January 2019 - Archive

1-31-19 Brunswick, Greenwich, Heavy Favorites at 2019 High School Championships by David Keating

1-31-19 Penn Men Beat Princeton 5-4

1-31-19 Princeton Women Rout Penn to Stay Unbeaten

1-31-19 Top Seeds Mar Elshorbagy and Miguel Rodriguez Advance in Motor City Open, Day 2 Report

1-31-19 ToC Megarally, El Tayeb v Waters

1-31-19 You Make the Call

1-31-19 Robin Clarke & Zac Alexander Win North American Open Doubles Crown

1-31-19 Volkl V-Dry Grip from Pierre Bastien

1-31-19 Kingdon Gould

1-31-19 The Fight Over the Future of California Football by Michael Weinreb

1-30-19 ToC Megarally: Elshorbagy v Elias

1-30-19 Motor City Open Celebrates 20th Year in Detroit

1-30-19 Americans Harrity and Hanson Advance in Motor City 1st Round

1-30-19 Motor City Main Draw Preview

1-30-19 Four Former Champions Going for British Nationals Glory

1-30-19 February College Rankings

1-30-19 Jim Zug: Southernmost Court

1-30-19 NFL’s Success This Season? by Will Leitch

1-30-19 Sports Betting and How the Games are Played

1-30-19 Steam-Powered Spaceship Reported

1-29-19 El Sherbini Books PSA World Tour Finals

1-29-19 Video: ToC Women's Final

1-29-19 Video: ToC Men's Final

1-29-19 Todd Becomes Youngest British U-23 Winner at 15 by Alan Thatcher

1-29-19 Sacred Heart, Haverford Win US Middle School Titles

1-29-19 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, California

1-29-19 20 Players Compete in Saudi Arabia’s First Female Tournament

1-29-19 Ultrarunner Jasmin Paris

1-29-19 Streetwear Generation and Tennis

1-29-19 The Sopranos as Precipice Art by Tom Augustine

1-28-19 Harvard Men Over No 2 Rochester 7-2

1-28-19 Virginia Men Routed by Yale 9-Zip

1-28-19 Lisa Aitken of Scotland Wins $10K Delaware Title

1-28-19 Jagtab Claims Chattanooga Title by Richard Millman

1-28-19 Jasmine Hutton and Sam Todd Win British U23 Titles

1-28-19 Video: ToC Women's Semis

1-28-19 Video: ToC Men's Semis

1-28-19 Penn Using Drexel During Ringe Renovation

1-28-19 Vulnerability of Ex-Champions by Emma John

1-28-19 New York City in Color, 1900-1919

1-27-19 Trinity Men 6-3 Over Top-Ranked Penn

1-27-19 Trinity Women Handle Penn 8-1

1-27-19 Yale Men Zip George Washington

1-27-19 Lisa Aitken Over Sam Cornett in $10K Delaware Semis

1-27-19 Omar Elborolossy Explains Egyptian Success

1-27-19 Workbook by Chris Hanebury

1-27-19 Fancy a Flutter by Jim Zug

1-27-19 US Middle School Nats Feature Record 89 Teams

1-27-19 Beyond Walls in Minnesota by Anthony Lonetree

1-27-19 Up or Down on Doubles by Karen Crouse

1-27-19 Who's In the Chrylser Building

1-26-19 WSF President Outlines Olympic Bid Timeline

1-26-19 The Great Geoff Hunt with an Olympic Push

1-26-19 Farag and Duncalf Record Olympic Message from ToC

1-26-19 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Philadelphia Cricket Club

1-26-19 You Make the Call

1-26-19 Using Height to Add Dimension

1-26-19 Urban Programs Spotlighted at ToC

1-26-19 ElShorbagy Player Analysis

1-26-19 SquashTV Seeking Broadcast Media Assistant

1-26-19 YouTube Changing Algorithms

1-26-19 Margaret Court Arena Controversy Continues

1-25-19 Farag and El Sherbini Capture JP Morgan Tournament of Champions Titles by Sean Reuthe

1-25-19 Brutal Point, Farag-Elshorbagy

1-25-19 Match Point, El Sherbini-El Welily

1-25-19 Match Point, Farag-Elshorbagy

1-25-19 Farag Post-Final

1-25-19 Ramy, Nick Matthew Join ToC Final

1-25-19 ToC Associate Director Beth Rasin Recognized

1-25-19 Blog: Length of Shot

1-25-19 Lisa Aitken Back to Earth After Whirlwind ToC

1-25-19 Scribe Sees American Tennis Future

1-24-19 Top Seeds Elshorbagy-Farag, El Welily-El Sherbini Set Tournament of Champions Finals by Sean Reuthe

1-24-19 Point: Momen-Farag

1-24-19 Point: ElShorbagy-Gawad

1-24-19 Point: El Sherbini-El Tayeb

1-24-19 Point: King-El Welily

1-24-19 Point: King-El Welily 2

1-24-19 Video: ToC Women's Quarters

1-24-19 Video: ToC Men's Quarters

1-24-19 Trinity Men Beat Yale 7-2

1-24-19 Pakistan Federation Looks to Curb Reported Rash of Player Withdrawals by Waqar Hamza

1-24-19 Sobhy Charity Challenge on Tap Sunday in NYC

1-24-19 Mad About Harry - Urgent Appeal

1-23-19 Egyptian Players Crushing ToC Opposition, Installed in 7 of 8 Semis Slots

1-23-19 Point: Tayeb v Waters

1-23-19 Video: Women's ToC Round 3, Part 1

1-23-19 Video: ToC Men's Quarters Part 1

1-23-19 Video: ToC Women's Round 3, Part 2

1-23-19 Final Round ToC Men's Draw

1-23-19 Final Round ToC Women's Draw

1-23-19 Chris Walker And Tom Harrity Win US Century Squash Doubles by Rob Dinerman

1-23-19 Job Opening: Director of Junior Squash, Apawamis

1-23-19 Williams Cruising 5-1 in Aussie Open 3rd Set, Rolls Ankle and Loses

1-23-19 Times Columnist and Humorist Russell Baker Dies at 93

1-22-19 Gawad Ends Rösner ToC Title Defense, Day 6 Report by Sean Reuthe

1-22-19 That Was a Point

1-22-19 Point, Elias-Elshorbagy

1-22-19 Point, El Tayeb-Sobhy

1-22-19 Point, King-David

1-22-19 Point, El Welily-Chinappa

1-22-19 Video: Women's ToC Round 2, Part 2

1-22-19 Video: Men's ToC Round 3, Part 2

1-22-19 ToC Men's Draw

1-22-19 ToC Women's Draw

1-22-19 CSA Ruling Keys Dartmouth Men's 5-4 Win Over Columbia

1-22-19 Favorites Pakistan & Malaysia Triumph In Asian Junior Teams

1-22-19 Andy Murray and the Grind of Modern Tennis by Tumaini Carayol

1-21-19 US No 1 Sobhy Underway in ToC, Day 5 Report by Sean Reuthe

1-21-19 Point, Momen v Marche

1-21-19 Video: Women's ToC Round 2, Part 1

1-21-19 Video: Men's ToC Round 3, Part 1

1-21-19 Stanford Women Knock Off Yale 7-2

1-21-19 Yale Men Beat St Lawrence

1-21-19 StreetSquash 20th Anniversary Rakes in Cool $1.4 Million

1-21-19 Have Heart by Will Carlin

1-21-19 Victor IP 8 from Pierre Bastien

1-21-19 That's How a Principal Does It

1-20-19 Plain Sailing for Seeds on ToC Day 4 by Sean Reuthe

1-20-19 ToC Day 4 As it Happened

1-20-19 Point, David-Elaraby

1-20-19 Point, Elshorbagy-Salem

1-20-19 Point, Rosner-Lee

1-20-19 Point, El Welily-Metwally

1-20-19 Point, Pilley-Elias

1-20-19 Point, Gohar-Low

1-20-19 Video: ToC Round 2, Part 3

1-20-19 Video: ToC Round 2, Part 4

1-20-19 Rochester Men Beat Columbia 6-3

1-20-19 West Coast..who said!? by Nick-At-Will

1-19-19 Farag, Momen, Coll Advance on Day 3 of Tournament of Champions by Sean Reuthe

1-19-19 Point, Farag v Willstrop

1-19-19 Point, Mosaad v Rodriguez

1-19-19 Video: ToC Round 2, Part 1

1-19-19 Video: ToC Round 2, Part 2

1-19-19 Podcast: Nick Matthew

1-19-19 CSA Updated Men's Team Rankings

1-19-19 CSA Updated Women's Team Rankings

1-19-19 Makin Hanging in Before Injury-Strike

1-19-19 Liz Irving and Squash Lab

1-19-19 Vanguard Founder & Squash Player Jack Bogle Remembered

1-18-19 Rösner Kicks Off ToC Title Defense on Day 2, Report

1-18-19 Point

1-18-19 Point

1-18-19 Point

1-18-19 Point

1-18-19 Video: ToC Round 1 Part 1

1-18-19 Video: ToC Round 1 Part 2

1-18-19 11 Points with Amanda Sobhy by Alan Thatcher

1-18-19 The Specter Center by Dent Wilkens

1-18-19 The High Cost of Being an Elite Tennis Player by Sam Downing

1-17-19 Home Favorite Harrity Prevails on ToC Day One, Report

1-17-19 ToC Men's DRAW

1-17-19 Point

1-17-19 Top 5 Shots ToC '18

1-17-19 Video: ToC Greatest Moments

1-17-19 Outside the Glass: Specter Center

1-17-19 Scoreboard Watching by Jim Zug

1-17-19 Thirteenth Century Doubles Joins NYC Squash Week

1-17-19 Blog: Ignore Big Picture

1-17-19 Sopranos Cast 20 Years

1-16-19 $360K Tournament of Champions Underway Today at Noon EST, SCHEDULE

1-16-19 El Sherbini ToC Preview by Sean Reuthe

1-16-19 Sobhy Press

1-16-19 Rochester Men 6-3 Over Trinity

1-16-19 College Weekend Recap

1-16-19 Penn Euro Tour by Will DiGrande

1-16-19 Podcast: Samantha Cornett

1-16-19 LA Dodgers' Tie to Million Dollar Squash Event

1-16-19 Blog: Movement & Counter Drop

1-16-19 Holy Toledo

1-15-19 Eastern Athletic Club’s Soini Earns ToC Women’s Wild Card Spot by Chris McClintick

1-15-19 ToC Live - SquashTV Has it Covered

1-15-19 Video: Evans v El Welily, Extended

1-15-19 Job Opening: Pro, Greenwich

1-15-19 Draws Announced for February Chicago World Championships

1-15-19 Joshna Chinappa

1-15-19 Penn Men Stay Unbeaten

1-15-19 Greenwich Academy Looking to Defend by David Fierro

1-15-19 Think and Act by Steve Tignor

1-15-19 Red Sox - Yankees, 1931

1-14-19 ToC Video Preview

1-14-19 Harvard Men Crush No 3 Columbia 9-Zip

1-14-19 Yale Men Beat Princeton 6-3

1-14-19 Rochester Men Blank George Washington

1-14-19 Van Den Herrewegen Wins 76-Minute Kent Open Title by Alan Thatcher

1-14-19 Public Squash Uptown Court Fundraiser

1-14-19 Tactics: Width

1-14-19 Home from Home Part One

1-14-19 Squash 101 with Lee Drew

1-14-19 John Brenkus

1-13-19 Momen Over Dessouky in CCI Mumbai Final

1-13-19 Penn Men Beat Yale 7-2

1-13-19 Harvard Men Shut Out Cornell

1-13-19 Harvard Women Crush Stanford and Cornell

1-13-19 Low Wee Wern Back in New York

1-13-19 Gawad is Squash Player Magazine's Player of the Month

1-13-19 Video: British Junior Open Finals

1-13-19 Using Targets by Chris Hanebury

1-13-19 ATP Tennis Considers Ejecting Chief Executive

1-13-19 Future of On-Court Coaching by Steve Tignor

1-12-19 Comments from the Couch, Episode 9

1-12-19 Top Seeds to Contest Kent Open Final by Alan Thatcher

1-12-19 Colin Payne Open Early Report by Alan Thatcher

1-12-19 Sobhy Ready for ToC

1-12-19 Ashour Withdraws

1-12-19 You Make the Call

1-12-19 Hanson

1-12-19 ToC Quiz

1-12-19 David Palmer Builds on Bond with Bermuda

1-12-19 The Wall

1-11-19 Harvard’s Brownell Set for ToC Debut After Clinching Wild Card Spot by Chris McClintick

1-11-19 Princeton Women Beat Trinity 5-4

1-11-19 Penn Announces Next Year Men's Recruits

1-11-19 Palmer Page

1-11-19 Wendy Bartlett and Amina Helal

1-11-19 Podcast: Hadrian Stiff

1-11-19 UK Coaching Summit

1-11-19 Glencoe Junior Badminton

1-11-19 Yanks v A's, 1934

1-11-19 Michael Johnson and Stroke

1-10-19 World No 8 Mar Elshorbagy Beaten by Mangaonkar in Return

1-10-19 ToC Holding Wildcard 'Playoffs'

1-10-19 Nick Matthew Previews Ramy Ashour's Reported Return to ToC Action

1-10-19 Peter Genever Tribute

1-10-19 Gary Nisbet's Repeat Fitness Resolutions

1-10-19 British Nationals Taking Final Entries

1-10-19 Canada Launches First 'Inclusive Squash' Program

1-10-19 Manhattan Penthouse Property Includes Court Amenity

1-10-19 Aussie Open Court Tennis Quarters

1-10-19 SI Claims Fittest 50

1-9-19 January News from the World Squash Federation

1-9-19 Trinity Men Nip Columbia 5-4

1-9-19 Trinity Women 6-3 Over Visiting Lions

1-9-19 Reverse Fixtures in PSL

1-9-19 CCI Mumbai Report

1-9-19 Point

1-9-19 Drexel Women Crack Top 8

1-9-19 WSDA Tour Heads to Boston

1-9-19 50 Former Olympians Call on Congress to Overhaul US Olympic Committee

1-9-19 Wild Orcas

1-8-19 College Squash Returns to Action

1-8-19 Virginia Adds Moustafa Bayoumy to Coaching Staff

1-8-19 Rösner Ready by Sean Reuthe

1-8-19 Premier Squash League Round 6

1-8-19 Video: Day in the Life

1-8-19 Faraz Khan Wins All-American PSA Chattanooga Final

1-8-19 Unsquashable James Willstrop Gold from Pierre Bastien

1-8-19 Eliud Kipchoge

1-8-19 A $20K Bike Crash

1-8-19 Chess

1-7-19 Hania El Hammamy & Mostafa Asal Win British Junior Open Titles

1-7-19 American Stefanoni Wins BJO Girls' 17's

1-7-19 BJO Divisional Results

1-7-19 10 Days to ToC

1-7-19 Video: Moments of the Year

1-7-19 Wendy Lawrence to be Honored at ToC 'Women In Sports'

1-7-19 Squash Players Need Votes in World Games Balloting

1-7-19 Massaro and Nutrition

1-7-19 Gilded Cage by Gregg Lange

1-7-19 High Ankle Innovation

1-6-19 British Junior Open Semis Reports

1-6-19 PSA Chief Gough Reaffirms Olympic Ambition

1-6-19 PSA Schedule

1-6-19 Gary Nisbet: Ageing

1-6-19 US Nationals Taking Entries

1-6-19 Singles Warmup Reduced to 4 Minutes

1-6-19 Video Analysis Service

1-6-19 Squash Magazine 5-Year Covers

1-6-19 Mikaela Shiffrin

1-6-19 Books

1-5-19 British Junior Open Quarters Report

1-5-19 2019 ToC Counting Down, History

1-5-19 2019 College Hall of Fame Class Announced

1-5-19 Fitz-Gerald Interview, by Rj Mitchell

1-5-19 PSA Giveaway

1-5-19 What A Ball Breaker by Nick-At-Will

1-5-19 Once Again, the 'Squash Point!'

1-5-19 Nice Work

1-5-19 Jim Zug in Santiago

1-5-19 Spreading the Word on College Admissions

1-4-19 Karim Abdel Gawad and Lisa Aitken PSA Players of the Month

1-4-19 Video: Mar ElShorbagy v Kandra Extended

1-4-19 Job Opening: Pro, New York

1-4-19 British Junior Open Day 2 Report

1-4-19 BJO Quarters Draws

1-4-19 Inside a Bag

1-4-19 Good Nick Summer Camps Set

1-4-19 The Return of Tennis by Steve Tignor

1-4-19 Rugby Tackling in Texas

1-4-19 Alabama-Clemson Ticket Prices Dive

1-3-19 Job Opening: Head Pro, Baltimore

1-3-19 PSA Year in Review with Alex Gough

1-3-19 Gawad Returns to Top 5

1-3-19 Men's January Pro Rankings

1-3-19 Women's January Pro Rankings

1-3-19 Amanda Sobhy and Chris Hanson Rise in Ranks

1-3-19 British Junior Open Day One Report

1-3-19 Video: El Tayeb v King, Extended

1-3-19 Tail Wagging The Dog by Nick-At-Will

1-3-19 Massage Robotics

1-2-19 Penn Men's Euro Blog

1-2-19 World No 7 Coll Photoshooting

1-2-19 Late BJO Withdrawals Reportedly Screwing Up Draws

1-2-19 9 (NINE) Coaches Representing 'Team USA' at British Junior Open.....Nine?

1-2-19 Eain Yow Ng - My Season

1-2-19 Top Shots

1-2-19 Best Running App is Free by Madison Kircher

1-2-19 Catcher in the Rye & Relevant?

1-2-19 Once-Elegant Destination Lord & Taylor Says Goodbye

1-2-19 New Yorker Most Read Archives