March 2019 - Archive

3-31-19 Elshorbagy and Momen to Contest Grasshopper Cup Title

3-31-19 Point: Momen v Abouelghar

3-31-19 Point: Gawad v Elshorbagy

3-31-19 Point 2: Gawad v Elshorbagy

3-31-19 Sobhy to Face Lust in Texas Pro Final

3-31-19 Harrity & Blatchford Clyne Win US Nationals Titles

3-31-19 PSA Statement: Marwan Elshorbagy

3-31-19 Mount Holyoke Wins College Women's Most Improved

Hall of Fame & Heather McKay

3-31-19 Celebrity Chef Sustains Squash Eye Injury

All-Egyptian Semis Set at $100K Zurich Grasshoper

3-30-19 Point: Abouelghar v Farag

3-30-19 Point: Gawad v Roesner

3-30-19 Point: Elshorbagy v Rodriguez

3-30-19 American Fiechter Stays Hot, Reaches $50K Texas Open Semis

3-30-19 Blatchford, Sabrina Sobhy; Harrity, Hanson into US Nationals Finals

3-30-19 WSF Player-Investigation Statement

3-30-19 What's in the Bag: Nour El Tayeb

3-30-19 PSA with 250K Likes on Facebook

3-30-19 Mike Rowbottom: But Should It?

Farag Overcomes Makin on Grasshopper Day 3

3-29-19 Olivia Fiechter Shocks World No 10 Tesni Evans in $55K Texas Open 2nd Round

3-29-19 Top Seeds into US Nats Men's & Women's Semis

3-29-19 February Shot of the Month

3-29-19 Backhand Options with Ali Farag

3-29-19 MIT Earns 2019 Barnaby Award

3-29-19 Asics Gel Court Control FF from Pierre Bastien

3-29-19 Madeleine Mayhew

Andy Bunting, True Gentleman of Squash by Bob Johnson

3-29-19 Cupping Therapy

Gawad and Rodriguez Avoid Upsets on Zurich Grasshopper Day 2

3-28-19 Womens $55K Texas Open, Round 2 Report

3-28-19 Cornett and Hutton Reach $10K Toronto Granite Open Final

3-28-19 DC Hosting 108th US Nationals

3-28-19 Brownell, Lovejoy Out in US Nats First Round, Draw

3-28-19 Women's US Nats Draw

3-28-19 Divisional Draws

3-28-19 Video: British Universities' Men's Final

3-28-19 IOC President Praises Breakdancing as 'More Urban'

David Engages Media in Malaysia

3-28-19 1969 Champion Mets: All in the Cards

Swiss No 1 Mueller Off to Winning Start in $109K Grasshopper Day 1

3-27-19 Sobhy Aiming to Defend Texas Open Crown

3-27-19 $55K Texas Open Round 1 Report

3-27-19 Video: Height and Lobs

3-27-19 Job Opening: Director of Athletics, Washington DC

Andy Bunting Remembered

3-27-19 What the Pros Use

3-27-19 Video: Rodriguez v Willstrop, Extended

3-27-19 Stanford to Impose Background Checks on Athletic Recruits

3-27-19 Delight is a Cricket Pitch in Beirut’s Shatila Refugee Camp

3-26-19 New World No 1 Farag Tops Draws for El Gouna International

3-26-19 Grasshopper Underway this Week, Preview

3-26-19 Women's 10K Granite Open 1st Round Report

Waseem-ul-Haq Profiled by Waqar Hamza

3-26-19 Science says! by Nick-At-Will

3-26-19 The Learning Journey with Hadrian Stiff

3-26-19 US Squash Hosts Second Annual Junior Awards Dinner

3-26-19 Megarally: Farag v Coll

3-26-19 SquashSkills: Zones

3-26-19 Melbourne Beachside Grass Courts Commanding Big Bucks

Ed Reade, 1921-2019, Legendary Squash Coach At Deerfield Academy by Rob Dinerman

3-25-19 US 'Nationals' Entries Embarrassingly Thin, Close Today

3-25-19 Frenchman Masotti Captures $10K Boston Open

3-25-19 Mohamed ElSherbini Over Omar Meguid in Lethbridge $10K

3-25-19 Premier Squash League Round 9 Report

3-25-19 Podcast: David Baillargeon

3-25-19 Agony of Defeat, Thrill of Victory by Declan James

3-25-19 Once Proud Armidale Squash Club to Hold Reunion