November 2020 - Archive

11-30-20 Impressions of the Maspeth Outdoor Steel Court by Jon Foster

11-30-20 In Squash Podcast: Jesse Englebrecht

11-30-20 Video: AJ Bell Women's Final

11-30-20 Video: AJ Bell Men's Final

Rod Gilmour

11-30-20 SquashSkills Survey

11-30-20 Year End Sports Books

11-30-20 Nurses Protest Athlete Testing Inequity

11-30-20 College Cheerleading and Big Bucks by Tess DeMeyer

11-30-20 High End Fitness Gifts

Georgina Kennedy and George Parker Winners in Manchester Challenge

11-27-20 2021 Tournament of Champions Cancelled

11-27-20 Video: AJ Bell Challenge Men's Day 2

11-27-20 Video: AJ Bell Challenge Women's Day 2

Outdoor Squash Resources

11-27-20 Maspeth Court

11-27-20 BBC Sounds with Jenny Duncalf

11-27-20 Call

11-27-20 Talking a Good Game by Steve Tignor

11-27-20 Pour One for the Sports Bar by Steve Rushin

Ivy Pochoda Joins Call for Outdoor Courts by Alan Thatcher

11-25-20 Brown Players Sue for Varsity Reinstatement

11-25-20 Marwan ElShorbagy Suspended by PSA, Out of Black Ball Open

11-25-20 Squash Bubbles, Quarantine and Tests

11-25-20 In Depth with Paul Coll

11-25-20 Nick Matthew Tip

11-25-20 In Squash Podcast: Lisa Aitken

11-25-20 Murray Backs Compulsory Tennis Vaccines

11-25-20 The Inside Story of Hobart's 'Soul Patrol' by Brian Simpkins

11-25-20 Notable Books 2020

England Squash Chief Cites Frustrations by Alan Thatcher

11-23-20 US Squash Chairman: The Long Game

11-23-20 Natural Skill from Lee Drew

11-23-20 Squash Radio: Hope Prockop

11-23-20 Video: Tour Finals Highlights

11-23-20 Judith Fitzgerald Remembered

11-23-20 Specter Center Progress

11-23-20 Tennis Mailbag

11-23-20 Holiday Fitness Accessories

Solo Long-Distance Walking In England

Coll and Asal in Line for Black Ball Battle

11-19-20 Video: Rodriguez v Elias, Qatar

11-19-20 In Squash Podcast: Ryosei Kobayashi

11-19-20 Squash Radio: Lauren Patrizio

11-19-20 Call

11-19-20 Pakistani Player Farooqui Enjoys Success in South Africa

11-19-20 Pro Player Analysis

11-19-20 Mike Mussina and Andrew Luck Among Stanford Ex-Athletes Pushing for Varsity Sports Reinstatement

11-19-20 Harvard Athletes React to Winter Cancellation

11-19-20 December Florida Triathlon with Million Dollar Purse

The Future?

Urban Graduate Patrick Williams Named Squash Drive Executive Director

11-18-20 Outdoors in Queens

11-18-20 Jansher World's 25th Anniversary

11-18-20 Penn Junior

11-18-20 Australian Open Tennis Facing Hurdles

11-18-20 Former Harvard Fencing Coach Charged with Bribery

11-18-20 Dang, $199 Insoles

11-18-20 Andrew Whitworth

11-18-20 Why Do I Hike, Nikola Horvat

Outdoor Squash in Los Angeles by Nick-At-Will

11-16-20 El Hammamy Relishing Black Ball Return by RJ Mitchell

11-16-20 CSA Statement on Winter Sports Shutdown

11-16-20 Youssef Ibrahim

11-16-20 Squash Radio: Wendy Lawrence

11-16-20 Matt Castagnet

11-16-20 Farag Corner Movement

11-16-20 Golden State Warriors Propose On-Site Fan Covid Testing

11-16-20 Masters Parting Thoughts by Ryan Asselta

11-16-20 The Best Job Ever Invented

11-13-20 Ivy League KO's Winter Sports

11-13-20 In Squash Podcast: Ben Thomas

11-13-20 Birthday Tributes to Legendary Cal Coach Dick Crawford

11-13-20 Call

11-13-20 Gerry Gibson

11-13-20 Shawn Delierre

11-13-20 Video: Manchester Highlights

11-13-20 Court-Inclusive Multi-Sport Complex Proposed Outside Darien

11-13-20 No Pandemic in Greenwich?

11-13-20 Tennis Lessons Learned by Peter Bodo

The Great Sharif Khan Turns 75

11-11-20 Pro Back-to-Back Events On Tap for Cairo in December

11-11-20 CIB Standings

11-11-20 Geoff Hunt Praises Farag Following Qatar Win

11-11-20 Video: Qatar Final, Farag v Coll

11-11-20 Megarally

11-11-20 Willstrop Slo Mo

11-11-20 Chelsea Piers Connecticut Announces Partnership with Rod Martin Squash

Vail v Harris Squash 57

11-11-20 In Greenwich

11-11-20 Colette Evert

Farag Over Coll to Retain Title in Doha

11-9-20 Qatar Gallery

11-9-20 Point

11-9-20 Point

11-9-20 Point

11-9-20 Video, Qatar Semis: Dessouky v Coll

11-9-20 Video, Qatar Semis: Momen v Farag

11-9-20 More Bond by Ted Gross

11-9-20 Outdoor Courts

11-9-20 In Squash Podcast: Peter Genever

11-9-20 Happy End Cover

Farag, Momen, Coll, Dessouky Reach $175K Qatar Classic Semis

11-6-20 Point

11-6-20 Point

11-6-20 Point

11-6-20 New Lockdown Suspends UK Squash

11-6-20 Joelle King

11-6-20 Call

11-6-20 Pro Player Analysis

11-6-20 Queen's Gambit by James Zug

11-6-20 Why They Choke

$175K Men's Qatar Day 3 Report

11-4-20 Photo Gallery

11-4-20 Video: Qatar Round 1 Part 1

11-4-20 Qatar Round 1 Part 2

11-4-20 Round 2 Part 1

11-4-20 Round 2 Part 2

11-4-20 Outside the Glass: Ong Beng Hee

11-4-20 Job Opening: Squash Director, Episcopal Academy

11-4-20 Tennis Mailbag

Building a Sunny Future as an Outdoor Sport by Alan Thatcher

11-2-20 Qatar Classic Day One Roundup

11-2-20 Point

11-2-20 Point

11-2-20 Updated World Rankings

11-2-20 Hammamy v Serme, Egyptian Open 2020

11-2-20 Qatar Expresses Regret After Medical Exams

11-2-20 Guillermo Vilas

11-2-20 By the Book, Steve Martin

11-2-20 Sean Connery on the Court

11-2-20 Bond, James Bond