May 2018 - Archive

5-31-18 Mar Elshorbagy Withdraws from World Series Finals, Matthew Delays Retirement

5-31-18 Rodriguez Proud to Be There

5-31-18 James Willstrop: Treading The Boards by Peter Heywood

5-31-18 Video: Paraguay Open Semis

5-31-18 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Brown

5-31-18 British Open Masters Set

5-31-18 Ivy Pochoda by Nick-At-Will

5-31-18 Job Opening: Pro, Australia

5-31-18 CitySquash Bash Tonight

5-31-18 CitySquash Auction Items

5-31-18 Windham County, Vermont

5-30-18 Rösner Hails Dubai Ahead of World Series Finals

5-30-18 Video: Megarally, Rodriguez v Elshorbagy

5-30-18 SquashSkills: Lateral Movement with Thierry Lincou

5-30-18 Job Opening: Urban Program, Minnesota

5-30-18 Video: SDA Buffalo Pro Doubles Final

5-30-18 Easy Days & Hard Days Science

5-30-18 1950's Tennis Spy Fred Kovaleski Dies at 93

5-30-18 It's a Face I'll Never Remember by Nick Hoppe

5-30-18 Best Books 2018 So Far by Angela Ledgerwood

5-29-18 48 Hour Update On The #SaveTheVictoriaSquashClub Crowdfunding Campaign

5-29-18 Rodriguez Over Elias in $50K Guatemala Final

5-29-18 Video: Paraguay Open Quarters

5-29-18 SquashSkills: Rodriguez Using Speed

5-29-18 Junior Squash-Player / Sketch-Artist by Nick-At-Will

5-29-18 Blog: Off-Season Squash

5-29-18 Xamsa PXT 110 from Pierre Bastien

5-29-18 Federer Funds Opening of 81 Schools in Africa

5-29-18 Pre-Season Top 25 College Football

5-28-18 Rodriguez and Elshorbagy Drawn Together at World Series Finals

5-28-18 El Sherbini Relishing Tough Dubai Test

5-28-18 Video: Paraguay Open Round 1

5-28-18 Former World No 5 Low Wee Wern Back in July

5-28-18 WSF Reveals Youth Olympic Games Squash Ambassadors

5-28-18 Xamsa PXT 115 from Pierre Bastien

5-28-18 First Egyptian Man in Tennis Grand Slam Event in 22 Years

5-28-18 Sleeping in On the Weekend

5-28-18 Tomorrow's Cities

5-28-18 Fairfield County LOOK Art Forum

5-27-18 Podcast: Andrew Schnell

5-27-18 Help Save The Victoria Squash Club by Chris Hanebury

5-27-18 Drills with the Elshorbagy Brothers

5-27-18 East versus West! by Nick-At-Will

5-27-18 Video: British Open Men's Final, Elshorbagy v Rodriguez

5-27-18 PSA Polling for Top U-23 Pros

5-27-18 Matthew: 'Becoming the Wolf' Requires Subscription

5-27-18 Giant 8-Court-Inclusive Virginia Sports Complex Nearing Completion

5-27-18 The Physics of Extreme Juggling

5-27-18 Books

5-25-18 British Open Champ Rodriguez into $50K Guatemala Quarters

5-25-18 Elshorbagy Fixed on Dubai Title Defense

5-25-18 Video: British Open Men's Semis

5-25-18 Video: BO Women's Final, El Sherbini v El Welily

5-25-18 Job Opening: Head Pro, Boston

5-25-18 Gary Nisbet: Stability Ball Sessions

5-25-18 Unfinished Oregon Mega-Mansion and Court on the Auction Block

5-25-18 Type D Athlete

5-25-18 New Pro Tennis Rules May Hurt College Game

5-25-18 Greenwich Historical Society Trust Annual Reception

5-24-18 The Tenaciousness Of Miguel Rodriguez by Chris Hanebury

5-24-18 Video: British Open Men's Quarters

5-24-18 Video: British Open Women's Semis

5-24-18 Penn Names Dylan Cunningham Assistant Coach

5-24-18 StreetSquash College Class of 2018

5-24-18 Harvard Women’s Road to Success by William Quan

5-24-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Baldwin School

5-24-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Wilmington

5-24-18 Xamsa Crucible from Pierre Bastien

5-24-18 Runner's Knee

5-23-18 Elshorbagy & Luxfords St George’s Hill Win PSL Title

5-23-18 Video: British Open Women's Quarters

5-23-18 Video: British Open Mar Elshorbagy v Kandra

5-23-18 SquashSite Homage to Nick Matthew

5-23-18 Oliver Apex 550 from Pierre Bastien

5-23-18 Tokyo 2020 Skateboarding Under Fire

5-23-18 Tokyo American Club Celebrates 90th Anniversary

5-23-18 Cardinals' Reliever Throws 105

5-23-18 NFL Considers 15-Yard Penalty for Kneeling

5-23-18 Cycling

5-22-18 A Retrospective On The 2017-18 SDA Pro Doubles Tour by Rob Dinerman

5-22-18 Premier Squash League Final, Preview

5-22-18 Video: BO Men's 2nd Round Part 2

5-22-18 Video: BO Women's 2nd Round Part 2

5-22-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, St Louis

5-22-18 Weekend PSA Roundup

5-22-18 Podcast: Fiona Geaves

5-22-18 Jansher: Pakistani Players Need Money

5-22-18 $7M Newton, Mass, Estate Includes Court

5-22-18 Point

5-21-18 Unseeded Rodriguez Stuns Elshorbagy 11-9 in the 5th in Epic British Open Final, El Sherbini Takes Women's Title

5-21-18 More British Open

5-21-18 Point: Elshorbagy v Rodriguez

5-21-18 Point: El Sherbini v El Welily

5-21-18 BO Farewell Words from Nick Matthew

5-21-18 SquashSkills: Pairing Drop & Lob

5-21-18 Podcast: Martin Heath

5-21-18 Nadal Back to World No 1

5-21-18 Modern Baseball Coach’s Job Description

5-21-18 Jennifer Stockman: The Price of Everything

5-20-18 Elshorbagy, Rodriguez to Contest Men's British Open Final; El Welily v El Sherbini in Women's

5-20-18 More British Open

5-20-18 Point: Kandra v Elshorbagy

5-20-18 Point: El Welily v Serme

5-20-18 Video: BO Women's 2nd Round Part 1

5-20-18 Video: BO Men's 2nd Round Part 1

5-20-18 Arroyo Seco Celebrates by Nick-At-Will

5-20-18 Supreme Court and Bad Bets

5-20-18 Pristine 1911 New York City Film

5-20-18 The Tripster in Wolfe’s Clothing by Jack Shafer

5-19-18 Journeyman World No 37 Raphael Kandra Shocks No 3 Mar Elshorbagy in British Open Quarters, Rodriguez Beats Farag

5-19-18 Some Trash Talk Included as Massaro Beats El Tayeb

5-19-18 Point: Massaro v El Tayeb

5-19-18 Point: Elshorbagy v Coll

5-19-18 More British Open

5-19-18 Oliver Apex 900 from Pierre Bastien

5-19-18 Serve & Return Part 1

5-19-18 Squash on Fire Celebrates 1st Anniversary

5-19-18 NZ Fraser Park Complex to Feature 6 Courts and PSA Option

5-19-18 Pro Tennis Continues Toying with Shorter Sets

5-18-18 El Welily, Farag Advance in British Open, Matthew Out

5-18-18 Nick Matthew Ends Glittering Career in Pain, Defeat and Controversy by Rod Gilmour

5-18-18 Matthew Final BO Interview

5-18-18 Point: Kandra v Matthew

5-18-18 Point: Farag v Lee

5-18-18 Virginia World Masters Entries Close in a Month

5-18-18 Blog: Against Retrievers

5-18-18 Organizing to Action

5-18-18 Book Explores Elite Athletes & Age

5-18-18 US Open Tennis Adding 2nd Domed Stadium

5-17-18 Top Seeds Elshorbagy, El Sherbini Advance in British Open 2nd Round, Sobhy Out

5-17-18 Point: Coll v Gawad

5-17-18 Point: Elshorbagy v Marche

5-17-18 Video: BO, Men's Main Court

5-17-18 Video: BO, Women's Main Court

5-17-18 James Zug: Tom Wolfe

5-17-18 Drills Before You Lift by TJ Kuster

5-17-18 NFL's Matt Millen Fighting for His Life by Peter King

5-17-18 How to Be a Wine Snob by Nick Hoppe

5-17-18 San Francisco at No 3 in World Billionaires

5-16-18 Matthew Delays Retirement with British Open 1st Round Win; Rodriguez Upends Ashour; Report

5-16-18 Sobhy Over Blatchford in BO Women's Opener

5-16-18 Correction: American Men's British Open Futility Streak Shortened to 32 Years and Counting by Ted Gross

5-16-18 Video: British Open, Round 1 Part 1

5-16-18 Video: British Open, Round 1 Part 2

5-16-18 Sarah Fitz-Gerald BO Forecast

5-16-18 Point: Matthew v Momen

5-16-18 May Update from the World Squash Federation

5-16-18 Fantasy Sports CEO Says Tennis Could be Big Winner Under Legalized Betting

5-16-18 Tom Wolfe Remembered

5-15-18 Ooh Boy . . . 52 Years (At Least) and Counting by Ted Gross

5-15-18 British Open Qualifying Finals Report

5-15-18 Allam British Open Men's DRAW

5-15-18 Allam British Open Women's DRAW

5-15-18 Video: Qualy Finals Stream

5-15-18 Job Opening: Assistant Women's Coach, Trinity College

5-15-18 Indecent Proposal by Laurens Anjema

5-15-18 Blog: Slice Myth

5-15-18 England Squash: Top 5 Matthew BO Moments

5-15-18 Growing the Numbers in Poland

5-15-18 'Psychology and the Good Life' Reportedly Most Popular Class in Yale History

5-14-18 British Open 1st Round Qualifying Report

5-14-18 34-Year-Old Massaro Looking for Gear Shift by Rod Gilmour

5-14-18 Matthew Hopes to Leave on High Note by Rod Gilmour

5-14-18 Video: Final Season Episode 3

5-14-18 BO Qualifying Finals Streaming from 9am EST

5-14-18 Mohamed and Tomlinson Win Chamberlain Open Titles

5-14-18 Podcast: David Palmer

5-14-18 Ramit Tandon a Hedge Fund Analyst

5-14-18 The 4 Crucial Components

5-14-18 Black Knight Hex Blaze LT from Pierre Bastien

5-14-18 Shed Party

5-13-18 Nick Matthew Aims to Inspire Next Generation by Rod Gilmour

5-13-18 British Open Qualifying Set

5-13-18 British Open Men's Qualifying DRAW

5-13-18 British Open Women's Qualifying DRAW

5-13-18 Sobhy and Blatchford Could Square Off in BO First Round

5-13-18 Video: BO '17, Momen v Matthew Extended

5-13-18 Job Opening: Part-Time Pro, Heights

5-13-18 A Look Back by James Zug

5-13-18 Ironman Wales

5-13-18 An Open Letter About Female Coaches by Pau Gasol

5-13-18 John McCain: By the Book

5-11-18 Matthew Aiming to Keep Emotions at Bay in British Open Bow

5-11-18 German League Report

5-11-18 Video: Megarally, Gaultier v Hesham

5-11-18 Squash and Health by Chris Hanebury

5-11-18 SquashSkills: Don't Gift

5-11-18 US Squash Requiring Juniors to Be Ref-Certified

5-11-18 Job Opening: Head Coach, Navy

5-11-18 Max Smyth Still Playing

5-11-18 Second-Oldest US Tennis Club Under Restoration

5-11-18 Athlete's Guide to New Zealand

5-10-18 European Squash Federation Votes in First Female-Majority Board

5-10-18 Massaro Hungry for More British Open Success

5-10-18 Video: Gaultier v Rodriguez, Extended

5-10-18 Job Opening: Squash Manager, Boston Racquet Club

5-10-18 Podcast: Nick Sachvie

5-10-18 Black Knight Scimitar TC from Pierre Bastien

5-10-18 SquashBusters Derby Raises Record $1.38 Million

5-10-18 Lefika Ragonste with New Club Up and Running in New Jersey

5-10-18 Stretching May Not Prevent Injuries by Grove Higgins

5-10-18 Stallone Visits the Rocky House

5-9-18 Squash World Mourns The Passing Of Gul Khan, 1948-2018 by Rob Dinerman

5-9-18 Premier Squash League Semis Report

5-9-18 Video: Megarally Throwback

5-9-18 Shot of the Month Contenders

5-9-18 Podcast: Finding Balance

5-9-18 Job Opening: Assistant Men's Coach, Trinity

5-9-18 Nicol David...rehabs! by Nick-At-Will

5-9-18 King is Women's Player of the Month

5-9-18 Mar Elshorbagy is Men's Player of the Month

5-9-18 Water Bike

5-9-18 There's Always Lessons to Be Learned by Nick Hoppe

5-8-18 British Open Contenders Profiled

5-8-18 Hanson Beats Harrity to Win $15K CAC Open, Whitlock over Tomlinson in Women's

5-8-18 Job Opening: Squash Coordinator, Harlem

5-8-18 Job Opening: Squash Coordinator, Newark

5-8-18 Video: El Gouna Behind the Scenes

5-8-18 Navy Coach Craig Dawson Resigns After 18 Seasons

5-8-18 Lessons From the Field

5-8-18 Extra Time by Neil Tweedie

5-8-18 More Concussion Bad News

5-8-18 NFL Kickoff's Days May be Numbered

5-7-18 Danielle Letourneau and Andrew Schnell Win Canadian National Titles

5-7-18 2018 Canada Senior Nationals Recap by Chris Hanebury

5-7-18 Podcast:  Shawn Delierre

5-7-18 Fram's Corner: RIP Dr Samiha

5-7-18 Video: Hyder Finals

5-7-18 Video: CAC Final, Hanson v Harrity

5-7-18 Allam British Open, a History

5-7-18 Black Knight Broadsword TC from Pierre Bastien

5-7-18 A Career Writing about Cleveland Sports by Bud Shaw

5-7-18 Josh Rosen and the Jewish-Quarterback Question by Zach Helfand

5-6-18 Podcast: Danielle Letourneau

5-6-18 Nicol David Withdraws from British Open

5-6-18 The Phenomenon of Muscle Memory

5-6-18 Euro Teams Streaming

5-6-18 Blog: Two-Wall Boast

5-6-18 Archive: Early Stage Specialization

5-6-18 Cameron Pilley in Valenciennes 2018

5-6-18 Job Opening: Squash Haven

5-6-18 Squash BC Newsletter

5-6-18 St George Anything But

5-6-18 Mike Francesa Returns to WFAN

5-4-18 More British Open Countdown

5-4-18 Video: EG Women's Final, El Sherbini v El Welily

5-4-18 Video: EG Men's Final, Farag v Mar Elshorbagy

5-4-18 SquashSkills: Hot Courts

5-4-18 US Pro Events Weekend Live Streaming

5-4-18 Job Opening: Head Pro, Maryland

5-4-18 Margaret Elias Gerety Profile

5-4-18 College Tennis Setting Course for Sport's Future by Steve Tignor

5-4-18 New York Times Sports Bestsellers

5-4-18 Dwight Clark, The Last Huddle

5-3-18 Gaultier Hoping to Defend British Open Title

5-3-18 First Time in 26 Years No English Men in World Top 10

5-3-18 Euro Team Championships Report

5-3-18 Blog: Auto Responses

5-3-18 Columbia's Khalifa Accepts Maniatty Trophy

5-3-18 Martin Heath Named Squash Canada High Performance Director

5-3-18 Canadian Nationals Underway, Men's Draw

5-3-18 Canadian Nats Women's Draw

5-3-18 Video: EG Women's Semis

5-3-18 Video: EG Men's Semis

5-3-18 50-Year-Old Zodiac DNA Sent to a Lab

5-2-18 Marwan Elshorbagy Up to Number 3 in May World Rankings

5-2-18 El Sherbini Hangs on to Top Slot in Women's

5-2-18 Mathur & Mudge Complete Pro Hardball Doubles Undefeated Season

5-2-18 Blog: Advice

5-2-18 Outside the Glass: James Willstrop and Chris Gordon

5-2-18 US Squash Latest to Join Harrity Announcement Bandwagon

5-2-18 Teaching the Game: Women & Squash by James Zug

5-2-18 Proposed White Plains Apartment Complex to Include Court

5-2-18 When the Soccer Money Runs Out

5-2-18 Iconic Gibson Guitars Files for Bankruptcy

5-2-18 Anna, Llama and Me by Tracy J. Gates

5-1-18 May British Open Countdown

5-1-18 Virginia July World Masters Nears 500 Entries

5-1-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

5-1-18 Video: EG Women's Quarters Part 2

5-1-18 Video: EG Men's Quarters Part 2

5-1-18 Shirin Kaufman & Hamed Anvari Win US Mixed Doubles Title

5-1-18 Job Opening: Pro, Buffalo

5-1-18 Newsweek Picks Up Todd Harrity Announcement

5-1-18 Exclusive Atlanta Property Includes Court

5-1-18 US Open Racquets Final, Stout v Billings

5-1-18 38 Years in Prison Wrongly Accused, May Have Been Work of Golden State Killer