March 2018 - Archive

3-30-18 Hong Kong Celebrates Historic Asian Double by Howard Harding

3-30-18 Podcast: Vicky Lust

3-30-18 Gary Nisbet: Decision Making

3-30-18 Playing in Warmer Weather

3-30-18 Video: Megarally, Ghosal v Creed

3-30-18 Ashaway MultiNick 18 from Pierre Bastien

3-30-18 Charlottesville Welcomes the World by Chris McClintick

3-30-18 US Squash Internships

3-30-18 Sticke by James Zug

3-30-18 Outside the Box by Matt O'Donnell

3-29-18 Brown Men Win Sloan Award For Team Sportsmanship

3-29-18 Columbia's Khalifa, Khanna and Senthilkumar Named Men's All-Americans

3-29-18 St Lawrence Women Win Chaffee Award

3-29-18 East versus West! by Nick-At-Will

3-29-18 Macau Open Preview

3-29-18 Podcast: Todd Harrity

3-29-18 Richard Eaton Interviews Raneem El Welily

3-29-18 Video: Castagnet v Richards, Full Match

3-29-18 4-Court Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Club Opens

3-29-18 Assaiante Speaks to Haverford School

3-28-18 Qualifying Eliminated as PSA Makes Major Changes to Pro Tour Structure by Howard Harding

3-28-18 Video: Willstrop v Castagnet, Wimbledon Semis Full Match

3-28-18 Premier Squash League Round 10 Report

3-28-18 Macau Qualifying Report by Alex Wan

3-28-18 Podcast: Laurens Anjema

3-28-18 Blog: Responding

3-28-18 The Search for Squash's Ultimate County Champion

3-28-18 Xamsa Grips from Pierre Bastien

3-28-18 Squash Australia CEO Update

3-28-18 Aging Aussie Vets Still Keen

3-27-18 Festive April 6-8 Portland, Oregon, Drops and Hops Event Seeking Final Open & Amateur Players

3-27-18 PSA Weekend Wrap

3-27-18 Sobhy Over Collegian Sedky in Texas Final

3-27-18 Ramy, by Jeff Warren

3-27-18 PSL Round 10 Preview

3-27-18 Video: Richards v Kandra

3-27-18 On This Day

3-27-18 Podcast: Jethro Binns

3-27-18 Rochester's Endo & Davies Earn CSA All-American Awards

3-27-18 What I Learned by Chris Gallagher

3-26-18 And You Thought Cartagena Was Just a Tourist Town by Larry Heath

3-26-18 Video: Gaultier v Abouelghar, Extended

3-26-18 Video: Point, Ashour v Elshorbagy

3-26-18 Podcast: Tesni Evans

3-26-18 Travel Bags from Pierre Bastien

3-26-18 SquashSkills: Hitting Cross Court

3-26-18 Lisa Aitken 2nd Commonwealth Journey Included Dengue Fever Bout

3-26-18 Cincinnati Coach Neal Tew Honored by US Squash

3-26-18 Elderly Dominating Japan’s Fitness Clubs

3-26-18 Life on the NFL Trade Block

3-25-18 College Hardball Event Registration Extended to Wednesday & Jahangir Hardball Video

3-25-18 Mathieu Castagnet Wins $35K Squash Squared Title

3-25-18 Job Opening: Lead Squash Coach, Manchester UK

3-25-18 CSA 2017-2018 All-Americans Announced

3-25-18 Penn Freshman Andrew Douglas Named First Team All-American

3-25-18 Shopping Mall Stages 1st PSA International Event in Russia

3-25-18 Blog: Over-Motivation Part 2

3-25-18 MA Physician with Home Squash Court Sentenced to Federal Prison

3-25-18 The Secret to Buzzer-Beaters? by Sally Jenkins

3-25-18 With Honesty and Integrity, Kirby Bids Adieu to Pro Golf by Bob Weeks

3-23-18 Castagnet Beats Willstrop to Gain $35K Squash Squared Final

3-23-18 Antipodean Success Predicted For Commonwealth Games Doubles by Howard Harding

3-23-18 Video: Grasshopper Final, Ashour v Elshorbagy

3-23-18 Video: Legends Final

3-23-18 Brothers in Arms by Richard Eaton

3-23-18 Joelle King In Form At Commonwealth Games

3-23-18 Once-Mighty Pakistan Pushed by Philippines and Korea in Asian Teams

3-23-18 Forehand Volley Tip

3-23-18 Podcast: Paul Coll

3-23-18 Nicol David Establishing Foundation

3-22-18 Wimbledon Squash Squared Open into Semis

3-22-18 Squash Squared Live Streaming

3-22-18 $25K Women's Texas Open Underway Today

3-22-18 Video: Grasshopper Semis

3-22-18 Podcast: Steve Lawton

3-22-18 Callis & Samper Win Graham Company Pro Doubles Title

3-22-18 Video: Legends, Nicol v Bianchetti

3-22-18 Swedish Firms Impose Compulsory Exercise at Work

3-22-18 Tepid Offseason for Major League Baseball

3-22-18 NFL Planning to Re-Redefine a Catch

3-21-18 $35K Wimbledon Club Report

3-21-18 Video: Grasshopper Quarters

3-21-18 Video: Legends, Palmer v Parke

3-21-18 Job Opening: Executive Director, College Squash Association

3-21-18 Podcast: Jamie Crombie

3-21-18 SquashSkills with Jesse Engelbrecht

3-21-18 Wilson One35 BLX from Pierre Bastien

3-21-18 Pace by Chris Hanebury

3-21-18 Emily Rose and Eric Kim Receive 2018 DeRoy Sportsmanship Awards

3-21-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Philadelphia

3-20-18 England Set For Double Gold Coast Gold In Commonwealth Games Singles by Howard Harding

3-20-18 Commonwealth Draws

3-20-18 Weekend PSA Roundup

3-20-18 American Harrity Qualifies into Wimbledon Club Event

3-20-18 Video: This Is Squash

3-20-18 Video: Gaultier v Abouelghar, Grasshopper Extended

3-20-18 Podcast: Stephen Coppinger

3-20-18 Ankle Weights?

3-20-18 Bergen County Condo Tower Includes Court

3-20-18 Astronaut Bringing Tennis to International Space Station

3-19-18 Ashour Over Elshorbagy in $100K Grasshopper Final

3-19-18 Video: Elshorbagy v Ashour Grasshopper Point

3-19-18 Video: Grasshopper, Round 1 Part 2

3-19-18 Video: Barrington Walkabout

3-19-18 Marina Stefanoni, Daelum Mawji Win US Junior-Closed Titles

3-19-18 Podcast: Greg Gaultier

3-19-18 Blog: Hips Don't Lie

3-19-18 April Rothenberg Seeking Entries

3-19-18 Wilson One35 BLX from Pierre Bastien

3-19-18 A Glorious Distraction No More by David Goldblatt

3-18-18 Elshorbagy and Ashour to Square Off in $100K Grasshopper Cup Final

3-18-18 Video: Grasshopper Point, Willstrop v Gawad

3-18-18 Video: Grasshopper Point, Gaultier v Abouelghar

3-18-18 Video: Grasshopper Round 1 Part 1

3-18-18 US Junior-Closed Draws into Finals

3-18-18 Podcast: Robert Edwards

3-18-18 Blog: Skilled Player

3-18-18 Wilson Blade YL from Pierre Bastien

3-18-18 Chris Zablocki

3-18-18 Timber-Clad Sports Centre in Copenhagen

3-16-18 World No 1 Elshorbagy Keeps Winning Streak Alive in Grasshopper Cup

3-16-18 Video: Grasshopper Point, Golan v Momen

3-16-18 US Junior Championships Underway Today, Girls Draw

3-16-18 US Juniors, Boys Draw

3-16-18 WSF President Visits Egypt in Olympic Bid Prelude

3-16-18 Virginia World Masters Gaining Entries

3-16-18 Luke Butterworth

3-16-18 Blog: Fast Player

3-16-18 NYT Sports Bestsellers

3-16-18 A Brief History of A Brief History of Time

3-15-18 Defending Champion Gaultier Completes Winning Return To Action In Zurich by Nathan Clarke

3-15-18 Video: Canary Wharf Shot

3-15-18 Podcast: Mike Way

3-15-18 SquashSkills: Where the Ball is Going

3-15-18 Prince Team Warrior 600 from Pierre Bastien

3-15-18 US Nationals Age Groups Wrap

3-15-18 Dublin Squash Project to Build a Healthy Nation by Mark Kelly

3-15-18 $15K Manitoba Report

3-15-18 Squash Doubles Practice With Two or Three Players
by Graham Bassett

3-15-18 The Agony of Being an Arsenal Fan by Clint Smith

3-14-18 $100K Grasshopper Cup Underway Today, Preview

3-14-18 Grasshopper Highlight Shots

3-14-18 PSL Round 9 Report

3-14-18 Meredeth Quick Defends Hashim Khan Pro Doubles Title

3-14-18 Podcast: Bob Ballinger

3-14-18 SquashSkills: Flexibility

3-14-18 Head Microgel Instinct from Pierre Bastien

3-14-18 Blog: Flair

3-14-18 Learning To Fall by Chris Hanebury

3-14-18 Pelota Mixteca Keeping a Language and Culture Alive

3-13-18 Impressive Stats Emerge as Pro Physical Demands Measured

3-13-18 Best of 3 Scoring Debate from Craig Parkinson

3-13-18 6 International Rochester Players Earn Liberty League Honors

3-13-18 7 International St Lawrence Players Named All-League

3-13-18 Podcast: Ron Beck

3-13-18 SquashSkills: Backhand Secret

3-13-18 Weekend PSA Roundup

3-13-18 Video: Shot of the Month Contenders

3-13-18 Blog: Wrong Leg

3-13-18 Premier Squash League Round 9 Set

3-13-18 Muscle Loss in Old Age Linked to Fewer Nerve Signals

3-12-18 Hanson Repeats as US Nationals Titlist

3-12-18 Former U. S. Nationals Finalist Russ Ball Jr. Inducted Into Haverford School Athletic Hall Of Fame by Rob Dinerman

3-12-18 Video: Perry v Waters, Rackets Cubed

3-12-18 SquashSkills: Side Wall

3-12-18 England Junior Championships Report

3-12-18 Job Opening: Head Pro, Vancouver

3-12-18 Dunlop Tempo Tour from Squash Source

3-12-18 Samsung Fitness Watch

3-12-18 Moverley and Hany Contest $15K Calgary PSA Women's Final

3-12-18 Podcast: Neil Harvey

3-11-18 Video: Canary Wharf Final

3-11-18 Video: Peter Nicol v Barker Exhibition

3-11-18 Video: Momen v Elshorbagy Point

3-11-18 Sobhy Straight-Sets Collegian Sedky for National Women's Title

3-11-18 Douglas Beats US No 1 Harrity in Men's Semi

3-11-18 England Squash Inspirational Stories

3-11-18 Squash in Gauteng

3-11-18 Dunlop Tempo Pro from Pierre Bastien

3-11-18 SquashSkills: Skimming Stones

3-11-18 Job Opening: Director of Academics, Brooklyn CitySquash

3-11-18 Drug Addiction and High School Football by Juliet Macur

3-10-18 ElShorbagy Wins 15th Edition of $100K Canary Wharf Classic by Sean Reuthe

3-10-18 ElShorbagy, Momen Post-Match

3-10-18 Video: Canary Wharf Semis

3-10-18 ElShorbagy Slams 2-out-of-3 'Fresher Legs' Concept

3-10-18 Harrity, Douglas, Hanson and Gordon into US Men's Semis

3-10-18 Sedky Powers Past Blatchford, Sobhy Holds Off Sister to Set Women's Nationals Final

3-10-18 US Nationals Streaming

3-10-18 Gary Nisbet: March Circuit

3-10-18 24 Hours at the NFL Combine

3-10-18 Sopranos Movie in the Works

3-9-18 Elshorbagy & Momen to Contest Canary Wharf Final

3-9-18 Video: CW Point, Farag v Momen

3-9-18 Video: CW Point, Mo v Mar Elshorbagy

3-9-18 Video: Canary Wharf Quarters

3-9-18 Video: Canary Wharf Point, Selby v Elshorbagy

3-9-18 Blowouts in US Women's Nationals Quarters, DRAW

3-9-18 US Men's DRAW

3-9-18 US Nationals Streaming

3-9-18 US Junior Champion Stefanoni Profiled in NY Times

3-9-18 Scottish Pro Lisa Aitken on Dengue Fever Ordeal

3-9-18 International Women's Day in Squash

3-8-18 Egyptian Quartet to Line Up in Canary Wharf Classic Semi-Finals by Sean Reuthe

3-8-18 Video: Canary Wharf Highlights, Round 1 Part 2

3-8-18 11 Points with Simon Rosner by Alan Thatcher

3-8-18 Comments from the Couch: Episode 3

3-8-18 SquashSkills Outtakes 2017

3-8-18 Stoker, Stait and Garno Capture Maiden US National Doubles Titles; Hewitt Marks Fifth Open Title

3-8-18 Head Radical 135 from Pierre Bastien

3-8-18 Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce Estimates $750K Economic Boost from World Masters

3-8-18 Grunting & Competitive Advantage

3-8-18 Madison Square Garden Tennis Event Tie-Breakers Only

3-7-18 England’s Willstrop Gets Canary Wharf Classic Campaign Off to Winning Start by Sean Reuthe

3-7-18 Video: Canary Wharf Highlights, Round 1 Part 1

3-7-18 Video: Canary Wharf Point, Farag v Lake

3-7-18 March Newsletter from the World Squash Federation

3-7-18 US Nationals Begin Thursday, Men's DRAW

3-7-18 US Nationals Women's DRAW

3-7-18 Wesleyan's Laila Samy Named Betty Richey Award Winner

3-7-18 ElShorbagy Squash Player Magazine's Men's Player of the Month 

3-7-18 El Tayeb Women's Player of the Month 

3-7-18 King and Al Muzayen Named PSA Players of the Month

3-7-18 Blog: Over-Motivation

3-7-18 Mindset and the 4-Minute Mile by Lawrence Jones

3-7-18 Divorced Parents Battle Over Son Playing High School Football

3-6-18 ElShorbagy Brothers Claim Wins on Opening Day of Canary Wharf Classic by Sean Reuthe

3-6-18 Video: Canary Wharf Point, Selby v Pilley

3-6-18 Video: Canary Wharf Point, Mueller v Roesner

3-6-18 Yathreb Adel Wins in Salt Lake City, PSA Weekend Roundup

3-6-18 6 Qualify for PSA World Series Finals

3-6-18 Video: Windy City Interviews

3-6-18 Video: Windy City Open Final, El Tayeb v King

3-6-18 Video: Windy City Final, Mo v Mar Elshorbagy

3-6-18 SquashSkills: Nicol Forehand Tips

3-6-18 Bannister Character Greater than Achievements by Matthew Syed

3-6-18 Tower Records Remembered as Founder Russ Solomon Dies at 92

3-5-18 English Quartet Falls in Canary Wharf Qualifiers by Alan Thatcher

3-5-18 Canary Wharf Qualifying Day 2 Report

3-5-18 Video: Windy City Open Men's Semis, Elshorbagy v Momen

3-5-18 Video: Windy City Women's Semis, El Welily v King

3-5-18 Harvard No 4 David Ryan Shocks Field to Win National Intercollegiates

3-5-18 Penn Junior Reeham Sedky Caps Undefeated Season with Women's Intercollegiate Title

3-5-18 Former World No 5 Borja Golan Wins Montreal Open

3-5-18 US Nationals Age-Group Entries Close Today at Noon EST

3-5-18 Squash University Launches at Windy City Open

3-5-18 First Sub-4-Minute Miler Roger Bannister Remembered

3-4-18 Video: Windy City Open Women's Semis, El Tayeb v Perry

3-4-18 Video: Windy City Men's Semis, Farag v Mar Elshorbagy

3-4-18 Canary Wharf Qualifying Underway, Report

3-4-18 Ben Coleman Shocks Former CW Champion Castagnet by Alan Thatcher

3-4-18 Premier Squash League Playoff Preview

3-4-18 Trinity's Kumar, Harvard's Ryan to Contest Men's Intercollegiate Singles Final

3-4-18 Penn's Sedky, Harvard's Kennedy to Vie for Women's Title

3-4-18 Video: Intercollegiate Singles Saturday Stream

3-4-18 Glute Ladder

3-4-18 Outside the Glass: The Great Geoff Hunt

3-3-18 Video: Windy City Open Women's Quarters

3-3-18 Video: Windy City Men's Quarters

3-3-18 NYC Public Court People Resurface, Say It's a Go

3-3-18 Matthew Injured, Withdraws from Canary Wharf Classic

3-3-18 Men's College Individuals: Penn Star Douglas 1st Round Casualty, Harvard's Brownell into Semis

3-3-18 Women's College Individuals: Princeton's Fiechter Shocked in Opener, Sedky & Sobhy to Square Off in Semis

3-3-18 Columbia's Khalifa Wins Skillman Award, Pulls Out of Individuals Due to Injury

3-3-18 Job Opening: Pro, Berwyn

3-3-18 Head Radical SB 120 from Pierre Bastien

3-3-18 Tanking by Dave Sheinin

3-2-18 Chicago 2018/19 PSA World Championships to Become First Million-Dollar Squash Tournament by Sean Reuthe

3-2-18 Video: Windy City, Rodriguez v Lee Extended

3-2-18 Video: Windy City Women's Round 2 Part 2

3-2-18 Video: Windy City Men's Round 2 Part 2

3-2-18 Elshorbagy Returns to World No 1

3-2-18 El Sherbini, El Welily Stay 1-2 in Women's

3-2-18 Penn's Sedky, Douglas Gear for National College Singles

3-2-18 Weekend National Hardball Doubles Draws 141 Teams

3-2-18 The Alexandria Quartet by Peter Heywood

3-2-18 StreetSquash Attends Liberty League Championships, Cheers on Participating Alumni

3-2-18 SquashSkills: Jamal Callender Trick Shots

3-2-18 Tennis Technology May Eliminate Linesmen

3-1-18 El Tayeb and ElShorbagy Lift Windy City Open Crowns by Ellie Mawson

3-1-18 Windy City Finals as They Happened

3-1-18 Video: El Tayeb v King Point

3-1-18 Video: Windy City Men's Round 2 Part 1

3-1-18 Video: Windy City Women's Round 2 Part 1

3-1-18 College Men's Weekend Individuals DRAW

3-1-18 College Women's Weekend Individuals DRAW

3-1-18 Prince Pro Warrior X from Pierre Bastien

3-1-18 Greenwich Academy Rolls to 7th Straight New England Girls Championship by David Fierro

3-1-18 Brunswick Boys Win 7th Straight NEISA Class A Title

3-1-18 New Jersey Paddle Players Raise $21K for StreetSquash

3-1-18 The History of Physics in 4000 Manuscripts