March 2017 - Archive

3-31-17 Perry Secures Debut PSA World Series Finals Spot by Nathan Clarke

3-31-17 Men's & Women's World Series Finals Standings

3-31-17 PSA Selects Leverage Agency as Global Sponsorship Agency by Sean Reuthe

3-31-17 Montreal $25K Semis Report

3-31-17 Video: Elshorbagy v Matthew, Slow Motion

3-31-17 Uh.....US Olympic Committee Asking Squash to Participate in Olympic Day 2017

3-31-17 April Circuit of the Month by Gary Nisbet

3-31-17 CSA Names Women Scholar-Athletes

3-31-17 Too Late by James Zug

3-31-17 CitySquash Annual Bash June 1st

3-31-17 Former UK Spy-Training School a Tudor Resort with Court

3-30-17 James Willstrop Reflects on the British Open

3-30-17 Oh Ramy by Chris Hanebury

3-30-17 Premier Squash League Round 9 Report

3-30-17 $25K Montreal Quarters Report

3-30-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, Vassar

3-30-17 Video: Megarally 176, Matthew v Elshorbagy

3-30-17 Hyder Trophy Taking Registrations

3-30-17 Victor SH-A830 from Pierre Bastien

3-30-17 Dipika Pallikal Wins Arbitration Award in Endorsement Dispute

3-30-17 Penn Athletes Switch It Up by Reina Kern

3-30-17 Tennis's Nadal on Rediscovery Quest

3-29-17 Video: British Open Final, Gaultier v Matthew

3-29-17 Video: British Open Final, Massaro v Perry

3-29-17 $25K Men's Montreal 1st Round Report

3-29-17 Arturo Salazar Wins $15K Manitoba Title

3-29-17 Final College Men's Rankings

3-29-17 Mathur & Mudge Capture $25K Germantown for 7th Straight Doubles Title

3-29-17 Video: Germantown Final

3-29-17 Nick Taylor Wrong-Ball View Draws Commentary

3-29-17 London NFL Franchise Could be Next by Albert Breer

3-29-17 Safety Concerns Continue to Pasteurize NFL

3-29-17 World's Largest Footprint Found in Western Australia

3-28-17 What’s On My Mind:  “If You Build It…” by AJ Kohlhepp

3-28-17 Video: British Open Semis, El Sherbini v Massaro

3-28-17 Video: David v Perry

3-28-17 Video: Elshorbagy v Matthew

3-28-17 Video: Gaultier v Ashour

3-28-17 Gaultier Saluted

3-28-17 Petition Circulating to Save Wellesley College Varsity Squash

3-28-17 Intercollegiate Champion Khalifa Makes Sports Illustrated's Faces In the Crowd

3-28-17 Video: Israel SquashBond Transcends Politics

3-28-17 Australian Government Launches Classroom Squash Initiative in Pakistan

3-28-17 Trail Running Shoes

3-27-17 Gaultier and Massaro Claim 2017 British Open Titles by Sean Reuthe

3-27-17 Video: Gaultier Match Point

3-27-17 Massaro First English Woman in 66 Years to Win 2 British Opens, Matthew Oldest Men's Finalist Since Hashim Khan

3-27-17 Gaultier Post-Match

3-27-17 'Old Men' Gaultier and Matthew Can Still Move

3-27-17 Video: British Open Quarters, Elshorbagy v Farag

3-27-17 Video: Matthew v Momen

3-27-17 Video: Perry v Urquhart

3-27-17 Video: Serme v David

3-27-17 Video: Gaultier v Castagnet

3-27-17 Video: Ashour v Abouelghar

3-27-17 Poker Downscaled in Vegas Casinos

3-27-17 'Boys Will be Boys'

3-26-17 England With Three British Open Finalists for First Time Since 1953 by Sean Reuthe

3-26-17 Video: Matthew-Elshorbagy Semis Point

3-26-17 Massaro Post-Match

3-26-17 Perry Post-Match

3-26-17 Firsthand Account of Tearing Achilles, by Amanda Sobhy

3-26-17 Video: British Open, Urquhart v Abbas

3-26-17 Video: Lee v Castagnet

3-26-17 Video: David v Chan

3-26-17 Video: Ashour v Elias

3-26-17 Video: Serme v El Tayeb

3-26-17 Video: Gawad v Abouelghar

3-26-17 Video: El Sherbini v Whitlock

3-26-17 Video: El Welily v Massaro

3-26-17 Rothenberg 2017 Taking Final Entries

3-25-17 David Defeats Serme to Seal British Open Semi-Final Berth by Sean Reuthe

3-25-17 Video: British Open Round 2, Perry v Evans

3-25-17 Video: Gaultier v Pilley

3-25-17 Wellesley College Scraps Varsity Squash

3-25-17 Penn's Salah Named Ivy Player of the Year

3-25-17 College Players of the Week

3-25-17 David Eager to Follow King

3-25-17 A Search for Why Sports Matter by Chris Korman

3-25-17 How Florida Became Tennis Capital of the World by Steve Tignor

3-25-17 Arkansas State Senator Thinks He's a Ref

3-25-17 Twitter Considering Paid Premium Version

3-24-17 Abouelghar Stuns World Champion Gawad on Day Three of British Open by Sean Reuthe

3-24-17 Video: British Open Round 2,  Waters v Whitlock

3-24-17 Video: El Sherbini v Au

3-24-17 Video: Momen v Coll

3-24-17 Video: Farag v Yip

3-24-17 Video: Massaro v Hany

3-24-17 Video: Elshorbagy v Selby

3-24-17 Video: El Welily v Chinappa

3-24-17 Video: Matthew v Rosner

3-24-17 Dane Sharp and Gina Stoker Win US Hardball Singles Titles

3-24-17 Boston Athletic Club Calls for Tearing Down Squash & Racquetball Courts

3-24-17 High-Altitude North American Doubles Ball Announced

3-24-17 Rich Tennis History in Delray Beach

3-23-17 Whitlock Upends Waters on Busy Day Two Of British Open by Sean Reuthe

3-23-17 Video: British Open 1st Round, El Sherbini v Hansen

3-23-17 Video: Gaultier v Rodriguez

3-23-17 Video: Massaro v Pallikal

3-23-17 Video: Elshorbagy v Dessouky

3-23-17 Video: El Welily v Moverly

3-23-17 Video: Matthew v Golan

3-23-17 Video: Serme v Hammamy

3-23-17 Video: Gawad v Mosaad

3-23-17 Squash and Academia Partnerships in the UK by Rosanna Radlinska

3-23-17 Court Setting for Harold Pinter UK Production

3-23-17 Former World No 35 Iqbal Dealing with Reported Failed Drug Test

3-23-17 Exchange Students Say US High Schools Easier and Puzzle Over All the Sports

3-23-17 Free-Agent Market Tough on Kneeling NFL Quarterback

3-22-17 Abbas Claims Shock Win over Gohar, While Castagnet Halts Willstrop on Day One of British Open by Sean Reuthe

3-22-17 British Open DRAWS

3-22-17 Video: The Forehand Punch Volley

3-22-17 Audio Interview: Chris Hanson

3-22-17 Head Microgel Raptor from Pierre Bastien

3-22-17 Sobhy Goal to Return for December World's

3-22-17 Science of Coaching Juniors by Tim Bacon

3-22-17 Girl Unbound (2017) – Documentary Film, by Peter Heywood

3-22-17 Cheating and Trust in Junior Tennis by Zoe Howard

3-22-17 Female Soccer Players Said to Have Greatest Teenage Concussion Risk

3-22-17 Dwight Clark Suspects Football Caused ALS

3-21-17 Home Quintet Prevail in Final Qualifying Round of British Open by Sean Reuthe

3-21-17 Weekend Pro Roundup

3-21-17 Rising Star Paul Coll Primed for British Open

3-21-17 Video: Men's National College Final, Khalifa v Yanez

3-21-17 Video: Women's College Final, Kennedy v Sedky

3-21-17 Head IX 120 from Pierre Bastien

3-21-17 Bedfordshire Club Opens with Four New Courts

3-21-17 $749 Headphones Claim Improved Athlete Performance

3-21-17 Tennis With a Generous Serving of Opulence

3-21-17 Brazilian Soccer Star, Convicted In Ex-Girlfriend's Murder, Signed by Team

3-21-17 San Diego Beer Brewer Using Recycled Water

3-20-17 Douglas and Stefanoni Repeat as US Junior Champions

3-20-17 Men's World No 1 Slot Could Shift at BO

3-20-17 British Open Qualifying, Day One

3-20-17 Mobility and the Aging Player by Chris Hanebury

3-20-17 Video: Nicol David Colombia Q & A

3-20-17 Video: Freedom of Movement

3-20-17 Video: 2016 Women's British Open Highlights

3-20-17 Julia Buchholz and Salim Khan Win 2017 William T. Ketcham Awards

3-20-17 Tecnifibre Suprem SB 135 from Pierre Bastien

3-20-17 Beyond the Baseline with Tracy Austin

3-20-17 Jimmy Breslin Knew How to Play This Game by Christopher Bonanos

3-19-17 British Open Qualifying Underway Today, DRAWS

3-19-17 Video: British Open Preview

3-19-17 El Sherbini Says 2016 British Open Win Special

3-19-17 Finals Set in US Juniors

3-19-17 Extended Coaching Video: The Secrets of Solo Hitting, from Chris Hanebury

3-19-17 Video: Elshorbagy v Coll, Chicago Extended

3-19-17 St Lawrence Men's Coach Profiled

3-19-17 Pretty Silly, as CSA Final Women's Rankings Based on 1 Event

3-19-17 How a Racket Is Made from Pierre Bastien

3-19-17 Missing Comma Said to Cost Company $10 Million

3-19-17 Rock & Roll Pioneer Chuck Berry Remembered

3-18-17 Bob Hanscom Given the USOC Developmental Coach of the Year Award

3-18-17 Marina Stefanoni and Andrew Douglas Seeded to Retain Titles at Weekend US Juniors

3-18-17 Video: Q & A with Olivia Blatchford

3-18-17 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Bronxville

3-18-17 Regional Events Build to World Juniors by Howard Harding

3-18-17 Gary Nisbet: Walking Lunge Mobility

3-18-17 US Squash Partners with Center for SafeSport

3-18-17 Queensland Tennis & Squash Center Celebrates 60 Years

3-18-17 Accused UK Tennis Parent Cleared by Jury

3-18-17 How Maria Sharapova Is Getting Back in the Game by Jonathan Van Meter

3-18-17 Self-Taught Tinkerer to NFL Shoulder Pads Guru

3-17-17 'Pressure Is On' For Matthew Ahead Of British Open by Sean Reuthe

3-17-17 Outside the Glass Podcast: Malcolm Willstrop, with James Zug

3-17-17 Strong PSA Men's Field for May Grasshopper Cup

3-17-17 Video: Megarally 174, El Welily v El Sherbini

3-17-17 Video: Megarally 175, Dessouky v Golan

3-17-17 Video: Lee Drew on Reading the Opponent

3-17-17 Six Repeat Champions at US National Singles

3-17-17 Inside Tecnifibre from Pierre Bastien

3-17-17 Firm Using Athletes to Help Watch Athletes' Money

3-17-17 Jones Family's 40-Year Front-Row

3-17-17 Scribe Says Don't Let Tennis Pros Bounce the Ball

3-16-17 British Open Starts Tuesday, Gaultier Hoping for Dream Win

3-16-17 British Open Women's Draw Tweaked Following Sobhy Injury

3-16-17 Video: Colombia Final, David v Blatchford

3-16-17 Video: Women's CSA Team Highlights

3-16-17 254 Men, 184 Women Reportedly Play US Platform Tennis Nationals in Philly During US Squash Nationals Weekend; US Squash Nationals Reported 176 Men, 33 Women

3-16-17 Premier Squash League Round 8 Report

3-16-17 Video: Canary Wharf, Masters v Lake Extended

3-16-17 Sportsmanship Master Class at National Singles by Kevin Klipstein

3-16-17 Greenwich Academy Programs Seek Assistants

3-16-17 CSA Recognizes Men's National Teams Performers

3-16-17 Study Suggests Intervals Stave Off Cellular Aging

3-14-17 Harrow Fiction Match: Chapter 25, The Finale, by Chris Dec

3-14-17 April Women's World's Draw Released; El Sherbini, Serme 1-2

3-14-17 Sam Cornett Over Danielle Letourneau in $15K Calgary Final

3-14-17 Video: Canary Wharf Final, Dessouky v Matthew

3-14-17 Video: Colombia Semis, Blatchford v Sobhy

3-14-17 Video: Colombia Semis, David v Waters

3-14-17 National Doubles Champion Richard Remsen Jr Dies at 96

3-14-17 World Team Tennis Still Hanging Around

3-14-17 Can Tennis Bring It Elsewhere by Steve Tignor

3-14-17 Stanford Heads List of Top 25 Sports-Lover Colleges

3-14-17 Future Apple, Google Campuses with Workplace Glamour by Wendy Lee

3-13-17 Playing Like You Practice by Gary Nisbet

3-13-17 The Great Geoff Hunt Turns 70

3-13-17 Video: Floridablanca Quarters, Sobhy v Evans

3-13-17 Video: Whitlock v Blatchford

3-13-17 Video: Waters v Lust

3-13-17 Video: David v Chan

3-13-17 Cayman's Cathryn Hindess Profiled

3-13-17 Video: When to Hit the Ball

3-13-17 Rugby’s More Perfect Union by Martin Pengelly

3-13-17 NYT Sports Bestsellers

3-13-17 California Desert Experiencing March Super-Bloom

3-12-17 Hard Work Rewarded as Chris Hanson Wins US National Open Title

3-12-17 David Beats Blatchford in Ciudad de Floridablanca to Win First Title since 2015 by Sean Reuthe

3-12-17 Video: Canary Wharf Semis, Matthew v Coll

3-12-17 Video: Canary Wharf Semis, Dessouky v Golan

3-12-17 Matthew Donates Canary Wharf Prize Money

3-12-17 $15K Calgary Women's Semis Report

3-12-17 Job Opening: Coordinator, StreetSquash Newark

3-12-17 2016 World Championships Equipment Report from Pierre Bastien

3-12-17 New Year’s Resolutions by Candace Chemtob

3-12-17 Steel City Cup Fundraiser to $33K and Counting

3-12-17 Tennis Podcast, Sloane Stephens

3-11-17 US Junior Champion Douglas Knocks Off US No 1 Harrity in SL Green Semi, Hanson Beats Gordon

3-11-17 SL Green Final, Live Stream 6pm EST

3-11-17 Amanda Sobhy Reportedly Tears Achilles in $70K Colombia Semis, David and Blatchford to Vie for Title

3-11-17 Nick Matthew Claims Record Sixth Canary Wharf Classic Crown by Nathan Clarke

3-11-17 Video: Floridablanca 2017 Rd 1, Whitlock v Pelaez

3-11-17 Video: Sobhy v Tomlinson

3-11-17 Video: David v Teran

3-11-17 Nicol David and Chinese Zodiac by Adele Jackson-Gibson

3-11-17 Squashbusters Alum Prepares for Life After Grad School

3-11-17 David Palmer Reflects on First Season at Cornell

3-11-17 Chicago Hotel to Feature 6-Level Fitness Club and 3 Courts

3-10-17 Competitive Club Squash in the US is Confirmed Dead by Ted Gross

3-10-17 Paltry Numbers as US Nationals Underway in Philadelphia; Men's 35's with 5 Players, Women's 35's & 40's with ZERO Players

3-10-17 US Junior Champion Douglas Seeded to Meet Harrity in SL Green Semis, DRAW

3-10-17 SL Green Men's Qualifying Results

3-10-17 Blatchford Over Au Career Win to Date

3-10-17 Nick Matthew To Face Fares Dessouky In Canary Wharf Classic Final by Nathan Clarke

3-10-17 Video: Canary Wharf Quarters, Selby v Coll

3-10-17 Video: Matthew v Pilley

3-10-17 Video: Golan v Serme

3-10-17 Video: Dessouky v Castagnet

3-10-17 Shoes with an Unfair Advantage? by Jere Longman

3-9-17 2016 Canary Wharf Champion Ousted As Paul Coll Sets Up Semi-final v Nick Matthew, by Nathan Clarke

3-9-17 Video: Canary Wharf First Round, Golan v James

3-9-17 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Serme

3-9-17 Video: Dessouky v Richards

3-9-17 Video: Castagnet v Fuller

3-9-17 Stars Set to Battle It Out for Floridablanca Crown

3-9-17 David Hoping to Promote Women's Squash During Ciudad de Floridablanca

3-9-17 Most Inspiring Female Players, on International Women's Day

3-9-17 College Barnaby & Most Improved Awards Announced

3-9-17 Struggles Continue for Once-Formidable Princeton Men's Squad

3-9-17 Harvard Senior Keegan Mendez Profiled

3-9-17 Breaking Through the Levels, Hardball Doubles by Preston Quick

3-9-17 Scottish Star Lobban Trying to Bounce Back

3-9-17 Victor SH-P9200 from Pierre Bastien

3-9-17 Fire Cripples Historic Philadelphia Aquatic Fitness Center

3-8-17 Frenchman Serme Stuns Second Seed ElShorbagy In London by Nathan Clarke

3-8-17 Aumard and Tomlinson Axe Home Hopes in Ciudad de Floridablanca Qualifying

3-8-17 Video: Canary Wharf First Round, Selby v Sharpes

3-8-17 Video: Rosner v Coll

3-8-17 Video: Matthew v Cuskelly

3-8-17 Video: Pilley v Makin

3-8-17 Quick & Bassett and Quick & Pierrepont Win US National Doubles Titles

3-8-17 PSA Stars Attend Post-Squash Career Day

3-8-17 Performance Versus Outcome by Richard Millman

3-8-17 Ping-Pong as the Fountain of Youth by Wendy Lyons Sunshine

3-8-17 AIA Exhibition to Showcase World’s Smartest Buildings

3-8-17 A Mensch on a Bench

3-7-17 Kiwi Coll Wins Colossal Canary Wharf First Round Clash by Nathan Clarke

3-7-17 Annie Au Over Donna Urquhart in Texas Open, Weekend PSA Roundup

3-7-17 World No 62 Olli Tuominen Over No 52 Todd Harrity in $15K Oregon Open Final

3-7-17 Video: PSA Oregon Open Finals, Complete

3-7-17 David Baillargeon and Erin Roberts Win National Canadian University Titles

3-7-17 Video: US Men's Intercollegiates Team Highlights

3-7-17 14 Nations to Take Part in July New Zealand World Juniors by Howard Harding

3-7-17 Gary Nisbet: Utilizing Coaching Theory

3-7-17 Egypt's Leading Ladies by May Rostom

3-7-17 Karakal Pro Lite from Pierre Bastien

3-7-17 Golf Proposing Rules Changes

3-6-17 Harvard Freshman Gina Kennedy Wins Intercollegiate Women's Title

3-6-17 Columbia's Osama Khalifa Cruises to National Men's College Crown

3-6-17 Lucas Serme Spoils British Sweep To Complete Canary Wharf Main Draw by Nathan Clarke

3-6-17 Nick Taylor: 90 Percent of Squash Players are Using the Wrong Ball

3-6-17 Harrow Fiction, Chapter 24 by Chris Dec

3-6-17 Lively Atmosphere at Canadian College Nationals in Waterloo

3-6-17 Video: PSA Squash Extra

3-6-17 Hey Ref, by Barry Faguy

3-6-17 Harrow Reflex from Pierre Bastien

3-6-17 Harvey Mudders Reportedly Outearn Harvard and Stanford Grads

3-6-17 US Soccer Adds Bylaw Requiring Anthem-Standing

3-5-17 Tough Canary Wharf Qualifying Continues by Alan Thatcher

3-5-17 Donna Urquhart and Annie Au to Vie for $35K Texas Open Title

3-5-17 Video: PSA Oregon Open Semis, Complete

3-5-17 Sobhy Delighted to Start FloridaBlanca Campaign on International Women's Day

3-5-17 Murder, Demurrage and Double-Dot Deadlines: New Squash Books To Consider from James Zug

3-5-17 March Circuit of the Month from Gary Nisbet

3-5-17 White Elephant by Will Carlin

3-5-17 Sedky (Penn) & Kennedy (Harvard);  Khalifa (Columbia) & Yanez (Rochester) to Square Off For US College Individual Titles

3-5-17 Video: Quick Hit, Gawad v Dessouky

3-5-17 Major League Baseball Tries Chemically Treated Balls

3-5-17 From Graveyard Shift Janitor to NFL Combine

3-4-17 CSA Individuals Day One Report

3-4-17 Men's College Quarters Draw (Dumb to List Cities and Not Colleges)

3-4-17 Women's College Quarters Draw (Likewise)

3-4-17 March Newsletter from the World Squash Federation

3-4-17 $70K Canary Wharf Qualifying Underway

3-4-17 Canadian College Championships Begin in Waterloo

3-4-17 PSA March Talking Points

3-4-17 Borja Golan is Squash Player Magazine's Player of the Month

3-4-17 Video: Megarally 173, Gawad v Clyne

3-4-17 Ali Farag Signature Dunlop from Pierre Bastien

3-4-17 Western New York Prep Teams Proud by Miguel Rodriguez

3-4-17 ESPN Tennis Analyst Suing for Wrongful Termination Reportedly Has Heart Attack

3-3-17 In Rambling Statement, CSA Announces Structural Changes

3-3-17 Women's College Individuals Underway Today, Harvard No 1 Sobhy Not Entered, DRAW

3-3-17 Columbia's Khalifa Top Seed in Men's College Field, DRAW

3-3-17 College Individuals Preview

3-3-17 PSA Reports 2018 Chicago Prize Money to Break $500K as Richest Event

3-3-17 Video: Windy City Women's Final, El Sherbini v El Welily

3-3-17 Video: Windy City Men's Final, Gaultier v Mar Elshorbagy

3-3-17 Men's Oregon Open Quarters Report

3-3-17 Willstrop Up to 6 in March World Rankings

3-3-17 Tesni Evans Returns to Top 20 in Women's Ranks

3-3-17 Video: Canary Wharf Throwback

3-3-17 New 4-Court Club Launched in Doncaster, UK, by Rob Waller

3-2-17 Gaultier And El Welily Claim 2017 Windy City Open Titles by Nathan Clarke

3-2-17 Video: Windy City Semis, El Sherbini v Serme

3-2-17 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Farag

3-2-17 Video: El Welily v Gohar

3-2-17 Video: Gaultier v Golan

3-2-17 Windy City Open Hosts Billie Jean King at Luncheon

3-2-17 Greenwich Academy Girls Earn Share of NEISA Class A Title

3-2-17 Santa Barbara Athletic Club Team Wins SoCal High School Title

3-2-17 Lose The Battle, Win The War by Chris Hanebury

3-2-17 Shoes Spotted from Pierre Bastien

3-2-17 Harvard Lowell House to Replace Courts with Screening Room

3-2-17 The Flying Smartphone

3-1-17 Maiden World Series Final Awaits Mar ElShorbagy In Windy City, El Sherbini & El Welily to Square Off for Women's Title by Nathan Clarke

3-1-17 Video: Windy City Quarters, El Sherbini v David

3-1-17 Video: Farag v Rosner

3-1-17 Video: Serme v Waters

3-1-17 Video: Mo v Mar Elshorbagy

3-1-17 Video: El Welily v Sobhy

3-1-17 Video: Gaultier v Willstrop

3-1-17 Video: Gohar v Massaro

3-1-17 Video: Gawad v Golan

3-1-17 Brunswick Wins 6th Straight New England Squash Title by David Fierro

3-1-17 PSA $15K Oregon Open Report

3-1-17 Oregon Open Live Stream from 5pm Pacific

3-1-17 Job Opening: Street Squash Coordinator, NYC

3-1-17 Damien Mudge in Winner's Circle for 16th Straight SDA Johnson Memorial Title

3-1-17 Adidas Stabil Boost 20Y from Pierre Bastien

3-1-17 Big Apple Open Extends Early Bird Registration, Pricey but Includes Party

3-1-17 Admissions and Athletics at Yale by Cole Aronson