September 2018 - Archive

9-30-18 Hong Kong’s Au Stuns Serme As Seeds Falter In San Francisco

9-29-18 Oracle NetSuite Sights & Sounds Day 2 by Reynold Chan

9-29-18 Defending Champions Perry And ElShorbagy Through To Oracle NetSuite Open Quarters, Sobhy Out

9-29-18 Matthew Long Interview, Part 1

9-29-18 WSF Vice President Optimistic re 2024

9-29-18 Job Opening: School Coach, Connecticut

9-29-18 More Philly Armory

9-29-18 Confusing Article, but Over-30 Men Controlling Tennis Grand Slams

9-29-18 HBO Scraps Boxing after 43 Years, Shifting to Storytelling

9-29-18 A Player's Descent by Ken Belson

9-28-18 Oracle NetSuite Sights & Sounds Day 1 by Reynold Chan

9-28-18 Mixed Fortunes For American Hopes As NetSuite Open Gets Underway

9-28-18 Kicking Off The Pro Doubles Season Amidst A Transformed Competitive Landscape by Rob Dinerman

9-28-18 World Squash Day On Song by Alan Thatcher

9-28-18 Skis in the Bathtub by James Zug

9-28-18 Retford Squash Club Going Down

9-28-18 Snapshots from Bavaria by Ginger Stickel

9-27-18 Oracle NetSuite Underway Today, DRAWS

9-27-18 Perry Opens Up on Emotional 2017 NetSuite

9-27-18 Oracle NetSuite Tickets

9-27-18 Point

9-27-18 Court

9-27-18 Olivia Blatchford

9-27-18 Canada Aspin Cup Round 1

9-27-18 Bittersweet Memories by Alan Thatcher

9-27-18 Women's Squash Week Stories

9-27-18 Spec Forehand

9-26-18 PSL Round 1 Report

9-26-18 Updated David Lloyd Debacle by Alan Thatcher

9-26-18 Declan James Takes Success in Stride by Geoff Bew

9-26-18 Tesni Evans

9-26-18 Grow Wire: John Nimick

9-26-18 Dr Samiha Abou Elmagd

9-26-18 OracleNetSuite Schedule

9-26-18 Video: Coll v Abouelghar, China Open Men's Final

9-26-18 Sabrina Sobhy in SI Faces in the Crowd

9-26-18 40 Years Since Melissa Ludtke

9-25-18 ElShorbagy Aiming to Open on High Note in San Francisco by Chris McClintick

9-25-18 Ramy Ashour Pulls Out of Thursday $120K OracleNetSuite

9-25-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

9-25-18 Premier Squash League Round 1 Kicking Off

9-25-18 Profile of Julie Greenwood  by A.J. Kohlhepp

9-25-18 G Evolution by Tony Griffin

9-25-18 CSA Supporting Happy WSW

9-25-18 Murray Fitness Training

9-25-18 September Sports Best Sellers

9-25-18 Gary Plummer

9-24-18 Top Seed Harrity Wins Tournament Madeira Island

9-24-18 Annie Au and Max Lee Win Queclink Titles

9-24-18 Video: HFKC Women's Semis, El Hammany v Arnold

9-24-18 Video: HFKC Men's Semis, Lee v Yip

9-24-18 Women's Squash Week Photo Contest

9-24-18 Selby on Women's Squash Week

9-24-18 SquashSkills: Weight of Shot

9-24-18 NYC Harvard Club Considers Converting Historic Harvard Hall to Dining Room

9-24-18 Fitness Watch

9-24-18 Dang

9-22-18 Hong Kong Semis Report

9-22-18 Matthew on the Scene at Madeira

9-22-18 Top Seed Harrity into Madeira Challenger Semis

9-22-18 Shabana: 'A Privilege'

9-22-18 Podcast: ElShorbagy

9-22-18 Podcast: Jesse Englebrecht and Gary Nisbet

9-22-18 Video: Serme v El Welily, China Open Final

9-22-18 Carol Thesieres Primed for US Hall of Fame Induction

9-22-18 Brooklyn Tower to Include Court

9-22-18 Court Crashers

9-21-18 Jahangir California Meet & Greet Live Saturday Night on YouTube

9-21-18 Stars Shine for Charity Night at St George’s Hill by Alan Thatcher

9-21-18 US Open Selling Grounds Passes (sorry, can't help laughing)

9-21-18 PSA Madeira Island Preview

9-21-18 Head Rip Control from Pierre Bastien

9-21-18 Historic Cos Cob Inn to Add Courts

9-21-18 Point

9-21-18 Blog: Against Volleyers

9-21-18 Michael Phelps

9-21-18 A visit with Nat and Lucy Day

9-21-18 Pro Football Still On Top

9-20-18 Hong Kong Day 3 Report

9-20-18 Video: Nantes Women's Final

9-20-18 Serve and Return with Nicol David

9-20-18 Philly Poised by Frank Fitzpatrick

9-20-18 More Philly Athletic Redevelopment

9-20-18 Peter Heywood: 'Short Film'

9-20-18 Emma Jinks

9-20-18 Mizuno Wave Supersonic from Pierre Bastien

9-20-18 Pro Gamers

9-20-18 College Trick Play

9-19-18 Dave Fish Retires After 42 Years at Harvard

9-19-18 May Announcement

9-19-18 A History of Harvard Squash During the Dave Fish Era by Rob Dinerman

9-19-18 Squash a Glass Act in Mainland China by Howard Harding

9-19-18 Video: Nantes Men's Final

9-19-18 PSA Partnering With Gaming Developer

9-19-18 Eain Yow Ng on SquashForward

9-19-18 ATP Suspends Chair Ump for Pep-Talking Player

9-19-18 Mike Ashley

9-19-18 Woman Pedals 184 Mph at Bonneville Salt Flats

9-18-18 HFKC Open Report

9-18-18 PSA Weekend Roundup

9-18-18 Video: Nantes Women's Semis

9-18-18 Video: Nantes Men's Semis

9-18-18 Drills with Liz Irving & Nicol David

9-18-18 US Scholar Athletes Announced

9-18-18 British Prince in Philly

9-18-18 Salming Kobra 2 from Pierre Bastien

9-18-18 Short Hills Mansion Includes Courts

9-18-18 Tennis Proclaimed Best Longevity Sport

9-17-18 Egyptian Women Blank England to Win World Team Title

9-17-18 Video: Nantes Women's Quarters Part 2

9-17-18 Video: Nantes Men's Quarters Part 2

9-17-18 Philadelphia 32nd Street Armory Reportedly to Become National Squash Center

9-17-18 Podcast: Jenny Duncalf

9-17-18 US Open Selecting Guest Commentators

9-17-18 Mizuno Lightning Star Z4 from Pierre Bastien

9-17-18 Djokovic and the Return of Serve

9-17-18 Speaking and Exercising

9-17-18 Suburban Virginia 450,000 sq ft Sports Complex Set

9-14-18 Au Beats Sobhy, Chan Over Blatchford as Hong Kong Knocks Out 3rd Seeded US Women in World's First Round

9-14-18 Women's World Teams Quarters Set

9-14-18 Video: Nantes Men's Quarters Part 1

9-14-18 Video: Nantes Women's Quarters Part 1

9-14-18 SquashSkills: Laura Massaro

9-14-18 Performance States

9-14-18 ElShorbagy & El Sherbini Lead US Open Draws

9-14-18 Jansher Speaks Out in Pakistan

9-14-18 Hudson Yards Tower Plans Include Court

9-14-18 Building a Winning Routine by Chris Hanebury

9-14-18 Justice Squared, Chapter 1 by Ted Gross (Rex Bolt)

9-13-18 Top Four Seeds Clinch Quarter-Final Slots In Dalian World Championship by Howard Harding

9-13-18 PSA Alexandria Open Postponed

9-13-18 Helsinki Round 1

9-13-18 An Interview With Squash Professional Muhammad Ali

9-13-18 Non-Profit NYC Mid-Town Squash Center a Potential Reality

9-13-18 Gary Nisbet: Unstable Surface Training

9-13-18 Blog: Easiest Shot to Play Badly

9-13-18 Japan 2020 Olympics Group Apologizes for Captive Dolphin Show

9-13-18 Shameful USTA Reportedly Backs Player Over Ref

9-13-18 Chiefs Guard an MD

9-12-18 Around the Rings: Showcasing Squash in France

9-12-18 Top Seeds Survive Early World Hurdles In Dalian by Howard Harding

9-12-18 A New ‘Modus Operandi' by James Roberts

9-12-18 Squash Returns to Hamburg

9-12-18 Job Opening: Pro, NYC

9-12-18 New Club Reportedly in the Works on West 39th Street

9-12-18 Women's Squash Week Sept 22

9-12-18 Cornfields of Iowa

9-12-18 The Outrageous Price of a US Degree by Amanda Ripley

9-12-18 Nick Hoppe: The Irritations Keep On Coming

9-11-18 China Set to Make Squash History in Dalian by Howard Harding

9-11-18 SquashTV Streaming Women's World Teams Free

9-11-18 Lincou Heads US Women's Squad

9-11-18 Job Opening: PT Pro, Toronto

9-11-18 Malcolm Willstrop Applauds Nantes Event

9-11-18 Oracle/NetSuite Fields Loaded

9-11-18 Out and About in Nantes

9-11-18 $50K SDA Maryland Set

9-11-18 Suburban Boston 14-Acre Spread Includes Courts (Jeez, this thing would be about $20 million in the Bay Area)

9-11-18 NYT Veteran Adam Clymer Dies at 81

9-10-18 El Welily and Abouelghar Capture China Open Titles in Shanghai by Sean Reuthe

9-10-18 James & Gilis Take Open International de Squash de Nantes Titles

9-10-18 Nantes Point 1

9-10-18 Nantes Point 2

9-10-18 Video: Men's Nantes Round 2

9-10-18 World Universities Report

9-10-18 Mizuno Lightning Star Z4

9-10-18 New Canaan Club Looking for Players

9-10-18 Larry Ellison Invests with Universal Tennis

9-10-18 Women's Baseball World Cup

9-9-18 El Welily-Serme, Abouelghar-Coll to Contest $240K China Open Finals

9-9-18 Top Seeds Willstrop, Whitlock into Squash de Nantes Finals

9-9-18 Say What!? by Nick-At-Will

9-9-18 Podcast: Daryl Selby

9-9-18 Nantes Point 1

9-9-18 Nantes Point 2

9-9-18 Nantes Point 3

9-9-18 Collegian Sedky Primed for Season

9-9-18 Zion Half Marathon Seeking Entries

9-9-18 Eagle's View

9-7-18 England’s Turmel Leads English Charge in Quarter-Finals of Open International de Squash de Nantes by Ellie Mawson

9-7-18 Kandra Foils Rodriguez to Reach China Open Quarters by Sean Reuthe

9-7-18 Kiwis Boosted By China World Teams Re-Draw by Howard Harding

9-7-18 Oracle NetSuite Set for Second Year of Lead Sponsor Support by Chris McClintick

9-7-18 Star-Studded PSL Squads Announced

9-7-18 Video: Nantes Round 2

9-7-18 Former Harvard Player Calvin Place Dies at 83

9-7-18 'Here's Why'

9-7-18 More David LLoyd

9-7-18 8 Courts

9-6-18 September Update from the World Squash Federation

9-6-18 Wildcard Li Beats Former World No 4 Kawy on China Open Day One, American Blatchford Out

9-6-18 France's Masotti Stuns New Zealand's Grayson in Nantes Round 2

9-6-18 Updated PSA Tour Rule Book

9-6-18 Blog: Oxygen Debt

9-6-18 Sweat Science by Alex Hutchinson

9-6-18 Video: PSA Preview

9-6-18 Asics Gel Upcourt 3 from Pierre Bastien

9-6-18 Off to Prep School

9-6-18 Baseball in 1918

9-5-18 Outside the Glass: Jamie Bentley

9-5-18 Wildcard Andre Leads French Charge in PSA Nantes Opener

9-5-18 Coaching Coming to SquashTV

9-5-18 Video: Muller v Marche, Nantes 2017

9-5-18 Paul Coll: New Season, New Blog

9-5-18 Nantes Stream

9-5-18 Mike McCue Profile

9-5-18 $6Mil CT Property Includes Court and Yoga Hut

9-5-18 Height the New Norm in Men's Tennis

9-5-18 A Journeyman’s Run

9-4-18 Sobhy Stars at Cayman Pan Am's by Howard Harding

9-4-18 A Match on Every Court by James Roberts

9-4-18 Swing Recoil with Nick Taylor

9-4-18 PSA Pakistan Events Reportedly Cancelled

9-4-18 Adidas Ligra 6 from Pierre Bastien

9-4-18 Stories that Would Have Been by Harvey Araton

9-4-18 The Science of the Grunt by Zach Helfand

9-4-18 Attorney Calls Kaepernick 'All American Icon', Lands Nike Deal

9-4-18 NYT Sports Best Sellers

9-4-18 Fosbury Flop

9-3-18 Golan & Tomlinson Win European Crowns by Howard Harding

9-3-18 Asian Games Report by Kng Zheng Guan and Alex Wan

9-3-18 Pan Am Wrap

9-3-18 US Results

9-3-18 From the Archives: Profile Of Rachael Grinham by Rob Dinerman

9-3-18 Elshorbagy Stays on Top in September World Rankings

9-3-18 El Sherbini Heads Women's

9-3-18 Leo Au is Squash Player Magazine's Player of the Month

9-3-18 Mizuno Wave Thunder Blade from Pierre Bastien

9-3-18 Paddleboard Race

9-2-18 Malaysia Denies Hong Kong Historic Asian Games Double by Howard Harding

9-2-18 Egypt Seeded to Retain World Team Title in China

9-2-18 US Women's Team Set

9-2-18 King Back to Career-Best

9-2-18 Trinity Women

9-2-18 Video: World Series Finals

9-2-18 Women's Squash Week

9-2-18 Insights

9-2-18 Sleep Problem?

9-2-18 Assuming by Bob Cook