November 2016 - Archive

11-30-16 Champions England Tested By USA In Paris World Team Championship by Howard Harding

11-30-16 Canterbury Tales and the Court of King Joseph by Alan Thatcher

11-30-16 Premier Squash League Round 4 Report

11-30-16 Ubina’s Sterling Play Leads Princeton in Key Early Season Win by David Keating

11-30-16 Job Opening: Pro, Suburban New York

11-30-16 Video: Slow Motion, Abouelghar v Ashour

11-30-16 Head AFT Cyano Blast from Pierre Bastien

11-30-16 British Star Michael Oddy Tribute

11-30-16 Penn Players with International Offseasons

11-30-16 NYC Apartment Tower to Include 28th-Floor Court

11-30-16 Should Sports Be Coed? by Michael Gonchar

11-30-16 Developer Turning Shuttered Midwestern Mills into Sports Complexes

11-29-16 Double Delight For Hosts France On World Teams Opening Day by Howard Harding

11-29-16 Paris Welcomes Women's World Championship Teams by Howard Harding

11-29-16 Omneya Abdel Kawy Sets New World Squash Record In Paris by Howard Harding

11-29-16 Dessouky Claims CCI International Crown by Sean Reuthe

11-29-16 Elias Beats Salazar to Capture Edmonton Open Title by Sean Reuthe

11-29-16 Video: Willstrop Slow Motion

11-29-16 Hi-Tec M550 3Ds from Pierre Bastien

11-29-16 Video: A More Attacking Boast

11-29-16 Presidential Election and Baseball Free Agency

11-29-16 Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum by Om Malik

11-28-16 Harrow Fiction Match Chapter 11: 'New Players, New Angles' by A.J. Kohlhepp

11-28-16 Video: Gaultier Making It Look Easy

11-28-16 Women's World Teams: Les Bleues

11-28-16 Women's World Teams: Stopping Egypt

11-28-16 US Team with High Hopes by Adele Jackson-Gibson

11-28-16 Eye Strings from Pierre Bastien

11-28-16 Video: Optimizing the Grip

11-28-16 Head Nitro Team Shoes

11-28-16 Amazfit Pace Smartwatch

11-28-16 Changing Tennis's Scoring System May Dull Sport

11-28-16 US Tennis Threatens to Pull Support Until Player Loses Weight

11-27-16 Dessouky and Abouelghar Set Up CCI International Final Showdown by Sean Reuthe

11-27-16 Mueller Upsets Home Hope Ghosal in CCI International Quarter-Finals by Sean Reuthe

11-27-16 Elias and Salazar Square Off in Edmonton Final, Report

11-27-16 The Importance of Warming Up by Gary Nisbet

11-27-16 Video: Laura Massaro Forehand Attacking Boast

11-27-16 Low Wee Wern Forced Out of Women’s World Teams by Alex Wan

11-27-16 Black Knight Stealth from Pierre Bastien

11-27-16 Racquetball World Juniors Draws 180 by Timothy Baghurst

11-27-16 Status of NetSuite Open Unknown Following Oracle Purchase

11-27-16 Fitness Trackers by Price Point

11-27-16 Chess with a Draw Problem by Zach Young

11-27-16 John McEnroe Keeps Talking

11-27-16 Becoming the Sports Parent I Wished I’d Had by John Nuckel

11-26-16 Selby, Elias, Salazar, Avila in $35K Edmonton Semis; Report

11-26-16 Video: Momen v Coll, Qatar Extended

11-26-16 Video: PSL Post-Match Interviews

11-26-16 Women's World Teams: England with a Sense of Pride

11-26-16 Women's World Teams: Hong Kong Relies on Consistency

11-26-16 Women's World Teams: New Zealand to Throw Kitchen Sink

11-26-16 Women's World Teams: Step at a Time for India

11-26-16 Job Opening: Academic Director, Urban Squash, Pittsburgh

11-26-16 Job Opening: Program Coordinator, Urban Squash, Pittsburgh

11-26-16 The Squash Cast, Episode 10

11-26-16 Chicago Entrepreneur's Charitable Causes Include Squash

11-26-16 Xamsa Rackets from Pierre Bastien

11-26-16 Bobby Thomson Home Run Pitcher Ralph Branca Dies at 90

11-26-16 What US Soccer Can Learn from the Klinsmann Era

11-25-16 Dessouky Leads Seeds Into CCI International Quarter-Finals by Sean Reuthe

11-25-16 US No 1 Harrity Out in $35K Edmonton First Round, Quarters Report

11-25-16 Video: Megarally 168, Al Tamimi v Matthew

11-25-16 Former PSA Tour Player Colin Payne Death Linked to Murder Enquiry, by Alan Thatcher

11-25-16 Harrow Interview: Alan Clyne

11-25-16 University of Virginia Adding 12 Tennis Courts Adjacent to Boar's Head Squash Complex

11-25-16 Xamsa Squash Bags from Pierre Bastien

11-25-16 NZ Club Members' CPR Saves Player

11-25-16 Sports Illustrated Turkeys of the Year

11-25-16 ATP Tennis Announces $1.25M 21-and-Under Final

11-25-16 University of Kansas Suspends Cheerleader and Spirit Squad Members Over KKK Photos

11-25-16 Thanksgiving And Football by Richard Crepeau

11-24-16 World No.1 ElShorbagy to Top St George’s Hill Open Draw by Sean Reuthe

11-24-16 CCI International Main Draw Finalised After Qualification Ends by Sean Reuthe

11-24-16 $25K Women's Monte Carlo Quarters Report

11-24-16 Premier Squash League Round 3 Wrap

11-24-16 Video: Qatar 2016, Best Moments

11-24-16 Former Top-50 Player Colin Payne Dies at 54

11-24-16 Video: Defense into Attack

11-24-16 Salming Kobras Reviewed, by Jeff Warren

11-24-16 Nick Matthew Awarded Honorary Doctorate

11-24-16 The Plan in Teaching (and Coaching)

11-24-16 Deaf Tennis Player Breaks World Top 150

11-24-16 Jet Lag, Delays and Private Jets by Danielle Rossingh

11-23-16 Gawad Takes Lead on PSA Road to Dubai Standings by Sean Reuthe

11-23-16 Willstrop Aiming for Strong Finish to Year on Home Soil at St George’s Hill Open by Sean Reuthe

11-23-16 Selby, Elias Headline $35K Edmonton Open, Qualifying Finals Report

11-23-16 Video: 'Tempo is a Joke', Megarally 167

11-23-16 Hamilton’s Alex Regan and Western Ontario’s Pierce Masuara are College Players of the Week

11-23-16 Penn Assistant Coach Emery Maine Greenwood Profiled

11-23-16 Eye X.Lite 115 Control from Pierre Bastien

11-23-16 Martin Bronstein Reports on $25K Toronto Pro Doubles Final

11-23-16 Bronstein Cambridge Doubles Semis Report

11-23-16 Bronstein SDA Quarters Report

11-23-16 Bronstein Cambridge Doubles Qualifying Report

11-23-16 Amanda Sobhy Announces Website

11-23-16 Amazon Reportedly Dealing to Stream Live Sports

11-23-16 How Flawed Tennis Rankings Made Murray No 1 by Rob Minto

11-22-16 Masters Downs Creed to Take Saskatoon Movember Boast Crown by Sean Reuthe

11-22-16 Vargas and Cornett Take Simon Warder Memorial Titles by Sean Reuthe

11-22-16 No 1 Trinity Men Shut Out Drexel on Opening Weekend

11-22-16 Weekend College Highlights

11-22-16 Tesni Evans Profiled on BBC

11-22-16 Colorful Squash in Malaysian and Japanese Nationals by Alex Wan

11-22-16 Yonex Power Cushion SHB 02s from Pierre Bastien

11-22-16 Video: Working Shots in Pairs

11-22-16 The Novak Djokovic Narrative by Peter Bodo

11-22-16 How Andy Murray has Changed British Tennis by Simon Mundie

11-22-16 Early College Scouting More Prevalent in Women's Sports

11-22-16 The Problems Athletics Present at an Academic University by Alex McGurk

11-21-16 Harrow Fiction Chapter 10: 'That's Right' by Sasha Cooke

11-21-16 Video: October Shot of the Month Contenders

11-21-16 Qatar Final Draws Packed House

11-21-16 Smaller Squash Nations Dreaming Big at World Teams

11-21-16 Outside the Glass: Paul Selby

11-21-16 CitySquashers Celebrate 100 Hours on Court

11-21-16 Tecnifibre Squash Balls from Pierre Bastien

11-21-16 Buffalo Tennis & Squash Club on List of Unique

11-21-16 Tennis Aiming to Define and Crack Down on Tanking

11-21-16 London O2 Arena Welcomes 2 Millionth Tennis Fan

11-21-16 How the Cloud Impacts Athletes

11-21-16 Nike's $700 Self-Lacing Sneakers

11-20-16 Video: $150K Qatar Final, Elshorbagy v Gawad

11-20-16 Qatar En Bref: Gawad Picks Up Where He Left Off

11-20-16 US - Canada Showdown Looming in Women's World Teams

11-20-16 Assaiante: US Team Future Bright

11-20-16 Team Canada Aiming for Top 10

11-20-16 Resistance Training for Squash by Gary Nisbet

11-20-16 Dec Holds onto Slim Lead in Harrow Fiction Match 'The Competition'

11-20-16 Complete Novel to Date

11-20-16 John Jeffrey: Aussie Aaron Out of a Job

11-20-16 Post-ToC Yale Coaching Camp to Include Laura Massaro

11-20-16 Head Nitro Pros from Pierre Bastien

11-20-16 Ivy Men's Play Kicks Off

11-20-16 Media Attention in Qatar

11-20-16 NFL Analytics and Going for Two

11-20-16 Best William Hill Sports Books 2016

11-19-16 Gawad Lifts Qatar Classic Title to Claim Maiden World Series Crown by Sean Reuthe

11-19-16 Video: Qatar Semis, Elshorbagy v Matthew

11-19-16 Video: Qatar Semis, Gawad v Selby

11-19-16 Breaking the rules of the Maah Daah Hey: how Not to mountain bike the Badlands by Tracy J. Gates

11-19-16 Tourna Specs Goggles from Pierre Bastien

11-19-16 Video: Common Backhand Volley Faults

11-19-16 Matthew: Introduction to Building Pressure

11-19-16 Video Memories of Al Ahram

11-19-16 Spotlight Tim Thomas

11-19-16 Old Future by Chris Almeida

11-18-16 ElShorbagy and Gawad to Contest Qatar Classic Final by Sean Reuthe

11-18-16 Video: Qatar Quarters, Elshorbagy v Rosner

11-18-16 Video: Matthew v Marche

11-18-16 Video: Pilley v Selby

11-18-16 Video: Gawad v Mar Elshorbagy

11-18-16 Minimalist Squash Shoes from Pierre Bastien

11-18-16 Crawling Among Latest Core Workouts

11-18-16 Victoir Over McGinnis in Silver Racquet Court Tennis

11-18-16 Glimpsing the Future of Men's Tennis by Gerald Marzorati

11-18-16 Doctor Says Football as New Sport Likely Not Allowed

11-18-16 World Chess Championship Return on Investment Intangible but Significant by Dylan McClain

11-17-16 36-Year-Old Matthew into $150K Qatar Semis

11-17-16 Video: Qatar Round 2, Rosner v Willstrop

11-17-16 Video: Momen v Marche

11-17-16 Video: Matthew v Clyne

11-17-16 Video: Selby v Waller

11-17-16 Video: Gawad v Mohamed

11-17-16 Video: Pilley v Salazar

11-17-16 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Cuskelly

11-17-16 Video: Commentators Pre-Quarters

11-17-16 New York Women Capture Howe Cup Title

11-17-16 Ferreira and Badan Recover to Win Atlanta Pro Doubles

11-17-16 '555' Now Kindle-ized

11-17-16 William Smith’s Gaby Fraser and the Navy's Jack Herold are College Players of the Week

11-17-16 Penn Reloads with Strong Recruiting Classes by Greg Robinov

11-17-16 Walk-Ons and the Yale Experience by Mark Rosenberg

11-17-16 New BK John White Singles Racquet from Pierre Bastien

11-17-16 Thoughts from a College Basketball Sentimentalist

11-16-16 Rösner Defeats Willstrop on Thrilling Third Day of Qatar Classic by Sean Reuthe

11-16-16 Video: Qatar 1st Round, Muller v Waller

11-16-16 Video: Richards v Mohamed

11-16-16 Video: Meguid v Salazar

11-16-16 Video: Cuskelly v Lee

11-16-16 Video: Mosaad v Selby

11-16-16 Video: Gawad v Reda

11-16-16 Video: Pilley v Adnan

11-16-16 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Yip

11-16-16 March Canary Wharf Classic Sold Out

11-16-16 PSA Weekend Roundup

11-16-16 US Team of Sobhy Sisters, Blatchford and Sedky Primes for Women's World's

11-16-16 Black Knight Great White Doubles Squash Racket from Pierre Bastien

11-16-16 US Tennis Legend Gardnar Mulloy Dies at 102

11-16-16 Public Recovery Room for Athletes Opens in Colorado Springs

11-16-16 On the Columbia Wrestling Team Suspension, by Brian Min

11-16-16 Latest Adidas Running Shoe Made from Ocean Plastic

11-16-16 USA Today Sportswriters Reportedly Told Not to Share Political Opinions

11-15-16 Selby Sends Mosaad Crashing Out on Day Two of Qatar Classic by Sean Reuthe

11-15-16 Egypt Seeded To Reclaim Women's World Team Title In France by Howard Harding

11-15-16 Video: Qatar Classic 1st Round, Willstrop v Simpson

11-15-16 Video: Marche v Abouelghar

11-15-16 Video: Ghosal v Clyne

11-15-16 Video: Momen v Coll

11-15-16 Video: Matthew v Tamimi

11-15-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Elias

11-15-16 Video: Au v Grayson

11-15-16 Video: Rosner v James

11-15-16 Chris Gordon over Mike McCue in Ottawa Challenger Final

11-15-16 Weekend College Highlights

11-15-16 John White's Drexel Program Looks to Continue Success

11-15-16 Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic MTs from Pierre Bastien

11-15-16 One-Time Squash Hub Town Sports Overhauling Facilities

11-15-16 Everyday Athletes Increasingly Embracing Cryotherapy

11-15-16 Study Suggests Male Athletes Choke More

11-15-16 One Guy Sits

11-14-16 Harrow Fiction Match: Chapter 9, 'Bubbling Over' by Pierre Bastien

11-14-16 Matthew Escapes Upset Against Local Hero Al Tamimi on Opening Day of Qatar Classic by Sean Reuthe

11-14-16 PSA Qatar DRAW

11-14-16 Addison West And Whitten Morris Capture Silver Racquets Crown by Rob Dinerman

11-14-16 Lighting Up Blue by Will Carlin

11-14-16 Outside the Glass: Sticke

11-14-16 Head to Sponsor US High School Championships

11-14-16 Dubai Coaches Introducing Sport on Inflatable Courts

11-14-16 Stan Smith Tennis Shoes Live On

11-14-16 Slumping Djokovic Seeks Help from Spiritual Guru

11-14-16 30-and-Over Crowd Thinning in Men's Tennis

11-14-16 Five Fixes that Might Improve Sports by Mike Vaccaro

11-14-16 Rio Olympics Workers Reportedly Unpaid

11-13-16 Qatar Qualifying Complete

11-13-16 $150K Qatar Classic Video Preview

11-13-16 New WSF Board Declares Pakistan Over-Age Scandal Results Inconclusive

11-13-16 Job Opening: Pro, Upstate New York

11-13-16 The Day Norman Beat Khan by Simon Briggs

11-13-16 555 Tribute

11-13-16 Alan Thatcher's Blog

11-13-16 Video: Ottawa Good Life Open Quarters

11-13-16 Video: El Welily Backhand Drop

11-13-16 Video: Common Faults on the Backhand Volley

11-13-16 Plenty of Energy at the 83rd Howe Cup

11-13-16 Pulleys, Levers and a Dancer Help Andy Murray

11-11-16 Players Dropping Like Flies as Farag Joins List of Qatar Pullouts

11-11-16 November Update from the World Squash Federation

11-11-16 Chelsea Piers to Host Weekend 83rd Howe Cup

11-11-16 Video: Backhand Volley Fundamentals

11-11-16 Resistance Training for Squash Part 1, by Gary Nisbet

11-11-16 Throwback Thursday, Qatar Highlights

11-11-16 Video: Moments, Men's World's

11-11-16 Vassar’s Isabelle Bertram and Bard’s Abe Etkin are College Players of the Week

11-11-16 Preston Named Best City to Live and Work in North-West England

11-11-16 North America Exotic Ski Spots

11-11-16 Vermont Fall Cycling

11-10-16 France's Jacques Fontaine Succeeds N Ramachandran as World Squash Federation President by Howard Harding

11-10-16 Fontaine Elected Over Connecticut's Natalie Grainger, 2 Others; To Re-Target Olympics

11-10-16 Ashour Latest to Pull Out of Qatar

11-10-16 Qatar Preview

11-10-16 Qatar Classic History

11-10-16 Video: Megarally 166, Momen v Gaultier

11-10-16 Sarah Fitz Still a Champion by Steve Walton

11-10-16 Fram: Le Mot de La Fin

11-10-16 How and How Not to Refuel by Alex Hutchinson

11-10-16 Radio Host Limbaugh Defends Harvard Soccer Team’s Sexual Scouting Report

11-10-16 Kneeling QB Kaepernick Should Have Voted

11-9-16 Gaultier Withdraws from Qatar Classic by Sean Reuthe

11-9-16 Cameron Pilley to Appear in 11th Qatar Classic

11-9-16 Mathur & Mudge Win 2nd Pro Doubles Title in Two Weeks

11-9-16 Video: Forehand Secret

11-9-16 College Bound Aussie Athletes Good News

11-9-16 Video: PSL February, Rosner v Selby

11-9-16 Video: St Louis Pro Doubles

11-9-16 Harvard Sexism Scandal Said to Reveal Larger Concerns

11-9-16 17 Pounds in a Week, The UFC Weight-Cut Diet

11-9-16 Ravens Offensive Lineman Pursuing MIT Doctorate, Should have Run for President

11-8-16 World Champion Gawad Features in All-Star Qatar Classic by Nathan Clarke

11-8-16  $150K Qatar Classic DRAW

11-8-16 Nick Sachvie and Holly Naughton Win Minnesota and Vancouver Pro Titles

11-8-16 Video: Taxi by Max Lee

11-8-16 Interesting Jahangir Book Discussion on BBC Radio London Sport

11-8-16 Early College Weekend Highlights

11-8-16 Job Opening: Development Associate, CitySquash

11-8-16 82-Year-Old Trevor Coulter Profiled

11-8-16 Another Harvard Team Reportedly Behaves Badly

11-8-16 24-Hour, 30,000 sq ft UFC Gym Opens

11-8-16 Rowayton Platform Tennis Celebrates 50 Years

11-8-16 Andy Murray's Time in the Sun at Age 29

11-7-16 Harrow Fiction Match, Chapter EIGHT by Chris Dec

11-7-16 Complete Novel to Date

11-7-16 Premier Squash League Round 2 Report

11-7-16 Video: Men's World's, Ashour v Dessouky Extended

11-7-16 Defending Champion England Announces Squad for Paris World Teams

11-7-16 Top 5 Men's World Finals

11-7-16 Video: Massaro Backhand Drive

11-7-16 Grayson Wins Squash Player’s Player of the Month Award

11-7-16 From Bumpy to Dusit Smooth

11-7-16 Video: Tactics Mix

11-7-16 Kevin Klipstein: Behavior Equals Culture

11-7-16 Podcast: Outside the Glass, First Day

11-6-16 Video: World Final, Gawad v Ashour

11-6-16 Video: Wadi Degla Final, El Welily v Gohar

11-6-16 Video: Sumner's World Champs Diary Day 1

11-6-16 Video: Forehand Volley Fundamentals

11-6-16 Opinion: PSA Needs to Sanction Players Who Publicly Criticize Tour Referees, as in this Memo

11-6-16 Ted Price Awarded US Squash President's Cup

11-6-16 Men's Preseason College Team Rankings

11-6-16 BC Nelson Squash Club Flourishing Once Again by Brendan Quinn

11-6-16 Refereeing, Racket Contact

11-6-16 Tim Tebow Book Tops October Sports Bestsellers

11-6-16 Cambridge on My Mind by Steve Nadis

11-6-16 Sportswriters Not Sticking to Sports by Tony Rehagen

11-6-16 Harvard Does What Most Universities are Afraid of by Eric Adelson

11-6-16 French Family Fitness Retreat by Nathaniel Warren

11-5-16 Gawad Takes World Championship Title After Ashour Retires Through Injury by Sean Reuthe

11-5-16 El Welily Lifts Wadi Degla Open Crown by Sean Reuthe

11-5-16 Video: Men's World Semis, Gawad v Elshorbagy

11-5-16 Video: Women's Wadi Degla Semis, El Welily v David

11-5-16 Video: Gohar v Evans

11-5-16 Women's Preseason College Team Rankings

11-5-16 GW Coach Named to Squash Magazine Top 50

11-5-16 Harvard Athletes and Students Reportedly Applaud Decision to Suspend Men’s Soccer Team

11-5-16 Confidence by Chris Hanebury

11-5-16 Rugby Fives Played on Squash-Like Court

11-5-16 Lower East Side Luxury Condo Complex Includes Court

11-5-16 High School Football Revisited

11-4-16 Gawad and Ashour to Contest World Championship Final by Sean Reuthe

11-4-16 El Welily And Gohar To Meet In Wadi Degla Open Final by Nathan Clarke

11-4-16 Video: Men's World Quarters, Ashour v Dessouky

11-4-16 Video: Gaultier v Momen

11-4-16 Video: Women's Wadi Delga, Gohar v Metwally

11-4-16 Video: Evans v Ibrahim

11-4-16 Sumner Malik Arrives in Cairo

11-4-16 Shabana Contributing in a Different Way

11-4-16 Jahangir Run Challenged and Defended, by Mike Rowbottom

11-4-16 Video: Alan Thatcher & Danny Lee Talk Jahangir Streak on BBC World News

11-4-16 Alan's Blog

11-4-16 Pakistan Newspaper Readers Respond in Comments Section

11-4-16 Rob Dinerman: Jahangir Streak Broken 2 Years Before Ross Norman Defeat

11-3-16 Ashour to Face Gaultier in Mouthwatering World Championship Semi-Final by Sean Reuthe

11-3-16 Welsh Star Evans Storms Into Wadi Degla Open Semis by Nathan Clarke

11-3-16 Video: Men's World 3rd Round, Mar Elshorbagy v Momen

11-3-16 Video: Mo Elshorbagy v Farag

11-3-16 Video: Gawad v Matthew

11-3-16 Video: Women's Wadi Delga, David v El Tayeb

11-3-16 Video: El Welily v Urquhart

11-3-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Piping Rock

11-3-16 Mathur and Mudge Win Big Apple Hardball Pro Doubles

11-3-16 US v Canada Can-Am Cup Wilmington Country Club Doubles Wrap

11-3-16 Gawad to 3 in Men's Pro Rankings

11-3-16 Gohar Reaches Career-High Three in Women's November Rankings

11-3-16 Virginia Men's Preview

11-3-16 U of Minnesota Men's Preview

11-3-16 Alberto Malinow USOC Volunteer of the Year

11-3-16 Gary Nisbet Cheat Sheet

11-3-16 Outside the Glass Podcast: The CEO Speaks

11-3-16 The Bronx, Home to 1.5 Million People, Loses Its Only Bookstore

11-2-16 ElShorbagy and Gawad Set Up World Championship Semi-Final Clash by Sean Reuthe

11-2-16 David And El Welily To Meet In Wadi Degla Open Semi-finals by Nathan Clarke

11-2-16 Video: Men's World Third Round, Farag v Rodriguez

11-2-16 Video: Ashour v Selby

11-2-16 Video: Dessouky v Adnan

11-2-16 Video: Gaultier v Yip

11-2-16 Jahangir Legendary Winning Streak Questioned in New Book

11-2-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro. California

11-2-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Long Island

11-2-16 University of Washington Men's Preview

11-2-16 St Louis Washington Men's Preview

11-2-16 Johns Hopkins Men's Preview

11-2-16 Legends Power, Walker, Lincou and Nicol Boost World Squash Day in San Diego

11-2-16 Top 25 College Football Field Designs

11-1-16 Egyptians Make History On Day Five of World Championship by Sean Reuthe

11-1-16 Men's World's DRAW

11-1-16 Qualifying Trio Upset The Seedings As Women's Wadi Degla Open Kicks Off by Nathan Clarke

11-1-16 PSA Women's Wadi Degla Open DRAW

11-1-16 Video: Men's World 3rd Round, Gawad v Lee

11-1-16 Video: Matthew v Rosner

11-1-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Fathi

11-1-16 Serme Wins Squash Player’s Player of the Month Award

11-1-16 Smith Women's Preview

11-1-16 Virginia Women's Preview

11-1-16 Washington University Women's Preview

11-1-16 Puma Self-Lacing Shoes

11-1-16 Offense Still Wins in Women's Tennis by Steve Tignor

11-1-16 In Defense of High School Football by Jason Whitlock