Pro Squash

5-18-18 El Welily, Farag Advance in British Open, Matthew Out
5-18-18 Nick Matthew Ends Glittering Career in Pain, Defeat and Controversy by Rod Gilmour
5-18-18 Matthew Final BO Interview
5-17-18 Top Seeds Elshorbagy, El Sherbini Advance in British Open 2nd Round, Sobhy Out
5-16-18 Matthew Delays Retirement with British Open 1st Round Win; Rodriguez Upends Ashour; Report
5-16-18 Sobhy Over Blatchford in BO Women's Opener
5-16-18 Sarah Fitz-Gerald BO Forecast
5-15-18 Indecent Proposal by Laurens Anjema
5-15-18 Ooh Boy . . . 52 Years (At Least) and Counting by Ted Gross
5-15-18 British Open Qualifying Finals Report
5-15-18 Allam British Open Men's DRAW
5-15-18 Allam British Open Women's DRAW
5-15-18 England Squash: Top 5 Matthew BO Moments
5-15-18 Video: Qualy Finals Stream
5-14-18 British Open 1st Round Qualifying Report
5-14-18 34-Year-Old Massaro Looking for Gear Shift by Rod Gilmour
5-14-18 Matthew Looking to Bow Out on High Note by Rod Gilmour
5-14-18 Ramit Tandon a Hedge Fund Analyst
5-14-18 BO Qualifying Finals Streaming from 9am EST
5-14-18 Mohamed and Tomlinson Win Chamberlain Open Titles
5-13-18 Nick Matthew Aims to Inspire Next Generation by Rod Gilmour
5-13-18 British Open Qualifying Set
5-13-18 British Open Men's Qualifying DRAW
5-13-18 British Open Women's Qualifying DRAW
5-13-18 Sobhy and Blatchford Could Square Off in BO First Round
5-11-18 Matthew Aiming to Keep Emotions at Bay in British Open Bow
5-11-18 German League Report
5-10-18 Massaro Hungry for More British Open Success
5-10-18 European Squash Federation Votes in First Female-Majority Board
5-9-18 Premier Squash League Semis Report
5-9-18 Nicol David...rehabs! by Nick-At-Will
5-9-18 King is Women's Player of the Month
5-9-18 Mar Elshorbagy is Men's Player of the Month
5-8-18 Squash World Mourns The Passing Of Gul Khan, 1948-2018 by Rob Dinerman
5-8-18 British Open Contenders Profiled
5-8-18 Hanson Beats Harrity to Win $15K CAC Open, Whitlock over Tomlinson in Women's
5-7-18 Danielle Letourneau and Andrew Schnell Win Canadian National Titles
5-7-18 Allam British Open, a History
5-6-18 Nicol David Withdraws from British Open
5-4-18 More British Open Countdown
5-4-18 US Pro Events Weekend Live Streaming
5-3-18 Gaultier Hoping to Defend British Open Title
5-3-18 First Time in 26 Years No English Men in World Top 10
5-3-18 Euro Team Championships Report
5-2-18 Marwan Elshorbagy Up to Number 3 in May World Rankings
5-2-18 El Sherbini Hangs on to Top Slot in Women's
5-2-18 US Squash Latest to Join Harrity Announcement Bandwagon
5-1-18 May British Open Countdown
5-1-18 PSA Weekend Roundup
4-30-18 Joelle King Looks Past Commonwealth Games
4-30-18 Scribe Says No Ray of Hope for Pakistan Squash
4-29-18 Raneem El Welily and Mar Elshorbagy Win El Gouna Titles
4-29-18 China To Host Historic 1st World Chamionship in September by Howard Harding
4-29-18 Announcement from Todd Harrity
4-27-18 Mar Elshorbagy v Farag, El Sherbini v El Welily in El Gouna Finals
4-26-18 Gaultier, Farag, El Tayeb and El Welily Advance to El Gouna Semis
4-26-18 Archives: Honesty a Great Weapon by Alan Thatcher
4-25-18 Elshorbagys into El Gouna Men's Semis, El Sherbini and Massaro Advance in Women's
4-24-18 El Gouna Day 4 Report
4-24-18 El Gouna Draws
4-24-18 El Gouna Breakfast With Fram 4
4-24-18 Stunning Setting for PSA Finals by Sean Reuthe
4-23-18 El Gouna Day 3 Report
4-23-18 Video: A Day with Camille Serme
4-23-18 El Gouna Breakfast With Fram 3
4-22-18 El Gouna Day 2 Report
4-22-18 El Gouna Draws
4-22-18 El Gouna Breakfast With Fram 2
4-20-18 PSA Announces Partnership with Olympic Channel
4-20-18 El Gouna Qualifying Finals Report
4-20-18 El Gouna Main DRAWS
4-20-18 Sobhy & Blatchford in Action in Egypt
4-19-18 El Gouna Day 1 Qualifying Report
4-19-18 El Gouna Classic Encounters
4-19-18 David Palmer Calling Time on Career by Alexia Clonda 
4-19-18 Tim Vail and Natalie Lawrence Win UK Hybrid-Squash Titles
4-18-18 El Gouna Qualifying Underway Today
4-18-18 El Gouna History
4-18-18 Serme El Gouna Prep
4-18-18 New Insight at CWG
4-17-18 New Zealand Tops GC2018 Medals Table As Squash Relishes Its 20th Anniversary by Howard Harding
4-17-18 Amanda Landers-Murphy CWG Profile
4-17-18 Sedky Over World Junior Champ Elaraby to Win PSA Richmond
4-17-18 PSA Weekend Roundup
4-16-18 Golden Finish at Commonwealth Games by Howard Harding
4-16-18 All that is Gold Does Not Glitter
4-16-18 Squash Hoping French Appeal and Improved Broadcasting will Boost Bid Chances by Nick Butler
4-16-18 May British Open Draws Announced
4-16-18 A Century of Pro Squash by James Zug
4-15-18 Commonwealth Doubles Down to Medal Rounds
4-15-18 James Willstrop: No Harm in Trying
4-15-18 CWG Doubles Snafu, as 1 & 2 Seeds Meet in Quarters
4-15-18 Commonwealth Through the Eyes of a Mother by David Beck
4-15-18 Will Carlin: Wolf at the Door
4-13-18 Squash In a Movie Studio
4-12-18 Squash Celebrates 20 Years of Sport and Legacy by Howard Harding
4-12-18 Alan Hubbard: The Forgotten Games?
4-12-18 Commonwealth Doubles Day 3
4-12-18 Cayman Islands' Commonwealth Pair Weigh In
4-12-18 Wiring Up Ashour and Momen
4-11-18 Gaultier Hoping to Regroup in El Gouna
4-11-18 Dramatic Flair Makes Olympic Case by Rick Broadbent
4-11-18 American Hanson Beats 212th-Ranked Yanez to Win $5K Event, Weekend Roundup
4-10-18 King & Willstrop Win Commonwealth Games Singles Titles
4-10-18 Commonwealth Refereeing Under Fire
4-10-18 Willstrop Ends Long Wait
4-10-18 New Zealand Squash Fans Hammer Commonwealth TV Coverage
4-9-18 Commonwealth Games Finals Day
4-9-18 Scribe Terms Pakistan Squash Future Highly Bleak Following Gold Coast Showing
4-8-18 Gold Coast Games Semis Report
4-8-18 Adnan: Life on Tour
4-6-18 Commonwealth Games Day 2
4-5-18 Commonwealth Games Day One Report
4-5-18 Matthew Relishing Final Events by Ben Bloom
4-4-18 El Sherbini and El Welily on Course to Meet in First Women’s El Gouna International, Elshorbagy Headlines Men's, DRAWS by Sean Reuthe
4-4-18 Selby on Family and Rivalry
4-4-18 More King Profile Ahead of Commonwealth Games
4-4-18 Ashour Wins Squash Player’s Men's Player of the Month Award
4-4-18 Reeham Sedky Squash Player’s Women’s Player of the Month
4-3-18 New Zealand to Challenge for Commonweath Games Title, Preview
4-3-18 Commonwealth Games With Medal Equality
4-3-18 11-Year-Old Table Tennis Player Among Commonwealth Games Athletes
4-2-18 Yip Tsz-Fung Over Omar Mosaad for Career-Best $50K Macau Title, Gohar Wins Women's
4-2-18 King Returns to Top-5 in April World Rankings
4-2-18 Farag and Momen Reach Career Highs
4-2-18 More Best-of-Three Debate
4-2-18 Indian Squash Architect
4-1-18 $50K China Semis Report
4-1-18 Thoughts of Gold and Golf by Alan Thatcher
4-1-18 Women’s Squash And The House Of Saud by Peter Heywood
4-1-18 John Rooney Still Haunted
3-30-18 Hong Kong Celebrates Historic Asian Double by Howard Harding
3-29-18 Macau Open Preview
3-29-18 Richard Eaton Interviews Raneem El Welily
3-28-18 Qualifying Eliminated as PSA Makes Major Changes to Pro Tour Structure by Howard Harding
3-28-18 Premier Squash League Round 10 Report
3-28-18 Macau Qualifying Report by Alex Wan
3-28-18 Aging Aussie Vets Still Keen
3-27-18 PSA Weekend Wrap
3-27-18 Sobhy Over Collegian Sedky in Texas Final
3-27-18 Ramy, by Jeff Warren
3-27-18 PSL Round 10 Preview
3-26-18 Lisa Aitken 2nd Commonwealth Journey Included Dengue Fever Bout
3-25-18 Mathieu Castagnet Wins $35K Squash Squared Title
3-25-18 Shopping Mall Stages 1st PSA International Event in Russia
3-23-18 Castagnet Beats Willstrop to Gain $35K Squash Squared Final
3-23-18 Antipodean Success Predicted For Commonwealth Games Doubles by Howard Harding
3-23-18 Brothers in Arms by Richard Eaton
3-23-18 Joelle King In Form At Commonwealth Games
3-23-18 Once-Mighty Pakistan Pushed by Philippines and Korea in Asian Teams
3-22-18 Wimbledon Squash Squared Open into Semis
3-22-18 Squash Squared Live Streaming
3-22-18 $25K Women's Texas Open Underway Today
3-21-18 $35K Wimbledon Club Report
3-20-18 England Set For Double Gold Coast Gold In Commonwealth Games Singles by Howard Harding
3-20-18 Commonwealth Draws
3-20-18 Weekend PSA Roundup
3-20-18 American Harrity Qualifies into Wimbledon Club Event
3-19-18 Ashour Over Elshorbagy in $100K Grasshopper Final
3-18-18 Elshorbagy and Ashour to Square Off in $100K Grasshopper Cup Final
3-16-18 World No 1 Elshorbagy Keeps Winning Streak Alive in Grasshopper Cup
3-15-18 Defending Champion Gaultier Completes Winning Return To Action In Zurich by Nathan Clarke
3-15-18 $15K Manitoba Report
3-14-18 $100K Grasshopper Cup Underway Today, Preview
3-14-18 PSL Round 9 Report
3-13-18 Premier Squash League Round 9 Se
3-13-18 Impressive Stats Emerge as Pro Physical Demands Measured
3-13-18 Best of 3 Scoring Debate from Craig Parkinson
3-13-18 Weekend PSA Roundup
3-12-18 Hanson Repeats as US Nationals Titlist
3-12-18 Former U. S. Nationals Finalist Russ Ball Jr. Inducted Into Haverford School Athletic Hall Of Fame by Rob Dinerman
3-12-18 Moverley and Hany Contest $15K Calgary PSA Women's Final
3-11-18 Sobhy Straight-Sets Collegian Sedky for National Women's Title
3-11-18 Douglas Beats US No 1 Harrity in Men's Semi
3-10-18 ElShorbagy Wins 15th Edition of $100K Canary Wharf Classic by Sean Reuthe
3-10-18 ElShorbagy, Momen Post-Match
3-10-18 Elshorbagy Slams 2-out-of-3 'Fresher Legs' Concept
3-10-18 Harrity, Douglas, Hanson and Gordon in US Men's Semis
3-10-18 Sedky Powers Past Blatchford, Sobhy Holds Off Sister to Set Women's Nationals Final
3-9-18 Elshorbagy & Momen to Contset Canary Wharf Final
3-7-18 England’s Willstrop Gets Canary Wharf Classic Campaign Off to Winning Start by Sean Reuthe
3-7-18 ElShorbagy Squash Player Magazine's Men's Player of the Month 
3-7-18 El Tayeb Women's Player of the Month 
3-7-18 King and Al Muzayen Named PSA Players of the Month
3-6-18 ElShorbagy Brothers Claim Wins on Opening Day of Canary Wharf Classic by Sean Reuthe
3-6-18 6 Qualify for PSA World Series Finals
3-6-18 Video: Windy City Interviews
3-6-18 Yathreb Adel Wins in Salt Lake City, PSA Weekend Roundup
3-5-18 English Quartet Falls in Canary Wharf Qualifiers by Alan Thatcher
3-5-18 Canary Wharf Qualifying Day 2 Report
3-5-18 Former World No 5 Borja Golan Wins Montreal Open
3-4-18 Canary Wharf Qualifying Underway, Report
3-4-18 Ben Coleman Shocks Former CW Champion Castagnet by Alan Thatcher
3-4-18 Premier Squash League Playoff Preview
3-3-18 Matthew Injured, Withdraws from Canary Wharf Classic
3-2-18 Chicago 2018/19 PSA World Championships to Become First Million-Dollar Squash Tournament by Sean Reuthe
3-2-18 Elshorbagy Returns to World No 1
3-2-18 El Sherbini, El Welily Stay 1-2 in Women's
3-1-18 El Tayeb and ElShorbagy Lift Windy City Open Crowns by Ellie Mawson
3-1-18 Windy City Finals as They Happened
2-28-18 Elshorbagy Brothers into $250K Chicago Final, King & El Tayeb to Contend for Women's Title
2-28-18 Windy City Semis as They Happened
2-28-18 Zac Alexander Dominates 111th US Squash Hardball Singles Championships by Rob Dinerman and Tefft Smith
2-27-18 El Tayeb Knocks Out Top Seed El Sherbini as Families Dominate in Chicago by Ellie Mawson
2-27-18 Windy City Quarters as They Happened
2-26-18 Sobhy Secures Emotional Windy City Win Over Gohar, Day 4 Report by Ellie Mawson
2-26-18 Wee Wern Dejected After Losing Commonwealth Spot
2-22-18 Windy City Preview
2-22-18 Chicago Qualifying Complete, Chris Hanson & Sabrina Sobhy Gifted Main Draw Wildcards
2-21-18 US No 1 Harrity Beaten in $500K Chicago Qualifying Opener, Results
2-21-18 Consistency Key for Mar Elshorbagy Ahead of Windy City
2-20-18 $500K Windy City Qualifying Underway Today, DRAWS
2-19-18 Nick Matthew Records 10th British National Title
2-19-18 Tesni Evans Captures Women's British Nationals to Become First Welsh Winner
2-18-18 British Nationals Finals Set, Report
2-18-18 The Diamond Couple Hits Again by Fram Gommendy
2-18-18 Lee Captures Canada Cup
2-15-18 Gaultier Withdraws from Next Week's $250K Windy City, Revised DRAW
2-15-18 Sponsors With a Passion for Squash by Alan Thatcher
2-15-18 Former Trinity Player Malhotra Wins Atlanta Open
2-14-18 Nick Matthew Targets 10th British National Crown
2-14-18 $50K Canada Cup Quarters Report
2-12-18 Farag 3-1 Over Rosner to Claim Swedish Open Crown
2-12-18 Donna Urquhart Wins $25K Cincinnati Title
2-11-18 Rösner And Farag To Meet In $70K Swedish Open Final
2-10-18 Farag Storms into Swedish Semis
2-10-18 Sam Cornett in Commonwealth Games Promo Video
2-9-18 Marathon Matchups Dominate Men's $70K Swedish Open Day 1
2-8-18 $70K Men's Swedish Open Qualifying Finals Report
2-8-18 Swedish Draw Preview
2-8-18 Scribe Slams PSA Treatment of Pakistan
2-7-18 King Beats El Welily in Cleveland Classic Final
2-7-18 Swedish Open Underway Minus Gaultier
2-6-18 Mar Elshorbagy Wins $70K Motor City Title
2-6-18 Matthew and Willstrop Set for One Last British Nationals Encounter, Jenny Duncalf in 20th Straight
2-6-18 PSA Weekend Wrap
2-4-18 El Welily, King, Sobhy and Waters into $50K Cleveland Semis
2-4-18 Mar Elshorbagy & Paul Coll to Vie for $70K Detroit Title
2-4-18 Sam Cornett and Nikki Todd Nominated to 2018 Commonwealth Games
2-2-18 El Tayeb to No 3 in Februrary World Rankings
2-2-18 Rösner Returns to Career High No 6
2-2-18 $50K Cleveland Women's Qualifying
2-2-18 Blatchford and Sobhy Set For Cleveland Classic Main Draw
2-2-18 ElShorbagy and Coll Lead Motor City Open Draw
2-1-18 $70K Men's Motor City Qualifying Complete
2-1-18 Premier Squash League Round 7 Report
2-1-18 Rivals Matthew & Willstrop to Lock Horns at Canary Wharf
1-31-18 $500K Windy City Draws Released, Preview
1-30-18 Max Lee Wins PSA Pittsburgh Title
1-27-18 Pilley-Selby Pilot Podcast
1-27-18 How Egyptians Dominate Squash by Maram Mazen
1-26-18 Rösner & El Sherbini Claim 2018 ToC Titles
1-26-18 Matthew Calls ToC Greatest Tournament
1-26-18 Pre-Finals Interviews
1-26-18 Mike Riley Honored with Stewart Brauns Award
1-25-18 Momen-Rosner, El Sherbini-El Tayeb to Square Off for 2018 ToC Titles
1-25-18 Tournament of Champions Views, Day 8 from Reynold Chan
1-24-18 Farag Stops Ashour in Men's ToC Quarters, El Tayeb Over El Welily in Women's
1-24-18 ToC Tuesday As It Happened
1-24-18 Standing Ovations
1-23-18 World No.1 Gaultier Wins Grand Central Epic While Defending Champion Serme Survives Second Round Scare by Nathan Clarke
1-23-18 ToC Monday As It Happened
1-23-18 Tournament of Champions Views, Day 7 from Reynold Chan
1-22-18 Cuskelly Shocks World Champion ElShorbagy on Day 4 of ToC as Sobhy Makes Injury Comeback by Sean Reuthe
1-22-18 Sunday ToC As It Happened
1-22-18 Tournament of Champions Views, Day 6 from Reynold Chan
1-21-18 Mueller Stuns World No 4 Gawad 11-9 in the 5th at ToC
1-21-18 ToC Saturday As It Happened
1-21-18 Tournament of Champions Views, Day 5 from Reynold Chan
1-21-18 Tesni Evans
1-21-18 Blatchford TV Interview
1-20-18 Ramy Ashour Advances in First ToC Appearance Since 2013 by Sean Reuthe
1-20-18 Video: Rodriguez v Yip Point
1-20-18 Tournament of Champions Views, Day 4 from Reynold Chan
1-19-18 Rivals Matthew and Willstrop to Contest Tournament of Champions Second Round Clash by Sean Reuthe
1-19-18 Tournament of Champions Views, Day 3 from Reynold Chan
1-19-18 A Sublet for a Legend by James Zug
1-19-18 ToC Early Shot of the Day
1-19-18 Commentary Position
1-19-18 Video: SquashTV ToC Promo
1-18-18 ToC Men's Qualifying Complete
1-18-18 Matt Lombardi ToC Preview Part 1
1-18-18 Matt Lombardi Preview Part 2
1-18-18 PSA Screen Data to Portray Effort Level
1-18-18 SquashTV Offering ToC for $9.99 with Promo Code MONTH999
1-18-18 Sobhy Aiming to Put 'Difficult Journey' Behind Her
1-18-18 Blatchford Hails 'Monumental' Saudi Experience
1-18-18 You Pick 'Em: Enter ToC Men's Bracket Racket
1-17-18 $165K Tournament of Champions 1st Round Men's Qualifying: All 6 Americans Crash Out
1-17-18 El Sherbini Set
1-17-18 ToC Classic Encounters
1-16-18 ToC Men's Qualies Begin Today
1-16-18 Defending Women’s Champion Camille Serme Aims for ToC Repeat
1-16-18 ToC Tickets
1-16-18 Darn Good Value, as SquashTV All Over ToC
1-16-18 Marina Stefanoni to Be Youngest Ever at ToC
1-16-18 Blatchford Relishing Opportunity
1-16-18 ToC History
1-16-18 Rosner Sportsman of the Year in Paderborn
1-15-18 PSA Launches Real-Time Stats Tracking
1-15-18 Paul Coll
1-14-18 Elshorbagy to Seek First Canary Wharf Title
1-13-18 El Sherbini Over El Welily in Inaugural Saudi Women's Final
1-13-18 A Tournament Unlike Any Other
1-13-18 ToC Men's Qualifying DRAW Announced
1-13-18 ToC Women's Qualifying DRAW
1-13-18 Premier Squash League Round 6 Report
1-12-18 El Sherbini and El Welily Advance to PSA Saudi Final
1-11-18 Egyptian Quartet into Historic PSA Women's Saudi Masters Semis
1-10-18 PSA Saudi Women's Quarters Set
1-9-18 Making History at Saudi Masters
1-9-18 Saudi Women's Masters Day 2
1-9-18 World No 1 El Sherbini Opens With Win
1-9-18 Serme Beats History-Maker Alnaja in Saudi Masters Day 2
1-8-18 Gawad Cueing Up ToC Return
1-7-18 Saudi Women's Masters Preview
1-7-18 Saudi Federation President Says Things are Changing
1-7-18 The Inside Story: Aqeel Rehman
1-6-18 Elshorbagy & El Welily PSA Players of the Month
1-6-18 Sold-Out Canary Wharf Prize Money Hits $100K
1-6-18 Ashraf el Karargi
1-5-18 PSA Year in Review, December
1-5-18 2024 Olympic Bid with Key Campaign Boost by Howard Harding
1-5-18 Sobhy Prepares For PSA Comeback at Tournament of Champions
1-5-18 Olivia Blatchford Opens 2018 with Inaugural Saudi  Women’s Masters
1-4-18 2018 ToC Promo Video
1-4-18 Joelle King Audio
1-4-18 Tesni Evans
1-3-18 Diego Elias Breaks into World Top 10
1-3-18 January Men's World Rankings
1-3-18 January Women's World Rankings
1-3-18 PSA Matches of the Year Part 2
1-3-18 Year in Review, November
1-2-18 PSA Matches of the Year, Part 1
1-2-18 Year in Review: September
1-2-18 Year in Review: October
1-2-18 El Welily Interview