December 2016 - Archive

12-31-16 PSA 2016 Star Performers: Nour El Sherbini

12-31-16 Photos of the Year, October

12-31-16 Black Knight Electro from Pierre Bastien

12-31-16 2016 DAC Mickies from Mick Joint

12-31-16 Either/or With Hollie Naughton

12-31-16 Word Association with Cameron Pilley

12-31-16 Portland, Maine, Community Squash Breeding Success

12-31-16 Houston Tennis Club Replacing Stadium with Lazy River

12-31-16 Kilimanjaro Day 8

12-31-16 The Trader Seeking Revenge Against a US Attorney by Bethany McLean

12-30-16 Video: Jonah Barrington Reflects on PSA Tour

12-30-16 PSA Star Performers 2016: Karim Abdel Gawad

12-30-16 Photos of the Year, September, from Steve Cubbins

12-30-16 Job Opening: Head Pro, Equinox Sports Club

12-30-16 Scottish Pair Sets Longest Rally Record

12-30-16 Gawad v Gaultier Supposed $50K 'Match' Gearing Up

12-30-16 Karakal Crystal Pro 135 from Pierre Bastien

12-30-16 Tennis Star's Girlfriend Scores Wild Card

12-30-16 85-Year-Old Marathoner Oldest to Go Under Four Hours

12-30-16 San Francisco Restaurant Using iPads as Plates

12-30-16 The Eleven Best Sports Minutes of the Year by Ian Crouch

12-28-16 Video: Windy City Retrieval 2016

12-28-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Matthew, Windy City 2016

12-28-16 Video: El Welily v El Sherbini, Windy City 2016

12-28-16 August Photos of the Year

12-28-16 Fram's Corner: Change of Guard in the Qatari Federation

12-28-16 Year-End Half-Off Sale on SquashSkills

12-28-16 Billie Jean King to Keynote Windy City Open Leadership Luncheon

12-28-16 Tecnifibre Contest: Practice With Mohamed El Shorbagy at the TOC from Pierre Bastien

12-28-16 Pakistan All-Glass Court Lying Dormant

12-28-16 Brooklyn Barclays Center to Trot Out Old Tennis Players

12-28-16 Calming Presence Pushing Table Tennis Out of Basement and Into Spotlight

12-27-16 Year in Review, Best Matches Part 2

12-27-16 Video: Improve Mid-Court Reactions

12-27-16 Video: Importance of Early Racquet Prep

12-27-16 Photos of the Year, July

12-27-16 Word Association, Mathieu Castagnet

12-27-16 Harrow Response Marwan El Shorbagy Signature from Pierre Bastien

12-27-16 Richard and Pat Millman Joining Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as Directors of Squash

12-27-16 Anyone for Real Tennis

12-27-16 Wisconsin Man Spearheads Tennis Ball Recycling

12-27-16 When Dinosaurs and Mammals Became Athletes

12-27-16 Power Down by Cal Newport

12-26-16 Video: Gaultier v Ashour, British Open 2016 Full Match Replay

12-26-16 Photos of the Year, June

12-26-16 Nicol David Christmas Interview

12-26-16 Video: Nick Matthew Double Volley Drill

12-26-16 Victor Racquets from Pierre Bastien

12-26-16 Winter Break Training

12-26-16 Profile, Aisling Blake

12-26-16 10-Trend Evolution of Fitness

12-26-16 Tennis Stories of the Year

12-26-16 Golf Shot Reunites Son and Deceased Father

12-25-16 Court 3: A Ghost Story ( la M.R.James) by Peter Heywood

12-25-16 Video: Matthew v Golan, 2016 Windy City, Full Match Replay

12-25-16 Video: Gohar v Serme, British Open 2016, Full Match Replay

12-25-16 Photos of the Year, May

12-25-16 Year End Fitness Reflections by Gary Nisbet

12-25-16 Tools of the Trade by Pierre Bastien

12-26-16 The Squash Player Magazine Issue 6

12-25-16 Study Says Self-Talk May Help Workouts

12-25-16 Tragedy Made Steve Kerr See World Beyond Court by John Branch

12-25-16 Vermont Tennis Haven Born in 1968 by Blair Henley

12-24-16 PSA Best Matches of 2016, Part 1

12-24-16 Photos of the Year, April

12-24-16 20 Days to ToC Live Broadcast

12-24-16 Video: Bloopers 2016

12-24-16 Gary Nisbet: 3 Things

12-24-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Atlanta

12-24-16 Former World No 6 Shelley Kitchen Named NZ High Performance Programme Manager

12-24-16 Unsquashable James Willstrop Autograph from Pierre Bastien

12-24-16 Top 5 Sports Tech Gifts by Mark J. Burns

12-24-16 2016 Sports Media Best & Worst by Richard Deitsch

12-24-16 McArdle’s Holiday Magic

12-24-16 From the NFL to Murder by Michael Rosenberg

12-23-16 PSA Year in Review, Part 2

12-23-16 March Photos of the Year from Steve Cubbins

12-23-16 Video: Waters v El Tayeb, Extended

12-23-16 Reflections on the US Junior Open by Chris Hanebury

12-23-16 Victor Squash Balls from Pierre Bastien

12-23-16 New Craze Harrow Backpacks

12-23-16 Urban Squash Toronto's Don Givelos a Torontonian of the Year Nominee

12-23-16 Australian Open Tennis Ups Purse to $36 Million

12-23-16 Video: Federer Practice

12-23-16 'Serve and Volley, Near Vichy' by Greg Jackson

12-22-16 Andrew Douglas, Satomi Watanabe Win US Junior Open Titles

12-22-16 US Junior Open Divisional Results

12-22-16 Junior Player Sam Todd on the Influence of Pros

12-22-16 PSA Year in Review, Part 1

12-22-16 Catching Up with Julian Illingworth by Stephen Phillips

12-22-16 College Men's Video: Drexel v Williams

12-22-16 More on the Khan 555 Streak, from Ferez Nallaseth

12-22-16 SI Best Holiday Gift Books

12-22-16 The Trap Bar Deadlift

12-22-16 Petition Launched to Reinstate UK Olympic Badminton Funding

12-22-16 Plunging into the 21st Century by Nick Hoppe

12-21-16 Video: Matthew Tennis Ball Footwork Drill

12-21-16 Gary Nisbet: Are You Squash Fit?

12-21-16 Nicol David: 'Im Not Done Yet' by Kng Zheng Guan

12-21-16 Oliver Compressor Z1 from Pierre Bastien

12-21-16 Harrow Hoodie Limited Edition

12-21-16 February Best Photos

12-21-16 Mental Skills by Amy Gross

12-21-16 PC Depth Does in GFS in Philly High School Play by Tom Utescher

12-21-16 Queen Elizabeth Relinquishes Role as All England Club Patron

12-21-16 Top Athletes Give Advice

12-21-16 NYT Sports Bestsellers

12-21-16 Peter Dickson's Film on the 2010 Australian Rugby League Grand Final

12-20-16 Equal Prize Money Confirmed For 2017 Allam British Open by Nathan Clarke

12-20-16 Video: Nick Matthew, Using the Whole Court

12-20-16 Gary Nisbet: Circuit Training for the Squash Player

12-20-16 Nicol David Says 18-Year-Old Ng Eain Yow has Right Stuff

12-20-16 Video: The Backhand Serve

12-20-16 January Photos of the Year

12-20-16 Weekend PSA Roundup

12-20-16 Yonex SHB 02JR Junior Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-20-16 CT High School Power Brunswick Profiled

12-20-16 Nike $720 Shoe

12-20-16 College Bowl Games Watchability Ratings

12-19-16 Harrow Fiction: Chapter 14, 'The Bluff' by Steve Hufford

12-19-16 Video: Common Faults on the Backhand Volley

12-19-16 Video: Peter Nicol, Cut & Spin

12-19-16 Video: Shot of the Month Contenders

12-19-16 Finals Day for US Junior Open, Divisional Draws

12-19-16 January NYC Grand Open Seeking Entries

12-19-16 Happy Holidays from Steel City Squash

12-19-16 Malaysian Pro Wee Wern in Repeated Surgery Bid

12-19-16 Wilson N120 from Pierre Bastien

12-19-16 Historic West Side Tennis Club Reborn

12-19-16 NY Times Critics' Top Books 2016

12-19-16 Nailed to the Chessboard for 50 Years by Lubomir Kavalek

12-17-16 Video: Behind the Scenes, Channel VAS

12-17-16 Video: St George's Highlights

12-17-16 Video: Pilley v Willstrop, Extended

12-17-16 Field Set for Prestigious British Junior Open

12-17-16 889 Entered in Weekend US Junior Open

12-17-16 Marina Stefanoni Wins Canadian Junior Open 19's

12-17-16 Jim Zug: 2016 the Greatest US Open

12-17-16 Masters of Fate: A Personal Report on the World Masters by Alan Stapleton

12-17-16 Karakal Backpacks from Pierre Bastien

12-17-16 John White's Drexel Men up to 6th in Latest CSA Rankings

12-17-16 Ice Swimming by Andrew Keh

12-17-16 Sports World Never Short of Head-Scratching Rationales by Phil Mushnick

12-17-16 A Holiday Sports Book, by Ken Reed

12-17-16 SI Best Photos of the Year

12-16-16 US Squash Selling Holiday Merchandise

12-16-16 Steve Cubbins' Best of Qatar

12-16-16 Guardian Includes Toorpakai Among Stars and Athletes Who Moved to Canada

12-16-16 Trinity Graduate Kanzy El Defrawy Wins 3rd Fall PSA Title

12-16-16 Rebranding Racketball an Exercise in Vanity by Chris Blackhurst

12-16-16 College Video: Drexel v Williams, Women

12-16-16 Karakal Crystal Pro SSL 125 from Pierre Bastien

12-16-16 Take Note, by Will Carlin

12-16-16 Penn Squads Gearing for Winter Push

12-16-16 Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Club Gifted Wimbledon Mowers

12-16-16 Running as the Thinking Person’s Sport

12-15-16 World Champion Gawad Tops 2017 Swedish Open Draw by Nathan Clarke

12-15-16 College Squash Team Preseason Rankings – How Accurate? by David Keating

12-15-16 Video: Back to Basics with Paul Carter

12-15-16 Green Farms & Staples High Schools Open New Connecticut Squash Facility

12-15-16 Job Opening: Part-Time Pro, The Metropolitan Club, Washington DC

12-15-16 Video: Palmer Shot

12-15-16 How to Hit a Squash Ball Harder Than Anyone by Noah Davis

12-15-16 Australian Masters 80+ Winner Aileen Smith Profiled

12-15-16 The Backhand Diamond

12-15-16 Video: SquashTV Trailer

12-15-16 Eye Squash Goggles from Pierre Bastien

12-15-16 A. A. Gill by James Zug

12-15-16 December Hey Ref by by Barry Faguy

12-14-16 20th Edition Of Tournament of Champions In Grand Central Terminal Guarantees Blockbuster Start To 2017 by Nathan Clarke

12-14-16 Video: Channel VAS Final, Momen v Coll

12-14-16 'Surreal' Tournament for Kiwi Paul Coll

12-14-16 Premier Squash League Round 5 Report

12-14-16 Jim Zug Reviews '555'

12-14-16 Righty Tighty by Richard Millman

12-14-16 Adidas Performance Speedcourts from Pierre Bastien

12-14-16 Tribeca Condo Complex to Include Court

12-14-16 Penrith Squash and Racketball Club Celebrates 40 Years

12-14-16 2017 Tauranga World Juniors with New Sponsor

12-14-16 Shoes Big Business for Basketball Warriors

12-14-16 How 'Jerry Maguire' Ruined Sports Agency by Darren Rovell

12-13-16 Qualifier Paul Coll Stuns Field to Win S100K Channel VAS Title

12-13-16 Video: St George's Semis, Momen v Willstrop

12-13-16 Video: St George's Semis, Selby v Coll

12-13-16 The DAC Pro Squash Invitational by Mick Joint

12-13-16 Limited Space Training by Gary Nisbet

12-13-16 Weekend College Highlights

12-13-16 PSA Roundup: Peter Creed a Winner in Boca Raton, Nele Gilis in France

12-13-16 Wilson Pro Overgrip from Pierre Bastien

12-13-16 Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club Awarded

12-13-16 Study Says Individual Athletes More Prone to Depression

12-13-16 Nike's Quest for the Two-Hour Marathon

12-13-16 Benefits of a Private Ski Club by Carrie Coolidge

12-13-16 Trump to Split Time Between Trump Tower and Kremlin

12-12-16 Coll and Momen Set Up Mouthwatering Channel VAS Championship Final Clash by Sean Reuthe

12-12-16 Video: St George's Quarters, Selby v Ghosal

12-12-16 Video: Rodriguez v Coll

12-12-16 Video: Momen v Mar Elshorbagy

12-12-16 Video: Willstrop v Coppinger

12-12-16 Harrow Fiction Match, Chapter 13 by Margot Comstock

12-12-16 Matthew Star Attraction at Club Re-Opening

12-12-16 The Pro Who Grew up an Undocumented Immigrant by James Watkins

12-12-16 Got (Chalk) Milk? by Gary Nisbet

12-12-16 Sobhy Profiled in Long Island Newsday

12-12-16 Squash Squared Project Grows in London

12-12-16 New Assassin On The Block by Peter Heywood

12-12-16 Wilson Hammer Tech Lite from Pierre Bastien

12-12-16 Brunswick Boys Over Avon Old Farms in CT High School Play

12-12-16 Potential Future of American Soccer Stadiums

12-11-16 Coll Claims Shock Win Against Rodriguez to Reach Channel VAS Championship Semi-Finals by Sean Reuthe

12-11-16 Video: VAS 1st Round, Simpson v Mar Elshorbagy

12-11-16 Video: Mosaad v Coppinger

12-11-16 Video: Momen v Lee

12-11-16 Video: Willstrop v Mueller

12-11-16 Edinburgh Pro Doug Kempsell Reflects on Season

12-11-16  Ferez Nallaseth Weighs in on Jahangir Khan and '555'

12-11-16 Prince O3 AirO Thunder from Pierre Bastien

12-11-16 Video: When to Hit with a Flat Face

12-11-16 Darien Squash Opens Season in Brooklyn

12-11-16 Snapchat Spectacles Part of Hockey Fan Experience

12-11-16 Training with Tennis's Jack Sock

12-10-16 Qualifier Coppinger Scalps Mosaad on Second Day of Channel VAS Championship by Sean Reuthe

12-10-16 Video: VAS Round 1, Golan v Ghosal

12-10-16 Video: Lee v Coll

12-10-16 Video: Selby v Elshorbagy

12-10-16 Video: Rodriguez v Marche

12-10-16 No 1 Harvard Women Shut Out Dartmouth in Opener

12-10-16 Penn Player Uses Chess

12-10-16 555 Reviewed by Joel Durston

12-10-16 Denver SDA Hamilton Cup Underway

12-10-16 En Bref: PSA Babies

12-10-16 Yonex Super Grap from Pierre Bastien

12-10-16 Badminton Among 5 Sports to Lose 2020 UK Sport Funding

12-9-16 England's Daryl Selby Shocks World No 1 Elshorbagy in $100K St George's Hill 1st Round by Sean Reuthe

12-9-16 Video: Nicol David Backhand Volley Drop

12-9-16 Video: The Theory of Deception from Jonathon Power

12-9-16 Fram's Corner: PSA Foundation Helps Egoli Players Compete in Zimbabwe

12-9-16 January Amateur Grand Open Returns Alongside ToC

12-9-16 US Squash Seeking Donations in Drive to Be 'The Best'

12-9-16 Chris Walker & Andres Vargas Win Gold Racquet Invitational by Mark Hinckley

12-9-16 Penn's BG Lemmon Profiled

12-9-16 December E-News from StreetSquash

12-9-16 Prince O3 Shoes from Pierre Bastien

12-9-16 Amita Gondi, Playing to Win by Srivathsan Nadadhur

12-9-16 Hardball Titlist William H. Wilson Dies at 87

12-8-16 Will Mariani And Fred Reid Jr. Capture Assante Wealth Ontario Doubles Men’s Open Championship by Rob Dinerman

12-8-16 Quick/Pierrepont Beat Defending Champions Betts/Hewitt to Take NYC Open Title

12-8-16 High-Flying Selby Looking Forward to Channel VAS Championship by Nathan Clarke

12-8-16 St George's Profile: Max Lee

12-8-16 Tough Qualifying Complete at St George's Hill

12-8-16 Video: British Grand Prix Final, Matthew v Willstrop

12-8-16 Peter Nicol: Accepting Criticism

12-8-16 Tufts’ Claire Davidson and Drexel’s Michael Thompson Named College Players of the Week

12-8-16 Penn's Sedky/Salah Makes Her Mark at World Teams

12-8-16 Yale Women Extend to 2-0 After Sweeping Brown

12-8-16 MIT Men Crushed by Williams

12-8-16 Williams Women Lose to Princeton, Come Back to Beat Drexel

12-8-16 Prince O3 Speedport Tour from Pierre Bastien

12-8-16 Sometimes the Buyer Needs a Little Help by Nick Hoppe

12-7-16 What a Surprise: IOC Extends Provisional Recognition and Funding to the Sport of Cheerleading

12-7-16 Video: British Grand Prix Semis, Gaultier v Willstrop

12-7-16 Video: British GP Semis, Matthew v Selby

12-7-16 Texas Promoter Claims $30K to Winner of January Gaultier v Gawad Match

12-7-16 'Fight Night' Tickets at $150 a Shot

12-7-16 77 Hours of Doubles Pandemonium in the Books in Ontario

12-7-16 Video: Assante Ontario Doubles Finals

12-7-16 Video: SquashSkills, High Volley Response

12-7-16 Video: Laura Massaro, Pre & Post-Match Nutrition

12-7-16 First Pro Squash League in Pakistan on Tap

12-7-16 Manta Bags from Pierre Bastien

12-7-16 Yale Men's Player Profiled

12-7-16 Former Star Growing Game in India by Alan Thatcher

12-6-16 Matthew Masterclass Inflicts Misery On Willstrop In British Grand Prix Final by Nathan Clarke

12-6-16 Video: British Grand Prix Quarters, Gaultier v Adnan

12-6-16 Video: Pilley v Willstrop

12-6-16 Video: Selby v Fallows

12-6-16 Video: Matthew v Lee

12-6-16 Video: Matthew/Willstrop Pre-Finals Interview

12-6-16 Mexico's Avila Over Harrity to Win $15K Salt Lake City Open

12-6-16 Former Trinity Player Kanzy El Defrawy Dominant En Route to $5K Virginia Title

12-6-16 iMask Goggles from Pierre Bastien

12-6-16 Penn Men Lose to Rochester, Edge St Lawrence

12-6-16 Yale Shuts Out Franklin & Marshall

12-6-16 NFL Post-Game Recovery Routines by Greg Bishop

12-6-16 The Scoreboard Never Lies by DJ Gallo

12-5-16 Nick Matthew And James Willstrop To Renew Rivalry In British Grand Prix Final by Nathan Clarke

12-5-16 US Women's Team Finishes Behind Hong Kong and France But Celebrates 5th Place World's Finish

12-5-16 Harrow Fiction Match, Chapter 12 by Sean Hanlon

12-5-16 Video: British Grand Prix 1st Round, Pilley v Clyne

12-5-16 Video: Willstrop v James

12-5-16 Video: Simpson v Adnan

12-5-16 Video: Gaultier v Waller

12-5-16 Video: Selby v Masters

12-5-16 Video: Richards v Fallows

12-5-16 Video: Lee v Lake

12-5-16 Video: Matthew v Makin

12-5-16 Weekend College Highlights

12-5-16 Take it Slow by Gary Nisbet

12-5-16 Wilson K-Factor 135 from Pierre Bastien

12-5-16 Tennis Podcast, Jack Sock

12-5-16 Arizona State Committed to Reinstating  Men's Tennis

12-5-16 Tennis Podcast, Jack Sock

12-4-16 Favourites Egypt Reclaim Women's World Team Title In Paris, US Wins Consolation Bracket to Finish 5th

12-4-16 English Finalist Guaranteed As Matthew Leads Trio Into British Grand Prix Semi-finals by Nathan Clarke

12-4-16 Gawad and Evans Named PSA Players of the Month

12-4-16 Sachvie over McCue to Secure $5K Montreal Invitational Title

12-4-16 Trinity Men Beat Columbia 8-1

12-4-16 Video: Wadi Degla, Ashour v Gawad, Game 3

12-4-16 Wilson One45 BLX from Pierre Bastien

12-4-16 Olympic Programme Should Remain Priority for Squash says Independent Review

12-4-16 Players Show Up for Practice, Told Club Becoming Nursery

12-4-16 Suits & Ties Swapped for On-Court Costumes at HK Charity Event

12-4-16 At Premier Cru Auction, a Peek into Wine Fraud by Frances Dinkelspiel

12-4-16 NYT 10 Best Books of 2016

12-3-16 Top Seeds Egypt & England To Contest World Final In Paris by Howard Harding

12-3-16 World Teams Final, Live Streaming Saturday from 10am EST

12-3-16 Gaultier, Matthew Winners in British Grand Prix First Round

12-3-16 Video: British Grand Prix Preview

12-3-16 ElShorbagy Completes Calendar Year at Summit of Men’s World Rankings by Sean Reuthe

12-3-16 Egyptians Take Top Three Spots in Women’s World Rankings for First Time in History by Sean Reuthe

12-3-16 Building a New Kind of Squash Club by Alan Thatcher

12-3-16 Black Knight Magnum nXS 130 from Pierre Bastien

12-3-16 Video: Wadi Degla, Ashour v Gawad, Game 2

12-3-16 Bowdoin Struggling to Fill Rosters

12-3-16 Documentary Series Addresses Religion of Sports

12-3-16 Ever the Teacher by Christopher Connell

12-2-16 US Women Blanked by Egypt in World Teams Main Draw Opener; England, France, Hong Kong Advance

12-2-16 ElShorbagy Excited to Make Channel VAS Championship Bow by Sean Reuthe

12-2-16 Channel VAS Championship to Donate All Proceeds From Ticket Sales to CLIC Sargent Charity by Sean Reuthe

12-2-16 Virginia Hosts GW Friday in Key Contest, Live Stream 5:45pm EST by David Keating

12-2-16 Drexel Men with First-Ever Win Over Penn

12-2-16 Trinity Men in Early Cruise

12-2-16 US Junior Champion Stefanoni Wins First PSA Match

12-2-16 StreetSquash, Now in 18th Year, Taking Donations

12-2-16 Video: Ashour Trick Shots

12-2-16 Study Suggests Racquet Sports Best Way to Stay Alive

12-2-16 Outside the Glass: Wendy Bartlett

12-2-16 Prince AirO Lightning from Pierre Bastien

12-2-16 World No 1 Pair Dana Betts & Stephanie Hewitt Set to Defend WSDA NYC Open Title

12-2-16 Manek Mathur Reaches World No 1 Hardball Doubles Ranking

12-2-16 PSA December Talking Points

12-2-16 Season's Best Sports Books by Marc Tracy

12-2-16 Second-Tier Pro Athletes Called Modern-Day Serfs

12-2-16 Andy Murray a Rebel in Reverse by Steve Tignor

12-2-16 Magnus Carlsen Successfully Defends World Chess Title