March 2019 - Archive

3-14-19 Elshorbagy, Momen, Coll and Castagnet into Canary Wharf Semis

3-14-19 King Gatecrashes Egyptian Dominance in Black Ball Quarters

3-14-19 Point: Coll v Makin

3-14-19 Point: Elshorbagy v James

3-14-19 Point: Serme v El Sherbini

3-14-19 Point: Momen v Cuskelly

3-14-19 Point: King v Chinappa

3-14-19 Job Opening: Pro, Southern California

3-14-19 You Make the Call

3-14-19 Blatchford Clyne Wins Largest Career Title

3-14-19 Baseball in the Rock N’ Jock Era by Will Leitch

Castagnet Over Rösner on Canary Wharf Day 3, Report

3-13-19 El Hammamy and Chinappa Upset Black Ball Seeds on Day 2

3-13-19 Point: Rosner-Castagnet Slo Mo

3-13-19 Point: Coll v Richards

3-13-19 Point: Dessouky v Selby

3-13-19 Marina Stefanoni Wins First Pro Title

3-13-19 11 Points with Tarek Momen

Gareth May Sounds Off

3-13-19 Intercollegiate Tennis Association Board Member Michael Center Ensnared in College Admissions Scandal

3-13-19 Bribes to Get Into Yale and Stanford - what Else Is New? by Frank Bruni

ElShorbagy, James, Cuskelly and Momen Advance to Canary Wharf Quarters, Report

3-12-19 Women's $107K Black Ball Open, Day 1 Report

3-12-19 Point: James v Mar ElShorbagy

3-12-19 Point: Mo ElShorbagy v Golan

3-12-19 Sam Todd, Canary Post-Match

Podcast: Alan Thatcher

3-12-19 Raneem El Welily Coaching Analysis

3-12-19 Squash Canada Seeking At-Large Director Nominations

3-12-19 Real Tennis Courting Home of its Own in Sydney

3-12-19 2019 U.S. Junior Squash Championships by Nick-At-Will

3-12-19 Federer on the Effect of Other Sports

Canary Wharf Classic Underway, Day One Report

3-11-19 Canary Wharf Behind the Scenes

3-11-19 Cairo Black Ball Open Begins Today, Preview

3-11-19 Elias Over Coll to Take Canada Cup Title

3-11-19 Olympics Re-Thumps Squash, Along with Karate

A Tribute to John Batty by James Roberts

3-11-19 Podcast: Lucas Serme

3-11-19 'Squash is My Life' by Sam France

3-11-19 His Ownself: Dan Jenkins Remembered

3-11-19 Colombo Crime Boss Carmine Persico Dead at 85

March Newsletter from the World Squash Federation

3-8-19 $50K Women's Texas Open Preview

3-8-19 Video: Men's World's Round 3, Part 2

3-8-19 Video: Women's World's Round 3, Part 2

3-8-19 New Zealand to Host World Men’s Team Champs in 2021

3-8-19 You Make the Call

3-8-19 College Women's Scholar-Athletes Announced

3-8-19 Salming Grit PowerLite from Pierre Bastien

3-8-19 Netflix Series Highlights Losing

3-8-19 Guy with Not a Bad Idea

Hmm . . . now another Women's World Championship This Year . . . Multiple 2019 Women's World Champions!

3-7-19 Coll and Elias to Contest $80k Canada Cup Final

3-7-19 Canada Cup Semis Stream

3-7-19 Job Opening: Assistant Men's and Women's Coach, Cornell University

3-7-19 Ferreira/Morris and Stoker/Quick Win US National Doubles Titles

3-7-19 Security Plan Reported for Pakistan Super League Matches

3-7-19 El Sherbini 30-Under-30

3-7-19 Why Icing a Sprain Could Slow Recovery by Andrew Han

3-7-19 Losing Ain’t What It Used to Be by Will Leitch

3-7-19 Naomi Osaka

Canada Cup Quarters Report

3-6-19 Willstrop Enjoying Canary Wharf Innovation by Alan Thatcher

3-6-19 Video: Women's World's Round 3 Part 1

3-6-19 Video: Men's World's Round 3 Part 1