October 2019 - Archive

10-26-19 Women's World's Day 2 Report

10-26-19 Men Join the Action on Day 2, Wrap

10-26-19 El Welily Post-Match

10-26-19 Gohar Post-Match

10-26-19 El Tayeb Post-Match

10-26-19 More Social

10-26-19 Schedule and Draws

10-26-19 Cairo World's Photo Galleries

10-26-19 US Squash Announces Scholar Athlete Awards

10-26-19 Average Wall Street Salary Drops to $399K

Rough Day for American Women at World Championships, as 4 of 5 US Players Suffer First Round KO's

10-25-19 Reaction from Cornell's Subramaniam After Shocking US No 1 Sobhy in Women's World's Opener

10-25-19 Pyramids Opening Night Social

10-25-19 El Tayeb Post-Match

10-25-19 More Women's World's Day 1

10-25-19 Women's World Champion to Earn More than Men's Winner

10-25-19 Andrew Shelley Books His Place in Squash History by Howard Harding

10-25-19 Shuttered Suburban-Philly Fairmount Athletic Club on the Market

10-25-19 Women's Squash Week Wrap

10-25-19 Baseball to Allow Investment Funds to Buy into Clubs

Women's World's Day One

10-24-19 DRAW

10-24-19 The Day Before by Fram Gommendy

10-24-19 Squash by the Pyramids

10-24-19 5 US Women in Action at Giza

10-24-19 Forbes Profiles Amanda Sobhy

10-24-19 You Make the Call

10-24-19 Greg Gaultier

10-24-19 West Side Duplex Amenities Include Court

MLB Umpire Under Investigation for Allegedly Threatening 'Cival' War

Champions by the Pyramids

10-23-19 'Ups & Downs' with Nouran Gohar

10-23-19 Women's World's/Men's Egyptian Open to Stream on Facebook

10-23-19 England Squash Remembers Sir Michael Edwardes

10-23-19 College Preview

10-23-19 College Association Announces Player Advisory Committee

10-23-19 Pakistan Federation Reportedly Asks PSA to Waive Tournament Security Fee

10-23-19 Salming PowerRay 2019

10-23-19 Massachusetts Tudor Estate Includes Court

10-23-19 Suspended High School Player Suits Up in Disguise, Runs for 109 Yards, Coach Says He Earned the Start

Jim Bentley Cup Withdraws On Short Notice From The SDA Pro Doubles Schedule by Rob Dinerman

10-22-19 Women's World's Preview

10-22-19 Have to Admit...Quite a Backdrop

Audio: Declan James 2

10-22-19 Video: Coll v Hesham

10-22-19 Nick Matthew Drill Videos

10-22-19 Karim Gawad

10-22-19 Job Opening: Pro, Connecticut

10-22-19 Speed Climbing to Debut at 2020 Games

10-22-19 West VS East...again! by Nick-At-Will

PSA Behind the Scenes, Episode 1

10-21-19 Waller Wins PSA Chicago

10-21-19 Lobban Captures PSA Cleveland

10-21-19 Nathan Lake a Winner in Texas

10-21-19 Patrick Rooney Wins UK Tring Open

10-21-19 Raneem El Welily

10-21-19 ToC Tickets

10-21-19 Jansher Reportedly Urges Removal of Pakistan Administrators

10-21-19 Portree Tennis and Squash Courts to Convert to Parking

10-21-19 Manhattan Community Squash Center Says It Will Open

10-18-19 Chicago Open Report

10-18-19 Cleveland Skating Club Report

10-18-19 Texas Open Underway

10-18-19 Video: Momen v Gawad

10-18-19 Legends Join In On WSD by Howard Harding

10-18-19 Tribute to Those Behind World Squash Day

10-18-19 Penn Athletics Backs Down on Student Court Fees, Will Continue to Nail Faculty

10-18-19 US Open Equipment Update from Pierre Bastien

10-18-19 Best Fictional Sports Books by Chris Morgan

10-18-19 Virtual Cycling: Stowe

November Men's World's Draw Announced

10-17-19 SquashSkills with Half-Off

10-17-19 You Make the Call

10-17-19 Competition Today by Nicol David

10-17-19 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, New Jersey

10-17-19 Women's PSA World's History

10-17-19 Nour El Tayeb: It's Mine

10-17-19 Black Knight Hex Maverick

10-17-19 On Covering Tennis

10-17-19 Fitness Retreats

Video: US Open Women's Final

10-16-19 Video: US Open Men's Final

10-16-19 2020 Canary Wharf Classic Nearly Sold Out

10-16-19 Sri Lanka National Juniors Draws 400

10-16-19 Premier Squash League Round 2 Report

10-16-19 Cos Cob Inn Facility Complete

10-16-19 More Victor Niederhoffer Collection

10-16-19 Elton John Filled Court with Shipping Crates, New Memoir

10-16-19 Gaelic Footballers Injured in Parade Celebration Fall

10-16-19 Inside the 2-Hour Marathon

World Squash Day Attracts Thousands of Newcomers by Alan Thatcher

10-15-19 World Squash Day in Iran

10-15-19 PSA Stars Out in Force

10-15-19 Video: US Open Women's Semis

10-15-19 Video: US Open Men's Semis

10-15-19 November Men's World Championships Preview

10-15-19 Wilson Hammer Lite 120

10-15-19 Litchfield County Estate Includes Court

10-15-19 High School Athletes & Specialization by Zach Braziller

10-15-19 David Pocock

US Open Wrap

10-14-19 US Open Semis Gallery

10-14-19 Video: US Open Women's Quarters Part 2

10-14-19 Video: US Open Men's Quarters Part 2

10-14-19 Ginny Akabane & Bunny Vosters US Squash HOF-Inducted

10-14-19 Philly SquashSmarts Named 2019 Project Play Champion

10-14-19 James Neiderer Hired as Specter Center GM

10-14-19 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Agnes Irwin School

10-14-19 Vogue with Le Squash at No 2

10-14-19 Squash Player Magazine with New Look

US Open Final: Nouran Gohar Comes from 2-Love Down to Win Title

10-13-19 Farag Beats Elshorbagy to Claim Men's

10-13-19 Farag Post-Match

10-13-19 Point: Gohar v El Tayeb

10-13-19 Point: Farag v Elshorbagy

10-13-19 Gohar Post-Match

10-13-19 Point 2: Gohar v El Tayeb

10-13-19 Point 3: Gohar v El Tayeb

10-13-19 US Squash Community Celebrates World Squash Day

10-13-19 Spirit of World Squash Day by Alan Thatcher

Today is World Squash Day

10-12-19 US Open Semis: El Tayeb Knocks Off El Welily

10-12-19 Gohar Crushes Serme

10-12-19 Farag Edges Elias

10-12-19 Elshorbagy Over Momen

10-12-19 Point: Farag v Elias

10-12-19 Point: El Tayeb v El Welily

US Open Day 6: Gohar

10-11-19 Momen

10-11-19 Serme

10-11-19 Elshorbagy

10-11-19 Point: Elshorbagy v Coll

10-11-19 Video: Women's Quarters Part 1

10-11-19 Video: Men's Quarters Part 1

10-11-19 Specter Center Update

10-11-19 Alex Stait Named USOPC Coach of the Year

10-11-19 Danielle Collins

US Open Day 5 Report

Point: El Welily v Perry

10-10-19 Point: Elias v Gawad

10-10-19 US Open Live Stream Thursday from 5:30pm EST

10-10-19 Molly Pierce and Lamoureaux Sisters Honored at Drexel

10-10-19 Pat Millman Receives Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy

10-10-19 Spencer Lovejoy

10-10-19 Proposed Palm Beach Gardens Complex to Include 6 Courts

10-10-19 Smart Fitness Mirror

10-10-19 The NBA’s China Posture by Will Leitch

US Open Day 4 Roundup

10-9-19 Point: Momen v Kandra

10-9-19 Point: Evans v Chan

10-9-19 Miguel Rodriguez Pulls Out of US Open Quarters

10-9-19 Live Facebook Streaming from 6pm EST

US Open Photo Stream from Nathan Clarke

10-9-19 December PSA Hong Kong Open Postponed Due to Security Fears

10-9-19 Podcast: PSA Chair Ziad Al Turki

10-9-19 Jay Nelson Honored with Callahan Sportsmanship Award

10-9-19 Varsity Blues

10-8-19 You Gotta Be Kidding: Penn to Charge Students to Play Squash

10-8-19 Daily Pennsylvanian Calls New Ringe Court Fees Elitist

US Open Day 3 Report

10-8-19 Point: Hammamy v Tayeb

10-8-19 Point: Elias v Makin

10-8-19 Point 2: Elias v Makin

10-8-19 Point: Subramaniam v Perry

10-8-19 Point: Gawad v Marche

10-8-19 Live Tuesday US Open Stream on Facebook from 1:30 EST

10-8-19 Carol Jacobs Recognized with SquashSmarts VIP Award

10-8-19 What We Can Learn from Squash by Michael Forman and John Fry

Defending Champions ElShorbagy & El Welily Begin US Open Title Defenses, Round 2 Report

10-7-19 Roesner

10-7-19 Evans

10-7-19 Rodriguez

10-7-19 Au

10-7-19 Point: S Sobhy v Serme

10-7-19 Point: Momen v Al Tamimi

10-7-19 Point 2: Momen v Al Tamimi

10-7-19 Elias

10-7-19 Point: King v Clyne

10-7-19 Outside the Glass: Aisling Blake

US Open Day 1 Report

10-6-19 US Open Draws and Sunday Schedule

10-6-19 Live Streaming from Noon EST

Melissa Alves

10-6-19 Point: Cuskelly v Malhotra

10-6-19 Sabrina Sobhy

10-6-19 Point: Douglas v Serme

10-6-19 Tinne Gilis

10-6-19 George Parker

10-6-19 Nele Gilis

Northern California Squash Inducts Inaugural Hall of Fame Class by John Lau

10-4-19 World No 2 El Sherbini Withdraws from US Open

10-4-19 US Open Preview

10-4-19 Racquet Club of Philly to Host Early Matches

10-4-19 A Fan's Guide

Mo Elshorbagy

10-4-19 Video: Oracle Women's Final

10-4-19 Video: Oracle Men's Final

10-4-19 Reinhold Hergeth Named Bates Head Coach

10-4-19 Once Iconic Sports Illustrated Rattled by Layoffs

World No 1s El Welily and Farag Lead US Open Draws

10-3-19 Douglas, Lovejoy, Sedky and Sabrina Sobhy Handed US Open Wildcards

10-3-19 US Open Schedule

10-3-19 Job Opening: Pro/Assistant Manager, New Jersey

10-3-19 Video: Oracle Men's Semis

10-3-19 Video: Oracle Women's Semis

10-3-19 Evan Goldberg

10-3-19 John Nimick

10-3-19 US Open to Connect with World Squash Day

10-3-19 The Cult of Rich-Kid Sports by Derek Thompson

2019 Oracle NetSuite Sights & Sounds Day 7 by Reynold Chan

10-2-19 Video: NetSuite Women's Quarters Part 2

10-2-19 Video: NetSuite Men's Quarters Part 2

10-2-19 Richard Elliott Honored with Coaching Award at Oracle NetSuite

10-2-19 Premier Squash League Round 1 Report

10-2-19 Men's October World Rankings

10-2-19 Women's Updated Rankings

10-2-19 American Stefanoni Wins PSA Challenger

10-2-19 Women's Squash Week at Berwyn

10-2-19 Jim Zug: 32 Women Squash a Rumor

ElShorbagy and El Welily Lift Oracle NetSuite Titles