September 2017 - Archive

9-30-17 Images, Oracle NetSuite Day 6 from Reynold Chan

9-30-17 Elshorbagy & Gawad Advance at the Wire in Oracle NetSuite Semis, David Crushes Pallikal

9-30-17 Video: Gawad - Elias Point

9-30-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite Quarters

9-30-17 Video: Oracle NetSuite Top Shots Day 1

9-30-17 Chelsea Piers Announces Bill Mountford as Senior Director of Racquets

9-30-17 Tennis Laver Cup Likened to Pro Wrestling

9-30-17 He Has a Point

9-30-17 Cost of Contact by Gina Kolata

9-30-17 Tennis Podcast, Laver Cup

9-30-17 OJ Simpson to be Loose Sunday

9-30-17 Careful Path Forward for NFL

9-29-17 Images, Oracle NetSuite Day 5 from Reynold Chan

9-29-17 Video: Matthew-Elias, at 17-16 in the 1st

9-29-17 SF Oracle Netsuite: Elias Withstands Brutal 1st Game to Beat Matthew; Perry Over Massaro, Top-Seed Gawad Advances

9-29-17 Gary Nisbet: Perfect Season

9-29-17 Job Opening: Club Coach, UCLA

9-29-17 Head Strings from Pierre Bastien

9-29-17 St Louis World Doubles Photo Gallery

9-29-17 Princeton Club Honoring Women's Squash Week

9-29-17 Classic Westchester Clubhouse for Sale

9-29-17 Helping Squash Students in Need After Texas Hurricane

9-29-17 US Squash Partnering with Study Hotels

9-29-17 Income Disparity in Youth Athletics by Linda Flanagan

9-29-17 Networks Don't Show Booing NFL Fans by Michael McCarthy

9-28-17 Images, Oracle NetSuite Day 4 from Reynold Chan

9-28-17 Elshorbagy & Willstrop Set Up Semis Clash at Oracle NetSuite by Sean Reuthe

9-28-17 Matthew, The Final Season, Episode 1

9-28-17 Video: PSL Preview

9-28-17 Fram's Corner, Diego Elias

9-28-17 Job Opening: School Coaches, Chicago

9-28-17 Chris Hanebury: Deception Only for Pros?

9-28-17 Asics Gel Approach 2 from Pierre Bastien

9-28-17 London Squash: The In & Out by Peter Heywood

9-28-17 Separation of Champions by Brad Stulberg

9-28-17 Cal Berkeley Spending Spree Continues

9-27-17 San Francisco Oracle NetSuite, Images Day 3 from Reynold Chan

9-27-17 Top Seeds Prevail in Oracle NetSuite First Round Action by Sean Reuthe

9-27-17 Oracle Netsuite to Benefit SquashDrive

9-27-17 NetSuite Qualifying Wrap

9-27-17 Video: Matthew & Cuskelly in The OC

9-27-17 Job Opening: School Coach, Connecticut

9-27-17 England Stars Back World Squash Day by Alan Thatcher

9-27-17 Liz Irving and Nicol David Announce Squash App

9-27-17 Joe Raho Brings New Perspective to Tufts Squash by Ryan Albanesi

9-27-17 Patriots Charge for Tap Water During Heat Wave, Apologize

9-27-17 NFL Owners' Unity Stance Questionable

9-27-17 How the Anthem Got Tangled Up with Pro Sports by Tevi Troy

9-26-17 Images, Oracle NetSuite Day 2 from Reynold Chan

9-26-17 Oracle Men's Qualy Finals Results

9-26-17 Oracle Women's Qualifying Finals Results

9-26-17 Video: Willstrop v Rosner, Netsuite '16

9-26-17 Top 5 Shots, Netsuite '16

9-26-17 Aging Veterans Massaro and David Back for More

9-26-17 College Squash Insiders - Inside Scoop on MIT - Q&A with Thierry Lincou

9-26-17 Mueller Wins Charlottesville, Tomlinson & Richards Capture Nash Cup, Roundup

9-26-17 Leach/Russell, Pierrepont/Stoker, Grainger/Callis Capture World Hardball Doubles Flights in St Louis

9-26-17 Video: Nantes Best Moments

9-26-17 Women's Squash Week Underway

9-26-17 Gilly Lane Mom into US Lacrosse Hall of Fame

9-26-17 A Walk in Willa Cather's Prairie

9-25-17 SF Oracle Men's Qualifying Underway, DRAW

9-25-17 Oracle Women's 1st Round Qualies DRAW

9-25-17 Images, Oracle NetSuite Day 1 Qualifying from Reynold Chan

9-25-17 Massaro Gearing for ONS

9-25-17 Gaultier Pulls Out

9-25-17 San Francisco Live Action

9-25-17 Millie Tomlinson and Tom Richards Capture Nash Cup Titles

9-25-17 Premier League Season Preview by James Roberts

9-25-17 Video: A Day with Ali Farag

9-25-17 SquashSkills, 3 Tips

9-25-17 Racquetball Courts to Performance Zones

9-25-17 Video: Matthew Career Highlights

9-24-17 Life After Squash by Laurens Anjema

9-24-17 Better Movement, with Liz Irving

9-24-17 Cross-Border Challenge by Mick Joint

9-24-17 Hurdles for Pakistani Player Noorena Shams

9-24-17 Court Down-Under Converted to Mini Golf Gourse

9-24-17 Lone Scunthorpe-Area Court Becoming Library

9-24-17 Hampshire Centre to Lose Court as Well

9-24-17 Italian Striker Wary of Squash Court

9-24-17 Video: Slo Mo Volley Drop

9-24-17 Video: The Body Serve

9-24-17 Irish Soccer Player Draws Kaepernick Comparison

9-24-17 Physical Limits by Alex Hutchinson

9-22-17 Charlottesville Quarters Report

9-22-17 Ontario Nash Cup Quarters Reports

9-22-17 5-Point Checklist by Gary Nisbet

9-22-17 Video: China Open Final, El Sherbini v Gohar

9-22-17 Squash for a Cause: Important

9-22-17 Arvind Lall: Help, Hope, Live

9-22-17 About Arvind

9-22-17 Job Opening: College Club Coach, Wellesley

9-22-17 World Hardball Doubles Underway in St Louis

9-22-17 Swarthmore 'Beautiful Grind'

9-22-17 Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Had Stage 3 CTE

9-22-17 BYU Begins Selling Caffeinated Soda

9-21-17 Alister Walker Previews $25K Charlottesville

9-21-17 Charlottesville Live Streaming

9-21-17 Nash Cup 1st Round Report

9-21-17 Video: China Open, Farag v Ashour

9-21-17 Video: Nantes, Hesham v Marche Extended

9-21-17 The Voice by Nick-At-Will

9-21-17 Strong Ticket Sales for Tuesday $150K OracleNetSuite Open

9-21-17 SquashTV to Cover NetSuite, Still Best Deal in Town

9-21-17 Penn Star Sedky Recognized by US Squash

9-21-17 10th World of Squash Golf Day

9-21-17 On-Court Coaching?

9-21-17 Standing Now No Good Either by Rebecca Fishbein

9-20-17 Nick Matthew Top 5 Matches

9-20-17 Video: Matthew Career Highlights

9-20-17 BBC Matthew Announcement

9-20-17 Video: Women's China Open Semis

9-20-17 $30K Ontario Nash Cup Qualifying Finals Report

9-20-17 Fram's Corner: 'Squash with My Son'

9-20-17 Squash Night at Phillies Game Wednesday

9-20-17 Back to the T

9-20-17 Video: Slo-Mo Backhand Volley Drop

9-20-17 One Sport with 4 Racquets by Jen Murphy

9-20-17 Cycling & Squash Classes Part of Canary Islands Sports Resort

9-20-17 Pro Tennis Continues Trialing Scoring Reforms

9-19-17 Nick Matthew to Bring Down the Curtain by Alan Thatcher

9-19-17 Matthew Video Announcement

9-19-17 Video: Top Shots, Nantes Finals

9-19-17 Video: China Open Men's Semis

9-19-17 Eric Galvez Wins Santa Fe Open, Weekend PSA Roundup

9-19-17 Re-Visiting: The Unfair Playing Field or East versus West by Nick-At-Will

9-19-17 Squash TV with Public Commentator Sweepstakes

9-19-17 Job Opening: Pro, Bronxville

9-19-17 Rex, by James Zug

9-19-17 John White's Drexel Squads Announce Schedules

9-19-17 Hamptons Spread with Court in Basement Listed for $13 Mil

9-19-17 Andy Murray Continues Focus on Women's Tennis

9-18-17 Excerpt from Forthcoming History of Squash at Princeton by Rob Dinerman

9-18-17 SquashSkills: Never Too Late

9-18-17 Gaultier Excited to Begin Season at Oracle NetSuite

9-18-17 Video: Megarally 187, Marche v Hesham

9-18-17 Video: Nantes Women's Final

9-18-17 Video: Nantes Men's Final

9-18-17 Please Help Sumner Malik

9-18-17 When You Can't Run

9-18-17 Golf's Scavenger Hunt by Lorne Rubenstein

9-18-17 The Suburb of the Future by Alan Berger

9-18-17 Doo-Wop Motels Back in Style

9-17-17 Finals Day in Paderborn Euro Clubs

9-17-17 Video: Nantes Women's Semis

9-17-17 Video: Nantes Men's Semis

9-17-17 Massaro and Pearson to Head November UK Camp

9-17-17 US Team Selection Criteria Announced, if You Can Find It

9-17-17 Ashaway SuperNick ZX Micro from Pierre Bastien

9-17-17 Feet-Racquet Alignment

9-17-17 Coaching the Core

9-17-17 Knife-Throwing a Sport

9-17-17 California Tract House Goes $800K Above Asking

9-17-17 Ken Burns Premiering 18-Hour Vietnam Documentary

9-16-17 Paderborn European Clubs Report

9-16-17 $5K New Mexico Men's Pro Event into Semis

9-16-17 Video: Megarally 186, Coleman v Castagnet

9-16-17 Video: Nantes Quarters Shots of the Day

9-16-17 Upper East Side Mansion Goes for $45 Million, Includes Court

9-16-17 Video: Smaller to Bigger Steps

9-16-17 'Girl Unbound' Trailer from Women In Sport Festival

9-16-17 Video: New South Wales Men's PSA Round 1

9-16-17 UC Berkeley Loses Mind, Shells Out $600K for One-Night Speaker Security

9-16-17 Video Gamers Landing College Scholarships

9-16-17 Why the Brits Write the Best Spy Novels

9-15-17 ElShorbagy to Headline Channel VAS Championships by Sean Reuthe

9-15-17 Video: Nantes Women's Quarters Part 2

9-15-17 Video: Men's Quarters Part 2

9-15-17 Gary Nisbet: Strong for Squash

9-15-17 Karakal F-125 FF from Pierre Bastien

9-15-17 Backlash as Gifted Cornwall Courts to Close

9-15-17 Looking to LA Games, 2028

9-15-17 Throws and the Serve

9-15-17 Just Breathe by Adam Meakins

9-15-17 Tennis's Mary Carillo Showing Versatility

9-15-17 Study Claims Hidden Sexism Makes Women’s Sports Seem Dull

9-15-17 Life in Elite Sport by Mara Abbott

9-14-17 PSA Foundation Partners with Off the Wall Squash by Sean Reuthe

9-14-17 Video: Nantes Quarters Shots of the Day

9-14-17 Video: Nantes Rally of the Day

9-14-17 A Day with Ali Farag

9-14-17 Pan Am Games Wrap

9-14-17 US Disappoints at Pan Am's

9-14-17 El Weleily and Rosner Top Macau Seedings by Alex Wan

9-14-17 Dane Sharp and Madeline Perry Through US Open Pre-Qualifiers

9-14-17 Fairfield County College Students Talk Internships

9-14-17 Sports Illustrated Slammed for Hurricane-Zone Bikini Shots

9-14-17 One-Wheel Scooter

9-14-17 Tony Soprano Nemesis Frank Vincent Dies at 80

9-13-17 Video: Nantes Shots of the Day, Round 1

9-13-17 Video: Nantes Women's Quarters Part 1

9-13-17 Video: Nantes Men's Quarters Part 1

9-13-17 Tempers Boil Over in Mosaad v Au Hong Kong Final

9-13-17 Feather Sports South Pasadena Squash Championships a Big Success

9-13-17 Kathy Ramsey Needs Help Following Cycling Accident

9-13-17 The Straight Drop Volley

9-13-17 Fast Player Problems Part 1

9-13-17 Video: Cross-Court Volley Lob

9-13-17 Historic Long Island Estate Includes Court

9-13-17 Olympic Skier's Training Routine

9-13-17 Face-Reading AI May Detect A Lot

9-12-17 PSA and WSF in Partnership Agreement

9-12-17 Video: Nantes Rally of the Day

9-12-17 City Breaks in Nantes Part 2

9-12-17 The Knack of the Warm-Up

9-12-17 Squash and Shin Splints

9-12-17 Back Corner Boast

9-12-17 Sacred Heart Greenwich Opens New Fields to Complement 6 Courts

9-12-17 Jahangir Coach Rehmat Khan Reportedly to Take Over Pakistan National Program

9-12-17 Youth Tennis Success Rekindles Age-Limit Questions

9-12-17 US Open Tennis Parting Thoughts

9-12-17 Fitness Trackers Ruining Workout by Daniel Kunitz

9-11-17 Marche and Moverley Claim Silverware in Nantes

9-11-17 Video: Nantes Women's First Round

9-11-17 Video: Nantes Men's First Round

9-11-17 Changing the Pace

9-11-17 The Game of Kings, Kipling, and Ritual

9-11-17 3 Training Tips from Gary Nisbet

9-11-17 Circuit of the Month, September

9-11-17 Late Irish Footballer and Squash Texts

9-11-17 Challenge of Tennis on the Radio

9-11-17 Athletes and Successful Farming

9-11-17 Opening Day Santa Clara Stadium, 49ers-Panthers

9-10-17 Squash's Youth Olympic Games Debut Formalised, by Howard Harding

9-10-17 Nour El Tayeb and Leo Au Claim Hong Kong Titles

9-10-17 Job Opening: Seasonal Pro, Boston

9-10-17 Win the Warm-Up

9-10-17 Fares Dessouky & Stability

9-10-17 New Jersey Squash Club to Open Training Facility in East Hanover

9-10-17 SafeSport Webinar Series

9-10-17 Dunlop Apex Infinity 2.0 from Pierre Bastien

9-10-17 Stretching Boundaries by Ferez Nallaseth

9-10-17 More Jenny Duncalf, by Ed White

9-10-17 Keeping Specialized Athlete Healthy

9-9-17 Northern Virginia Sports Complex to Include 8 Courts

9-9-17 Video: March v Selby, Nantes 2016

9-9-17 Video: Top 5 Shots

9-9-17 Squash with Dad

9-9-17 City Breaks in Nantes

9-9-17 Gail Ramsay to Receive Achievement Bowl

9-9-17 Outside the Glass: Clive Caldwell

9-9-17 Toledo Club Reopens After $700K Renovation

9-9-17 One Way to Find Your Luggage

9-9-17 Why Families Stretch Budgets for Youth Sports by Adam Shell

9-8-17 Seeds Seal Nantes Semis Spots

9-8-17 $50K Hong Kong Open Report

9-8-17 Nick Matthew on Power Points

9-8-17 Edge of the Racquet

9-8-17 High-Performance Academy Reportedly Opening in Suburban Boston

9-8-17 Adidas Speedcourt 8 from Pierre Bastien

9-8-17 Video: Nicol v Beachill, US Open 2004

9-8-17 Concussion Doctor Warns Against Kids' Ice Hockey

9-8-17 On Three New Tennis Movies by John Clarke

9-7-17 French Trio into Final 8 at Nantes

9-7-17 Houston Squash Community Rebuilding After Hurricane

9-7-17 Drexel Adds Theo Woodward as Assistant Coach

9-7-17 Darien High Schoolers Growing Game Regionally

9-7-17 Racquet Above Ball

9-7-17 Squash 2014, Short Film

9-7-17 How the Brain Sees the Squash Court by Ferez Nallaseth

9-7-17 Where is the T

9-7-17 All Things Canadian Doubles

9-7-17 Leg Injury Risk Higher 2nd Time Around

9-7-17 Fat Bias Starts Early by Jane Brody

9-7-17 NYC Morning Sports Host Arrested in Ponzi Scheme

9-6-17 Egyptian Quartet Triumphs in Nantes Qualifying Finals

9-6-17 Nantes International Open Preview, by James Roberts

9-6-17 Video: Nantes Qualifying

9-6-17 Video: 2016 Nantes Final, Simpson v Marche

9-6-17 Job Opening: Head Coach & Multiple Coaches, Squash Revolution

9-6-17 Les Machines de l’île

9-6-17 Building Pressure

9-6-17 Dunlop Apex Supreme 2.0 from Pierre Bastien

9-6-17 Video: Reverse Volley Boast

9-6-17 Coaching the Drop

9-6-17 Finger Size Advantage in Sports

9-6-17 Oakland Colisuem Last of the Two-Sport Stadiums

9-5-17 September Newsletter from the World Squash Federation

9-5-17 Rod Gilmour: Olympic Bid Enlivened by French Connection

9-5-17 Job Opening: Head Pro, Boston

9-5-17 Sam Cornett Summer in the Life

9-5-17 In the Zone

9-5-17 Video: Split Step

9-5-17 Laurens Anjema: Racquet Bag

9-5-17 Returning a Tight Shot

9-5-17 Guide to Strings

9-5-17 Filling a Weak Spot by Ben Rothenberg

9-5-17 I am Penn: George Weiss

9-5-17 9 to 5 for Losers in Silicon Valley by Dan Lyons

9-5-17 NY Neon Nights

9-4-17 Ashour And El Sherbini Claim China Open Crowns by Nathan Clarke

9-3-17 Ashour Leads Egyptian Whitewash In China Open Semis by Nathan Clarke

9-2-17 Kiwi King Continues Giant Killing Run At 2017 China Open by Nathan Clarke

9-1-17 PSA China Open First Round Report

9-1-17 PSA LIfts Ban on Tournaments in Pakistan

9-1-17 Video: Elshorbagy v Muller, 2017 Grasshopper

9-1-17 5 Questions Fiona Moverley

9-1-17 Matt Jenson Gearing for World Hardball Doubles

9-1-17 Mizuno Wave Hurricane 3 from Pierre Bastien

9-1-17 Hitting to Open Space

9-1-17 Handball Player Tries Eton Fives

9-1-17 NFL Player Raises $12 Million for Texas Hurricane Relief

9-1-17 Football Announcer Quits Over Safety Concerns

9-1-17 Athletes and Mental Illness

9-1-17 Female Nascar Racer Scrapping for Sponsors