The Genesis Of the Black Knight Sam Cornett Racquet
by Samantha Cornett

February 26, 2013 - The Sam Cornett Ion X-Force racquet from Black Knight came into production December 2012. It is a red version of the very popular yellow-on-black model. The original plan we thought of was a pink version of the racquet to market to younger girls, and anyone else who enjoys pink of course! However, pink isn’t at the top of my list, so I asked if green or red would work. Fred Reid from Black Knight was very open to ideas and thought red would be a good one, Canada-style!

How it came to be was pretty exciting for me, as Fred and I were organizing my contract for the coming year and he told me that BK would be happy to have a racquet in my name in the lineup, since I’ve been doing well and I’ve been playing with them since I was about 12! We then went over the specs together, and out came this hot little number. The racquet weighs 140g with a nice head light balance point. The racquet has a PowerSurge shaft design that not only helps increase the power but has very little vibration so it is a really solid racquet! It is pretty stiff and is pre strung with Ashaway string so there is no need to restring it.

Black Knight will be donating a portion of the sales of this model to help me fund my squash career which is very generous and a huge help, as costs associated with playing on the Tour are high. The racquet is available for purchase from online retailer as well as various proshops and racquet stores across the country -naturally I love it and would highly recommend it! Huge thanks to my sponsors Black Knight and RacquetSource for their constant support.

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