January 2017 - Archive

1-31-17 Cuskelly Beats Farag to Win Motor City Open

1-31-17 Andrew Schnell Over Piedro Schweertman for $10K Bankers Hall Club Calgary Title

1-31-17 Alan Clyne & Julianne Courtice Win BSPA Edinburgh Open Titles

1-31-17 Weekend Pro Roundup

1-31-17 Baldwin, Brunswick Win US Middle School Titles

1-31-17 Baset Chaudhry and Jonny Smith Claim $15K Pittsburgh Golf Club Challenger

1-31-17 No 12 George Washington Women Lose All Matches 3-Zip in Loss to Yale

1-31-17 Video: Dessouki v Serme, Swedish 2016

1-31-17 Video: Rosner v Coleman, Swedish 2016

1-31-17 UK Adult Coaching Camp in July

1-31-17 'The Competition', Complete Novel to Date

1-30-17 Harrow Fiction Chapter 19: Bound for Mars by A.J. Kohlhepp

1-30-17 Farag and Cuskelly Reach $70K Motor City Open Final

1-30-17 Weekend College Highlights

1-30-17 Williams Women Win 18th Consecutive Little Three

1-30-17 The Ugly, the Bad and the Good by Alan Stapleton

1-30-17 Video: Split Step

1-30-17 Benefits of Slow Motion by Chris Hanebury

1-30-17 Paul Bell Celebrates Decade atop Cumbria Squash

1-30-17 Squash on the Hill by Caitlin Dwyer

1-30-17 Immigration Order and Sports Impact by Jere Longman

1-29-17 Diego Elias Upsets World No 6 Mar Elshorbagy in Detroit, Cuskelly Over Mosaad, Quarters Report

1-29-17 Harvard Men 6-3 Over No 1 Rochester

1-29-17 John White's Drexel Men with First-Ever Win Over Struggling Yale

1-29-17 Matthew Targeting 9th British Nationals Title

1-29-17 Video: Mike Way, 'Broken Wrist' Strokes

1-29-17 Video: Legends, Lincou v Shabana

1-29-17 Oh Boy

1-29-17 Harvard Soccer Team’s Apology Gets B Minus, by Annie Finch

1-29-17 KC Inventor's Fitness Technology Back to Earth

1-29-17 Arnold Palmer's Clubs Warehouse a Golf Lover's Museum

1-29-17 Injury Data Can’t Bury NFL Brutality by Michael Powell

1-29-17 Power Cut to Rio 'Ghost Town' Olympic Stadium After Unpaid Bills

1-29-17 LA One of Few Cities Olympics Can't Ruin, by Travis Waldron

1-28-17 Good Guy Journeyman Cesar Salazar Shocks World No 1 Elshorbagy in $70K Detroit Opener for Career Win, Report

1-28-17 Rochester Men Top Rankings for First Time in Program History by Scott Sabocheck

1-28-17 University of Rochester Men's Roster

1-28-17 Updated CSA Men's Team Rankings

1-28-17 $10K Bankers Hall Underway in Calgary

1-28-17 BSPA Edinburgh Open Day One Roundup

1-28-17 Video: The Counter Drop

1-28-17 SquashSkills with Free Trial

1-28-17 Video: ToC '17, El Sherbini v David, Extended

1-28-17 Record 117 Teams Competing in Weekend Century Doubles

1-28-17 Scotland Court Confirms Club Members Can't Sue Each Other

1-28-17 Researchers Say Reggae & Soft Rock Preferred Dog Music

1-27-17 Americans Gordon, Hanson, Harrity KO'd in 2nd Round Motor City Qualifying, Report

1-27-17 PSA Appoints CMSeven As UK Sponsorship Agency by Nathan Clarke

1-27-17 Video: JP Morgan ToC Best Moments

1-27-17 Weekend Century Doubles Set

1-27-17 College Women's Team Rankings Updated

1-27-17 Apawamis Celebrates Major Tax Cut, Refund, by David McKay Wilson

1-27-17 Donations Needed to Help 10-Year-Old Sumner Malik

1-27-17 $265,000 Raised So Far for Shaun Johnstone

1-27-17 Video: Rodriguez Swan Dive

1-27-17 Ballet with Mainstream Cultural Moment by Chloe Angyal

1-27-17 Hamptons Home Prices Fall

1-27-17 Fine Levied Following Botched University Caffeine Experiment

1-26-17 Chris Gordon Upsets World No 29 Omar Meguid in Detroit 1st Round Qualy, Harrity & Hanson Advance

1-26-17 Deerfield Academy Squash History Detailed In New Book, Purchase Info

1-26-17 Video: Megarally 170, Gawad v Gaultier

1-26-17 Mathur & Mudge Storm to North American Open Doubles Title

1-26-17 Video: NAO Doubles Final

1-26-17 Breathtaking Action Awaits At Windy City Open by Nathan Clarke

1-26-17 BSPA Edinburgh Open Looking Forward to 2017 Edition

1-26-17 Nicol David and Miguel Rodriguez Fly Flag for WSF by Howard Harding

1-26-17 Yale’s Jenny Scherl and Rochester’s Ryosei Kobayashi are CSA Players of the Week

1-26-17 Defending Men's Champion Yale Drops to No 4 in Rankings by Griffin Smilow

1-26-17 Philly Life Time Fitness Expansion Includes Courts

1-26-17 SquashSkills Looking to Form Small Group

1-26-17 On This Day in 2015

1-25-17 Top Seed Matthew Chasing Sixth Canary Wharf Classic Crown by Nathan Clarke

1-25-17 WSF Publishes New Court Specifications by Howard Harding

1-25-17 New Court SPECS

1-25-17 Night of PSL Deciders by Steve Cubbins

1-25-17 Video: Cross-Court Flick

1-25-17 Former NZ No 1 Martin Knight to Coach Colombian National Team

1-25-17 Former Trinity Star Kanzy El Defrawy Wins Delaware Open

1-25-17 Qualifying Begins Today in Men's $70K Motor City Open

1-25-17 Rochester Men Improve to 7-1 After Edging Top-Ranked Trinity

1-25-17 Stanford Women Remain Winless at Home

1-25-17 Weekend College Highlights

1-25-17 Harvard Women Visit San Francisco

1-25-17 March Philadelphia US Nationals Taking Entries

1-25-17 Outside the Glass, Episode 13: Ali Farag & Nour El Tayeb

1-25-17 Elshorbagy Strings from Pierre Bastien

1-25-17 Rugby Coach Says Smartphones Ruining Skills

1-25-17 Like Father, Like Daughter by Jacob Feldman

1-25-17 Tom Brady Says He and Trump Call Each Other

1-25-17 Study Says Meditation Decreases Inflammation

1-25-17 Real Estate Developers Focusing on Wellness

1-22-17 A Good ToC for 30-Somethings by Matt Lombardi

1-22-17 Champions Celebrate ToC Anniversary at Gala Dinner

1-22-17 Matthew and Massaro Headline British Nationals Fields

1-22-17 Fram's Corner: Omar El Sherbini to States

1-22-17 Columbia Men Jump to No 2 in College Rankings

1-22-17 No 1 Harvard Women Roll Over Stanford

1-22-17 Video: The Lob

1-22-17 Video: Through the Legs

1-22-17 Black Knight Magnum Tour nXS from Pierre Bastien

1-22-17 Mike Lupica: Now We See

1-21-17 Video: ToC Men's Final, Gawad v Gaultier

1-21-17 Video: ToC Women's Final, Serme v Massaro

1-21-17 SDA North American Open Doubles Underway from Greenwich, Streaming

1-21-17 Video: Skimming a Stone Technique

1-21-17 Video: Take it Early

1-21-17 Wilson Tempest Pro BLX from Pierre Bastien

1-21-17 Where Have All the Donegal Players Gone? by Tom Comack

1-21-17 Squash Auckland Promotes Game with Beach Mini-Courts

1-21-17 The Dean of Packers' Beat Writers by Greg Bishop

1-21-17 Sexless in Silicon Valley by Julia Carrie Wong

1-21-17 World's Best Beaches

1-20-17 Gawad And Serme Etch Names Into Tournament Of Champions History With 2017 Victory by Nathan Clarke

1-20-17 Video: ToC Semis, Elshorbagy v Gaultier

1-20-17 Video: ToC Semis, El Sherbini v Serme

1-20-17 Video: ToC Semis, Gawad v Willstrop

1-20-17 Video: ToC Semis, Massaro v Perry

1-20-17 Video: Gaultier...'About Last Night'

1-20-17 David Receives ToC Women's Leadership Award

1-20-17 Tournaments Can Lead Sponsors to Coveted Clients by Jimmy Jenkins

1-20-17 Wesleyan’s Alissandra Lampietti and Dartmouth’s Alvin Heumann Named College Players of the Week

1-20-17 Bates Another Melting Pot

1-20-17 Overage Issue Reappears by Waqar Hamza

1-20-17 Historic Rhode Island Agawam Hunt Country Club Files Bankruptcy

1-20-17 Wilson Force Team BLX from Pierre Bastien

1-20-17 Possible Squash Ball Found on Mars

1-20-17 Athletes and Food Issues by Isobel Pooley

1-20-17 Struggling One-Time Squash Hub Town Sports Announces Partnership with NFL Player

1-19-17 French Duo Derail Egyptian Title Defence In Tournament Of Champions Semi-finals by Nathan Clarke

1-19-17 'Cheeky' Gregory Gaultier Reaches Final in Bizarre Circumstances by Rod Gilmour

1-19-17 Video: ToC, Gohar v Serme

1-19-17 Video: Massaro v Kawy

1-19-17 Video: El Sherbini v David

1-19-17 Video: El Welily v Perry

1-19-17 Video: Gawad v Rosner

1-19-17 No 1 Trinity Men Shut Out No 2 Yale

1-19-17 Trinity Women Over Yale 8-1

1-19-17 Yale-Trinity at 5-Year Anniversary of Legendary Match by Griffin Smilow

1-19-17 Calgary Spread Includes Court, Pool in Living Room

1-19-17 Tennis Pro Cyberbullying Reportedly Includes Death Threats

1-19-17 At Australian Open, American Strength in Numbers and Youth by Christopher Clarey

1-18-17 El Sherbini Holds Off David in Women's ToC Quarters, Perry Beats El Welily; 'Old Man' Willstrop Through to Men's Semis

1-18-17 Video: ToC, El Sherbini v Ibrahim

1-18-17 Video: David v Au

1-18-17 Video: Serme v Chinappa

1-18-17 Video: Gohar v El Tayeb

1-18-17 Video: Massaro v King

1-18-17 Video: Kawy v Lust

1-18-17 Video: El Welily v Pallikal

1-18-17 Video: Gaultier v Momen

1-18-17 Video: Sobhy v Perry

1-18-17 Video: Mo Elshorbagy v Mar Elshorbagy

1-18-17 Trinity Men Host Defending Champion Yale

1-18-17 No 3 Trinity Women Edged by No 2 Penn

1-18-17 Columbia Men Upset Rochester and Yale

1-18-17 $12 Million DC Squash-on-Fire Facility Slated for May Opening

1-17-17 American No 1 Sobhy Knocked Out in Women's ToC 2nd Round; Elshorbagy, Gaultier Advance in Men's

1-17-17 ToC Men's DRAW

1-17-17 ToC Women's DRAW

1-17-17 Former Trinity Player and SDA Star Shaun Johnstone Battling Cancer, Please Lend Support

1-17-17 Natalie Hangs Up Her Racket

1-17-17 Matthew: Streak Had to End One Day

1-17-17 Video: ToC, Matthew v Willstrop

1-17-17 Video: Massaro v Blatchford

1-17-17 Video: Rosner v Muller

1-17-17 Video: Kawy v El Hammamy

1-17-17 Video: King v N Grinham

1-17-17 Video: Gawad v Pilley

1-17-17 Video: Farag v Coll

1-17-17 Video: Sobhy v Urquhart

1-17-17 Video: El Welily v Naughton

1-17-17 Video: Mastermind with Natalie Grinham

1-17-17 On this Day in 1969

1-17-17 ProKennex Racquets from Pierre Bastien

1-17-17 Weekend College Highlights

1-17-17 Fake Tennis Pro Dupes Investors in Property Scam

1-16-17 Willstrop Ends 10-Year Losing Streak While Qualifier Coll Conquers Farag To Reach Tournament of Champions Quarter-finals by Nathan Clarke

1-16-17 ToC Day 6 Views, from Reynold Chan

1-16-17 Harrow Fiction Match, Chapter 17 from Pierre Bastien

1-16-17 Video: ToC, Gaultier v Dessouky

1-16-17 Video: Serme v Evans

1-16-17 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Coppinger

1-16-17 Video: Gohar v Hany

1-16-17 Video: Mosaad v Momen

1-16-17 Video: El Sherbini v Chan

1-16-17 Video: David v Duncalf

1-16-17 Video: Mo Elshorbagy v Cuskelly

1-16-17 Penn Men Dominated by Harvard 8-1

1-16-17 Harvard Women 7-2 Over Penn

1-16-17 Karakal Goggles from Pierre Bastien

1-16-17 Tennis Journey from Dropout to Redemption by Kyle Schnitzer

1-16-17 Aussie Open Tennis Roundtable

1-16-17 No-Net Badminton Gaining Popularity

1-15-17 Mighty Momen Removes Mosaad In ToC Upset by Howard Harding

1-15-17 Coll on a Roll by Rod Gilmour

1-15-17 ToC Day 5 Views from Reynold Chan

1-15-17 Video: ToC, Lee V Cuskelly

1-15-17 Video: Mosaad v Abouelghar

1-15-17 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Selby

1-15-17 Video: Golan v Coppinger

1-15-17 Video: Momen v Richards

1-15-17 Video: Dessouky v Harrity

1-15-17 Video: Elshorbagy v James

1-15-17 Video: Gaultier v Elias

1-15-17 Video: Willstrop v Rodriguez

1-15-17 Video: Matthew v Clyne

1-15-17 Video: Coll v Simpson

1-15-17 Video: Farag v Yip

1-15-17 Video: Rosner v Adnan

1-15-17 Video: Ghosal v Muller

1-15-17 Video: Pilley v Kandra

1-15-17 Video: Gawad v Mohamed

1-15-17 Gyms Called New Nightclubs

1-15-17 10 Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms and a Court

1-14-17 Gawad, Farag, Matthew Advance at Tournament of Champions by Nathan Clarke

1-14-17 North Americans Blatchford, Naughton Through to Main Draw as ToC Women's Qualifying Concludes

1-14-17 New York Times Elshorbagy Feature

1-14-17 ESPN Amanda Sobhy Profile

1-14-17 Nicol David, the Serena Williams of Squash, Blends in With U.S. Crowds by Flip Bondy

1-14-17 Matthew & Willstrop Set Up Eager Second Round Encounter by Rod Gilmour

1-14-17 ToC Day 4 Views from Reynold Chan

1-14-17 ToC Men's DRAW

1-14-17 ToC Women's DRAW

1-14-17 Job Opening: Pro, Washington, DC

1-14-17 Video: The Hold

1-14-17 Karakal CSX Tour from Pierre Bastien

1-14-17 Finding Length by Chris Hanebury

1-14-17 Goose, by James Zug

1-14-17 Video: Water Bikes

1-13-17 Birthday Boy Elshorbagy Leads Five Egyptians Into ToC Round Two by Howard Harding

1-13-17 First Round Women's ToC Qualifying Results

1-13-17 Courtside Blog, Today's Predictions from Matt Lombardi

1-13-17 Sobhy Targets Raising Profile by Nick Butler

1-13-17 Video: Joey and Jonah Barrington Preview ToC

1-13-17 British No 1's Aim for Gold Coast via Grand Central by Rod Gilmour

1-13-17 ToC Day 3 Views from Reynold Chan

1-13-17 Video: The ToC Entrance, from Pierre Bastien

1-13-17 Squash Embarks Upon New Era Of Collaboration by Howard Harding

1-13-17 Video: Paul Carter, Backhand Return

1-13-17 Karakal Squash Balls from Pierre Bastien

1-13-17 Penn Faces Long Weekend to Begin Ivy Play by Will Snow

1-13-17 Survey Says High Percentage of CEOs Played Sports

1-13-17 Roger Federer Still Most Marketable Sports Star

1-13-17 Video: Court Tennis Australian Open Doubles Semi

1-12-17 Coll, Mueller, Richards, Clyne, Yip, James, Adnan & Kandra Qualify into ToC Men's Main Draw, RESULTS

1-12-17 Women's Two-Round ToC Qualifier Begins Today, DRAW

1-12-17 8 Men's Main Draw Matches on Tap Today, BRACKETS

1-12-17 Storylines to Watch for at ToC '17 by Matt Lombardi

1-12-17 ToC Day 2 Views from Reynold Chan

1-12-17 Harrow Interview No 7, Karim Abdel Gawad

1-12-17 Video: Players' Lounge, Nour El Sherbini

1-12-17 Road to Dubai Wide Open as Stars Check in to Grand Central

1-12-17 Middlebury’s Caroline Jahrling and Western Ontario’s Matthew Henderson Named College Players of the Week

1-12-17 Stanford Women Over F & M in Rare Home Match

1-12-17 Penn's Marwan Mahmoud Extends to 6-0 in 8-1 Loss to Trinity

1-12-17 Circuit of the Month: January, by Gary Nisbet

1-12-17 Farcical Scene Ahead of Aussie Open Tennis Qualifier

1-12-17 Harvard Krokodiloes A Cappella Group Performs in Heights Casino Court

1-11-17 Rough Start for American Men as Gordon, Hanson and Douglas Eliminated in First Round ToC Qualifying, RESULTS

1-11-17 ToC First Round Men's Qualifying, Beth Rasin Reports

1-11-17 Video: ToC Preview from Brad Burke

1-11-17 ToC Classic Encounters

1-11-17 Princeton Men Crushed by Trinity

1-11-17 College Highlights

1-11-17 Mudge and Mathur Capture $30K Boston Doubles

1-11-17 PSA Appoints Lead Physiotherapist & Medical Coordinator by Nathan Clarke

1-11-17 Delayed 2016 Women's Worlds Set for April in Egypt

1-11-17 Head YouTek IG Tour 120 from Pierre Bastien

1-11-17 Video: Rush the Opponent

1-11-17 Andy Murray Wants to Coach Soccer

1-11-17 Iconic Rio Stadium in 'State Of Abandonment’ Post-Olympics

1-11-17 VW Taps Hippie Heritage with Electric Microbus

1-10-17 Ramy Ashour Out Of Tournament of Champions by Nathan Clarke

1-10-17 Tournament of Champions: A Brief History

1-10-17 First Time Partners Sobhy/Pierrepont Dominate Field to Win MSF Boston Pro Am

1-10-17 England's Eddie Charlton Wins Delaware PSA Challenger

1-10-17 Video: Megarally 169, Momen v Coll

1-10-17 Delia Arnold Moving On by Alex Wan

1-10-17 Head Spark Tour from Pierre Bastien

1-10-17 Dartmouth Squads with High Expectations by Nathan Albrinck

1-10-17 SquashSkills: A New Year's Detox?

1-10-17 Judy Murray Praises Danny Massaro Book 'The Winning Parent'

1-10-17 'Winning Parent' Amazon Link

1-10-17 College Football Top Teams Built on Crippling Debt by Eben Novy-Williams

1-9-17 Tournament of Champions 32-Player Men's Qualifier Begins Tuesday, DRAW

1-9-17 Women's ToC Qualifying Underway Thursday, DRAW

1-9-17 Post-ToC '16 Courtside Blog by Matt Lombardi

1-9-17 ToC Tickets

1-9-17 SquashTV to Air Wall-to-Wall ToC

1-9-17 Video: ToC '13, Grinham v Brown

1-9-17 Gawad Over Gaultier 4-2 in Houston Novelty Event

1-9-17 Harrow Fiction 'The Competition' Chapter 16 by Chris Dec

1-9-17 Video: Upper Body Control

1-9-17 Dunlop Blackstorm Supreme from Pierre Bastien

1-9-17 First British Junior Open Title for Ireland by Donna Helmer

1-9-17 USTA Opens 100-Court Orlando Tennis 'Haven'

1-9-17 Aussie Tennis Struggling for Players

1-9-17 James Blake on Djokovic, Federer, Nadal  2017

1-9-17 Recovery Sleepwear Among New Sports Tech

1-9-17 The Socialite Ladder, One Gala at a Time by Ben Widdicombe

1-7-17 Velavan Senthilkumar of India and Hania El Hammamy of Egypt Win Britsh Junior Open Titles

1-7-17 BJO Finals Day Reports

1-7-17 US Junior Delegation with Improved Performance at British Junior Open

1-7-17 WSDA Boston Pro Doubles Weekend Live Stream

1-7-17 Men's SDA Boston Pro Doubles Live Stream

1-7-17 PSF Chief Says 'Safer' Pakistan to Host 9 International Tournaments in 2017

1-7-17 Outside the Glass: Nour El Tayeb & Ali Farag

1-7-17 Houston Media Picks Up on $50K Fight Night 'Match' Set for Tonight

1-7-17 St Michaels University School's Best Year Ever Contest by Chris Hanebury

1-7-17 Google Calendar Update Helps Log Workouts

1-7-17 Why We Run On Trails by Francis Sanzaro

1-6-17 Finals Set at British Junior Open

1-6-17 Former World No.2 Grinham To Call Time On Career At Tournament of Champions by Nathan Clarke

1-6-17 Pro Prize Money at All-Time High by Nathan Clarke

1-6-17 Sobhy, Pierrepont Team Up for Weekend Pro Boston Doubles

1-6-17 India Looks to Grow Sport Post-Ramachandran

1-6-17 World No 51 Harrity Profiled

1-6-17 ToC 2016 Men's Highlights

1-6-17 Dunlop Aerogel Tour from Pierre Bastien

1-6-17 New Zealand April World Masters Entries Waitlisted

1-6-17 Reigning Tennis Australian Open Boys Champion Reportedly Charged with Match Fixing

1-6-17 Pro Teams Using Video Game as Training Aid

1-6-17 Falling Apart in All the Right Places by Nick Hoppe

1-5-17 New Yorker Daelum Mawji Quietly Reaches BJO Boys 17s Semis

1-5-17 Americans Douglas, Stefanoni Fall in British Junior Open Quarters, Day 3 Report

1-5-17 3 Indian Players Into BJO Boys 19s Semifinals

1-5-17 Pakistan Federation Claims 5 Players Denied BJO Visas

1-5-17 World No 17 Delia Arnold Announces Retirement

1-5-17 Video: Cut the Ball Crosscourt

1-5-17 Nick Barrington, Inspired Younger Brother Jonah, Dies at 77

1-5-17 New York Amateur Grand Open Entries Include ToC Tickets, Close Sunday

1-5-17 Black Knight Quicksilver LTS from Pierre Bastien

1-5-17 105-Year-Old Sets Cycling Record

1-5-17 Joe Theismann Rips 2-14 49ers for Giving Inspiration Award to Colin Kaepernick

1-4-17 New York's Andrew Douglas Stuns World Junior Champion Eain Yow Ng in British Juniors Round of 16

1-4-17 Brand-New Partner Alignments Energize The 2016-17 SDA Pro Doubles Tour by Rob Dinerman

1-4-17 January Update from the World Squash Federation

1-4-17 Sedky Wins Squash Player’s Player of the Month Award

1-4-17 Kiwi Coll Starts New Year in Top 20, January Men's Rankings

1-4-17 Evans Breaks Top 20, Women's Updated Rankings

1-4-17 A PSA Look Ahead

1-4-17 Cocking Or Relaxing The Wrist? by Chris Hanebury

1-4-17 Video: The Four Corners

1-4-17 Film Pays Homage to Female Athlete Trailblazers

1-4-17 I Have Confidence by Alan Stapleton

1-3-17 Deerfield Academy Squash History Detailed In A New Book

1-3-17 British Junior Open Underway

1-3-17 American Contingent at British Juniors

1-3-17 Black Knight Rally from Pierre Bastien

1-3-17 Leg Bags

1-3-17 Scotland Study Says Most Publicly-Funded Elite Athletes Middle Class

1-3-17 Basketball Elder Earns Respect in Navajo Nation

1-3-17 Rex Reed Best Movies 2016

1-3-17 20 Ways Drones May Shape Future

1-3-17 The Bot Politic by Jacqueline Feldman

1-2-17 Harrow Fiction Chapter 15, 'Life’s a Bitch' by James Prudden

1-2-17 Year in Review, Star Performers: Gaultier & Massaro

1-2-17 Squash Quiz of the Year

1-2-17 Coll Wins Squash Player’s Player of the Month Award

1-2-17 British Junior Open a Road to Success

1-2-17 Mini Revival for Pakistan Squash by Bilal Hussain

1-2-17 Video: Nash Cup, Letourneau v Kobayashi

1-2-17 Black Knight Boss from Pierre Bastien

1-2-17 Caffeine for the Squash Player? by Gary Nisbet

1-2-17 Planet Fitness Claims 8 Million Members at 1200 Locations

1-2-17 Youth Club Sports Under Fire by Ken Reed

1-1-17 Year in Review Star Performers: Mohamed Elshorbagy

1-1-17 Video: Shot of the Year Shortlist

1-1-17 Photos of the Year, November, from Steve Cubbins

1-1-17 Either/or with Simon Rosner

1-1-17 ToC Grand Open Entries Closing

1-1-17 SquashSkills Hosting January 21-22 Coaching Camp at Yale

1-1-17 Black Knight Striker from Pierre Bastien

1-1-17 Andy Murray Knighted

1-1-17 Tennis Australia Under New Scrutiny

1-1-17 Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton