December 2014 - Archive

12-31-14 Alan Thatcher's New Year's Blog

12-31-14 Video: Shot of the Year Contenders from Squash TV

12-31-14 ToC Volunteer Positions Available

12-31-14 ToC Ticket Sessions

12-31-14 CSA 2014 Editors' Picks from Michael Bello

Q & A with Low Wee Wern

12-31-14 Harrow Silk Racquet from Pierre Bastien

12-31-14 Fram's Corner

12-31-14 Seattle Urban Squash Year End Newsletter

12-31-14 Visiting A Football Helmet Factory

12-31-14 College Tennis Proposes No-Ad Scoring, Minimal Doubles and No Warm-Up to Attract Fans

Video: Ashour v Elshorbagy 2014 Men's World Final, Complete Match

12-30-14 Fram's Best of Women's World Teams Canada Photos

12-30-14 Best of Women's Worlds in Cairo Photos

12-30-14 A Look Back from Squash Magazine

12-30-14 The Mind Game, Better By Mistake by Damon Leedale-Brown

12-30-14 Wilson Storm Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-30-14 CSA 2014 Readers' Top 20

12-30-14 Pilley Back Home in Yamba by Bill North

12-30-14 Princeton Women 4-0 Entering 2015 Campaign

12-30-14 The Case for Cities Buying Sports Teams by Neil DeMause

12-30-14 Andy Roddick: Scrap Tennis Instant Replay and Let Players Argue

Business in Front, Party in Back at Lending Club

Video: Elshorbagy v Gaultier, El Gouna 2014 Full Match

12-29-14 Dunlop Blaze 10 Racket from Pierre Bastien

12-29-14 Dunlop Evolution Hardball Doubles Racquet

Canadian No. 1 Sam Cornett with Signature BK Racquet

12-29-14 UVA Residential Squash Camps Set for June

12-29-14 Video: Fitlight Court Trainer

12-29-14 Colorful One-Time Player Mal Roberts Profiled

12-29-14 Childhood Sports and Adult Creativity by Matthew Bowers

12-29-14 NPR Reviews Sports News Stories of 2014

12-29-14 Tennis's Bouchard Named Canadian Press Female Athlete of the Year

Video: Elshorbagy v Matthew 2014 British Open, Complete Match

US Junior Open Division Winners

12-28-14 WDSA Turner Cup Seeking Pro-Am Entries

12-28-14 Squash Horoscopes from Peter Heywood

12-28-14 Black Knight Ion Storm XT from Pierre Bastien

12-28-14 Sri Lanka No. 1 Mihiliya Methsarani Profiled

12-28-14 Pakistan Squash Still Struggling by Moshin Ali

12-28-14 PSF to Install All-Glass Court at Hashim Khan Complex

12-28-14 Hashim Among 2014 Notable Sports Deaths

12-28-14 Sports Illustrated 2014 Media Awards

Cleveland Reaches 50 Years of Sports Futility

12-28-14 Notification Zombification Addressed

Last Day in Cairo by Fram Gommendy

12-27-14 Video: Shabana v Matthew, ToC 14 Quarters, Complete Match

12-27-14 Willstrop on Course for ToC Return

12-27-14 Final Thoughts on ToC 14 by Matt Lombardi

12-27-14 Men's Division 1 Team Rankings

12-27-14 Harrow Volt Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-27-14 Indian Squash with Strong 2014

12-27-14 Fitness Apps for 2015

12-27-14 Federer not to be Pushy Parent by Adam Eley

Skill Level of NFL Kickers at All-Time High

Canary Wharf Classic Sells Out Three Months in Advance

12-26-14 Video: Elshorbagy v Momen, World Series Final, Complete Match

12-26-14 90 Seconds with Cameron Pilley

Pre-Performance Routines by Gary Nisbet

12-26-14 Tomlinson and Sharpes Take BSPA Titles

12-26-14 Ektelon More Game Air Goggles from Pierre Bastien

12-26-14 Saxon SX900 Shoes

12-26-14 Laura Massaro an Alternative Sporting Hero of 2014

Q & A with Jessica Helal

12-26-14 Playing Ball Includes Squash by Steve Tignor

New York Magazine Profiles US Squash Benefactor David Ganek

12-25-14 Good Year for Paul Assaiante

12-25-14 "All In", Full Trinity Squash Documentary

David Still Hungry for World Titles by Looi Sue-Chern

12-25-14 2014 'One of My Best'

12-25-14 Video: Mega-Rally, Gaultier v Ashour

12-25-14 Harrow Vortex Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-25-14 Women's Division 1 Team Rankings from Michael Bello

12-25-14 In His Dad's Footsteps by Lim Say Heng

Commonwealth Games Final Among Top Yorkshire Sports Moments

12-25-14 Frank Deford: Hard To Write A Christmas Story About Sport

A Review of Rob Dinerman’s Squash Compilation by James Prudden (The Squashist)

12-24-14 Reeham Sedky & Timmy Brownell Win US Junior Open Titles

12-24-14 Semis Report

12-24-14 Peter Nicol on Yoga and Squash

12-24-14 Former World No. 4 Joelle King on the Mend

12-24-14 Video: December Shot of the Month Contenders

12-24-14 Harvard Study Says Lifting Better for Weight Control Than Running

12-24-14 Video: Bates v Penn Women's

12-24-14 Ski Resorts Shifting Strategy

12-24-14 Landlord Sued Over Noisy Fitness Club Tenant

Italian Circus Closed After Trying to Pass Off Dogs as Pandas

David Keeps on Running by Alex Wan

12-23-14 What an 8 by Sharon Wee

12-23-14 Women's Game Hits New Heights by Danny Massaro

US Junior Open Report

12-23-14 DRAWS

12-23-14 Video: Quick Hit, Ashour v Elshorbagy

12-23-14 Training for Gain

12-23-14 Video: Boast-Drive by Ashley Kayler

12-23-14 Men's Ivy Scrimmages Photos

12-23-14 Canada to Pay $10 Million in Pan Am Games Travel Grants

Saturday at Mavericks: Big-Wave Surfing Defined by Bruce Jenkins

David 'Gutsiest Performance' En Route to World Title No. 8

12-22-14 Women's Worlds En Bref

Egypt Still Without First Women's World Champion

Video: World Finals Highlights, David v El Welily

12-22-14 US Junior Open Into Quarters, Report

12-22-14 Year End Reflections from Gary Nisbet

Video: Quick Hit, Ghosal v Iqbal

12-22-14 Video: November Shot of the Month

12-22-14 Stable at the Point of Impact by Jethro Binns

12-22-14 Historic Des Moines Y Expected to Give Way to Waterfront Development

12-22-14 Best Sports Books 2014 by Bill Littlefield

12-21-14 David Saves Match Points, Beats El Welily for Eighth World Title

12-21-14 Video: Women's Worlds Final, Full Match Replay

12-21-14 Video: World Semis Highlights

Ending 2014 in Real Time by Kevin Klipstein

12-21-14 Court Shoe Cushioning 101 by Jeff Porter

12-21-14 Travel to My Hometown by Miguel Angel Rodriguez

12-21-14 Ray Scrivens Remembered

12-21-14 Hong Kong Sports Chief Backing New Olympic Bid

12-21-14 Marco Island, Florida, Player Pushing for Court Conversion

12-21-14 Inside Squash $9.99 for Life from Ashley Kayler

'You Have to be Loaded to Play Tennis in Britain' by Simon Briggs

El Welily & David To Contest Cairo World Final by Howard Harding

12-20-14 Women's Worlds Day 8 Recap

12-20-14 Video: Full Match Replay, David v Kawy

12-20-14 Video: El Welily v Waters