August 2020 - Archive

8-31-20 ATC Podcast Episode 15

8-31-20 Sherbini v Tayeb, 2018

8-31-20 Hong Kong’s Ho Tze Lok

8-31-20 US Squash Call of the Week

8-31-20 Pakistan Updates

8-31-20 Jasmine Hutton

8-31-20 Salming Kobra 3

8-31-20 Brown University and 'Pestilential' Agreement

8-31-20 Inside Silicon Valley’s Doomed Creative Culture by Eric Spitznagel

8-31-20 McEnroe Sounds Off Ahead of US Open

15-Minute Covid Test Possible Game-Changer

8-28-20 David Palmer & The Biggest Question in Squash by Alix Williams

8-28-20 Palmer: Squash Recruiting in a Covid World by Alix Williams

8-28-20 Squash Player Magazine, New Issue

8-28-20 Ultimate Showdown by James Zug

8-28-20 Pro Player Analysis

8-28-20 Declan James

8-28-20 Willstrop v Elshorbagy, 2015

8-28-20 2020 Asics

8-28-20 US Open Preview by Peter Bodo

England Squash Looking to Phase 2 Return

8-26-20 Karim Abdel Gawad

8-26-20 In Squash Podcast: James Flynn

8-26-20 Finns Break Down Barriers by Lukas Raatikainen

8-26-20 Front Movement

8-26-20 Robert Wray Remembered

8-26-20 Squash Radio: David Kay

8-26-20 Tennis Line-Judges on the Brink by Steve Tignor

8-26-20 Patrick McEnroe, Life in the Bubble

8-26-20 Gambling, Death Threats and Pro Tennis

In Defense of New York City Squash

8-24-20 El Sherbini Looking Past Injury Woes by RJ Mitchell

8-24-20 Cambridgeshire Estate with 100-Year-Old Court on the Market

8-24-20 Low v Massaro, 2013

8-24-20 Unique World Squash Day Counting Down

8-24-20 How to Exercise with a Mask by Amanda Capritto

8-24-20 SquashSkills Seeking Amateur Game Footage

8-24-20 College Squash Hosting Virtual Roundtable

8-24-20 Grilli v Selby Short Court Highlights

8-24-20 Long Island Marriott Hosting US Open Tennis Bubble

In Response to Guy Cipriano by David Kerr

8-21-20 CSA Announces Passing of Class of 2018 Penn Star Marwan Mahmoud Abdelnaby

8-21-20 World No 1 Elshorbagy Sounds Off

8-21-20 Unclear Future of Courts in Rome by Monica Drusian

8-21-20 Former Yale Captain Spencer Lovejoy Signs With Dunlop

8-21-20 PSA Wedding

8-21-20 Call

8-21-20 2020 Adidas Shoes from Pierre Bastien

8-21-20 Some High School Football Players Moving to Covid-Friendly States

8-21-20 ACC Pushes On by Pat Forde

Guy Cipriano Responds to Eduardo Alvarez's Vision for Squash

Brad Hindle’s Magical Makeover Transforms Squash at Daisy Hill by Craig Stewart

8-19-20 In Squash Podcast: Richard Millman

8-19-20 Building Squash, Gymnastics and Homes by Robert Muir

8-19-20 Michelle Martin

8-19-20 Cesar Salazar

8-19-20 Laura Massaro - Ask Me Anything

8-19-20 Karakal ProXtreme

8-19-20 Serious Squash Podcast 3: Greg Hutner

8-19-20 Optimism Surrounding US Open Tennis Bubble

A Vision for Squash by Eduardo Alvarez

8-17-20 SquashSkills: Cross-Court Length

8-17-20 Nadine Shahin

8-17-20 Willstrop v Gaultier, 2012

8-17-20 Ken Hiscoe

8-17-20 Matthew Squash 57 Doubles

8-17-20 Oliver Racket Updates

8-17-20 Squash Stories

8-17-20 Death Valley Hits Record-Breaking 130 Degrees

8-17-20 The Fractured World of Tennis Amid Pandemic by Louisa Thomas

8-17-20 Big 10 Football Parents Want Answers by Pat Forde

Yale President Responds to Justice Department Discrimination Allegation

8-14-20 'A Bronx Tale' Full Documentary

8-14-20 Danielle Letourneau: Changing Course by Alix Williams, with Ian Power

8-14-20 Mathieu Castagnet

8-14-20 Throwback: Hisham Ashour v Shabana

8-14-20 Adidas Adizero Fastcourt

8-14-20 In Squash Podcast: Nele Gilis

8-14-20 Squash 57 Action

8-14-20 US Squash Call

8-14-20 The Safe Choice by Maisie McPherson

ATC Podcast Ep 13

8-12-20 Back Corner Length & Volley Drill with Shaun Moxham

8-12-20 Nick Matthew and Covid-19 Break by RJ Mitchell

8-12-20 Video: Perry v Gilis, ToC 2020

8-12-20 Adidas Stabil Next Gen

8-12-20 Nadal Court Level

8-12-20 Rod Laver at 82 by Joel Drucker

8-12-20 Badminton & Indonesian National Identity

8-12-20 This is Spec Tennis

8-12-20 Don’t Just Blame COVID-19 by Will Leitch

Lessons to Learn for Squash by Alan Thatcher

8-10-20 In Squash Podcast: Jon Sharpe

8-10-20 Updated CSA Covid Statement

8-10-20 GW Squash Alums Disappointed Following Droppage

8-10-20 Soo Venkatesan Elected US Squash Chairman of the Board

8-10-20 Outside the Glass: John Massarella

8-10-20 CitySquash Film Nominated for Documentary Prize

8-10-20 One More Virus Hurdle for College Athletes by Ross Dellenger

8-10-20 38-Year-Old Williams Eyeballs Grand Slam Record

8-10-20 Court Level 3

PSA Sets 7 Closed-Door Fall Events in Planned September Return to Action

8-7-20 PSA Foundation and Covid-19

8-7-20 Serme v Welily, Windy City 2015

8-7-20 Effective Finishing by Jesse Engelbrecht

8-7-20 US Squash Class of 2020, 4

8-7-20 Joshna Chinappa