February 2016 - Archive

Yale Beats Rochester 5-4 to Win First Men's National Title Since 1990

2-29-16 Video: Yale National Championship Point

2-29-16 Rochester Dream Season Comes Up Short

Harvard Women Rally from 3-1 Down to Beat Penn 5-4 and Complete Back-to-Back National Championship Runs

2-29-16 Heartbreaker for Penn in Upset Bid

2-29-16 Matthew Saves 3 Match Balls In Windy City Thriller, Sobhy Advances by Nathan Clarke

Video: Castagnet Windy City Dive and Winner

2-29-16 Video: Windy City 2nd Round, Massaro v Lust

2-29-16 Video: Rodriguez v Richards

2-29-16 Video: El Sherbini v Arnold

2-29-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Abouelghar

2-29-16 Video: Rosner v Lee

2-29-16 Video: Gawad v Mar Elshorbagy

Rochester Sends Off Trinity 12-10 in the 5th in Men's Collegiate Semifinal

2-28-16 Rochester v Trinity Box Score

2-28-16 Yale Men Too Deep for St Lawrence, Into Nationals Final

2-28-16 Penn Women Power Past Princeton to Gain Howe Cup Final

2-28-16 Harvard Women Hold Off Trinity in National Semis

2-28-16 Intercollegiates Divisional Brackets

2-28-16 Elshorbagy Brothers Charge Into Windy City Quarters by Nathan Clarke

2-28-16 $300K Windy City Open DRAWS

2-28-16 Video: Chicago First Round, Mosaad v Willstrop

2-28-16 Video: El Welily v Aumard

2-28-16 Video: Momen v Muller

2-28-16 Video: Serme v Hammamy

2-28-16 Video: Castagnet v Farag

2-28-16 Video: Metwally v Gohar

2-28-16 Video: Rodriguez v Simpson

2-28-16 World Masters Newsletter

2-28-16 On the Next Generation of Sports Parents by Rick Wolff

Davis Cup Returning to Part of Grassy Past

2-28-16 Djokovic’s Holistic Approach to Training

2-28-16 Inequality Name of the Game in Women's Cricket

Momen And Castagnet Back From Brink To Keep Windy City Hopes Alive, Sobhy Advances in 19 Minutes

2-27-16 Windy City Video: Castagnet v Farag, Tough Point

2-27-16 Chicago Tumbler from Fram Gommendy

2-27-16 US Intercollegiate Women's Team Nationals: Harvard, Trinity, Princeton, Penn Cruise into Semis

2-27-16 Men's Intercollegiates: Trinity, Rochester, Yale Dominant; St Lawrence Knocks Off Harvard 5-4

2-27-16 Nick Matthew on His New Venture

2-27-16 Video: Hitting to Space

2-27-16 Job Opening: Coach, San Diego

2-27-16 Creating A Worldwide Urban Coaching Program by Chris Hanebury

2-27-16 On Foam Rolling by Kelsey Cannon

2-27-16 Aussie Researchers Zero in on Hamstrings

2-27-16 Middlebury College Bans Energy Drinks

College Squash Needs to Put an Age Limit on Varsity Players by Ted Gross

2-26-16 Marathon Match-ups Dominate Opening Day Of 2016 Windy City Open by Nathan Clarke

Harvard and Trinity Seeded to Retain Howe and Potter Cups at CSA Team Championships

2-26-16 Yale Men Open Against Dartmouth

2-26-16 Princeton Men Seek Redemption

2-26-16 Princeton Women Riding Momentum

2-26-16 Penn Women Hoping to Prove Status

2-26-16 Stanford Women to Face Princeton

2-26-16 John White's Drexel Men Top Seeded in Hoehn Cup

2-26-16 PSA Throwback Thursday

2-26-16 Paddle Tennis Re-brands

2-26-16 Far West Side Gentrification Includes Condos with Courts

2-26-16 On NY's Most Iconic Sandwich

US Against the World in Missouri a Lot of Fun by Amanda Sobhy

2-25-16 From A Reader: Why I'm Not Playing in the US National Doubles

Trinity Women's Squash Set For Howe Cup At Yale This Weekend by David Kingsley

2-25-16 Job Opening: Director of Boys Squash/Touring Pro, Cincinnati

2-25-16 Tennis Job Listings

Windy City Qualifying Finals Report

2-25-16 American Trio Set For Windy City Open Main Draw Activity

PSA Men's Toronto Classic Report

2-25-16 Asics Gel Upcourts from Pierre Bastien

2-25-16 Penn's Max Reed Reflects on Unconventional Journey

2-25-16 $200K Sports Car Has Luggage Space

2-25-16 Arizona Doctor Using Cadaver Tissue to Help Injured Athletes

Trinity Men Defend National Championship At Yale This Weekend by David Kingsley

2-24-16 Video Interview: The Great Dave Talbott

2-24-16 Chicago First Round Qualifying Report

2-24-16 The Windy City Open: A History

2-24-16 Video: Pilley v Momen

2-24-16 Ramy Questionable for World Series Finals

2-24-16 5 First-Time Champions at US Century Doubles

2-24-16 Pakistan to Host $130K Worth of Pro Squash

2-24-16 UK Sports Photographer Alan Crowhurst Recognized

2-24-16 Printing Press Historian and Senior Tennis Star Elizabeth Eisenstein Dies at 92

2-24-16 When a Tech Bubble Bursts

Amanda Sobhy Eyeing Windy City Challenge by Nathan Clarke

2-23-16 Video: Mosaad v Ghosal

2-23-16 Video: Squash Colombia President Interviewed

2-23-16 Maria Toorpakai's War Against the Taliban by Erin O'Dwyer

2-23-16 England Squash Initiative to Put 8 on a Court

Canadian No 1 Sam Cornett Battling Injuries

2-23-16 Summer Squash & Writing Program on Tap

2-23-16 Third Time for Delia Arnold

2-23-16 Cathedral Forced to Move Sculpture Because of Texters Walking into It

2-23-16 Oregon Man Lives in Boeing 727

2-22-16 Fifteenth Straight David Johnson Memorial Title For Damien Mudge As He And Viktor Berg Surge To Victory by Rob Dinerman

2-22-16 Virginia Cavaliers Finish Season with Best Men’s Club Team Ranking Since 2007 by David Keating

2-22-16 $300K Windy City Open Draws and Qualifiers Announced

2-22-16 Video: Colombia Final, Elshorbagy v Mosaad

2-22-16 US College Team Championships, C Through H Division Results

2-22-16 Will Gens: 'The Magnificent 7 and New York Public Squash'

2-22-16 Ashaway SuperNick ZX Squash Strings from Pierre Bastien

2-22-16 Coaching Development by Chris Hanebury

Some Action in Montana

2-22-16 Florida Marlins Going No-Beard

World No 1 Elshorbagy Over Mosaad to Lift Inaugural Colombia Open Crown by Sean Reuthe

2-21-16 Colombia Semis Report

Trinity Women Lose 5-4 at Princeton by David Kingsley

2-21-16 Virginia Men Turn Tables on Colby at the Nationals by David Keating

2-21-16 Video: Colombia Semis, Momen v Mosaad

2-21-16 Video: Colombia Semis: Elshorbagy Face-Off

2-21-16 World Referee Tony Parker Remembered

US Hardball Nationals Looking for Players, Extends Deadline

2-21-16 ToC and the All-American Game by Matt Lombardi

2-21-16 BBC on the Scene of Nick Matthew Academy

2-21-16 Pakistan Federation to Hold Squash Carnival

2-21-16 Philippine Squash to Next Level

2-21-16 Penn Renaissance Called Overdue

2-21-16 Where Off-Duty PGA Golfers Play Barefoot

Ghosal Overcomes Elias; Mosaad, Momen & Pilley Progress in Colombia Open by Sean Reuthe

2-19-16 Virginia Cavaliers Break into the College Squash Elite by David Keating

2-19-16 Corrections To The (Numerous) Errors In Squash Magazine’s February 2016 Cover Article About Ben Gould’s Retirement, by Rob Dinerman

2-19-16 *Original Squash Magazine Ben Gould Retirement Article

When to Jump by Matt Callahan

2-19-16 11 Points with Marwan Elshorbagy by Alan Thatcher

2-19-16 Video: Colombia 1st Round, Ghosal v Elias

2-19-16 Video: Colombia, Pilley v Coppinger

2-19-16 Video: Colombia, Momen v Salazar

2-19-16 Video: Colombia, Rodriguez v Clyne

2-19-16 Neal Tew's Cincinnati T Squash Rolling

2-19-16 In Padel You Can Exit the Court

2016 Men's World Singles on Tap for Cairo

2-18-16 Rodriguez Survives Clyne Challenge as Elshorbagy Eases Through in Colombia Open by Sean Reuthe

2-18-16 From The Cheap Seats by Ted Gross

Premier League Round 7 Report

2-18-16 Video: Hitting off the Right Leg

2-18-16 Oldest Pro Doubles Event Returns to Brooklyn

2-18-16 $40K Johnson Doubles Draw

2-18-16 A New Look at the Warm-up by Dave Ireson

2-18-16 How the DAC Squash Was Won by Mick Joint

2-18-16 Episcopal's Sarah Doss Profiled

2-18-16 Jeremy Mayer on the Achilles

2-18-16 3rd-Ranked Princeton Women Looking to Howe Cup

2-18-16 Bath Pay and Play Courts Future in Limbo

2-18-16 On Student Athletes After College

2-18-16 Distance Running May be Brainiest

What's On My Mind: 'That's a Squash Shot' by John Branston

2-17-16 Elias Downs Top Seeded Qualifier Müller To Complete Colombia Open Draw by Nathan Clarke

2-17-16 Dartmouth, Columbia Earn Final Potter Cup Berths, Drexel Just Misses

2-17-16 Video: Shot of the Month

Britain's Oldest Competitive Player Profiled

2-17-16 Positive Response to Women's Lower Tin by Alex Wan

2-17-16 Video: Shoe Drill

2-17-16 Renault Reinstates Alpine Sports Car

2-17-16 Argentina Soccer Ref Reportedly Killed by Red-Carded Player

Bleak Outlook for Return of Tennis One-Hander

French, English, Dutch, German and Finnish National Champs Conclude

2-16-16 $100K Colombia Open Qualifying Report

2-16-16 No 3 Princeton Women Beat Columbia to Close Ivy Season

2-16-16 Columbia Men 7-2 Over Princeton

New York Public Squash Coalition Selling T Shirts to Raise Money

2-16-16 Video: David Palmer Volley Routine

2-16-16 Brett Erasmus Q & A with Amanda Sobhy

2-16-16 Asics Gel-Fastball Review by Mike McCue

2-16-16 Spotlight: Luke Butterworth

2-16-16 Deconstructing No Pain, No Gain

2-16-16 Bel Air Mansion to Contend for World's Most Expensive

Meguid Beats Harrity to Cap One-of-a-Kind Phoenix Cactus Classic

2-15-16 Matthew Wins Record 8th British Nationals, Massaro Dominant in Capturing Women's Title

2-15-16 Yale Men Beat Harvard 6-3 to Win Ivy League Crown

2-15-16 Cornell Upsets Penn

2-15-16 Harvard Women Finish Ivy League Demolition

2-15-16 Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School Win US High School Nationals

2-15-16 Brunswick and Haverford Put on a Show in Final

2-15-16 Greenwich Completes Mission

2-15-16 Video: Shabana Front Corner Forehand

Jethro Binns Q & A Part 2

2-15-16 A Good Child's Racket? from Pierre Bastien

2-15-16 Travel to My Hometown by Aisling Blake

2-15-16 The Brutal Costs of Raising the World's 631st Best Tennis Player by Rob Gloster

Harrity to Meet Meguid in Phoenix Pro Final

2-14-16 St Lawrence Men Edge Undefeated Trinity

2-14-16 Drexel Men Down Columbia for First-Ever 12-Win Season

2-14-16 Columbia Men Beat Penn 5-4

2-14-16 Matthew-Willstrop, Massaro-Waters into British Nationals Finals

Steve Polli on the NSA Closure

2-14-16 Fiona Moverley Seeking World Championships Funding

2-14-16 Video: Early Preparation

2-14-16 Video: PSA Free Game Friday