September 2013- Archive

9-30-13 Semis Set in PSA $70K Netsuite Open

9-30-13 Ashour & Willstrop Hold Seedings In San Francisco

9-30-13 Hinds & Ali Fathi Make Madison PSA Final

9-30-13 Kandra Conquers Koukal For Barcelona Title

Top Rugby League Boss Says Willstrop in a League of His Own

9-30-13 Hong Kong Open Secures 5-Year Sponsorship

9-30-13 Bucknell Men's Season Preview

9-30-13 Boston College Men's Preview

9-30-13 Bowdoin Women's Preview

9-30-13 Northeastern Men's Preview

9-30-13 Washington University Men's Preview

9-30-13 Wee Wern Tries Her Luck in US Again

9-30-13 McWil to Provide US Open Show Court

9-30-13 Asics Gel Fireblast Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-30-13 Squash Program Shares in Agnes Irwin School's New Look

Netsuite Open Draw

9-27-13 PST Bobcat Streamed LIve on ProSquashTV

Atlas Khans In CAS Final Bid by Howard Harding

9-27-13 Job Opening: Head Pro, Richmond, Virginia

9-27-13 WSA Orange County Open Reports

2013 Southern California Doubles Championships Report by Dan Karnowsky

9-27-13 PSA Returns to Wisconsin, Ups Purse to $10K

9-27-13 Smith Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-27-13 Stanford Women's Preview

9-27-13 Dunlop Pro GTS 130 Racket by Pierre Bastien

9-27-13 D-Day For English Hopes At AJ Bell PSA World Championship

9-27-13 Massachusetts Pro Paul Mathieson Featured On Zone Radio

9-27-13 World #6 Low Wee Wern Looks to the Future

Gordon, Razik Lose As Seeds Fly Through In $70K PSA Netsuite First Round Qualifying

Qualifiers Zaman & Khan Progress In Peshawar by Howard Harding

9-26-13 Squash Fiction: "The Hidden Court" by Tracy J. Gates

9-26-13 World's Best To Invade SF's Justin Herman Plaza by Alexis Terrazas

9-26-13 Sherbini's Absence To Benefit Nicol...!? by Nick-at-Will

A Tale of Two Rising Canadian Racquet Stars by Nick Faris

9-26-13 Squash At Center of Continued Glasgow Games Controversy

9-26-13 Philly SquashSmarts Needs Volunteers At Drexel

9-26-13 MIT Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-26-13 Franklin & Marshall Men's Preview by Michael Bello

9-26-13 Guinness Squash Duration Record in the Books

9-26-13 Alison Waters: Shame on the IOC

9-26-13 CIMB Malaysian Open 2013 Equipment Report by Pierre Bastien

9-26-13 Fram Gommendy's Carte Blanche: Life After Sport by Lee Drew

9-25-13 Elshorbagy, Marche, Clyne, Castagnet Headline Tough San Francisco Netsuite Qualifier Tonight

9-25-13 Squash Fiction: "Back Wall Boast (A Squash Play in One Act)" by Peter Heywood

9-25-13 Matthew's Delight With Legendary Status by Richard Forrester

9-25-13 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Massachusetts

9-25-13 Princeton Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-25-13 Squash E-Zine's Pre-Season Women's Top 20

CitySquashers Headed To Boarding School & College

9-25-13 Santa Barbara School of Squash Thriving As Season Begins

9-25-13 McArthur Center Grand Opening Draws Hundreds

9-25-13 Philly US Open Ticking Down

9-25-13 Yonex SHB 86EX Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-25-13 Hardcourt Bike Polo Flourishing in South Florida

Gregory Gaultier Retains Toluca Title by Howard Harding

9-24-13 Third Time Lucky For Knight In Charlottesville by Howard Harding

9-24-13 Ten Years After, Caro Captures First Tour Title by Howard Harding

9-24-13 Squash Fiction: "Squash Dream" by Eduardo Alvarez

9-24-13 Palmer, Lincou, Khalifa Headline Weekend PST Bobcat Classic

9-24-13 Job Opening: Part Time Coach, Germantown Academy

Yale Men's Preview by Anne Bello

9-24-13 University of Toronto Varsity Blues Season Preview

US Squash Announces 2012-13 Scholar Athletes

9-24-13 Sedky, Kelly Capture JCT Connecticut Junior Titles

9-24-13 Toorpakai Risked It All for Love of Game by Steve Green

9-24-13 Video: US Open Promo

9-24-13 Tarek Momen Launches New Website

9-24-13 Slightly Outclassed in London by Mick Joint

9-24-13 Adidas BT Boom Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-24-13 Surfing Industry Hopes Surf Parks Will Revive Sport

Joe Lee Wins NASH Cup by Howard Harding

9-23-13 Knight & Sharpes To Share Charlottesville Final by Howard Harding

9-23-13 Smith And Nanda Capture Inaugural UVA Challenger Tourney As SDA Season Gets Underway by Rob Dinerman

9-23-13 Squash Fiction: "Game Plan" by Joan Ambrosini

9-23-13 Video: Hunting High and Low, Ashour v Pilley

Nine Hours Of Non-Stop Squash To Complete Late Friend's Documentary

9-23-13 Seeking Author-Competitors For League Squash Fiction Match

US Squash Announces New Juniors Initiative

9-23-13 Salming Race R1 Squash Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-23-13 Pakistani Players Criticized for Skipping Malaysian Open

9-23-13 Northeastern CSA Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-23-13 UC Berkeley Football Coach Earning Twice as Much as University President

Gaultier Through to $70K PSA Toluca Semis, Rodriguez Rallies by Howard Harding

9-22-13 Shawn Delierre, Joe Lee Into Toronto PSA Nash Cup Final by Howard Harding

9-22-13 Gaskin Survives Charlottesville Challenge by Howard Harding

9-22-13 Squash Fiction: "Insult to Injury" by Will Gens

9-22-13 European Club Championships Wrap

9-22-13 Video: European Club Championships Finals

Top Seeds Reeham Sedky, Arhum Saleem Advance in JCT Connecticut Juniors, Draws

9-22-13 Virginia Men's CSA Preview by Anne Bello

9-22-13 Harvard Announces 2013-14 Schedules

9-22-13 Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-22-13 Job Opening: Part Time Squash Coordinator, Texas

Laura Massaro Launches New Web Site

9-22-13 Peter Barker: Defining Moment, Turning Point? by Kenneth Tuttle

Growing Squash: What doesn’t work and what might by John Branston

9-21-13 World Squash Day: Time to Bounce Back

9-21-13 Teenager Al Tamimi Knocks Off Top Seed Illingworth in Virginia PSA Challenger

9-21-13 Gaultier Advances, Rodriguez Over Coppinger in $70K PSA Toluca by Howard Harding

9-21-13 Veteran Razik Masters Abouelghar At Nash Cup by Howard Harding

9-21-13 Squash Fiction: "The Sunday Club" by Sachika Irshwin Balvani

9-21-13 Job Opening: Part Time Pro, Poughkeepsie, NY

9-21-13 Quarters Results, $15K Boar's Head SDA Doubles

9-21-13 Amherst Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-21-13 Hertfordshire Club Hosting Celebration Tribute to Harry Faulkner

Video: The David Palmer Effect

Koukal Ousts Azan In Nash Cup Upset by Howard Harding

9-20-13 Champion Gaultier Draws Karwalski In Toluca by Howard Harding

9-20-13 World No 35 Illingworth Top Seed in Inaugural McArthur Center Challenger

9-20-13 Mark Allen Promising Excitement in Charlottesville

9-20-13 Matthew Reflects at Induction Ceremony by Alan Biggs

9-20-13 Laura Massaro: IOC Decision No Surprise

9-20-13 Squash Fiction: "Match Point" by Roy Ollier

US Squash: Are You Forgetting Someone? by the Squashist

9-20-13 Bates Bobcats Hosting Weekend Classic

9-20-13 Western Ontario CSA Men's Preview by Anne Bello

9-20-13 Agnes Irwin School Names Alex Stait Squash Director

9-20-13 Nike Multicourt 10 Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-20-13 Video: Tweak the Forehand from Squashskills

9-20-13 Former Tennis Ref Says USTA Gives Men Better Matches, Sues

Nick Matthew Pens Autobiography

9-19-13 David Dons Flying Gear

9-19-13 PSA's Chris Simpson Excited by Career Milestone

9-19-13 Imran Khan, Gavin Jones, and Georgina Stoker Through US Open Pre-Qualifying

9-19-13 US Open Pre-Qualifier Video Roundup

9-19-13 Toronto Nash Cup, Day 2 Report

9-19-13 Defining Moments, and Turning Kenneth Tuttle

9-19-13 Squash Fiction: "Out by Court 3" by The Squashist

9-19-13 Squash E-Zine's Pre-Season Men's CSA Top 25

9-19-13 Bates Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

Dubai Officials Want Squash In Schools

9-19-13 SDA Doubles Tour Opens Up This Week In Virginia

9-19-13 Dunlop I-Armor Goggles by Pierre Bastien

A Very Good, Bad Day: Cycling Through the Olympic Decision by Tracy J. Gates

9-18-13 Nick Matthew Left Heartbroken After Olympic Snub by Adrian Back

9-18-13 Willstrop: Global Start to New Season

9-18-13 Maybe Squash Needed Rejection by Osman Samiuddin

9-18-13 Cornett and Power Ham It Up, Talk Olympics

Reflecting on Nicol's Win In Malaysia, It's A 'Matter Of Fact' by Nick at Will

9-18-13 Distractions Aside, Nicol is Back

9-18-13 Squash Fiction: "The Point Begins With A Serve" by Jane Moss

US Squash Says Open Broadcast Set to Reach Millions

9-18-13 San Francisco Bay Club Announces NetSuite Open Schedule of Events

9-18-13 Media Reportedly Barred from Tournament in Pakistan

9-18-13 GW Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

Brazilian Soccer League Ejects Club After Masseur Makes Saves

9-18-13 Engineer Says Baseball Pitchers Have Speed Limit

U of Virginia's $12 Million McArthur Squash Center Staging Grand Opening Thursday

9-17-13 McArthur Center Video

9-17-13 Alarcon Rallies To Home Success In PSA Campinas, Announces Retirement by Howard Harding

9-17-13 Coll Conquers Corren In Christchurch Climax by Howard Harding

9-17-13 Squash Fiction: "Don't Be Ridiculous" by Ted Gross

9-17-13 Senen Ubina, Caroline East, Westchester County Gold Winners

9-17-13 Cross Border Challenge 14 by Mick Joint

9-17-13 Pro Nash Cup Canada Set to Impress

9-17-13 Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Shoes by Pierre Bastien

9-17-13 Top UK Junior Richie Fallows Undeterred by Olympic Snub

Cal Berkeley Women's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-17-13 College Squash Reminders from Michael Bello

9-17-13 Basic Forehand Technique from Squashskills

9-17-13 Stone Age Workout Retreats Gaining Popularity

Nicol David Back In Charge After Capturing Malaysian Open Final by Howard Harding

9-16-13 Two-Match Barker Takes Malaysian Open Men's Title by Howard Harding

9-16-13 Nicol Kenneth Tuttle

9-16-13 Video: David Post-Match Reaction

9-16-13 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Cleveland

9-16-13 Squash Fiction: "What Would Kate Do?" by Marcie Chan

9-16-13 Stanford Men's Season Preview by Anne Bello

9-16-13 US Squash Seeking Regional Assistant Coaches

9-16-13 Harrow Vibe Jonathon Power Racket by Pierre Bastien