December 2013- Archive

12-31-13 The Squash Mad 2013 Awards, Part 1

12-31-13 425 Players from 36 Nations to Vie for British Junior Open Crowns

12-31-13 Malaysian Siblings Enjoy BJO Revelry by Kng Zheng Guan

12-31-13 The Squashist: Digital Squash Magazine Not There Yet

12-31-13 From the Dinerman Archive: Profile of Henry Salaun

Once-Mighty Pakistan Squash Shows Slight Advancement in 2013

12-31-13 Video: The Ashour Cross-Court Nick

12-31-13 CSA 2013 Top 20 Stories

12-31-13 Range of Motion by Damon Leedale-Brown

12-31-13 Video: The Connected Tennis Racquet

A Marathoner to the End by Sara Corbett

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, Quill Shots Chapter Ten by Mick Joint

12-30-13 Sarah-Jane Perry Sets Sights on TOC Return by Michael Catling

12-30-13 Cassie Thomas: New Year's Eve the Australian Way

12-30-13 Video: TOC '14 Dropshot, Nicolette Fernandes

NYC Grand Open Entry to Include TOC Seating

12-30-13 Berwyn Looking for January Amateur Entries in Conjunction with WSA Liberty Bell

12-30-13 Video: Mega-rally, Rosner v Selby

12-30-13 Study Raises Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Questions

SquashSite Pro Calendar 2014

12-29-13 Squash Takes Backseat in 'Golden Year' of British Sport

12-29-13 Fram's Corner

12-29-13 World No 25 Emma Beddoes Targets More Giant-Killing Acts

12-29-13 Talented Malaysian Junior Aiming for Ong Beng Hee Record

Royal Navy Squash Champ an All-Around Sportsman

12-29-13 From the Dinerman Archive: Jack Barnaby Obituary

12-29-13 Study Says Reading Gripping Squash Novels Can Boost Brain Function

12-29-13 Video: AirSquash Court Up in Five Minutes

12-29-13 Video: 2012 Potter Cup, Tandon v Farag

World Series Finals Set for US Debut by Nathan Clarke

12-28-13 The Guv, The Artist, and The Prof by Framboise Gommendy

12-28-13 January Tournament of Champions Gearing Up

12-28-13 Video: PSA Meg-rally, Richards v Reda

12-28-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 64

Ghosal Looking for Medals at Commonwealth & Asian Games

12-28-13 Men's CSA D1 Team Rankings

12-28-13 In Rural America, School Sports Dying With the Population by Bob Cook

Alan Thatcher's Wins & Tins 2013

National Urban Letter from Bill Simon and Tim Wyant

12-27-13 Impressive Names Grace National Urban Squash Boards

12-27-13 Matthew Says Fourth World Title Not Main Priority

12-27-13 Gilly Lane Says Ashour Shouldn't Play Until July

Bruneians Taking to Squash

12-27-13 Security Issues Forcing Tough Choices in Pakistan

12-27-13 Asian Junior Under-13 Champ Emulating David by Kng Zheng Guan

12-27-13 Andrew Cross Anticipates Difficult British Junior Open

12-27-13 Women's CSA D1 Rankings

12-27-13 Bill Belichick Says NFL Limits on Off-Season Workouts Contributing to Injuries

Video: PSA Mega-rallies, Episode 49

12-26-13 Matthew Accepts Living in Close Friend's Shadow by Mike Dickson

12-26-13 Three-time World Junior Champ Nour El Sherbini Secures Sponsorship Agreement by Michael Catling

12-26-13 Pakistan Federation to State Case to PSA

12-26-13 Peter Nicol: Shorten Your Swing

12-26-13 Former Dartmouth Squash & Tennis Coach Chuck Kinyon Leaves Mark

12-26-13 Effect of Exercise on DNA Examined

12-26-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 63

12-26-13 Best & Worst Sports Stocks of 2013

Mehboob In Historic Karachi Title Triumph by Howard Harding

12-25-13 Nick Matthew Reflects on Memorable 2013 by Michael Catling

12-25-13 Video: 2013 PSA World Championships, Finals Roundup

12-25-13 Top Malaysians Well-Positioned at British Junior Open

12-25-13 Three Wall Capital Takes over Coral Beach Club in Bermuda

12-25-13 Turning Tennis Racquets into Data Centers by Stuart Miller

12-25-13 Padel Tennis Marketed as Tennis-Squash Hybrid

Death Valley Puts Brakes on Running, Cycling Races

12-25-13 Why We Love Sports, Despite... by Ken Reed

Rosner Rallies To 'Best Win' In Kuwait by Howard Harding

Adrian Waller Sets Sights on PSA Top 20

12-24-13 World Champion Matthew Recognized 99th on Year-End List

12-24-13 Cassie Thomas: To Train on Christmas Day?

12-24-13 Video: Jonathon Power Commentary & Drills

12-24-13 Video: PSA Mega-rallies Episode 48

12-24-13 11 Points with Samantha Cornett

CSA Video, Bates v Tufts

12-24-13 Spirit of Amateurism Severed at Temple University

12-24-13 Brain-Fitness Stores Get Big-Time Funding

Rising Young Egyptian Star Nouran Gohar Wins First WSA Title

A Squash Mother Speaks Out on Pushy Parents by Alan Thatcher

12-23-13 T Party Extends to Commanding 7-1 Lead Over Quill Shots in Black Knight Squash Fiction Match

12-23-13 Video: Simon Rosner TOC '14 Dropshot

Geoff Hunt's 10 Fundamentals of Squash

12-23-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 62

12-23-13 Video: Mega-rally, Rodriguez v Matthew

12-23-13 Forbes 2014 Sports Money Predictions

12-23-13 'Live Ball' Tennis Eliminates Serve, Ups Pace

12-23-13 Mixed Gender Basketball Association Launched

Anjema Takes Out Tarek In Kuwait Upset by Howard Harding

12-22-13 Farhans Face Fourth Home Battle In Karachi by Howard Harding

12-22-13 Egyptian Teenager Nouran Gohar Into Prague WSA Final

Video: 2013 London Open Feature

12-22-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 61

12-22-13 Video: Coppinger v Walker Mega-rally

12-22-13 Karim Darwish to Take On 10 Amateurs on TOC Glass Court

12-22-13 Weekend Thoughts from Alan Thatcher

12-22-13 Cutting Sports A Growing Trend At Major Colleges

12-22-13 Powered Skateboard Aiming to Replace Golf Cart

12-22-13 Sasha Cooke on Earliest Mention of Squash in Fiction

World No 48 Julian Illingworth Captures Inaugural US Pro Series

Video: Pilley v Tuominen Exhibition, Complete

12-21-13 Chichester Over Diamonds in PSL Battle

12-21-13 Squashskills: Forehand Volley Drop

12-21-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 60

12-21-13 Video: Jonathon Power Simple Drill

12-21-13 Indian No 1 Saurav Ghosal Anticipating 2014 Titles by Michael Catling

12-21-13 Mick Joint: A Truly Professional Display

12-21-13 Stanford Atop Men's CSA Year-End Club Rankings

12-21-13 Olympics Missed Out, Move On by Marcus Niles

12-21-13 JP Morgan CEO’s Tennis Holiday Card an Unforced Error by David Weidner

12-21-13 Notre Dame Football Sending Recruits 400 Pieces of Mail

Matthew Shrugs Off BBC Snub

12-20-13 SquashInfo Database Breaks 10,000 Player Mark

12-20-13 Cassie Thomas on What Separates Nicol David

12-20-13 Video: Quick Hit, Rodriguez v Matthew

12-20-13 Chelsea Piers Pupils Enjoy Black Knight Junior Open Success

12-20-13 Squashskills and SquashTV Joining Forces

12-20-13 Video: The Tactical Benefit of the Volley Drop

12-20-13 CSA End-Year Women's Club Team Rankings

12-20-13 Massachusetts State Singles Seeking Final Entries

12-20-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 59

12-20-13 The Year's 5 Best Sports Books by Tony Manfred

12-20-13 Video: Positive Coaching Alliance Trailer

Crazy World of Competitive Mini-Golf by Tim McGowan

12-20-13 Sports Revenue Sustainability and IMG Merger

Black Knight US Junior Open Recap

12-19-13 Millman on US Junior Open: All Sins Forgiven

12-19-13 Assistant Penn Coach Gilly Lane Says Injuries Wrecked His Dream

12-19-13 Carte Blanche: Look on the Bright Side by Phillip Marlowe

12-19-13 Squash 2020 Bid Tease to Continue Through 2014

Women's 2013 HK Open Squash Equipment Roundup, by Pierre Bastien

12-19-13 33-Year-Old Matthew's Exploits Endorsed

12-19-13 PSA on Age-Issue Collision Course with Asian Junior Champion by Waqar Hamza

12-19-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 58

12-19-13 Video: Favorite Holiday Traditions from Harvard Athletics

Taint of Organized Crime Leads to Mass-Resignation at Japanese PGA

12-19-13 Golf, Baseball and Biomechanics by Leslie Reece

Black Knight Squash Fiction League Match, T Party Chapter Nine by Steve Hufford

12-18-13 Leach/Price Celebrate Briggs Cup Marathon Win, As Mudge/Gould Blow Two-Love Lead

Video: SDA Briggs Final, Complete

12-18-13 Diego Elias & Sabrina Sobhy Capture US Junior Open Titles

12-18-13 Millman: Cheating Children and Pushy Parents Spoil the Day

12-18-13 British Junior Open Preview

12-18-13 James Willstrop Says It's Been a Year to Savour for Nick Matthew

12-18-13 WSF President Ramachandran Meets with New IOC Chair

12-18-13 20-Year-Old Farhan Zaman Optimistic About Future of Pakistan Squash

12-18-13 Squash Australia Preparing for 'New Era'

12-18-13 Perry and Gaskin Take Irish Nationals Titles

12-18-13 Video: Compilation by Loulou Algosaibi

Agnes Irwin's Anna Marie Manning is Main Line Girls' Athlete of the Week by Bruce Adams

12-18-13 Hayley Parsons and James Watson Lead St. Luke’s Squash

12-18-13 Video: Wesleyan Round Robin

12-18-13 Rainbow Squash Amsterdam a 'Straight-Friendly' Club

Home Town Hero Grant Grabs London Open Title by Howard Harding

12-17-13 Paul Price & Clive Leach Come from Two Down to Capture $100K Briggs Hardball Doubles Over Mudge/Gould

Mahesh Makes Bratislava Breakthrough by Howard Harding

12-17-13 Richard Millman: US Junior Open Staff Amazing

12-17-13 Mandela, by James Zug

12-17-13 PSA's Chris Simpson Says Ready for Next Level

12-17-13 Eoin Ryan Named Irish Squash Coach of the Year

12-17-13 T Party Up By Five in Black Knight Authors' League Match

12-17-13 Video: Highlights, Briggs Doubles Semis

12-17-13 Video: So You Think You Can Ref, Ep 57

12-17-13 $625K Buys Pittsburgh 4Bd with Court