Windy City Women's Matches Too Short to Justify Equal Prize Money
by Ted Gross

March 2, 2016 - The numbers in the $300,000 equal-prize money Chicago Windy City Open are noteworthy.

It is understandable that most of the women players favor the low tin. You don't have to be quite as fit, balls that used to be errors are now winners, and you can get off the court faster.

The spectators and sponsors may see it differently though.

In Main Draw play through the semifinals (30 men's matches and 30 women's matches):

Men's average match length:  61 minutes

Women's average match length:  34 minutes

Round Summaries:

First Round Averages: 

Men's  61 minutes
Women's 33 minutes

Round of 16 Averages:

Men's:  66 minutes
Women's:  32 minutes

Quarterfinals Averages:

Men's:  57 minutes
Women's:  40 minutes

Semifinals Averages:

Men's:  51 minutes
Women's: 36 minutes

In women's play 4 matches total (out of 30) made it to 45 minutes.

In men's play 27 of the 30 matches lasted 45 minutes or more.

There were 2 women's matches total that made it to an hour.

In men's play, 17 matches lasted an hour (10 in the first round alone).

And sadly, in women's play there were 13 matches that didn't break the half hour mark.