June 2016 - Archive

6-30-16 Squash Returns To Great Pyramid of Giza, Inclusion of Women's Event Unclear

6-30-16 Video from the Archives: Tempers Flare at the Pyramids

6-30-16 James Zug: Where are the Women?

6-30-16 Contract

6-30-16 A Winning Loss by Alan Stapleton

6-30-16 Head Adaptive Fan Pattern from Pierre Bastien

6-30-16 Summer Altitude Work

6-30-16 Rio Olympics Police Allege Lack of Pay

6-30-16 Scribe Says Widen Soccer Goals, Lengthen Tennis Serve

6-30-16 Reading as Remedy

Flying Car

6-30-16 Amazon Swallows Up Downtown Seattle by Spencer Soper

Former World No 9 Laurens Jan Anjema Announces Retirement by Sean Reuthe

Anjema Career

6-29-16 Video Reflection

6-29-16 PSA Players to Watch Part 1

6-29-16 Peter Nicol, Backhand Volley Drop

6-29-16 Squash a Hit with NZ Mums and Bubs

6-29-16 Tennis Tour Increasingly Bulky

6-29-16 Williams: Sad that Athletes Skipping Rio

6-29-16 Steady Decline of Serve-and-Volley on Grass

6-29-16 Standing Desk Yoga

9 New Sports Books

6-29-16 San Franciscans Disgrace Themselves as Gardener Gets it Right

Fram Gommendy Audio with Simon Rosner

6-28-16 Video: Not Shots 2

6-28-16 Pennsylvania Wins US Junior Regionals

6-28-16 Howe Cup Video, Princeton v Stanford

Iceland, Smaller than Wichita, Kansas, Stuns England to Reach Euro 2016 Quarters

6-28-16 Dutch Tennis Coach Denies Murdering Travel Agency Tycoon

6-28-16 Another Dynamic Olympic Sport

IOC Member Says Olympics Should Drop Golf if Top Players Don't Show Up

6-28-16 Play Chronicles 1940s Saskatchewan Women Pro Baseball Players

Cellphoners Average 76 Encounters a Day

PSA Comebacks Part 2

6-27-16 Six Nations To Battle It Out For East Asian Title by Alex Wan

6-27-16 Barbados Set for First-Ever PSA Event

6-27-16 Fram's Corner: An Athlete's Perspective on Orlando and Paris

6-27-16 Gary Nisbet: Benefits of Bananas

6-27-16 Gay Pride Tournament on Tap for Amsterdam

6-27-16 The Right Ball


6-27-16 NYT Sports Best-Sellers

6-27-16 LA Skyslide Opens

6-27-16 How a Sportsmanship Lesson Shaped Federer's New Line by Tim Newcomb

Ashour Back on Court in Bermuda Exhibition

6-26-16 Video: 2015-16 Men's Season Part 1

6-26-16 San-Fran-Tastic by Mick Joint

6-26-16 Power Up by Gary Nisbet

6-26-16 BBC Wimbledon Chief Says Women's Tennis Lacks Box Office Players

6-26-16 Steve Tignor Breaks Down Wimbledon Men's Draw

6-26-16 That's How You Do It

World Flyboard Champion Gemma Weston Profiled

6-26-16 James Patterson to Test Bite-Sized Novels

6-26-16 Famed Vietnam War Correspondent Michael Herr Dies at 76

October US Open Called Festival of Squash

6-25-16 US Open Tickets

6-25-16 PSA Player Spotlight: Nada Abbas

6-25-16 Video: Palmer v Willstrop, 2005 Extended

6-25-16 Weekend Junior Futures Underway at Yale

6-25-16 Urban Individuals US Squash Wrap

6-25-16 Pros on Social Media

6-25-16 3rd Tier Thoughts from Wimbledon Wildcard Alex Ward

6-25-16 Startup Jumps into Olympic Zika Fray

New Ann Lineberger Novel Centers on Fairfield County Women & Yoga

6-25-16 How to Fix the Kickoff and other NFL Takes from Jenny Vrentas

Peter Nicol: You Never Stop Learning

6-24-16 PSA Comebacks Part 1

6-24-16 El Tayeb v El Welily 2015 US Open

6-24-16 New York City Public Court on Tap to Open in July

6-24-16 Public Court Promo

6-24-16 Video: Angles

Chelsea Piers, Connecticut Swimmer Jack Montesi Headed to Olympic Trials

6-24-16 Cost a Factor in US Youth Sports' Numbers Decline

6-24-16 Andy Murray Flexibility Work

Minnows Macau Make World Squash Pledge: "We're Coming!" by Howard Harding

6-23-16 PSA in Review: Best Rallies

6-23-16 Sardar Khan: I Can Change the Fortune of Pakistan Squash

6-23-16 Joana Pacheco and Michael Rodriguez Capture US Urban Titles, Divisional Results

6-23-16 14th Urban Nationals a Success

6-23-16 July Dutch Junior Open to Celebrate 30 Years

6-23-16 Santa Barbara School of Squash Adds Sue Green and Rebecca Walsh

6-23-16 4 in 1 Pickleballers Have a Point

6-23-16 Iowa's Tennis Field of Dreams

6-23-16 Adult Summer Camp Loses Electronics and Booze

6-23-16 Soccer Player Reportedly Red Carded for Excessive Flatulence

6-22-16 Fram's Corner: Yoga Q & A with Laura Massaro

6-22-16 PSA Season Review, Shock Moments Part 2

6-22-16 Video: Not Shots 1

The Backhand Diamond

6-22-16 Video: Peter Nicol Forehand Volley Drop

6-22-16 Changing Fitness Trends & Budget Gyms Blamed for Stoke-on-Trent Club Planned Demolition

6-22-16 Call for More Rio Security After Australian Paralympians Robbed at Gunpoint

6-22-16 Armed Police & Private Presence Stepped Up for Wimbledon

6-22-16 What College Sports Recruiters Can Teach Young Athletes

6-22-16 American Sports Are Socialist and European Ones are Not by Derek Thompson

6-22-16 500 Shot In America During Week After Orlando

New Zealand No 1 Paul Coll on Hot Streak

6-21-16 PSA Shock Moments Part 1

6-21-16 Video: Megarally 162, Rodriguez v Matthew

6-21-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Penn

6-21-16 Spring Fundraisers Rake in $5 Million for Urban Squash (The Programs Need That Much Money to Run Themselves?)

6-21-16 Urban Alumnus Profile: Joseph Harris

6-21-16 Two Teens Allegedly Burn NZ Club

6-21-16 Compression Gear Said to Increase Oxygen Levels

The Magnus Effect

6-21-16 Sandwich in the Making

6-21-16 Business as Usual in US Senate Despite Nation's Worst Mass Shooting

WSF Ambassadors Set To Put Dalian On Squash Map by Howard Harding

6-20-16 Gary Nisbet: Best Squash-Specific Exercise You've Never Heard Of

6-20-16 Video: Nick Matthew Basics

6-20-16 Reps and Rest

6-20-16 Austrian Thiem Called Hardest Working in Tennis

6-20-16 Friends Celebrate Bud Collins

6-20-16 Greek Athletes Struggle to Make it to Rio Olympics

6-20-16 Video: Paddle Boarding and Juvenile Great Whites

6-20-16 Not What You Want Off Sunset Beach

6-20-16 Baseball's Mike Matheny on the Pressures of Youth Sports

6-20-16 What You Get for $5.5 Mil in Silicon Valley

PSA Outstanding Performers Part 2

6-19-16 Lincou, Willstrop, Gaultier in Action in French League Finals

6-19-16 Annie Au Wins 5th Hong Kong Nationals

6-19-16 Asics Gel Fastball 2 from Pierre Bastien

30-Year-Old Berkshire, UK Club to Make Way for Dance Hall

6-19-16 SMUS Squash

6-19-16 Former County-Level Squash Player Judy Murray Talks Tennis

6-19-16 Steve Tignor: A Decade of Learning and Loving to Write About Tennis

6-19-16 Tart Cherry Juice Gaining Ground as Reported Recovery Enhancer

6-19-16 The Man Who Saves Carousel Horses from the Glue Factory (and a friend of DSR)

Women's Prize Money Doubled For 2016 NetSuite Open by Nathan Clarke

6-18-16 Matthew: Motivator to Improve Every Day

6-18-16 Video: Golan v Matthew, Extended

6-18-16 Amherst and Williams Host 14th Weekend Urban Nationals

6-18-16 Major Maniam Heads Home

6-18-16 Seth Family Propels Waterloo Team

6-18-16 PSA on Social Media

6-18-16 String Theory Reviewed

6-18-16 Sports Analogies at Work

6-18-16 Massachusetts 'Commonwealth' Schools in Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Post-Season Q & A with Raneem El Welily

6-17-16 Job Opening: Pro, Seattle

6-17-16 Job Opening: Pro, Toronto

6-17-16 PSA Outstanding Performers Part 1

6-17-16 Asics Gel Beyond 5 from Pierre Bastien

6-17-16 August Australian Open on the Pro Calendar

6-17-16 Greenwich-Stamford Open Water Charity Swim June 25th

6-17-16 World Ultimate Frisbee Championships to be Self-Refereed

6-17-16 Australia Leads Sports World in Wearable Technology

6-17-16 Trump Rally Play-by-Play

6-17-16 O Canada Headed for Gender Neutrality

China Bids To Host First World Squash Championship by Howard Harding

6-16-16 Mexico City Egypt-Latin America Exhibition a Success

6-16-16 Chris Hanebury: Living with Passion on and off the Court

6-16-16 Squash Canada Names Battle of the Border Roster

Longtime Aussie Squash Figure Allen Minchington Recognized

6-16-16 Dipika Pallikal Styles in Audi Campaign

6-16-16 India Equal Prize Money Conundrum Continues

6-16-16 Ladies Whisper Their Disapproval

6-16-16 SquashSkills: Simple Practices to Improve Movement