Pro Squash

12-31-19 PSA Announces Investment in Sports Data Labs
12-31-19 Video: World Teams, Egypt v Germany
12-31-19 December Equipment Report from Pierre Bastien
12-31-19 The Tens by James Zug
12-31-19 SquashRx
12-31-19 More British Junior Open Preview
12-31-19 Academy Job Opening: Qatar
12-31-19 Pakistan Sends 12 to BJO
12-31-19 Job Opening: Pro
12-31-19 5 Sports Business Predictions
12-30-19 Matches of the Year Part 2
12-30-19 Laura Massaro Awarded an MBE in Queen’s Honours List by Alan Thatcher
12-30-19 Cameron Pilley
12-30-19 World Squash Library
12-30-19 The Squash Pyramid by Ryan McKenzie
12-27-19 PSA Matches of the Year Part 1
12-27-19 You Make the Call
12-27-19 Sabrina Sobhy
12-27-19 Memo to US Squash: Hire the Egyptian Coaches?
12-26-19 Unilateral Training by Gary Nisbet
12-26-19 World Squash Library
12-26-19 A Decade of Fitness by Gretchen Reynolds
12-26-19 NFL Mailbag
12-24-19 Origins: Jonah Barrington
12-24-19 PSA Year in Review Part 1
12-24-19 For One Week
12-24-19 PSA Question
12-24-19 Nicol David in Retirement
12-22-19 Egypt Blanks England for 5th World Men's Team Title by Ellie Mawson
12-22-19 Point
12-22-19 Wales, France Finish 3-4, New Zealand Beats Germany for 5th, Scotland Over Spain for 7th; Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong & Switzerland Round Out the Competition
12-21-19 Top Seeds Egypt and England Through to World Team Final
12-21-19 World Teams Gallery
12-21-19 Gaultier Out 14 Months, Comes Back to Crush Willstrop in WT Semis
12-21-19 Point
12-21-19 Point B
12-21-19 Point C
12-21-19 Washington Post Recognizes WTs
12-20-19 Egypt, England, France & Wales Advance to Men's World Teams Semis
12-20-19 World Teams Main Draw
12-20-19 Point
12-20-19 Point 2
12-20-19 Video: Malaysia v Germany
12-20-19 Sabrina Sobhy Notches $20K Pakistan International Title
12-20-19 Strong January Carol Weymuller Field Set
12-19-19 Wales, Germany, Spain and New Zealand Advance in World Teams Day 1 Main Draw Action
12-19-19 Point
12-19-19 Video: France v Malaysia
12-19-19 You Make the Call
12-18-19 American Men Crash Out of World Championships as Depleted Switzerland Stuns Team USA to Advance by Ted Gross
12-18-19 Swiss Team Dedicates Emotional Victory
12-18-19 World's Day 3 Wrap
12-18-19 Main Draw
12-17-19 World Teams Day 2 Report
12-17-19 Draws
12-17-19 World Teams Photos
12-16-19 World Men's Teams Day 1 Wrap
12-16-19 MWT Opening
12-16-19 Gaultier Post-Match
12-16-19 World Teams Streaming Live on PSA Facebook
12-16-19 Perry and Lee Claim UK Boston Open Titles
12-14-19 Men's World Teams: The Story of 2017
12-14-19 US Team Preview
12-14-19 David Campion
12-14-19 Sabrina Sobhy Wins $20K Monte Carlo Classic
12-13-19 Tournament of Champions Draws Announced
12-13-19 ToC Men's Bracket
12-13-19 ToC Women's Bracket
12-13-19 Women's Monte Carlo Semis Report
12-11-19 NZ Boosted by World Teams Seed Change by Howard Harding
12-11-19 Premier Squash League Round 5 Report
12-11-19 $20K Women's Monte Carlo Round 2 Report
12-11-19 World Teams Explained
12-11-19 Tickets
12-11-19 Dessouky Top Seed in Pittsburgh by Matt Coles
12-10-19 Sarah-Jane Perry Takes Over as Women's Tour President
12-10-19 Men's World Teams Squads Set
12-10-19 Women's $20K Monte Carlo Underway
12-9-19 Mexico's Cardenas Wins $12K St Paul
12-9-19 Vikram Malhotra Captures Boca Raton Open
12-9-19 Nicol David Hosting Malaysia Event by Alan Thatcher
12-6-19 Gaultier to Make PSA Return at ToC
12-6-19 DC Men's World Teams Pools Announced
12-6-19 Cognac Open Quarters Report
12-6-19 Florida Open Round 1
12-6-19 St Paul Men's $12K into Semis
12-5-19 $12K Men's Minnesota Underway
12-5-19 Men's $12K Boca Raton Draw Set
12-5-19 SEA Games Wrap
12-5-19 $6K France Cognac Open into Quarters
12-4-19 Nimick's ToC to Light up Grand Central for 23rd year by Chris McClintick
12-4-19 ToC Tickets
12-4-19 World Men's Teams Countdown
12-4-19 Harvard Player Crouin and Sabrina Sobhy Named PSA Challenger Players of the Month
12-3-19 Egypt, England Top-Seeded in Men's World Teams
12-3-19 Tarek Momen and Nour El Sherbini Named PSA Players of the Month
12-3-19 PSA Weekend Roundup
12-3-19 Jansher’s Journey to Fame by Khalid Hussain
12-2-19 Gawad Returns to Top 3 in December Rankings
12-2-19 American Sobhy to No 7 in Women's Ranks
12-2-19 Jansher: No Fire
11-30-19 PSA Veteran Chris Simpson Announces Retirement
11-30-19 Greg Gaulter: Still a Bit Stiff by Jerome Elhaik
11-30-19 Sarah-Jane Perry Saluted at University of Warwick
11-30-19 Nick Wall Wins First PSA Title in Las Vegas
11-30-19 International Squash League in Balochistan Hits a Snag
11-27-19 Premier Squash League Round 4
11-27-19 Best of Channel Vas 2019 from Steve Cubbins
11-27-19 Beautiful Setting for Suttton International, Round One Report
11-26-19 Balls and Walls by Gordon Kerr
11-26-19 Sabrina Sobhy Wins in London, PSA Roundup
11-26-19 Greg Gaultier Back on Court by Jerome Elhaik
11-25-19 Gawad Over Elshorbagy in $100K VAS Final
11-25-19 Harvard Player Crouin a Winner in the Dominican Republic
11-22-19 Gawad Leads Top Seeds Through to Channel VAS Quarters
11-22-19 Willstrop, Sabrina Sobhy Advance in London Open Draws
11-21-19 Channel VAS Day 2 Report
11-21-19 London Open Round 1
11-20-19 $100K Men's St George's Hill Day One Report
11-20-19 England Men's Squad Set for World Teams by Donna Helmer
11-19-19 PSA World Tour Finals Standings
11-19-19 PSA Challenger Tour Stops in Vegas
11-18-19 PSA Silver Manchester Open on the Calendar for May
11-16-19 Tarek Momen Captures 2019-20 World Title
11-16-19 Men's World Finals Wrap
11-16-19 Momen Post-Match
11-16-19 Coll Post-Match
11-16-19 Pre-Match
11-16-19 Men's World Galleries
11-15-19 Egypt's Momen and New Zealander Coll to Square Off for World Men's Title
11-15-19 Coll Post-Semis
11-15-19 Momen Post-Semis
11-15-19 Breakfast with James Willstrop
11-14-19 Marwan Elshorbagy, Momen, Roesner & Coll Advance to World Open Semifinals
11-14-19 Men's World's Draw
11-14-19 Mar Elshorbagy Post-Match
11-14-19 Momen Post-Match
11-14-19 Coll Post-Match
11-14-19 Roesner Post-Match
11-13-19 Elshorbagy Brothers Advance at World Open, Coll Goes 2 Hours to Defeat Mosaad
11-13-19 Mo Elshorbagy Post-Match
11-13-19 Coll Post-Match
11-13-19 Mar Elshorbagy Post-Match
11-13-19 Salem Post-Match
11-12-19 Willstrop Turns Back the Clock, Knocks Off No 4 Gawad in Men's World's 3rd Round
11-12-19 Round 3 Reports
11-12-19 Willstrop Post-Match
11-12-19 Elias Post-Match
11-12-19 Roesner Post-Match
11-12-19 Olivia Blatchford Wins Detroit Pro Classic
11-11-19 Men's World's Lower Half Report by Alex Wan
11-11-19 Coll Post-Match
11-11-19 Mar Elshorbagy Post-Match
11-11-19 Abouelghar Post-Match
11-11-19 Rodriguez Post-Match
11-11-19 Qatar Gallery Day 3
11-10-19 $350K Men's World's 2nd Round Report
11-10-19 Elias Post-Match
11-10-19 Willstrop Post-Match
11-10-19 DAC Women's PSA Semis Report by Mick Joint
11-9-19 Qatar Men's World Championships, Day 1 Report
11-9-19 Draw
11-9-19 Elshorbagy Post-Match
11-9-19 Gawad Post-Match
11-9-19 Roesner Post-Match
11-9-19 Tamimi Post-Match
11-9-19 Lone American Harrity Falls to Hong Kong Player
11-9-19 Where Qatar Surpasses Itself by Fram Gommendy
11-8-19 Men's World's to Kick Off in Qatar
11-8-19 Elshorbagy
11-8-19 Qatar Day Zero Photos
11-8-19 $30K Women's Detroit Semis Set
11-8-19 PSA Reportedly Waives Pakistan Event Security Fee
11-7-19 Qatar World Champs, Contenders
11-7-19 Momen Sets World's Sights
11-7-19 Men's World Championship to Stream on Facebook
11-7-19 WSF Annual Delegates Conference Announces No New Changes to Standard Rules of Squash
11-7-19 Womens $30K Detroit 2nd Round
11-6-19 Maybe Time to Clean House and Start Over by Ted Gross
11-6-19 WSF to Consider Worldwide 17 inch Tin, Banning Player-Referee Debate
11-6-19 Gawad Set for Qatar World's
11-6-19 Men's World Championships Classic Encounters
11-6-19 Premier Squash League Round 3 Report
11-5-19 World No.1 Ali Farag Withdraws from Friday World Championships
11-5-19 World's PA
11-5-19 Prize Money
11-4-19 Men's World's Underway Friday in Qatar, Preview
11-4-19 Elshorbagy with Another World Title Shot
11-4-19 Sam Cornett Wins $12K Ottawa JC Open
11-3-19 PSL Round 3 Preview
11-2-19 Nour El Sherbini Captures 4th World Title
11-2-19 Gawad Straight-Sets Farag to Win Egyptian Open
11-2-19 NY Times: A Squash Mystery in Egypt
11-2-19 Post-Match
11-2-19 Point
11-2-19 Point 2
11-2-19 Presentations
11-2-19 World's Draw
11-1-19 El Welily and El Sherbini to Square Off in World Championship Final; Farag v Gawad in Men's Pyramids of Giza Final
11-1-19 More Semis Reports
10-26-19 Women's World's Day 2 Report
10-26-19 Men Join the Action on Day 2, Wrap
10-26-19 El Welily Post-Match
10-26-19 Gohar Post-Match
10-26-19 El Tayeb Post-Match
10-26-19 More Social
10-26-19 Schedule and Draws
10-26-19 Cairo World's Photo Galleries
10-25-19 Rough Day for American Women at World Championships, as 4 of 5 US Players Suffer First Round KO's
10-25-19 Reaction from Cornell's Subramaniam After Shocking US No 1 Sobhy in Women's World's Opener
10-25-19 Pyramids Opening Night Social
10-25-19 El Tayeb Post-Match