LA 2028 Olympic Squash Venue Reportedly Set for Mojave Desert

April 1st, 2024--DSR has learned that the squash portion of the Los Angeles '28 Olympics will be staged in the Southern Mojave Desert, 172 miles east of LA.

USSOAC organizer Tim Horguew made the announcement from the location Saturday. Horguew said, "We walked it this morning--as best we could--and we think it'll work. We're going to have to haul the court out here and so forth, and obviously water, but that's the Games, you do what you have to do."

HTP Valley Director Sue Swansone said, "We'll have to watch for scorpions, but we feel that adds to the atmosphere. Our understanding is squash is a brutally demanding sport, so what better environment in which to present it."

Squash's hope had been to stage the event at Manhattan Beach, sharing a combined venue with beach volleyball.

"We looked hard at that," Horguew said. “Ultimately we felt two sports where players dive should be separated.”