January 2021 - Archive

1-29-21 In Squash Podcast: Rob Dinerman

1-29-21 Response to Guy Cipriano by Nick-At-Will

1-29-21 Bob Kingsley: 'How the Hardball Politics of US Squash Tinned our Olympic Bid'

1-29-21 Pontefract Squash Club Set to be Covid Vaccination Site

1-29-21 Roy Gingell’s 5-Year Refereeing Crusade

1-29-21 Tamika Hunt on Sandgate Open Win

1-29-21 College Association Establishes JEDI Committee

1-29-21 Clipping the Sidewall

1-29-21 Shepparton Squash Legend Tom Spark Honoured with Order of Australia Medal

1-29-21 Jesse Engelbrech: Straight & Short

1-29-21 Talking to: Mohamed Abouelghar

1-29-21 Video: Willstrop v Makin, Black Ball 2020

1-29-21 Norman Borrett

1-29-21 Margaret Court Reportedly Snubbed by Aussie Open

Dave Talbott Retirement Marks The End Of An Era In Yale Squash by Rob Dinerman

1-25-21 ToC Flashback Day 7

1-25-21 ToC Flashback, Women's Semis

1-25-21 Tamika Hunt Victorious in PSA Queensland

1-25-21 Brown Squash Parent Op-Ed

1-25-21 James Willstrop Publishing Interview Book

1-25-21 Squash Radio: Amanda Sobhy

1-25-21 Gary Nisbet: Endurance Training At Home

1-25-21 Player Profile by Nick-At-Will

1-25-21 Maspeth Court

1-25-21 Stanford Athlete Rebuttal

1-25-21 Business as Usual In Pac-12 Tennis

In Response to Mr. Thatcher by Guy Cipriano

1-22-21 Scottish Coach Jenny McArtney Humbled by New Year Honour from The Queen

1-22-21 Cancellation Finalized for 2020 World Championship Events

1-22-21 Challenger Chats with Lisa Aitken: Robert Downer

1-22-21 Hania El Hammamy

1-22-21 Glass Court Locations

1-22-21 ToC Flashback Day 6

1-22-21 Call

1-22-21 Why are Student-Athletes More Important than Every Other Student? by Rachel D'Agui

1-22-21 Can Australian Open be Staged Fairly? by Peter Bodo

1-22-21 Tennis Mailbag

Plan to Save Clubs

1-20-21 Rebuilding Post-Lockdown by Rob Ellis

1-20-21 European Masters Rescheduled for 2022

1-20-21 Dessouky Aiming High by RJ Mitchell

1-20-21 Outside the Glass: Paul Assaiante

1-20-21 Talking to Sabrina Sobhy

1-20-21 Black Ball Men's Final, Angle

1-20-21 El Shorbagy and Farag on the Mic

1-20-21 Chris Hanebury

1-20-21 Fitness Industry Post-Covid

1-20-21 Monday Mavericks

Beloved Egyptian Squash Figure Hany Hamouda Dies from Covid-19

1-18-21 ToC Flashback Day 4

1-18-21 Day 5

1-18-21 Squash Radio: TBD 3

1-18-21 Squash Skills: Creative on the Court

1-18-21 Drexel Adds Players for 2021-22

1-18-21 Michelle Huang by Nick-At-Will

1-18-21 Perry v King, Black Ball 2020

1-18-21 US Squash Seeks Software Engineer

1-18-21 Frustration Marking Australian Open Tennis Quarantine

1-18-21 Chess-Tennis Connection by Joel Drucker

Correcting An Error On US Squash’s “Digital Drive” January 14th Edition by Rob Dinerman

1-15-21 Black Ball Men's Highlights


1-15-21 In Squash Podcast: Simon Rosner

1-15-21 Christina Rees Leads Commons Debate on Squash and the Olympics by Alan Thatcher

1-15-21 Interval Training by Gary Nisbet

1-15-21 Ross Norman

1-15-21 ToC Flashback Day 3

1-15-21 Locals Sound Off on Aussie Open Arrivals

1-15-21 January LA Surf

Dave Talbott Retires After 38 Years at Yale

Solo Practice: Front of Court

1-13-21 Opinion: Malcolm Willstrop

1-13-21 Mega-Rally: El Shorbagy v Ashour, Qatar Worlds 2012

1-13-21 In Squash Podcast: Rob Eberhard

1-13-21 Junior Squash-Player / Sketch Artist by Nick-At-Will

1-13-21 Chris Hanebury

1-13-21 ToC Flashback Day 2

1-13-21 Women's CIB Highlights

1-13-21 Trying Padel by Pierre Bastien

1-13-21 Remembering Tom Perrotta by Peter Bodo

Dessouky v Elias, Black Ball 2020

1-11-21 Angle, with David Pearson

1-11-21 New Book Chronicles Brunswick Squash, Jim Stephens, by Scott Ericson

1-11-21 East 29th Street Tower Includes Court

1-11-21 Tsukuba, Japan, Home Court

1-11-21 Court Watch, France

1-11-21 Nicol David Shortlisted

1-11-21 The View from Above, Trailer

1-11-21 Squash Radio: Jesse Engelbrecht

1-11-21 ToC 2020 Flashback, Day 1

1-11-21 Tennis Mailbag

1-11-21 How the Tokyo Olympics? by Will Leitch

1-11-21 Peter Mel Barrels Mavericks

Nick Matthew: Controlling Speed


1-8-21 Squash Radio TBD 1

1-8-21 Canterbury

1-8-21 Consistency

1-8-21 BJO 2019 Boys Final Rewind

1-8-21 Tokyo Olympics Banking on Vaccine

1-8-21 Tennis Writer Tom Perrotta Remembered

1-8-21 Home Workouts May be Here to Stay by Hamza Shaban

1-8-21 Pat Forde on Nick Saban

1-8-21 Gunnar Peterson

1-8-21 The Browns

1-8-21 Tuesday Mavericks

PSA Poland Challenger On Tap Amidst Apparent National Covid Quarantine

1-6-21 Time to Connect by Andrew Mount

1-6-21 Willstrop Solo Practice

1-6-21 Squash Radio: Showmanship v Sportsmanship

1-6-21 Mike Mayock

1-6-21 David Palmer

1-6-21 Video: BJO 2019 Girls Finals Rewind

1-6-21 Fares Dessouky

1-6-21 Tennis's Bob Brett Remembered

1-6-21 Point

In Squash Podcast: Danny Lee

1-4-21 US College Championships Cancelled

1-4-21 Sabrina Sobhy into Women's Top 20 in January Rankings

1-4-21 Men's January Rankings

1-4-21 Andrew Shelley, MBE

1-4-21 PSA Quiz

1-4-21 Women's Shots of the Month

1-4-21 Men's Shots of the Month

1-4-21 The Year of the Cardboard Sports Fan

1-4-21 Saturday Mavericks