November 2018 - Archive

11-30-18 February Chicago World Championships Tickets on Sale

11-30-18 Former World No 4 Omneya Abdel Kawy Announces Retirement

11-30-18 World Junior Champ Asal Over Al Tamimi in Pakistan Open 2nd Round

11-30-18 Dartmouth Men 7-2 Over Drexel

11-30-18 Penn with Tough Weekend Test

11-30-18 Head Sonic 2000 from Pierre Bastien

11-30-18 Video: Match of the Season Contender

11-30-18 Dogs May Not be Geniuses After All

11-30-18 Racing Across Antarctica, One Freezing Day at a Time

11-29-18 Video: HK Women's Final, King v El Welily

11-29-18 Video: HK Men's Final, Elshorbagy v Farag

11-29-18 Job Opening: Pro, New Jersey

11-29-18 College Team Rankings Updated

11-29-18 Dunlop Apex Infinity 3.0 from Pierre Bastien

11-29-18 Shelley Kitchen into NZ Hall of Fame

11-29-18 The Circuit, a Tennis Odyssey

11-29-18 Stretching Studios Next Boutique Trend by Rina Raphael

11-29-18 World Nomad Games Explained

11-29-18 Springsteen Beneath the Surface by Michael Hainey

11-28-18 From the Cheap Seats by Ted Gross

11-28-18 Stop the Masquerade by Guy Cipriano

11-28-18 Premier Squash League Round 4 Report

11-28-18 Allam British Open Announces Move to New Complex

11-28-18 King Clinches World Series Finals Slot by Sean Reuthe

11-28-18 $180K Men's Black Ball Open Set Monday in Cairo

11-28-18 New Draw Format (Well. . .)

11-28-18 Pro Doubles Promo

11-28-18 Two Legendary Ladies

11-28-18 World Chess Championship to Speed Up Play after 12 Straight Draws

11-27-18 What’s On My Mind: Good Problems by AJ Kohlhepp

11-27-18 Video: Hong Kong Women's Semis

11-27-18 Video: Hong Kong Men's Semis

11-27-18 King Home Victorious

11-27-18 Vlog: Shorbagy Rally Analysis

11-27-18 Podcast: Jamie Crombie

11-27-18 Harvard Freshman Victor Crouin Notches 4th PSA Title

11-27-18 Andy Murray Using Handstands to Gear Up

11-27-18 How Amazon Web Services Reinvented the Internet

11-27-18 John Updike: Snowing in Greenwich Village

11-26-18 Modern Reffing, by Ted Gross

11-26-18 King, Elshorbagy Hong Kong Finals Recap

11-26-18 Elshorbagy v Farag Point

11-26-18 King v El Welily Point

11-26-18 HK Photo Galleries

11-26-18 35th PSA Title Vaults Elshorbagy into 8th Place All-Time

11-26-18 Video: Hong Kong Women's Quarters

11-26-18 Video: Hong Kong Men's Quarters

11-26-18 Ian Power

11-26-18 Former Tour Tennis Player Justin Gimelstob Arrested

11-25-18 Hong Kong Open Finals Report

11-25-18 Point: Roesner v Farag

11-25-18 Point: Elshorbagy v Momen

11-25-18 Pathway for Change by Tony Griffin

11-25-18 US Squash West Coast JCT's by Nick-At-Will

11-25-18 Faces of Squash BC & News

11-25-18 You Make the Call

11-25-18 Penn Squads Undefeated Early by OJ Singh

11-25-18 Sedona Half-Marathon Taking Entries

11-25-18 Penthouse by Ted Gross

11-24-18 Hong Kong Open Semis Report

11-24-18 Point: Rosner v Rodriguez

11-24-18 Point: Coll v Elshorbagy

11-24-18 Video: Hong Kong Women's Round 3

11-24-18 Video: Hong Kong Men's Round 3

11-24-18 Dunlop Precision Elite from Pierre Bastien

11-24-18 Players will Dress to Impress

11-24-18 UK Accountant Loses 5-Year Battle to Save Man-Cave and Court

11-24-18 Gary Nisbet: Landmine Variations

11-24-18 Pro Tennis Renegotiating Fundamentals by Jonathan Liew

11-23-18 Perry Over El Sherbini in Hong Kong, Quarters Report

11-23-18 Point

11-23-18 Point

11-23-18 Point

11-23-18 Sharif Khan’s Journey by Mary Beth Denomy

11-23-18 Yale Men's Preview

11-23-18 Karakal Evolution 115 Strings from Pierre Bastien

11-23-18 David Palmer Recognized at NSW Commonwealth Hall of Fame

11-23-18 How to Beat a Pusher

11-22-18 El Sherbini Over Sobhy in Hong Kong Round of 16, Day 4 Report

11-22-18 Point

11-22-18 Video: Women's HK Round 2 Part 2

11-22-18 Video: Men's HK Round 2 Part 2

11-22-18 Hong Kong Open Draws

11-22-18 Scottish Podcast: Developing Juniors

11-22-18 'Opportunities for All'

11-22-18 Beng Hee Keen for Grassroots in Qatar

11-22-18 Squash Feared to be Losing Popularity in South Africa

11-22-18 A Bad Deal for Cities by Rick Paulas

11-21-18 Hong Kong Open Day 3 Report

11-21-18 HK Rd 2, 4-Hour Court 9 Replay

11-21-18 Video: Hong Kong Women's Round 2, Part 1

11-21-18 Video: Hong Kong Men's Round 2, Part 1

11-21-18 College Weekend Recap

11-21-18 Stanford Women Earn Split on Coast to Coast Trip

11-21-18 Princeton Grad Olivia Fiechter Wins Rhode Island for First PSA Title

11-21-18 Tennis, Data Analytics and the Human Element

11-21-18 Nick Hoppe: Win or Lose, Just a Stupid Game

11-21-18 Tim Green

11-20-18 Hong Kong Open Day 2 Report

11-20-18 Americans Harrity & Mendez Lose in 33 and 25-minute Hong Kong Openers, Sobhy Advances

11-20-18 Video: Hong Kong Women's Round 1

11-20-18 Video: Hong Kong Men's Round 1

11-20-18 HK Draws

11-20-18 Darien Ox Ridge Hunt Club Expansion to Include 8 Courts

11-20-18 US Junior Open Earns Sports Tourism Award

11-20-18 Turning Back the Clock by Anwar Zuberi

11-20-18 LA Times: How Tiny Brush Fire Became State's Deadliest

11-20-18 Not a Bad Idea!

11-19-18 Video: Simon Warder Women's Final, Samantha Cornett vs Lucy Turmel

11-19-18 Video: Simon Warder Men's Final, Henrik Mustonen v Shahjahan Khan

11-19-18 No 6 Penn Men Crush Virginia

11-19-18 No 5 Rochester Opens Up 8-1 Over Cornell

11-19-18 3-0 Princeton Women Top Stanford, Rout GW to Complete Weekend

11-19-18 Fine Margins by Paul Coll

11-19-18 Vlog: Ghosting Patterns

11-19-18 Fall Running Shoes

11-19-18 Research Suggests Pumping Iron Strengthens Heart

11-19-18 Harvard California Vineyard Business Under Fire

11-19-18 That's a Squash Club

11-18-18 No 1 Trinity Men 6-3 Over Princeton to Open Season

11-18-18 Tennis, and Future-of-Squash Template by Alan Thatcher

11-18-18 Video: Simon Warder, Mario Yanez v Henrik Mustonen

11-18-18 Video: Simon Warder, Lucy Turmel v Nikki Todd

11-18-18 El Sherbini Ready for World No 1 Challenge in Hong Kong

11-18-18 Defending Champion Elshorbagy Relishing HK Return

11-18-18 Michael Nash: Own the T

11-18-18 Squash 57 Uptake in Surrey

11-18-18 Video: Squash 57, Club Ball

11-18-18 Mike Lupica: Remembering William Goldman

11-16-18 Podcast: Nick Taylor

11-16-18 Top-Ranked Trinity Men Kick Off Assaiante's 25th Season

11-16-18 No 4 Cardinal Women Open Up in Philly

11-16-18 Video: Simon Warder, Khan v Ajagbe

11-16-18 Video: Simon Warder, Mustonen v Fuller

11-16-18 Court Build Timelapse

11-16-18 Hong Kong Countdown

11-16-18 SDA Pro Doubles Awards

11-16-18 From GoodNick Squash: Happy Thanksgiving & News

11-16-18 Egyptian Women & the Fight to Work by Leslie Chang

11-15-18 Selby Over Mosaad to Capture $50K QSF Title

11-15-18 ToC on Track for Biggest Ever Platform

11-15-18 ToC Tickets

11-15-18 Holding Court Ep 2 with Nick Matthew

11-15-18 Max Lee Hoping to Realize Dream at Hong Kong Open

11-15-18 Blog: Move to Counter Drop

11-15-18 Donna Lobban

11-15-18 Harvard Featuring 3 Egyptian Freshmen

11-15-18 What Happened to Carmelo Anthony by Will Leitch

11-15-18 Checking Your Inbox Not Always Fun by Nick Hoppe

11-14-18 PSA Simon Warder Day 2 Recap and Blog

11-14-18 Video: Simon Warder, Catalina Pelaez v Mary Fung-A-Fat

11-14-18 Video: Simon Warder,  Samantha Cornett v Anna Kimberley

11-14-18 Video: Simon Warder,  Christina Gomez v Enora Villard

11-14-18 Princeton Men Beaten by Unlikely Virginia

11-14-18 Middlebury Bostwick Family Squash Center Dedicated on Hall of Fame Weekend

11-14-18 Philly Lifts Howe Cup on Home Soil, 4 Cities Share US Women’s Team Titles

11-14-18 Hong Kong Promo and Meal

11-14-18 GQ Magazine Names Williams Woman-of-the-Year in Quotes

11-14-18 The NBA as Real Estate Company

11-13-18 Jamie Crombie Launches 'The Squash Exchange'

11-13-18 Sarnia, Canada, Simon Warder PSA Preview

11-13-18 Video: Sarnia Round 1, Anna Serme vs Holly Delavigne

11-13-18 Video: Sarnia Round 1, Rory Bradd v Mohamed Nabil

11-13-18 Weekend PSA Roundup

11-13-18 Dartmouth Men's Preview

11-13-18 Drexel Men's Preview

11-13-18 Rankedin Squash App Claims Free Usefulness

11-13-18 Warriors Selling View-Less Tickets

11-13-18 Marvel's Stan Lee Dies At 95

11-13-18 A Million Bucks, That's What's Wrong

11-12-18 Clinton Leeuw And Hamed Anvari Capture Silver Racquet Doubles Crown by Rob Dinerman

11-12-18 Podcast: Raneem El Welily

11-12-18 Blog: Pathway Swing Forehand and Backhand Part 1

11-12-18 Carrara National Centre provides Commonwealth Games legacy in Australia by Howard Harding

11-12-18 Job Opening: Full-Time Coach, Malta

11-12-18 Ibrahim a Winner in Swiss Open

11-12-18 Dickinson Men's Preview

11-12-18 Mount Holyoke Women’s Preview

11-12-18 PSA Shots of the Month

11-12-18 How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town by Derek Thompson

11-11-18 Podcast: Sarah-Jane Perry

11-11-18 Blog: Elite Swing

11-11-18 Willstrop Turns Theater Reviewer

11-11-18 Steve Finitsis Still Challenged, by Alan Thatcher

11-11-18 Squash Player Magazine Gift Subscriptions

11-11-18 StreetSquash and College Exploration

11-11-18 Comfort Food with Nicolas Müller

11-11-18 Princeton Women's Preview

11-11-18 St Lawrence Women's Preview

11-11-18 Hydrogen Superyacht Includes Court

11-9-18 $180K Black Ball Open Set for December in Cairo

11-9-18 Record 17 Philadelphia Teams Set to Host Howe Cup

11-9-18 Badan and Stout Win Westchester Pro Doubles

11-9-18 ToC Travel Packages

11-9-18 WSF Youth Olympics Montage

11-9-18 Podcast: Sue Newman King

11-9-18 Meritocracy Killing Youth Sports by Derek Thompson

11-9-18 Rittenhouse Mansion Includes Converted Court

11-9-18 College Football 'Revenue Games' Pay Out Millions

11-9-18 Leo Borg

11-8-18 Experience Trumps Youth at Wimbledon Cup by Phil Rushworth

11-8-18 Matthew Joins New UK Coaching Network by Alan Thatcher

11-8-18 Canary Wharf to Continue Best-of-Three Trial

11-8-18 Au Siblings Aiming to Draw on Home Support

11-8-18 Qatar Impressions by Jim Zug

11-8-18 Blog: Purposeful Warmup 3

11-8-18 F&M Steps Up Home Squash-Casting

11-8-18 Trinity Women's Preview

11-8-18 Cornell Men's Preview

11-8-18 MIT Study Suggests Fantasy Sports Involve Skill

11-7-18 Tournament of Champions Expands Prize Money and Schedule by Chris McClintick

11-7-18 ToC Tickets on Sale

11-7-18 Premier Squash League Round 3 Report

11-7-18 Video: Qatar Round 2 Part 1

11-7-18 Video: Qatar Round 2 Part 2

11-7-18 Columbia Men's Preview

11-7-18 Stanford Women's Preview

11-7-18 Blog: Long Shot

11-7-18 Making A Difference by Michele Graham

11-7-18 Baseball Cultural Heritage in Photos

11-6-18 Momen and Perry Named PSA Players of the Month

11-6-18 Weekend PSA Roundup

11-6-18 Positive Officiating and Fair Play

11-6-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, New York City

11-6-18 Video: Rodriguez v Salazar Extended

11-6-18 Declan James Interview

11-6-18 Brown Men's Preview

11-6-18 Vassar Women's Preview

11-6-18 Dunlop Precision Ultimate from Pierre Bastien

11-6-18 Fitness and Business Travel

11-6-18 How Canadians are Born?

11-5-18 Rodriguez Visualizes the Prize by Mike Dale

11-5-18 Declan James Becomes England's No 1 Ranked Man

11-5-18 Emotional Win for Sam Cornett in Ottawa

11-5-18 Wee Wern and Tier 2

11-5-18 Playing Open Stance by Chris Hanebury

11-5-18 Bowdoin Men's Preview

11-5-18 Williams Women's Preview

11-5-18 Wesleyan Women's Preview

11-5-18 Kerikeri Members Frustrated

11-5-18 Modern Squash in the UK

11-5-18 NYT Sports Bestsellers

11-4-18 Farag Wins in Qatar

11-4-18 Video: Qatar Final

11-4-18 Video: Qatar Semis

11-4-18 Podcast: Todd Harrity

11-4-18 El Sherbini Marks 31 Months at World No 1

11-4-18 Pro Squash Calendar

11-4-18 2019/20 Men's World's Headed for Qatar

11-4-18 From Elite Player to Masters Athlete

11-4-18 Virginia Women's Preview

11-4-18 Yusuf

11-2-18 Farag and Rösner to Square Off in $175K Qatar Classic Final

11-2-18 Video: Qatar Quarters

11-2-18 World No 1 El Sherbini Turns 23

11-2-18 CSA Releases Pre-Season Rankings

11-2-18 College Rankings List

11-2-18 Blog: Racquet Face

11-2-18 Efficient Warm Up by AJ Lamb

11-2-18 Asics Gel Flare 6 from Pierre Bastien

11-2-18 1968 National Doubles by Jim Zug

11-2-18 Tribeca Megamansion Plans Include Court

11-1-18 Elias Beats ElShorbagy to Reach $175K Qatar Semis by Alex Wan

11-1-18 Qatar Point

11-1-18 Point

11-1-18 Brutal Point

11-1-18 Podcast: Paul Assaiante

11-1-18 Yvain Badan & Bernardo Samper Win First Big Apple SDA Open

11-1-18 Blog: Racquet Back

11-1-18 Ivy League Becomes the Future of Football by Marc Tracy

11-1-18 Giants Legend Willie McCovey Dies at 80

11-1-18 Bruce Jenkins: McCovey's Presence One of a Kind