October 2020 - Archive

10-14-20 Quarters Set in $540K Egyptian Open

10-14-20 Point

10-14-20 Point

10-14-20 Point

10-14-20 Video: Women's Round of 16

10-14-20 Video: Men's Round of 16

10-14-20 World Squash Day a Success From The Pyramids to Loch Ness

10-14-20 Taking Squash Outdoors

10-14-20 In Paris by Steve Tignor

10-14-20 After the Grand Slams by Matthew Futterman

10-14-20 Moms Mad at NYC Fitness Fanatics

$540K Giza Early-Round Upsets Include American Sobhy & World No 3 Gawad

10-12-20 Updated Draws

10-12-20 Video: Egyptian Open, S Sobhy v Blatchford

10-12-20 In Squash Podcast: Jaymie Haycocks

10-12-20 11 Points With Todd Harrity by Alan Thatcher

10-12-20 Penn Squash

10-12-20 West Village Property with Court Asking Cool $80 Mil

10-12-20 French Open Parting Thoughts

10-12-20 Iga Swiatek

10-12-20 1998 Intercollegiate Champion Ivy Pochoda and the Late Kobe Bryant

World Squash Day is Saturday October 10th, Stories

In Squash Podcast: Alan Thatcher and World Squash Day

10-9-20 Alan's Passion 'Knows No Bounds'

10-9-20 Two Covid-Positives Alter $540K Egyptian Open Men's Draw; PSA Statement

10-9-20 Giza Full DRAWS

10-9-20 News from the Cairo Bubble by Fram Gommendy

10-9-20 Egyptian Open Broadcast, from October 10th

10-9-20 El Welily

10-9-20 Endurance Athletes and Pain

10-9-20 USC Story by Michael Rosenberg

Squash By The Spires

10-7-20 SquashSkills: Peter Nicol from the Archives

10-7-20 Giza TV Preview

10-7-20 Women's Shot of the Month

10-7-20 Men's Shot of the Month

10-7-20 West Side Towers' Sports Amenities to Include Court

10-7-20 SI Powerful Sports Women

10-7-20 On Pandemic Sports Ratings by Will Leitch

10-7-20 Yale Tennis and Covid

10-7-20 Nicola White by Rod Gilmour

El Hammamy and Mar Elshorbagy Triumph in World Tour Finals

10-5-20 Marwan Post-Match

10-5-20 Point

10-5-20 El Hammamy Post-Match

10-5-20 Point

10-5-20 Video: World Tour Finals, Women's Semis

10-5-20 Men's Semis

10-5-20 Women's Final

10-5-20 Men's Final


10-5-20 $500K Egyptian Open Draws Set

10-5-20 The Great Heather McKay Going Strong

10-5-20 US Squash Announces Phased Return to Competition

KO's Complete in World Tour Finals, Semis Set

10-2-20 Semi-finals Schedule

10-2-20 Epic Point

10-2-20 Rob Dinerman a Panelist on 'Mental Health of Athletes' Podcast

10-2-20 Makin Post-Match

10-2-20 Momen Post-Match

10-2-20 Point

10-2-20 El Tayeb Post-Match

10-2-20 Gawad Post-Match

10-2-20 King Post-Match

In Squash Podcast: Karim Abdel Gawad