March 2016 - Archive

3-30-16 WSF Ambassadors Set Sights On Dalian & Macau by Howard Harding

3-30-16 Premier League Round 9 Report

3-30-16 Hit It Straighter by Chris Hanebury

3-30-16 Women's All-Americans Announced

3-30-16 Prince Team Black Original 800 from Pierre Bastien

3-30-16 April 8-10 NYC Rothenberg Seeking Entries

3-30-16 Rothenberg Pro Draw

3-30-16 Distinguished Sports and Style Writer Jennifer Frey Dies at 47

3-30-16 Video: Running Form

Kirsten Fleming on Tennis's Sharapova

What Happened to Tiger Woods by Alan Shipnuck

Record Prize Money Set for April Women's Worlds by Nathan Clarke

3-29-16 Jonah Barrington in Praise of Elshorbagy by Rod Gilmour

3-29-16 British Open Finals Wrap from Richard Eaton

3-29-16 Video: British Open Final, El Sherbini v Gohar

3-29-16 Video: British Open Final, Elshorbagy v Ashour

Video: Tough Point, Ashour v Gaultier

3-29-16 Final Men's Individual College Rankings

Samantha Cornett in Conversation with Hollie Naughton

3-29-16 Squash Player's Guide to Tennis Elbow

3-29-16 Sponsors Reportedly Back Out of Pakistan-Egypt Series

3-29-16 Scribe Says Djokovic Apology Went Sour

3-29-16 Tennis's Jennifer Capriati at 40

Egyptian Duo Elshorbagy and El Sherbini Lift British Open Titles by Sean Reuthe

3-28-16 One-Minute Finals from Steve Cubbins

3-28-16 Video: British Open Semis, David v El Sherbini

3-28-16 Video: Gaultier v Ashour

3-28-16 Video: Serme v Gohar

3-28-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Gawad

3-28-16 Video: Elshorbagy & Ashour Talk Pre-Final

3-28-16 Tecnifibre Dynergy AP's from Pierre Bastien

3-28-16 Fans Make It Harder to Recruit High School Refs

3-28-16 Inaugural US Pickleball Championships with 800 Entries, CBS Broadcast

Egyptian Quartet Makes History At 2016 British Open by Sean Reuthe

3-27-16 One Minute Semis from Steve Cubbins

Video: British Open Quarterfinals, El Sherbini v Sobhy

3-27-16 Video: Ashour v Farag

3-27-16 Video: David v Kawy

3-27-16 Video: Gaultier v Rosner

3-27-16 Video: El Welily v Gohar

3-27-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Rodriguez

3-27-16 Video: Massaro v Serme

3-27-16 Video: Gawad v Mar Elshorbagy

3-27-16 Australian Researchers Study Controlled Heat Training

3-27-16 Scribe Says Tennis Gender Equality Not About Equal Prize Money

Ashour Heads Trio of Egyptians in British Open Semi-Final Lineup by Nathan Clarke

3-26-16 El Sherbini Downs Sobhy by James Hall

3-26-16 Ramy Post-Match

3-26-16 Video: British Open 16's, Rodriguez v Abouelghar

3-26-16 Video: Gohar v Au

3-26-16 Video: El Welily v Perry

3-26-16 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Ghosal

3-26-16 Video: Serme v Lust

3-26-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Willstrop

3-26-16 Video: Massaro v Hansen

3-26-16 Video: Gawad v Dessouki

3-26-16 Susan Devoy Now Grand Dame by Wynne Gray

3-26-16 Nadal Warns Against Tennis Equipment Evolution

3-26-16 Prison Inmates Spending More Time Outdoors than Kids

Defending Champions Elshorbagy and Serme Through to British Open Quarters by Sean Reuthe

3-25-16 Video: British Open 2nd Round, Sobhy v Waters

3-25-16 Video: Rosner v Simpson

3-25-16 Video: Kawy v Chan

3-25-16 Video: Ashour v Cuskelly

3-25-16 Video: El Sherbini v Liu

3-25-16 Video: Matthew v Farag

3-25-16 Video: David v Urquhart

3-25-16 Video: Gaultier v Coppinger

3-25-16 Video: Slo-Mo, Ashour-Cuskelly

3-25-16 Tecnifibre Dynergy AP 135 from Pierre Bastien

3-25-16 Bates' Two-Time Intercollegiate Champion Abdel Khalek Profiled

3-25-16 Andy Murray Speaks Out for Equality

3-25-16 Florida's Unique Place in Tennis

3-25-16 Influential Soccer Figure Johan Cruyff Remembered

3-25-16 $250K Salary Would Qualify for Proposed Silicon Valley Subsidized Housing

Ali Farag Stuns Three-time Champion NIck Matthew In British Open 16's, Amanda Sobhy Through to Women's Quarters by Nathan Clarke

3-24-16 Women’s Tour Should be Embarrassed After British Open Round of 16 Display by Ted Gross

3-24-16 Richard Eaton on the Ashour Grit

3-24-16 Video: BO First Round, Ghosal v Castagnet

3-24-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Muller

3-24-16 Video: Massaro v Blatchford

3-24-16 Video: Mosaad v Gawad

Ian McAvity, 1942-2016, 1970 Canadian National Doubles Champion by Rob Dinerman

3-24-16 Job Opening: PT Urban Coordinator, Connecticut

3-24-16 Job Opening: Full Time Coordinator, Urban Squash, Hartford

3-24-16 CSA Men's Divisional Players Recognized

3-24-16 CSA Women's Divisional Players Recognized

3-24-16 Djokovic Apologizes for Tennis Equal Pay Comments

New York Final State to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts

3-24-16 Fitness Entrepreneur Admits Defrauding Yale Classmates

3-24-16 Practices Without Much Basketball for NBA Champion Warriors

Gawad Leads Charge As Upsets Abound At British Open by Nathan Clarke

3-23-16 Video: British Open First Round, Rosner v Lee

3-23-16 Video: Kawy v Evans

3-23-16 Video: Ashour v Salazar

3-23-16 Video: El Sherbini v Fernandes

3-23-16 Video: Matthew v Waller

3-23-16 Video: David v Hany

3-23-16 Video: Gaultier v Pilley

3-23-16 Head Xenon 135 New Cosmetic from Pierre Bastien

3-23-16 Bath Sport and Leisure Centre Courts to Make Way

3-23-16 The Importance of Working on Your Short Game by Chris Hanebury

3-23-16 Harvey Araton: When Women Ruled Tennis

3-23-16 Simon Briggs: Tennis Equal Pay Debate Fueled by Lack of Women's Depth

3-23-16 WTA Finances Reportedly in the Red

3-23-16 Puma Ups Disc Sneaker Technology

Ashour, Kawy And Gaultier Escape British Open First Round Exits, Sobhy Advances by Nathan Clarke

3-22-16 Nicol David Keen to Avoid Overload by Richard Eaton

Camille Serme Ready for Title Defense

3-22-16 Matthew Hoping to be Fighting Fit by Rod Gilmour

Video: Joey Barrington, Vanessa Atkinson and Simon Parke Preview British Open

3-22-16 Video: The Artist Returns

3-22-16 Jay Nelson Sets Record with 29th Masters Title, US Age-Groups Wrap

3-22-16 Women's World Team Championship Returns To France by Howard Harding

3-22-16 Djokovic: Tennis Men Should be Awarded More Prize Money Than Women

3-22-16 Equal Prize Money in Squash? More Comments

3-22-16 Squash Player Magazine Profiles Ali Farag

3-22-16 Jansher Hails Pakistan Chief for Initiative

3-22-16 What's On My Mind, Part 2 by AJ Kohlhepp

Finland Study Questions Standing Desk Benefit

3-22-16 Twitter Turns Ten

15 Age Group Winners Crowned at Weekend 2016 US Nationals

3-21-16 US Nationals Final Age-Group Brackets

3-21-16 Coll Topples Au As British Open Qualification Comes To A Close by Nathan Clarke

Updated British Open Main DRAWS

3-21-16 Jahangir Says Surprises Possible at British Open

3-21-16 What's On My Mind, Part 1 by AJ Kohlhepp

3-21-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Union Club, New York City

WSF Awards 2018 World Masters Championships To Virginia by Howard Harding

3-21-16 Skill Challenges 8, 9, 10 from Chris Hanebury

3-21-16 Ask the Ref by Nat Lovell

3-21-16 Prince Pro Rebel 950 from Pierre Bastien

3-21-16 Serena Williams Rips Indian Wells CEO Following Comments

3-21-16 Report Says Flag Football Fastest Growing Sport Among US Kids

Harrity Straight-Sets Illingworth to Win 2nd US Nationals

3-20-16 US Age Group Finals Set, Draws

3-20-16 Willstrop Ends Title Drought to Lift Wimbledon Open Crown by Sean Reuthe

3-20-16 British Open First Round Qualifying Report

3-20-16 Dan Jenson Named Australia High Performance Coach

3-20-16 Video: Ashour v Gaultier, 2013 British Open Final

Figure 8 Side Wall Volley Combo from Chris Hanebury

3-20-16 Fram's Corner: The Importance of the Grip

3-20-16 Squash Marathon Record Under Attempt

3-20-16 Tennis Player Sort of Working Out

Illingworth Beats Gordon in US Men's Semi, To Face Harrity in Saturday Final

3-19-16 Harrity-Illingworth Live Stream 6pm Eastern

3-19-16 British Open Qualifying Begins Today, DRAWS

3-19-16 Gaultier Happy to Be Back in Action at British Open

3-19-16 A Brief History of the Open

3-19-16 Ashour In Race To Qualify For Dubai World Series Finals by Sean Reuthe

Double Figure 8 Volleys from Chris Hanebury

3-19-16 British Open on Squash TV a Sweet Deal

3-19-16 Legendary Canadian Referee Graham Waters Hangs Up the Clipboard

3-19-16 Video: SDA Graham Cup Qualifier

3-19-16 Prince Pro Rebel 2016 from Pierre Bastien

3-19-16 Majorca Court Becomes Kaleidoscope

3-19-16 UK Racketball Player Says Defibrillator Saved Him

3-19-16 Squash Magazine, A Look Back

Harrity, Gordon Advance in US National Singles, Illingworth Beats Junior Champion Douglas

3-18-16 US Nationals Age-Group DRAWS,  Poor Women's Turnout

3-18-16 Willstrop, Meguid Through to Wimbledon Open Finals, Report

3-18-16 British Open Throwback Thursday

3-18-16 Women's Year End Ivy Awards Announced

3-18-16 Men's All-Ivy Selections

3-18-16 Legends v Champions Series to Take Place in Pakistan

3-18-16 LEDs Shed Light on Courts, Environmental Issues by Aleesia Forni

SquashSite Relaunches Let's Talk Forum

3-18-16 S & P Lowers Credit Rating of One-Time Squash Hub Town Sports International

3-18-16 April NYC Boast & Toast on Tap for Portland Community Squash

Now Urban Surfing into the Mix 

Video: PSA Cartagena 2016

3-17-16 Finishing Line In Sight In Women's Race To Dubai by Nathan Clarke

3-17-16 British Open Twitter Shift Reportedly Loses 3,500 Followers

3-17-16 British Open Website in Need of an Update on Eve of Event

3-17-16 College Richey Award to Kanzy El Defrawy

3-17-16 Amr Khalifa Wins Skillman Award

3-17-16 Prize Money, Tin Height to be Equal at British Under 23's

White Options from Pierre Bastien

3-17-16 Front Wall Back Wall Volleys by Chris Hanebury

3-17-16 Nike with Self-Lacing Sneaker

3-17-16 Paddle Tennis on a Tennis Court