squash Court

8-30-17 Quieter Roof and Modifications at Flushing US Open

8-30-17 Harry Potter Game Brought to Life in Hull

8-30-17 Smartphones and a Generation by Jean Twenge

8-29-17 Ted Gross and 22 Stories

8-29-17 Current & Former World No 1's to Face Off in Oracle

8-29-17 Serme and Willstrop Win European Closed Titles

8-29-17 Video: Massaro v King, Netsuite '16

8-29-17 Video: St Louis World Doubles Promo

8-29-17 Round-of-128 Losers Earn $50K in US Open Tennis, Breakdown

8-29-17 Federer Lessons by Jon Wertheim

8-29-17 Kids’ Sports a $15 Billion Industry by Sean Gregory

8-29-17 Phil Mushnick: The Corrupting of Youth Sports

8-29-17 Fitness Chains Eyeballing Malls

8-29-17 Bigger, Stronger Problem in NFL

8-28-17 10 Players: Season Ahead

8-28-17 Video: Ashour v Willstrop, ToC 2008

8-28-17 David Palmer Announces Three Additions to Women's Cornell Squad

8-28-17 Gary Nisbet: The Image of Successful Squash

8-28-17 Germantown to Host Intercollegiate Doubles During US Open

8-28-17 Al Saraj and Watanabe Capture Asian Juniors by Alex Wan

8-28-17 Eye Squash Balls from Pierre Bastien

8-28-17 Try Being a Squash Pro . . .

8-28-17 Federer and Talk of the Town

8-28-17 Tennis Shot Clock Review by Steve Tignor

8-28-17 Ouch

8-28-17 Britain's Laziness Epidemic by Ben Spencer

8-28-17 Return to Eldorado with Fram Gommendy

8-25-17 Squash in Flux by Richard Eaton

8-25-17 Jamie Hickox to Step Down as Squash Canada Performance Director

8-25-17 Philly US Open Tickets on Sale

8-25-17 Another Squash Wedding

8-25-17 Subtleties of Squash

8-25-17 Jansher: Pakistani Players Lack Lust for Victory

8-25-17 Tennis Pro Stands Tall

8-25-17 Andy Murray Calls Himself a Feminist by Lizzy Goodman

8-25-17 5 Lessons from Cricket Pay Dispute

8-25-17 Cyclist in 80 Day Round the World Bid

8-25-17 On Coaching a Champion

8-25-17 NFL Life on the Edge

8-24-17 Walter F. Glennon Honored for Bringing Squash to East End Southampton

8-24-17 Gary Nisbet on Refueling

8-24-17 Job Opening: Pro, Buffalo

8-24-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, Pittsburgh

8-24-17 Hardball Doubles Where the Money Is

8-24-17 Hedge Funds Try Sports Betting

8-24-17 Foiling

8-24-17 Portugal Sanctuary Coastline

8-24-17 Reincarnation of the VW Bus

8-24-17 What Carter Lost by David Greene

8-24-17 Growing Pains for Alternate Pro Basketball League

8-24-17 Age Like a Former Athlete by Gretchen Reynolds

8-23-17 USA & Hosts Share Honours In African Junior Open by Howard Harding

8-23-17 Peter Nicol: Mental Tricks to Close Out Matches

8-23-17 UK Coaching Awards Taking Nominations

8-23-17 Scozzie Squash: High-Intensity Training and Life

8-23-17 Nicol David's Go-To Food

8-23-17 Attendance Tips for NY US Open Tennis

8-23-17 Arthur Ashe and Richmond's Confederate Memorial by Steve Tignor

8-23-17 Women's Golf Deserves More than Recognition by Iain Carter

8-23-17 Trump Joins Putin in Receiving New England Patriots' Super Bowl Rings

8-23-17 Chinese Crime-Writer Arrested in Cold-Case Murders

8-23-17 Apple Neighbors Frustrated by Campus

8-22-17 Drexel US Open DRAWS Released

8-22-17 Making His Own Way by Richard Eaton

8-22-17 Fram's Corner: Two Weddings

8-22-17 India's Sandhu Dejected at Awards Snub

8-22-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, National Centre, Manchester

8-22-17 SEA Games Player Bus in Accident

8-22-17 Sleep Disturbance After Squash

8-22-17 Video: College Women, Harvard v Penn

8-22-17 Malaysian Youngsters Headed to US College Squash by Alex Wan

8-22-17 Dartmouth Freshman Brynn Bank Wins Maccabiah Games Gold Medal

8-22-17 Rough Go on Tennis Futures Tour by David Waldstein

8-22-17 $72M Texas High School Football Stadium Ready for Kick-Off

8-18-17 Gaultier and Serme Head European Individuals Lineup

8-18-17 Amateur Draws Close Sept 1 for World Hardball Doubles

8-18-17 4 Corners Serves

8-18-17 Great World Champs Comebacks

8-18-17 Video: Shabana v Momen '15 ToC

8-18-17 Tufts Names New Head Coach

8-18-17 In the Corner by Nicole Garon

8-18-17 Pro Tennis Schedule Too Relentless by Oliver Brown

8-18-17 Video: Court Tennis Pell Cup

8-18-17 Tough Times for Long-Haul Truckers

8-18-17 Scribe Says Yale Whitewashing History

8-17-17 Rationalizing Thoughts on Court

8-17-17 On Mental Prep

8-17-17 Video: Ignite Your Squash Legs by Shaun Moxham

8-17-17 Video: Circuit Training with Raphael Kandra

8-17-17 Video: Beachill v White, ToC 2004

8-17-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Dartmouth

8-17-17 Video: Straight Lob

8-17-17 Video: Massaro Chat

8-17-17 Tennis Success at 34

8-17-17 Tom Brady Claims Better Shape at 40 than 30

8-16-17 Gary Nisbet: The Impact of Injury

8-16-17 Video: US Open Promo

8-16-17 New Zealand Coaching Director Luke Morriss Steps Down

8-16-17 Former World No 19 Nicolette Fernandes Retires

8-16-17 Video: Willstrop Chat

8-16-17 Disciplined Drop Play

8-16-17 Video: Straight Volley Winner

8-16-17 Video: Solo Training with Lisa Camilleri

8-16-17 Wilson Pro Staff Light from Pierre Bastien

8-16-17 Player & Writer Both Misguided

8-16-17 Drones Will Change Watching Sports by Roger Sollenberger

8-16-17 High School Baseball Player Sues Coach Over Benching

8-15-17 Oracle NetSuite Open to Host Strongest Ever Draw in September by Sean Reuthe

8-15-17 Fram's Corner: Marwan Season to Remember

8-15-17 Video: Willstrop v Farag, WS Finals

8-15-17 PSA World Champs Most Successful Profiled

8-15-17 Houston Premier League Wrap

8-15-17 Video: Squash Specific Training 1

8-15-17 Arm’s-Length

8-15-17 Nine Days Apart by Bonnie Cook

8-15-17 Students' Brains in Danger on Field by Linda Flanagan

8-15-17 Silicon Valley Changing How Fans Think by Craig Howe

8-15-17 Canadian Olympians Still Angry at Russian Doping

8-15-17 Penn's $80M Dorm Renovation

8-14-17 Video: ElShorbagy Strength and Power

8-14-17 Matthew Not Ready to Retire

8-14-17 Ontario Nash Cup with Strong Fields, Equal Purses

8-14-17 Play It Simple

8-14-17 Sarah Fitz-Gerald Flying Flag at Golden Oldies World Squash Festival

8-14-17 Video: Archive, Darwish v Abbas Extended

8-14-17 Wilson Pro Staff Countervail from Pierre Bastien

8-14-17 Wales' First Glass Court in the Works

8-14-17 Tennis US Open to Test Shot Clock at Junior, Collegiate Events

8-14-17 Benefits of Cycling to Work

8-14-17 Federer Helps Open 81 Schools in Malawi

8-14-17 Concussion Issues Plaguing Non-NFL Players

8-11-17 Field Loaded for Philly US Open

8-11-17 Reigning World Champion Gawad Tees It Back Up

8-11-17 Video: Joey Barrington Comeback

8-11-17 Fram's Corner: David Still Fired Up

8-11-17 Skill Level Event in Conjunction With US Open

8-11-17 Match Ball

8-11-17 Stringing Away: Ashaway’s Micro Gauge

8-11-17 US Pan Am Squad Announced

8-11-17 Job Opening: Coach, Squash on Fire

8-11-17 US Squash Seeks Employee

8-11-17 Eligible by James Zug

8-11-17 New Toronto Hotel Complex to Feature Nine Courts

8-11-17 Gyms Take Advantage of Retail Demise

8-10-17 Impressive SquashTV 2017-18 Schedule Announced

8-10-17 E-Sports May Compete With Squash for 2024 Olympics Slot

8-10-17 Video Squash

8-10-17 Who Knows, Chariot Motorcycling Could Also Challenge Squash

8-10-17 The Benefits of a Heavier Racquet by Jeff Warren

8-10-17 Squash Theme in NY Summer Short

8-10-17 Squash Called Second to Boxing in Calorie Burn

8-10-17 Darien Grad Harrison Gill Profiled

8-10-17 The Straight Drop

8-10-17 Men's Tennis Shoes 2017

8-10-17 Wall Street Reportedly More Gender-Equal than Silicon Valley

8-9-17 Massaro Pleased with Season Performance

8-9-17 El Sherbini Primed for Season

8-9-17 Premier Squash League Pro Event in Houston

8-9-17 Video: Matthew v Clyne, Extended

8-9-17 Job Opening: Pro, Cleveland

8-9-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Delaware

8-9-17 Black Clouds and Silver Linings by Mick Joint

8-9-17 Pattern Ghosting

8-9-17 Video: Forehand Drive Off Crosscourt

8-9-17 Wilson Blade Light from Pierre Bastien

8-9-17 Endurance Athletes and Diabetes

8-8-17 Chris Hanebury Produces 'Serious Squash' Film No 2

8-8-17 Video: Serious Squash, Mastering Deception Trailer

8-8-17 The Unfair Playing Field by Nick-At-Will

8-8-17 David Howman Elected Chairman of  WSF Ethics Commission

8-8-17 Twitter Reaction

8-8-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Greenwich Academy

8-8-17 US - Canada Battle of the Border Report

8-8-17 Video: Pro NC, Castagnet v Tuominen

8-8-17 Humphrey Bogart and Squash

8-8-17 Video: Gohar Power Base

8-8-17 Wilson Pro Staff Ultra Light from Pierre Bastien

8-8-17 Wrong. Fear of the Disruption.

8-8-17 Beverly Hillbillies Mansion Priciest Listing in US

8-7-17 Cuskelly/Pilley and King/Landers-Murphy Capture World Doubles Titles

8-7-17 Video: September Oracle/NetSuite Preview

8-7-17 Willstrop Happy to be Injury-Free

8-7-17 Malaysia Losing National Players to US Colleges

8-7-17 Job Opening: Squash/Tennis Assistant, Hamilton College

8-7-17 Outside the Glass Episode 20 with James Zug

8-7-17 Video: Cross Court Drop

8-7-17 Squash:Ed Looking for Pro

8-7-17 Video: Megarally, Gaultier v Palmer

8-7-17 Rodney Eyles’ Beachfront Property for Sale Down Under

8-7-17 Little League Softball Team Dq'd Following World Series Snapchat

8-7-17 Ivy League Schools Brace for Admissions Scrutiny

8-4-17 World Doubles Report

8-4-17 Message from the CEO: Alex Gough

8-4-17 Video: Archives, Ashour v White

8-4-17 Cross-Court Serve Return

8-4-17 Lauren Briggs Named Squash Player Magazine's Player of the Month

8-4-17 Whose Game to Play

8-4-17 Fram's Corner: George at 96

8-4-17 More Power of Sleep

8-4-17 Cannabis and Athletes by Natalie Weiner

8-4-17 Harvard Incoming Class with First-Ever Non-White Majority

8-4-17 Life and Death of Hideki Irabu

8-3-17 World Doubles, Day 2

8-3-17 Video: World Doubles, Day One (Why no Americans entered?)

8-3-17 Squash Celebrates World Games Success by Howard Harding

8-3-17 World No 53 Haley Mendez Handed US Open Main Draw Wildcard

8-3-17 Kid Says 3-Ref System Broken

8-3-17 Which Volley to Hit

8-3-17 I’m Struggling by Gail Emms

8-3-17 Video: Serme v Massaro, ToC Extended

8-3-17 Shorts Controversy in Pakistan

8-3-17 Fram's Corner: Players and Their Dogs

8-3-17 Jared Kushner's Curious Acceptance Into Harvard

8-2-17 World Doubles Day One Report

8-2-17 El Sherbini Tops Women's World Ranks for 16th Straight Month

8-2-17 Gaultier Equals Compatriot Lincou in Unchanged August Rankings

8-2-17 Fordham Names Sahel Anwar New Head Coach

8-2-17 PSA Disciplinary Update

8-2-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Brown

8-2-17 Job Opening: Pro, Connecticut

8-2-17 Pakistan Press Hammers World Juniors Performance

8-2-17 Wilson Blade Countervail from Pierre Bastien

8-2-17 Video: Retro Megarally, Walker v El Hindi

8-2-17 Video: Miguel Rodriguez Speed Around Court

8-2-17 Trump's Complicated Relationship with Golf by Alan Shipnuck

8-1-17 Canadian Squad Set as World Softball Doubles Underway in Manchester

8-1-17 Paris Confirmed as 2024 Olympics Host, Los Angeles Gets 2028

8-1-17 Heather McKay's Mysterious Record by Richard Eaton

8-1-17 Job Opening: Pro, San Diego

8-1-17 Job Opening: Squash Personal Trainer, Columbia University

8-1-17 Use The Side Wall

8-1-17 Squash on Stage by Peter Heywood

8-1-17 Interview: Mahesh Mangaonkar

8-1-17 Video: How to Play a Winning Boast

8-1-17 Benefits of a Light Racquet by Jeff Warren

8-1-17 Which Volley to Hit

8-1-17 Bicycle Commuting Exploding in New York