August 2019 - Archive

8-30-19 Seattle Pro Novelty Event Report

8-30-19 PSA Players Gear Up

8-30-19 Gregoire Marche

8-30-19 PSA Roundtable

8-30-19 Audio: Millie Tomlinson

8-30-19 Job Opening: High School Coach, Connecticut

8-30-19 European Masters Wrap from Gordon Kerr

8-30-19 Haley Mendez

8-30-19 Pro Tennis Peak Performance Trainers

8-30-19 New York City's Final Single-Screen Theater Closes

PSA to Stream 600 Live Matches in 2019-20 Season

8-29-19 Gawad and Regaining World No 1

8-29-19 Nantes Countdown 2

8-29-19 Bellevue Day 3 Report

8-29-19 Aitken and James Set Non-Stop Rally Record

8-29-19 Expedite by James Zug

You Make the Call

8-29-19 Bruce Marrison Joins Squash Canada Board

8-29-19 Audio: Hollie Naughton

8-29-19 The Joyous Masochism of Rooting for the Browns by Will Leitch

Seattle Novelty Pro Report

8-28-19 Philly US Open Trailer

8-28-19 Hardball Aims for Resurgence on Wide Court with New Ball

8-28-19 Irshad Khan

8-28-19 Job Opening: Pro, Chicago

8-28-19 Millie Tomlinson

8-28-19 Audio: Nisbet & Engelbrecht

8-28-19 Eye Rackets Rebranding, from Pierre Bastien

8-28-19 World Padel Show

8-28-19 76 Minutes With Vic Seixas

September PSA Nantes Countdown

8-27-19 Job Opening: Part Time Pro, New York City

8-27-19 Strong Field for Seattle Pro Novelty Invitational

8-27-19 Audio Interview: Martin Heath

8-27-19 Squash Night at the Phillies-Braves

8-27-19 Pakistan No 1 Urges Federation to Reconsider World's Stance

8-27-19 Joey Chan

8-27-19 SquashSkills: Paul Carter

8-27-19 US Junior Player Reportedly Told by Airline to Remove Head Scarf

8-27-19 Chasing the Tennis Dream

Kobayashi & Azman Win North Coast Open Titles

8-26-19 European Masters Finals Report

8-26-19 Yet Another Endorsement for Squash, by Alan Thatcher

8-26-19 Joel Makin

8-26-19 Video: Shabana v Abouelghar, Extended

8-26-19 Princeton Women Announce Incoming Trio

8-26-19 Inside UVA Squash

Canadian Women's Softball Vying for 2020 Olympics Slot

8-26-19 Guy Stand-Up-Paddles California to Hawaii

8-26-19 Andrew Luck Part of New Generation by Ken Belson

Oracle/NetSuite Tickets and Schedule

8-23-19 Gaultier & Roundtable

8-23-19 October Women's World Championship to Feature Record-Setting Prize Money

8-23-19 Video: World Juniors Girls Final

8-23-19 Video: World Juniors Boys Final

8-23-19 Nike Mamba Focus from Pierre Bastien

8-23-19 US Open Tennis Previews

8-23-19 Sebastien Lagree

8-23-19 Trans-America Cycling

8-23-19 San Francisco Labels Convicted Felons 'Justice-Involved Persons'

Oracle NetSuite Men's Draw Announced

8-22-19 NetSuite Women's Draw

8-22-19 NetSuite Previews by Sean Reuthe

8-22-19 $100K Channel VAS Championship Returns to St George’s Hill

8-22-19 Video: A Day with Elshorbagy, Extended (well done)

8-22-19 Polish Stringer with Works of Art by Rosanna Radlinska-Tyma

8-22-19 You Make the Call

8-22-19 A Destructive Path by Evan Rosser

8-22-19 Tasks by Tony Griffin

8-22-19 Smartphones and Tennis's Next Generation

More World Squash Day from Alan Thatcher

8-21-19 Racketlon

8-21-19 Graeme Williams Stepping Down as Canadian National Women's Coach

8-21-19 In Squash Podcast Backstory with Gerry Gibson

8-21-19 'The Plight of Squash Coaching in Pakistan'

8-21-19 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, George Washington

8-21-19 Hong Kong’s Ho Tze-Lok

8-21-19 Video: Mosaad v Rodriguez, Extended

8-21-19 Manhattan Community Squash Part 3

8-21-19 Bodysurfing The Wedge

December DC Men's World's Tickets on Sale

8-20-19 MWT Tickets Link

8-20-19 October US Open Tickets Link

8-20-19 21-Year-Old Eain Yow Ng on the Rise

8-20-19 Shepparton Finals Report

8-20-19 Archive: How to Move, from Peter Nicol

8-20-19 SquashCares Up to 18K Recycled Balls

8-20-19 Break Dancing Firing Up for 2024 Olympics

8-20-19 Galapagos from Pierre Bastien

8-20-19 New Sports Books

WSF Ambassadors Busy

8-19-19 'Lucky Boy' by David Body

8-19-19 PSA Squash Xtra, Issue 2

8-19-19 Job Opening: Squash Shop Assistant, Baltimore

8-19-19 Khalid Atlas Khan International Coaching Wrap

8-19-19 Gym Routines by Alex Hutchinson

8-19-19 Pell Cup

8-19-19 Keep it Simple by Nicole Garon

8-19-19 US Open Tennis Re-words Tickets Competition

8-19-19 College Football Classic Photos

You Make the Call

8-16-19 Construction Begins at Arlen Specter US Squash Center

8-16-19 Rest of the World

8-16-19 Point

8-16-19 Anker PowerCore 26800 from Pierre Bastien

8-16-19 Point 2

8-16-19 Ginny Akabane and Bunny Vosters with US Squash Hall of Fame Nod

8-16-19 Will's World: Ramy

8-16-19 Circuit

8-16-19 Competitive Wiffle Ball

PSA Roundtable

'It's Mine'

8-15-19 Penn Grad Sedky Qualifies for PSA World's

8-15-19 SDA 2019-20 Calendar

8-15-19 International Squash Returns to Greater Shepparton

8-15-19 Cameron Pilley

8-15-19 Team USA World Juniors Wrap

8-15-19 Home Court Advantage . . . really?

8-15-19 College Football All-Time Team

8-15-19 Dog Water Park

Damien Mudge, SDA All-Time Greatest Doubles Player, Retires by Rob Dinerman

8-14-19 Elshorbagy on Court

Annie Au

8-14-19 Pat Cosquer Moves from Bates to Hobart

8-14-19 SquashSkills, Mentally Tough

8-14-19 Lobban

8-14-19 Podcast: Danielle Letourneau

8-14-19 Home Practice from Pierre Bastien

8-14-19 Dylan Cunningham Named Drexel Assistant Coach

8-14-19 Chasing Surf in Ireland

A Day with Elshorbagy

8-13-19 Grayson Over Clyne to Win $30K Life Time Houston

8-13-19 Gaultier Part 2

8-13-19 SquashSkills: Spinning for Squash

8-13-19 Tech Challenge in Seattle

8-13-19 Tom Dashiell and Bob Mueller

8-13-19 Repetition, or Not by Tony Griffin

8-13-19 Squash Republic Supporting World Squash Day

8-13-19 Beyond The Ocho

8-13-19 A Routine Day in San Francisco

The Art of Stringing Part 1, with Jon Sharpe

Telling it Like it Is

8-12-19 Looking Forward

8-12-19 UK Racketball Tour Kicks Off with London Open

8-12-19 Guy Should Try Squash

8-12-19 Egypt Cruises to Girls World Team Title

8-12-19 Gaultier Q & A

8-12-19 World Squash Day Thinking Big

8-12-19 Father of the Snowboard Sherm Poppen Remembered

8-12-19 50 Year Abbey Road Remix Set

Egypt Cruises into World Women's Juniors Team Final

Oracle NetSuite Fields Set

8-9-19 $12K Capetown Semis

8-9-19 Matches of the Season, Serme v El Sherbini

8-9-19 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Greenwich

8-9-19 Serious Squash In Turks and Caicos

8-9-19 Hollie Naughton

8-9-19 US Soccer Reportedly Hires Lobbyist to Argue Women's Pay Case

8-9-19 Multiracial Athletes Sparking Debate in Japan

8-9-19 Baseball Mud

US Girls Blanked by Hong Kong in World Junior Team Quarters

8-8-19 Team Results

8-8-19 Teams Day 3 Photos

8-8-19 $12K Capetown Quarters Report

8-8-19 Pakistan Official Says Players Need to Justify Federation's Investment

8-8-19 Russian Open 1st Round Report

8-8-19 Nadine Shahin

8-8-19 Job Opening: Pro, Philadelphia

8-8-19 SJ Perry

8-8-19 The World’s Most Sustainable Soccer Stadium by Geoff Rynex

World Junior Teams Day 2

8-7-19 Capetown Round 2 Report

8-7-19 Simon Rösner

8-7-19 SquashSkills: Booming Cross from the Back

8-7-19 Babolat Shoes from Pierre Bastien

8-7-19 XV11 Australian Masters Games

8-7-19 Dave Gettleman

8-7-19 Lower Seams

8-7-19 Summer Wedge

8-7-19 The Preppy Handbook & Me by James Poniewozik

How Royal Court Led to a Court for Sport by Gordon Kerr

8-6-19 World Juniors Women's Teams Report

8-6-19 US in Teams'

8-6-19 PSA Weekend Roundup

8-6-19 Inspiring Owain Yeoman

8-6-19 Pakistan to Reportedly Host First International Junior Event Since 2013

8-6-19 Tyler Burt

Vasek Pospisil

8-6-19 How Phones Made the World

8-6-19 How a Soccer-Mad Californian Kicked Off a Global Sports Machine by Richard Trenholm

Hania El Hamammy and Mostafa Asal Claim World Juniors Crowns

8-5-19 More World Juniors

8-5-19 WJ Finals Stream

8-5-19 Gerry Gibson Episode 100: Jonathon Power

8-5-19 Tony Griffin: Liam's Story

8-5-19 Jahangir Court Tweet

8-5-19 Zeina Mickawy into Top 20 in August World Rankings

8-5-19 Joel Makin Rises to No 12

8-5-19 Study Claims Average Kid Quits Sports by 11

8-5-19 What Else You Can Do on a Pickleball Court

World Juniors Quarters Report

Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Brooklyn

8-2-19 Point on Yorkshire Day