October 2017 - Archive

10-31-17 England's Matthew Escapes First Round Scare In Qatar by Nathan Clarke

10-31-17 Video: Qatar First Round Part 1

10-31-17 Video: Qatar First Round Part 2

10-31-17 Qatar Photo Gallery

10-31-17 Video: Shots of the Month Contenders

10-31-17 Lucy Turmel Retains British Junior Title by Donna Helmer

10-31-17 Job Opening: PT Pro, Southern California

10-31-17 Harvard Club of New York an Exercise in Historic Respect

10-31-17 Former Cleveland Athletic Club Renovation to Convert Courts to Housing

10-31-17 World Series Baseballs May be Slicker

10-31-17 Maine Carpenter's Side Gig a $2 Million Baseball Bat Business

10-30-17 Elias, Ghosal Impress in $165K Qatar First Round

10-30-17 Qatar DRAW

10-30-17 Qatar En Bref

10-30-17 Gawad Hungry to Get Back on Track in Qatar

10-30-17 Willstrop Applauds Farag & El Tayeb

10-30-17 Video: VAS, Elshorbagy v Ghosal

10-30-17 Video: VAS, Farag v Elias

10-30-17 Mohamed ElSherbini Over Shawn Delierre to Capture Cleveland Skating Club Open

10-30-17 Sarah-Jane Perry Q & A

10-30-17 Laurens Anjema: Squash Referees

10-30-17 New Research Says Low-Carb Diet May Impair Performance

10-30-17 Palmer Page Endorses Diane Briggs for Pound Ridge Town Board

10-27-17 Keep The Practice Quality High by Chris Hanebury

10-27-17 $165K Qatar Qualifying Report

10-27-17 British Junior Sets Sights on World No 1

10-27-17 $10K Men's Cleveland Report

10-27-17 Video: Women's $15K Slaight Music Granite Open

10-27-17 Throwback, 2016 Qatar Classic

10-27-17 Nancy Cushman & Jim Hense Receive Meadow Mill 25th Anniversary Awards

10-27-17 Birmingham Takes Honours in a University Double First by James Roberts

10-27-17 CSA 2017-18 Men's Preseason Rankings

10-27-17 CSA Women's Rankings

10-27-17 Men's Tennis, Too Many Injuries, Not Enough Stars by Christopher Clarey

10-26-17 Willstrop Speaks to Squash Player Magazine

10-26-17 Premier League Round 2 Report by Steve Cubbins

10-26-17 Video: Qatar Classic Preview

10-26-17 Amateur ToC Grand Open Taking Entries

10-26-17 Scribe Hammers Pakistan Players

10-26-17 Following Through on the Backhand Serve

10-26-17 Oliver CC Top from Pierre Bastien

10-26-17 Amherst Men Return Key Players, Look to Build

10-26-17 Small Hawaii School Churns Out NFL Players

10-26-17 When British Authors Write American Dialogue

10-26-17 The Great Vin Scully Entertains the Crowd Before World Series Game 2

10-25-17 Latest Squash Player Magazine

10-25-17 Squash Player Magazine with Trial Digital Edition

10-25-17 World's Top Women to Take Part in 'Historic' Saudi PSA Masters

10-25-17 Video: Channel Quarters Highlights

10-25-17 Video: Top Shots, Channel Semis

10-25-17 Stoker/Pierrepont Over Krizek/Hewitt in Canadian Pro Doubles Final

10-25-17 Weymuller Post Semis: Joelle King

10-25-17 Weymuller Post Finals: Nour El Sherbini

10-25-17 Will Carlin: The Fade

10-25-17 Early Celebration

10-24-17 World No 1 El Sherbini Wins 2017 Weymuller Open by Linda Elriani

10-24-17 Video: VAS Megarally, Momen v Elias

10-24-17 Video: Top Shots, Channel Quarters

10-24-17 Channel VAS Blog

10-24-17 Cesar Salazar Wins $25K Chicago, Weekend Roundup

10-24-17 Outside the Glass, Nour El Tayeb & Ali Farag

10-24-17 Perfectionism by Chris Hanebury

10-24-17 Hey Ref, by Barry Faguy

10-24-17 SquashSkills: Bike Sprint

10-24-17 The NFL's Disappearing Huddle

10-23-17 King Beats El Welily in Weymuller Semis, Report by Linda Elriani

10-23-17 ElShorbagy Over Farag to Win $100K St George's Hill

10-23-17 Video: Farag v Elias, Tough Point

10-23-17 Video: Channel VAS Round 1 Part 2

10-23-17 St George's Music Man Danny Lee

10-23-17 Mantis Grips from Pierre Bastien

10-23-17 Video: Scozzie Boast Routine

10-23-17 A Dog's Life by Laurens Anjema

10-23-17 Concussion Laws Working, But...by Anna Almendrala

10-23-17 Ex-49er Great Dwight Clark Hit by Cruelest of Fates

10-22-17 Weymuller Quarterfinals Report by Linda Elriani

10-22-17 Video: Top Shots, Channel VAS Day 2

10-22-17 Video: Megarally, Coll v Cuskelly

10-22-17 $25K Men's Chicago Semis

10-22-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Connecticut College

10-22-17 Q & A with World Junior Champion by Alex Wan

10-22-17 Forehand Volley Tip

10-22-17 Peter Collard, Past President of Buffalo Tennis & Squash Club, Dies at 81

10-22-17 Jansher Speaks Out on State of Pakistan Squash

10-22-17 Canada’s Top 100 Health Influencers

10-22-17 Journey Through 10 NFL Teams

10-21-17 $50K Weymuller First Round Bottom Half Report by Linda Elriani

10-21-17 ElShorbagy, Ghosal, Elias and Farag Advance to $100K Channel VAS Semis

10-21-17 Video: Top Shots, Day One Channel VAS

10-21-17 Video: Channel VAS Highlights Day 1

10-21-17 WSDA Pro Doubles Opens in Toronto

10-21-17 Open Space & Shot Selection

10-21-17 David Palmer Concludes Indian Juniors Camp

10-21-17 Another Chapter Closed in Pakistan Squash by Mohsin Ali

10-21-17 Foosball and Poker Join Pole Dancing as Olympic Hopefuls

10-21-17 Warning from Sleep Scientist

10-21-17 Espionage Museum to Open on 8th Avenue

10-20-17 Weymuller 1st Round Top Half Report by Linda Elriani

10-20-17 Farag and Coll Set Quarters Clash in Channel VAS

10-20-17 Ashour Pulls Out of $165K Qatar Classic

10-20-17 England's Whitlock Rejects Saudi Event on 'Moral Grounds'

10-20-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Bowdoin

10-20-17 Video: Willstrop & Rodriguez Training

10-20-17 Way & Palmer to Host December Coaches' Workshop

10-20-17 SquashSkills: The Survival Lob

10-20-17 Possible Benefit of Compression Clothing for Squash

10-20-17 Unfriendly Confines by DJ Gallo

10-20-17 Ice Cream Girl by LJ Anjema

10-19-17 Carol Weymuller Qualifying Finals Report by Linda Elriani

10-19-17 Weymuller Heights Kick-Off by Scott Enman

10-19-17 Video: World No 1 Nour El Sherbini Weymuller Q & A

10-19-17 Rodriguez & Ghosal Upset Channel VAS Seedings on Day One

10-19-17 $25K Men's Chicago Report

10-19-17 Video: Top Shots, US Open Final

10-19-17 Video: Top Shots, Channel VAS 2016

10-19-17 Jenny Duncalf: When Your Niece Finds You in a Canadian Sports Shop

10-19-17 Masters of Networking by Alan Stapleton

10-19-17 Melbourne Dream Home Includes Court

10-19-17 Drexel Professor Reportedly Placed on Leave Over Safety Concern

10-18-17 Brooklyn Weymuller 1st Round Qualifying Report, by Linda Elriani

10-18-17 Squash World with a Heavy Heart as Samantha Cornett's Father Jack Killed in Cycling Accident

10-18-17 Video: US Open Women's Final

10-18-17 Video: US Open Men's Final

10-18-17 Coll Returns to Scene of Biggest Win

10-18-17 Glass-Back Court Pioneer Paul Monaghan, Jr. Dies at 89

10-18-17 Pole Dancing Latest to Challenge Squash for Olympics Inclusion

10-18-17 Drexel AD Salutes US Open

10-18-17 The Zone

10-18-17 Harrow Vapor Ultralite from Pierre Bastien

10-18-17 Federer: Longer Careers Easier Now

10-17-17 Weymuller Live Streaming Tonight from 5:30 pm EST

10-17-17 New College Squash Site Launched

10-17-17 England Looks to Next Generation by Rod Gilmour

10-17-17 Global Family Teams Up to Celebrate World Squash Day

10-17-17 Zac Alexander Captures White Oaks Court Classic

10-17-17 Channel VAS Report

10-17-17 My Grandmother’s Teacups by Richard Millman

10-17-17 Singapore Squash Mentor Rahim Gul Remembered

10-17-17 Video Interview: Ali Farag & Nour El Tayeb

10-17-17 Video US Open Semis, Top Shots

10-17-17 Oliver Pure 4 from Pierre Bastien

10-17-17 British Judo 'Too Soft'

10-17-17 The Challenge of Driving a NYC Yellow Cab in the Age of Uber

10-16-17 Squash on Display at the Sports Museum in Boston by Lenny Bernheimer

10-16-17 Opening Reception, Squash Exhibit at TD Garden

10-16-17 Mike Desaulniers and the Heckscher Brothers Inducted into US Squash Hall of Fame

10-16-17 Video: Carol Weymuller Open Preview

10-16-17 Laurens Anjema: Breakfast with the World Champion

10-16-17 Perspective on Grass-Roots

10-16-17 Racquet Above Ball

10-16-17 US Men's Soccer Seeks Answers

10-16-17 Kicks on Route 66 by Sally Harris

10-16-17 Living the High Life by Anna Baddeley

10-16-17 Harvard Law Review Elects First Ever Majority Female Class

10-15-17 Farag And El Tayeb Seal U.S. Open Titles To Write Names Into Sports History by Ellie Mawson

10-15-17 Video: Farag & El Tayeb

10-15-17 Video: US Open Men's Semis

10-15-17 Video: US Open Women's Semis

10-15-17 Video: Top Shots, Quarters Day 2

10-15-17 World Juniors Reportedly a $1 Million Boost to Tauranga Economy

10-15-17 Karakal F-135 FF from Pierre Bastien

10-15-17 Sprawling New Jersey Estate Includes Court

10-15-17 SquashSkills, Maestro Cross-Court Nick

10-15-17 SD Chargers Nobody's Team by Michael Rosenberg

10-15-17 SI Ranks Top Play-by-Play Broadcasters

10-14-17 Farag And El Tayeb First Married Couple To Reach U.S. Open Finals by Ellie Mawson

10-14-17 World Squash Day: Growing the Game and Building New Clubs by Alan Thatcher

10-14-17 Stars and Politicians Back World Squash Day 2017 Today

10-14-17 Squash’s History in Bite-Sized Chunks by Alan Thatcher

10-14-17 Video: US Open Quarters Top Shots

10-14-17 Video: Women's Quarters Part 2

10-14-17 Video: Men's Quarters Part 2

10-14-17 Job Opening: Head Pro, Cleveland

10-14-17 Maryland Club Open Given SDA Tournament of the Year Award

10-14-17 DC Sports Art Installation Tries Its Best

10-13-17 King's Run Continues As Farag Prevails In Marathon At 2017 U.S. Open by Ellie Mawson

10-13-17 Video: US Open Women's Quarters Part 1

10-13-17 Video: Men's Quarters Part 1

10-13-17 Video: Top Shots Round 2, Day 2

10-13-17 'Wednesday Night at the Open' by Pierre Bastien

10-13-17 The Great Squash Photographer Steve Line Honored

10-13-17 Squash Magazine Celebrates 20 Years at the Open

10-13-17 Mark Talbott Receives Callahan Sportsmanship Award

10-13-17 Latest US Open Photo Galleries

10-13-17 Jahangir Khan Facebook Page Launched

10-13-17 Former England Keeper on Dealing with Anxiety

10-12-17 El Tayeb Dumps World No.1 El Sherbini Out Of US Open by Ellie Mawson

10-12-17 Video: US Open Top Shots 2nd Round Day 1

10-12-17 Video: Women's 2nd Round, Part 2

10-12-17 Video: Men's 2nd Round, Part 2

10-12-17 Women in Sports Day Panel Takes Place at Drexel

10-12-17 Ramsay and Duncalf with US Open Achievement Awards

10-12-17 US Open Recognizes Scholar-Athletes

10-12-17 Crosscourts and Open Face

10-12-17 Facebook Looks to Emerging Markets for Sports Streaming

10-12-17 How a Generation of Young Athletes Became Addicted to Heroin by Kirsten Fleming

10-12-17 US Men's Soccer Program Shellshocked Following World Cup Embarrassment

10-11-17 2016 Champion Serme Crashes Out Of 2017 U.S. Open At The Hands Of New Zealand's King by Ellie Mawson

10-11-17 Video: US Open Top Shots Day 2

10-11-17 Video: Women's 2nd Round Part 1

10-11-17 Video: Men's 2nd Round Part 1

10-11-17 Serious Squash  by Chris Hanebury

10-11-17 Film Festival Features Squash on Silver Screen

10-11-17 Andrew Nehrbas Receives PSRA Service Award

10-11-17 SquashSkills: Max Lee Drop

10-11-17 Tecnifibre Giveaway Recap from Pierre Bastien

10-11-17 Drop in Young Football Players Could Signal Cloudy Future

10-11-17 Olympic Medalist 'Lost Identity' in Badminton

10-10-17 Hong Kong's Au Stuns Eight-time World Champion David To Reach U.S. Open Last 8, REPORT by Ellie Mawson

10-10-17 Video: Top Shots, Day 1

10-10-17 Video: US Open Women's 1st Round Part 2

10-10-17 Video: US Open Men's 1st Round Part 2

10-10-17 Navy, Penn, F&M Nab Intercollegiate Doubles Titles

10-10-17 Jethro Binns: Ball Skill

10-10-17 Couple Saves Ontario Facility from Auction Block

10-10-17 Pakistan Squash Seeking Talent

10-10-17 Asics Gel Spike 2 from Pierre Bastien

10-10-17 Old Tulsa Club Converted to Luxury Hotel

10-10-17 Sandbox Fitness Now

10-10-17 Jerry Jones to Bench NFL Kneelers

10-9-17 New Zealander Paul Coll Upends Top-Seed  Karim Gawad in US Open First Round, REPORT

10-9-17 Video: US Open, Women's First Round, Part 1

10-9-17 Video: US Open, Men's First Round, Part 1

10-9-17 'Blood, Sweat and Squash' Premiered

10-9-17 Video: A Day with Paul Coll

10-9-17 US Open Photo Gallery

10-9-17 US Open Timeline

10-9-17 England Squash Seeking Volunteer Writers

10-9-17 Jeanie Shanahan to Receive SquashSmarts Service Award

10-9-17 CEO and $2K Employee Vacations

10-8-17 US Players Should Take Note as Mexico's Salazar Eats Glass to Down Former World No 1 Willstrop; US Open First Round REPORT

10-8-17 Video: Squash Xtra, September

10-8-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite, Matthew v Elias Extended

10-8-17 Enter Today by Noon EST to Win a Racquet

10-8-17 Job Opening: High-Performance Director, Squash Canada

10-8-17 Women's Squash Week Announces Record Growth

10-8-17 WSF & World’s Leading Stars Supporting World Squash Day October 14th

10-8-17 York Home Includes Upcycled Squash Court

10-8-17 Never-Ending Battle Against Sport’s Hidden Foe by Bill Pennington

10-8-17 How Dodgers' Cody Bellinger Trained His Way to Rookie Record

10-8-17 There is Something About Football by Tim Layden

10-7-17 US Open Qualifying Finals Report

10-7-17 US Open Main DRAWS Set for Weekend First Rounds

10-7-17 US Open Live Streaming from Noon EST

10-7-17 One on One with StreetSquash Founder George Polsky

10-7-17 Peter Nicol: The Importance of Volleying

10-7-17 Squash Magazine Celebrates 20 Years

10-7-17 Adidas Crazyflight Team from Pierre Bastien

10-7-17 Unlikely Squash Courts

10-7-17 Basketball Dad Blames White Guys' Foot Speed for UCLA Downfall

10-7-17 Sports Tech by John Branch

10-7-17 Bleak Prospects for British Tennis Following Andy Murray

10-6-17 Brutal Day for American Squash as 13 of 14 Yanks KO'd in First Round US Open Qualifying

10-6-17 Throwback: Men's 2016 US Open

10-6-17 Women's 2016 US Open

10-6-17 Video: September Shot of the Month Contenders

10-6-17 Gary Nisbet: Training in Limited Space

10-6-17 Carter Fergusson Remembered by James Zug

10-6-17 RAC Club Looks to Tradition in Debut PSL Season

10-6-17 Job Openings: Staff, Squash Canada

10-6-17 Squash Comes Home But Do We Care? by Sabeet Raza

10-6-17 Boris Becker Reportedly Selling Wimbledon Trophies Over Repossessions

10-6-17 Watching Sports & Health

10-5-17 US Open Qualifiers Underway Today, DRAWS

10-5-17 Live Streaming, US Open Qualifying

10-5-17 Elshorbagy Relishing US Open Title Defense

10-5-17 Serme Looking to Step it Up

10-5-17 US Open Classic Encounters

10-5-17 Elias Wins Squash Player’s Player of the Month Award

10-5-17 Sachvie, Schnell, De Lierre, and McCue Make Canadian World's Team Cut

10-5-17 Following Through on the Backhand Serve

10-5-17 Reeham Sedky and Laurent Elriani Named USOC Athlete & Coach of the Year

10-5-17 Video: Shabana Finish

10-5-17 PSA Supporting World Squash Day

10-5-17 Tennis Wrestling with Injury Issue

10-4-17 Outside the Glass: The Great Howard Harding

10-4-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite Top 5 Shots, Finals

10-4-17 Gaultier and Ashour Pull Out of US Open

10-4-17 Why SquashTV Highlights are Shorter

10-4-17 Squash Australia Names Paul Price Full-Time National Coach

10-4-17 Cameron Pilley: Training Update

10-4-17 US Skill-Level Reg Closes Today

10-4-17 SquashDrive Rakes in Cool $70K (But what happened to volunteers and donated court time?)

10-4-17 Video: The Little Jump

10-4-17 How to Coach a Range of Abilities

10-4-17 Female Refs to Officiate Men's International Rugby

10-3-17 College Squash Insiders - Mark Lewis, Middlebury Head Coach - "Recruiting is a Roller Coaster"

10-3-17 PSA to Try 2-Out-Of-3 Scoring at 2018 Canary Wharf

10-3-17 ToC Tickets on Sale Friday

10-3-17 ToC Ticket Session Schedule

10-3-17 South Africa’s Coppinger Retires from PSA Tour

10-3-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite Semis Top Shots

10-3-17 Video: NetSuite Final, David v Perry

10-3-17 Video: NetSuite Final, Gawad v Elshorbagy

10-3-17 Black Knight Hex Phenom from Pierre Bastien

10-3-17 Former Harvard Player Brings Academy to Sudbury

10-3-17 Scribe Says 'Stick to Sports' Illogical

10-3-17 Dolphins Players Stand for 'God Save the Queen'

10-3-17 British Tennis Player Laura Robson 'Safe but In Shock' in Las Vegas

10-2-17 Laurens Anjema: Athlete in a Coffee Shop

10-2-17 Video: Top Shots, NetSuite Quarters Part 2

10-2-17 Video: Megarally 188, Matthew v Elias

10-2-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite Semis, Part 2

10-2-17 Gohar Returns to Top 5 in October Women's Rankings

10-2-17 Peruvian Elias to 15th in Latest Men's World Rankings

10-2-17 Complete PSA Men's Rankings

10-2-17 Complete PSA Women's Rankings

10-2-17 Oracle NetSuite Final Men's Draw

10-2-17 Oracle NetSuite Final Women's Draw

10-2-17 Simpson Back on the Loose

10-2-17 Giants' Matt Cain with Emotional Finish

10-1-17 Images, Oracle NetSuite Day 7 from Reynold Chan

10-1-17 Perry Saves Championship Ball Against David to Lift Women’s Oracle NetSuite Title; Elshorbagy Straight-Sets Gawad for Men's Crown

10-1-17 Joey Barrington Risks San Francisco Bay

10-1-17 Video: Oracle Quarters Part 2

10-1-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite Semis Part 1

10-1-17 PSA Stars Talk Women's Squash Week

10-1-17 FitBit Charge HR from Pierre Bastien

10-1-17 Squash Growing in Newfoundland and Labrador

10-1-17 Darien 104-Year-Old Club Looks to Add Courts

10-1-17 Sports Bra Embraces 40th Anniversary

10-1-17 Stem Cells Next Stage in Sports Medicine