October 2016 - Archive

10-31-16 Egyptian Trio Secure Wins on Day Four of World Championship by Sean Reuthe

10-31-16 Video: World 2nd Round, Rodriguez v Reda

10-31-16 Video: Ashour v Coppinger

10-31-16 Video: Mosaad v Adnan

10-31-16 Video: Gaultier v Ghosal

10-31-16 Video: Mar Elshorbagy v Coleman

10-31-16 Video: World's Inside Court Roundup

Harrow Fiction Match, Chapter SEVEN, 'Akimbo' by James Prudden

10-31-16 Denison Men's Preview

10-31-16 Stanford Men's Preview

10-31-16 Video: Partner Ghosting

10-31-16 Toughest Outdoor Sports

10-31-16 First Women's Fitness Club Opens in Kabul

Adnan and Selby Cause Upsets as World Championship Second Round Draws to a Close

10-30-16 Video: Men's World 1st Round, Elshorbagy v Hedrick

10-30-16 Video: Gaultier v Coll

10-30-16 Video: Ashour v Harrity

10-30-16 Video: Gawad v Abouelghar

10-30-16 Video: Matthew v Au

10-30-16 Video: Mo ElShorbagy v Tuominen

10-30-16 Video: Men's World Side Court 2nd Round Highlights

10-30-16 Big Apple Pro Doubles Semis Set, Possible Live Stream 2pm EST

10-30-16 Johns Hopkins Women's Preview

10-30-16 Minnesota Women's Preview

10-30-16 Conditioned Games

Farag Halts Willstrop on Second Day of World Championship by Sean Reuthe

10-29-16 Men's World DRAW

10-29-16 Video: Men's World's, Side Court Highlights

10-29-16 Video: Men's World's 1st Round, Marche v Ibrahim

10-29-16 Video: Quick Hit, Touch Play

10-29-16 Men's World's Court 1

$30K Big Apple Open Pro Doubles Underway, Streaming Reported

10-29-16 Searching for Cheap Shoes by Pierre Bastien

10-29-16 Yale Men's Preview

Hey Ref, by Barry Faguy

10-29-16 Court Sprints Pros and Cons

Squash Magazine Top 50 People 2016

Ashour and ElShorbagy Lead Egyptian Charge into World Championship Second Round by Sean Reuthe

10-28-16 Harvard Women's Preview

10-28-16 Brown Men's Preview

10-28-16 Job Opening: School Coach, Westchester County

10-28-16 Video: Forehand Options

10-28-16 Wilmington Hosting Fifth Can-Am Doubles Cup

Self-Supporting Hardball Singles Group Keeping Sport Afloat

10-28-16 Federer Named Top 'Athlete Brand'

10-28-16 Women's Tennis Tour Stepping Up Digital Content

10-28-16 Tech Companies Positioning to Become Sports Bookies

10-28-16 NFL Tries to Crack Down on N-Word

10-28-16 America the Last Time the Cubs Won

Main Draw Finalised As 2016 World Championship Qualification Concludes by Nathan Clarke

10-27-16 Classic Past Men's World's Encounters

Video: New Ways to Ghost

10-27-16 Stanford Women's Preview

10-27-16 St Lawrence Men's Preview

10-27-16 A.J. Kohlhepp Maintains Percentage Points Lead in Harrow Fiction Match, 'A League' Trails 'Killer Bs' in Team Play

10-27-16 Video: Spin and the Drop

10-27-16 Qualifiers Chaudhry and Morris Win Long Island Pro Doubles

10-27-16 Video: Gawad Attack Volley

10-27-16 Sportswriters an Increasingly Endangered Species

10-27-16 The Legend and Life of Dennis Byrd by  Jenny Vrentas

ElShorbagy Ready To Give Everything For World Championship Triumph by Sean Reuthe

10-26-16 Men's World's Qualifying Report

10-26-16 Peter Nicol Previews Men's World's

10-26-16 Dane Sharp Triumphs At “Hardball Free For All” Event At Merion by Rob Dinerman

10-26-16 PSA Announces Long-Term Broadcast & Streaming Deals

10-26-16 Western Ontario Men's Preview

10-26-16 Princeton Women's Preview

10-26-16 StreetSquash Harlem Seeks Early Bird Support

10-26-16 Chico State Athletes Urged Not to Say 'Man Up'

Where are the White American NBA Players? by Marc Spears

10-26-16 Q & A with John Madden

10-26-16 Twitter Expected to Lay Off 300

10-26-16 Texting Not as Easy as It Looks by Nick Hoppe

World No 1 El Sherbini Wins 2016 Weymuller Open by Linda Elriani

Steph Hewitt and Narelle Krizek Capture Inaugural BMO Canadian Pro Women’s Squash Doubles Championship by Rob Dinerman

10-25-16 2016 Men's World Championship Qualifying Underway Today in Egypt

10-25-16 Video: Wadi Degla PSA Men's World Championship Preview

10-25-16 Brief History of the PSA Men's World Championship

10-25-16 Nick Matthew in Search of Gold by Rod Gilmour

10-25-16 Grayson Fights Back to Beat Lobban in Chicago Open Final by Sean Reuthe

10-25-16 Nepal Legend Hira Bahadur Thapa Retires

10-25-16 Vassar Women's Preview

10-25-16 Bard Men's Preview

10-25-16 Squash Not Olympic-Worthy but Apparently Useful for Fundraisers

10-25-16 Q & A with Sports Photographer Al Bello

10-25-16 September NYT Sports Bestsellers

El Sherbini and Waters Through to $50K Weymuller Final by Linda Elriani

10-24-16 Live Weymuller Finals Streaming Tonight at 7:30pm EST

Weymuller Quarters Photos

10-24-16 Harrow Fiction Match, Chapter SIX by Steve Hufford

10-24-16 Fram's Corner: Keeping Up with the Refs #3

10-24-16 Video: Effective Power

10-24-16 Video: Knuckles on the Drop

10-24-16 Video: El Welily into Space

10-24-16 MIT Men's Preview

10-24-16 Mount Holyoke Women's Preview

10-24-16 State of Refereeing #2

10-24-16 State of Refereeing #1

10-24-16 Former World Series Pitcher Curt Schilling Boston Trump Rally Draws 15 People

10-24-16 Ultra-Runner on Track to Break Trans-America Record

El Sherbini, Serme Advance to $50K Weymuller Semis by Linda Elriani

10-23-16 Live Weymuller Semifinals Streaming Today from 2:30pm EST

Video: Moments of the US Open

10-23-16 Men's World Championships Quiz

10-23-16 Robert Hensel Presented USOC Volunteer Coach of the Year Award

10-23-16 Penn Women's Preview

10-23-16 Amherst Men's Preview

10-23-16 Squash Fit? by Gary Nisbet

10-23-16 How to Win a Rally Part 2 by Peter Heywood

10-23-16 Entrepreneur Bike-Theft Victims Strike Back

10-23-16 Silicon Valley Guy Says He's Saved $100K Living in His Truck

10-23-16 Video: Bondi Beach Sand Workout

Squash World Unites for 2016 World Squash Day by Howard Harding

10-22-16 WSD Song Tune-Up

10-22-16 $50K Carol Weymuller Open, Day 4 Report by Linda Elriani

10-22-16 Live Weymuller Quarterfinals Streaming Today from 2:00pm EST

Video: Matthew v Gawad, Extended

10-22-16 Fordham Men's Preview

10-22-16 Hamilton Women's Preview

10-22-16 Video: Latest Notshots

10-22-16 US Open Racquetball Draws 700, Longoria and Waselenchuk on Top

10-22-16 Female Coaches Rare in Pro Tennis by Christopher Clarey

10-22-16 Card Collectors' Hopes Rise with Cubs' Fortunes

10-22-16 Pop Artist Paints Hockney-Like Sports Cards

10-22-16 Lamborghini and MIT Pair Up on Sports Car

10-22-16 Baby Boomers Swap Corvettes for Comfort

Weymuller Report, Day 3 from Linda Elriani

10-21-16 Weymuller Live Streaming from 5:30pm EST

10-21-16 Cornell Makes it Official: Palmer to Take Over Program

10-21-16 US Squash Level 1 Coaching Course - Last Chance to Participate

Video: Leave Ball up Court

10-21-16 $10K SDA Long Island Open Doubles Underway Today

10-21-16 Doubles Live Stream Possible

10-21-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Minneapolis

10-21-16 PSA Stars Support Sunshine4Sumner Appeal

10-21-16 Video Throwback: 2015 Men's World's

10-21-16 Brown Women's Preview

10-21-16 Colby Men's Preview

10-21-16 Nicol & Amanda on the Red Carpet

10-21-16 Steve Peters Called Sport Mechanic of the Mind

10-21-16 The Evolution of Squash by Chris Hanebury

Cornell to Name Former World #1 David Palmer New Squash Coach, by David Keating

10-20-16 $50K Heights Casino Weymuller Qualifying Finals Report by Linda Elriani

10-20-16 Live Weymuller Main Draw Streaming from 5:30pm EST

10-20-16 2016 Qatar Classic to Feature Top-Class Line-Up by Sean Reuthe

10-20-16 Ramy Ashour to Try It Again in Month-End Men's World's

10-20-16 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Baltimore

Video: Paul Carter on Ghosting

10-20-16 Reflections from PSA Referee Mike Riley

10-20-16 Silent Auction Underway to Help 10-Year-Old Player Facing Cancer

10-20-16 Laura Massaro on Board for Yale January SquashSkills Coaching Camp

10-20-16 Cornell Men's Preview

10-20-16 GW Women's Preview

10-20-16 D-3 University Supports Football Player's Decision to Stand for Anthem

10-20-16 Thieves Rappel into Montreal Store, Haul Away $150K in Hockey Sticks

$50K Carol Weymuller 1st Round Qualifying Report by Linda Elriani

10-19-16 Live Weymuller Qualifying Finals Streaming Today from 4:00pm EST

10-19-16 Premier Squash League Season Kicks Off

10-19-16 Video: Cameron Pilley Forehand Drop Deception

10-19-16 Hobart Men's Preview

10-19-16 Connecticut College Women's Preview

10-19-16 The Book of Squash by Peter Heywood

10-19-16 Indian Badminton Player Appointed to IOC Athletes' Commission

10-19-16 IOC Tries to Cut 2020 Games Cost

10-19-16 Oklahoma State Football Coach Says Cell Phones Making Athletes Worse

10-19-16 Fitness Studios Increasingly Focusing on Recovery

10-19-16 William Hill Announces Sports Book of the Year Shortlist

10-19-16 Surf's Up at Norway's Lofoten Islands

10-19-16 Rock and Roll Godfather Chuck Berry Turns 90 Without Fanfare

** Live Weymuller Streaming Today from 5:30pm EST

Iconic $50K Brooklyn Weymuller Open Underway Today, Qualifying DRAW

10-18-16 El Sherbini, Serme Headline 2016 Carol Weymuller Main DRAW

10-18-16 Serme on Top of World Series Standings Following US Open Win

Video: Peter Nicol Beginner's Guide to the Boast

10-18-16 Video: Gaultier Backhand Finish

10-18-16 Video: Quick Hit, Game Ball Save

10-18-16 Video: Quick Hit, Flat

10-18-16 Martin Knight Over Mike McCue to Claim PSA Black Knight Canada White Oaks Court Classic Title

10-18-16 England's Ashley Davies Captures $5K Minnesota Securian Open

10-18-16 Columbia Women's Preview

10-18-16 Vassar Men's Preview

10-18-16 Penn Coach Gilly Lane Doubles as US Open MC

10-18-16 Natalie Grainger Q & A

10-18-16 High-End Sydney Home Amenities Include Courts

Showcasing the Sport in Sumptuous Venues by Alan Thatcher

10-17-16 Video: US Open Final, Serme v El Sherbini

10-17-16 Video: Elshorbagy v Matthew

10-17-16 Video: Commentators Pre-Final

10-17-16 Finals Night Achieves First-Ever Drexel US Open Sellout

10-17-16 US Open Day 10, Finals Wrap

10-17-16 El Welily Shot Makes ESPN Top 10 Plays

10-17-16 Drexel Post-Matches

10-17-16 Harrow Fiction Match Chapter FIVE by Margot Comstock

Haverford Women's Preview

10-17-16 Hamilton Men's Preview

10-17-16 Raphael Kandra Over Andrew Schnell to Win $10K Cleveland Skating Club Open