February 2019 - Archive

2-28-19 Egyptian Quartet Prevails on Day 1 of World's Quarterfinals by Sean Reuthe

2-28-19 El Welily Post-Match

2-28-19 Point: El Welily-Gohar

2-28-19 Momen Post-Match

2-28-19 El Tayeb Post-Match

2-28-19 Point: Momen v Mar Elshorbagy

2-28-19 Reeham Sedky Wins College Betty Richey Award

2-28-19 Natasha Belsky Wins Wetzel Award

2-28-19 You Make the Call

2-28-19 North Carolina May Drop Public School 'F' to a 39

El Sherbini Over Sobhy in World Championship Round of 16, Day 4 Report by Sean Reuthe

2-27-19 Nicol David Addresses Crowd After Final World's

2-27-19 Serme Post-Match

2-27-19 Coll Post-Match

2-27-19 Point: Dessouky-Coll

2-27-19 Point: David-Serme

2-27-19 Point: Roesner-Golan

2-27-19 Point: King-Chan

2-27-19 Record Low Turnout As Zac Alexander and Kelsey Engman Win US Hardball Nationals by Rob Dinerman

2-27-19 Foul Balls

2-27-19 Most Boring Town in Every State by Alex Daniel

World Championships Day 3 Report by Sean Reuthe

2-26-19 Point, Willstrop v Rodriguez

2-26-19 Point, Momen v Abouelghar

2-26-19 Point, El Welily v Waters

2-26-19 Elshorbagy Reaction

2-26-19 El Tayeb Reaction

2-26-19 Rodriguez Reaction

2-26-19 1970's Harvard Captain and Ex-Citigroup President John Havens Reportedly Charged in Bob Kraft Florida Prostitution Bust

2-26-19 From the Harvard 1979 Archive by Tom Green

2-26-19 Job Opening: Pro, Philadelphia

2-26-19 Audio: Brian Moore on the Olympics' Exclusion

2-26-19 $192K Salary May be Middle Class in San Francisco

Sobhy Downs Blatchford-Clyne in All American Battle, World's Day 2 Report by Sean Reuthe

2-25-19 Video: Women's World's Round 1

2-25-19 Video: Men's World's Round 1

2-25-19 Point: Farag v Asal, Chicago World's (Where are the spectators though?)

2-25-19 Harvard Beats Trinity 9-0 in National Women's Final to go 117-0 on the Season, Reportedly First in College History Not to Drop a Match

2-25-19 Stanford Beats Princeton for 3rd Place

2-25-19 College Women's Wrap

2-25-19 CSA Divisional Results

2-25-19 A Personal View from Steve Cubbins: Time to Give up on the Olympics?

2-25-19 4,000-Mile Coast to Coast Bike Trail Proposed

World No 5 Gawad Shocked on Day One of World Championships, Report by Sean Reuthe

2-24-19 Chicago World's Draws

2-24-19 Harvard, Trinity Rout Stanford, Princeton, to Set College Women's Final

2-24-19 Divisional Draws

Podcast: BBC's Nick Hope on the Olympic Debacle

2-24-19 John Flanigan to Receive President’s Cup at PSA World's

2-24-19 Video: World's Historic Moments

2-24-19 British Breakers Hail Olympic Proposal

2-24-19 NYC Spence School, a Priest & a 9-Court Complex

2-24-19 Chess's Kasparov: Better Humans, not Less Tech

The Episcopal Academy Celebrates Its History of Squash

2-23-19 More Frustration Over Paris Olympics Exclusion

2-23-19 Gee . . . Little did they know

2-23-19 Chicago World's Tickets

2-23-19 World Championships Day Zero

2-23-19 Sobhy Hails Equal Prize Money in Million-Dollar World Champs

2-23-19 Harvard Over Drexel, Stanford Over Yale, Trinity Over Penn, Princeton Over Columbia to Set Women's CSA Semis

2-23-19 Video: British Nationals Men's Final, Selby v Willstrop

Nova Scotia Squash to Honor Ray Souchereau with Memorial Tournament

2-23-19 Lionheart by James Zug

Joint statement from World Squash Federation (WSF) and Professional Squash Association (PSA)

2-22-19 Tears and Fury by Alan Thatcher

2-22-19 Matthew Launches Blistering Attack on IOC Process, Would Support Legal Challenge

2-22-19 BBC Take

2-22-19 Statement from England Squash CEO Keir Worth

2-22-19 Despite Latest Olympic Snub . . .Welcome to Chicago from Steve Cubbins

2-22-19 Weekend CSA Women's Team Nationals Preview by David Keating

2-22-19 Sabrina Sobhy Named Ivy League Player of the Year

2-22-19 2019 Betty Richey Award Finalists Announced

2-22-19 PSF vs BSA: Steps in the Wrong Direction by Waqar Hamza

Remembering Former Dodger Great Don Newcombe

Squash May Be Screwed Again, as Organizers Reportedly Tout Breakdancing, Sport Climbing, Skateboarding and Surfing for 2024 Olympic Inclusion

2-21-19 World Dance Federation President Calls Potential Breakdancing Inclusion 'Fantastic Achievement'

2-21-19 3-Time Winner Matthew Anticipating High Quality World Championships

2-21-19 Matthew on Top Rivals, Training, Tips

2-21-19 Nicol David Shares the Love

2-21-19 You Make the Call

2-21-19 More than a Machine

Penn Men's Wrap