3-29-17 Final College Men's Rankings
3-28-17 Petition Circulating to Save Wellesley College Varsity Squash
3-28-17 Intercollegiate Champion Khalifa Makes Sports Illustrated's Faces In the Crowd
3-25-17 Wellesley College Scraps Varsity Squash
3-25-17 Penn's Salah Named Ivy Player of the Year
3-25-17 College Players of the Week
3-21-17 Video: Men's National College Final, Khalifa v Yanez
3-21-17 Video: Women's College Final, Kennedy v Sedky
3-19-17 St Lawrence Men's Coach Profiled
3-19-17 Pretty Silly, as CSA Final Women's Rankings Based on 1 Event
3-16-17 CSA Recognizes Men's National Teams Performers
3-11-17 David Palmer Reflects on First Season at Cornell
3-9-17 College Barnaby & Most Improved Awards Announced
3-9-17 Struggles Continue for Once-Formidable Princeton Men's Squad
3-9-17 Harvard Senior Keegan Mendez Profiled
3-7-17 David Baillargeon and Erin Roberts Win National Canadian University Titles
3-6-17 Harvard Freshman Gina Kennedy Wins Intercollegiate Women's Title
3-6-17 Columbia's Osama Khalifa  Cruises to National Men's College Crown
3-6-17 Lively Atmosphere at Canadian College Nationals in Waterloo
3-5-17 Sedky (Penn) & Kennedy (Harvard);  Khalifa (Columbia) & Yanez (Rochester) to Square Off For US College Individual Titles
3-4-17 CSA Individuals Day One Report
3-4-17 Men's College Quarters Draw (Dumb to List Cities and Not Colleges)
3-4-17 Women's College Quarters Draw (Likewise)
3-4-17 Canadian College Championships Underway in Waterloo
3-3-17 In Rambling Statement, CSA Announces Structural Changes
3-3-17 Women's College Individuals Underway Today, Harvard No 1 Sobhy Not Entered, DRAW
3-3-17 Columbia's Khalifa Top Seed in Men's College Field, DRAW
3-3-17 College Individuals Preview
2-28-17 Harvard Rally from 10-4 in the 5th Dooms Penn in National Women's Title Match
2-28-17 GW's Breanne Flynn Wins CSA Richey Award
2-27-17 Harvard Women Lose at 1-2 but Run Table to Beat Penn for National Title
2-27-17 Women's CSA Divisional Results
2-26-17 Harvard 8-1 Over Princeton to Reach College Women's Final
2-26-17 Penn Women Edge Trinity in Bottom Semi
2-26-17 Women's CSA Brackets
2-25-17 Top Seeds Harvard, Penn, Trinity Crush Columbia, Cornell, Stanford in Women's 1st Round CSA Nationals, Brackets
2-24-17 Squash TV to Stream Women's Weekend College Team Nationals from Princeton
2-24-17 Harvard Women Approaching All-Time Status by William Quan
2-24-17 Penn Women Seek Redemption
2-24-17 Weekend Women's CSA Team Lineups
2-23-17 Top Women's Collegians Salah and Sobhy Continue Rivalry by  Yosef Weitzman
2-23-17 Trinity Women's Squash Heads To Princeton For Howe Cup National Championships This Weekend by David Kingsley
2-23-17 Ryosei Kobayashi of Rochester Wins College Skillman Award
2-22-17 Weekend Women's College Nationals Brackets
2-21-17 Defending Champion Yale Disappoints at Nationals by Griffin Smilow
2-20-17 Trinity Beats Harvard For Men's National College Team Title
2-20-17 CSA Finals Report
2-20-17 Lower Division Wraps
2-20-17 More Lower Tier Wraps
2-19-17 Top-Seeded Trinity Men Go 7-2 Over St Lawrence to Reach US College Team Final
2-19-17 No 2 Harvard Beats Columbia to Advance to CSA Title Match
2-19-17 US Men's College Insanity Continues as 1 Lone American Reported On Court in National Trinity-St Lawrence Semifinal
2-19-17 CSA Afternoon Report
2-19-17 CSA Evening Report
2-18-17 US College Team National Quarterfinals: Trinity, Columbia, Harvard Rout Penn, Drexel, Yale; St Lawrence Over Rochester
2-18-17 College Nats Day 1 Early Report
2-18-17 CSA Late Report
2-17-17 Men's CSA National Teams Lineups
2-17-17 Defending Champion Yale Underdog to Harvard in Nationals First Round
2-17-17 Princeton & Trinity Women Square Off for Final Ranking Before Nationals
2-16-17 Trinity Men Top Seed in Weekend Potter Cup
2-16-17 No 2 Harvard Men Eye National Title
2-16-17 Penn Men Set for Difficult 1st Round CSA Matchup
2-16-17 No 1 Harvard Women Cap Perfect Regular Season by Crushing Yale 9-Zip
2-16-17 Haverford’s Isabel Agnew and Trinity’s Michael Craig Named CSA Players of the Week
2-15-17 Rochester's Kobayashi and Yanez Among Skillman Finalists
2-15-17 Skillman Award Report
2-15-17 College Team Nationals to be Streamed Free on Squash TV
2-14-17 Joe McManus: Members to Vote on Proposal to Fold CSA Under US Squash Umbrella, Tufts to Vote No
2-14-17 2017 Potter Cup and Men's Divisional Team Brackets Announced
2-14-17 Weekend College Highlights
2-12-17 Columbia Men Beat Penn on Senior Night
2-12-17 Penn Women Shut Out Columbia, Extend Win Streak to 8 Matches
2-10-17 Once-Formidable Princeton Men Schooled 6-3 by Drexel
2-10-17 No 1 Harvard Women Stay Undefeated After Dominating Trinity
2-10-17 Penn No 1 Reeham Salah Unbeaten Entering Final Ivy Weekend
2-10-17 Club Squash Finds Its Place at Penn State
2-9-17 Trinity Men Beat Harvard 5-4
2-9-17 Connecticut College’s Mawa Ballo and St. Lawrence’s Mohamed El Gawarhy are College Players of the Week
2-8-17 Top-Ranked Harvard & Trinity Men Square Off Today
2-8-17 Trinity Captain Taking Advantage of Second Chance
2-7-17 Yale Men Dominate Penn 7-2
2-7-17 Harvard Women Crush Cornell, Columbia, to Stay Unbeaten
2-7-17 Weekend College Highlights
2-6-17 No 3 Columbia Men Crushed 8-1 by Harvard
2-6-17 University of Virginia Weekend Round Robin Promotes Squash in Southeast
2-3-17 Penn Men Nab First Win at Princeton Since '73
2-3-17 No 3 Columbia Men Take on No 4 Harvard
2-2-17 Cornell’s Rachel Scherman and MIT’s Neel Das are College Players of the Week
2-1-17 Colleges Going to Computerized Ranking System
1-31-17 No 12 George Washington Women Lose All Matches 3-Zip in Loss to Yale
1-30-17 Weekend College Highlights
1-30-17 Williams Women Win 18th Consecutive Little Three
1-29-17 John White's Drexel Men with First-Ever Win Over Struggling Yale
1-29-17 Harvard Men 6-3 Over No 1 Rochester
1-28-17 Rochester Men Top Rankings for First Time in Program History by Scott Sabocheck
1-28-17 University of Rochester Men's Roster
1-28-17 Updated CSA Men's Team Rankings
1-27-17 College Women's Team Rankings Updated
1-26-17 Yale’s Jenny Scherl and Rochester’s Ryosei Kobayashi are CSA Players of the Week
1-26-17 Defending Men's Champion Yale Drops to No 4 in Rankings by Griffin Smilow
1-25-17 Rochester Men Improve to 7-1 After Edging Top-Ranked Trinity
1-25-17 Stanford Women Remain Winless at Home
1-25-17 Weekend College Highlights
1-25-17 Harvard Women Visit San Francisco
1-22-17 Columbia Men Jump to No 2 in College Rankings
1-22-17 No 1 Harvard Women Roll Over Stanford
1-20-17 Wesleyan’s Alissandra Lampietti and Dartmouth’s Alvin Heumann Named College Players of the Week
1-20-17 Bates Another Melting Pot
1-19-17 No 1 Trinity Men Shut Out No 2 Yale
1-19-17 Trinity Women Over Yale 8-1
1-19-17 Yale-Trinity at 5-Year Anniversary of Legendary Match by Griffin Smilow
1-18-17 Trinity Men Host Defending Champion Yale
1-18-17 No 3 Trinity Women Edged by No 2 Penn
1-18-17 Columbia Men Upset Rochester and Yale
1-17-17 Weekend College Highlights
1-16-17 Penn Men Dominated by Harvard 8-1
1-16-17 Harvard Women 7-2 Over Penn
1-13-17 Penn Faces Long Weekend to Begin Ivy Play by Will Snow
1-12-17 Middlebury’s Caroline Jahrling and Western Ontario’s Matthew Henderson Named College Players of the Week
1-12-17 Stanford Women Over F & M in Rare Home Match
1-12-17 Penn's Marwan Mahmoud Extends to 6-0 in 8-1 Loss to Trinity
1-11-17 Princeton Men Crushed by Trinity
1-11-17 College Highlights
1-10-17 Dartmouth Squads with High Expectations by Nathan Albrinck
12-22-16 College Men's Video: Drexel v Williams
12-17-16 John White's Drexel Men up to 6th in Latest CSA Rankings
12-16-16 College Video: Drexel v Williams, Women
12-16-16 Penn Squads Gearing for Winter Push
12-15-16 College Squash Team Preseason Rankings – How Accurate? by David Keating
12-13-16 Weekend College Highlights
12-10-16 No 1 Harvard Women Shut Out Dartmouth in Opener
12-10-16 Penn Player Uses Chess
12-9-16 Penn's BG Lemmon Profile
12-8-16 Tufts’ Claire Davidson and Drexel’s Michael Thompson Named College Players of the Week
12-8-16 Penn's Sedky/Salah Makes Her Mark at World Teams
12-8-16 Yale Women Extend to 2-0 After Sweeping Brown
12-8-16 MIT Men Crushed by Williams
12-8-16 Williams Women Lose to Princeton, Come Back to Beat Drexel
12-7-16 Yale Men's Player Profiled
12-6-16 Penn Men Lose to Rochester, Edge St Lawrence
12-6-16 Yale Shuts Out Franklin & Marshall
12-5-16 Weekend College Highlights
12-4-16 Trinity Men Over Columbia 8-1
12-3-16 Bowdoin Struggling to Fill Rosters
12-2-16 Outside the Glass: Wendy Bartlett
12-2-16 Virginia Hosts GW Friday in Key Contest, Live Stream 5:45pm EST by David Keating
12-2-16 Drexel Men with First-Ever Win Over Penn
12-2-16 Trinity Men in Early Cruise
11-30-16 Ubina’s Sterling Play Leads Princeton in Key Early Season Win by David Keating
11-30-16 Penn Players with International Offseasons
11-23-16 Hamilton’s Alex Regan and Western Ontario’s Pierce Masuara are College Players of the Week
11-23-16 Penn Assistant Coach Emery Maine Greenwood Profiled
11-22-16 No 1 Trinity Men Shut Out Drexel on Opening Weekend
11-22-16 Weekend College Highlights
11-20-16 Ivy Men's Play Kicks Off
11-17-16 William Smith’s Gaby Fraser and the Navy's Jack Herold are College Players of the Week
11-17-16 Penn Reloads with Strong Recruiting Classes by Greg Robinov
11-17-16 Walk-Ons and the Yale Experience by Mark Rosenberg
11-15-16 Weekend College Highlights
11-15-16 John White's Drexel Program Looks to Continue Success
11-11-16 Vassar’s Isabelle Bertram and Bard’s Abe Etkin are College Players of the Week
11-9-16 College Bound Aussie Athletes Good News
11-8-16 Early College Weekend Highlights
11-6-16 Men's Preseason College Team Rankings
11-5-16 Women's Preseason College Team Rankings
11-5-16 GW Coach Named to Squash Magazine Top 50
11-3-16 Virginia Men's Preview
11-3-16 U of Minnesota Men's Preview
11-2-16 University of Washington Men's Preview
11-2-16 St Louis Washington Men's Preview
11-2-16 Johns Hopkins Men's Preview
11-1-16 Smith Women's Preview
11-1-16 Virginia Women's Preview
11-1-16 Washington University Women's Preview
10-31-16 Denison Men's Preview
10-31-16 Stanford Men's Preview
10-30-16 Johns Hopkins Women's Preview
10-30-16 Minnesota Women's Preview
10-29-16 Yale Men's Preview
10-28-16 Harvard Women's Preview
10-28-16 Brown Men's Preview
10-27-16 Stanford Women's Preview
10-27-16 St Lawrence Men's Preview
10-26-16 Western Ontario Men's Preview
10-26-16 Princeton Women's Preview
10-25-16 Vassar Women's Preview
10-25-16 Bard Men's Preview
10-24-16 MIT Men's Preview
10-24-16 Mount Holyoke Women's Preview
10-23-16 Penn Women's Preview
10-23-16 Amherst Men's Preview
10-22-16 Fordham Men's Preview
10-22-16 Hamilton Women's Preview
10-21-16 Cornell Makes it Official: Palmer to Take Over Program
10-21-16 Brown Women's Preview
10-21-16 Colby Men's Preview
10-20-16 Cornell Men's Preview
10-20-16 GW Women's Preview
10-20-16 Cornell to Name Former World #1 David Palmer New Squash Coach by David Keating
10-19-16 Hobart Men's Preview
10-19-16 Connecticut College Women's Preview
10-18-16 Columbia Women's Preview
10-18-16 Vassar Men's Preview
10-18-16 Penn Coach Gilly Lane Doubles as US Open MC
10-17-16 Haverford Women's Preview
10-17-16 Hamilton Men's Preview
10-16-16 Wellesley Women's Preview
10-16-16 Princeton Men's Preview
10-16-16 Bowdoin Men's Preview
10-16-16 St Lawrence Women's Preview
10-14-16 Columbia Men's Preview
10-14-16 Yale Women's Preview
10-13-16 Cornell Women's Preview
10-13-16 George Washington Men's Preview
10-12-16 Bowdoin Women's Preview
10-12-16 Connecticut College Men's Preview
10-11-16 Princeton's Maria Elena Ubina Among Weekend Winners in US Intercollegiate Doubles
10-11-16 Penn Men's Preview
10-10-16 Haverford Men's Preview
10-10-16 Colby Women's Preview
10-9-16 Dickinson Men's Preview
10-9-16 37th Intercollegiate Doubles Joins US Open Fortnight
10-8-16 Amherst Women's Preview
10-7-16 Williams Men's Preview
10-6-16 Trinity Women's Preview
10-5-16 Franklin & Marshall Women's Preview
10-5-16 Middlebury Men's Preview
10-4-16 Drexel AD Says Squash Part of University Fabric
10-3-16 Wesleyan Men's Preview
10-3-16 Squash For Any and All at Harvard
10-2-16 Dickinson Women's Preview
10-1-16 Trinity Men's Preview
9-30-16 Dartmouth Women's Preview
9-30-16 Rookie Penn Men's Head Coach Gilly Lane Names Men's Captain
9-29-16 Franklin & Marshall Men's Preview
9-28-16 Bates Women's Preview
9-27-16 Rochester Men's Preview
9-26-16 Tufts Women's Preview
9-25-16 Drexel Men's Preview
9-24-16 Williams Women's Preview
9-23-16 Harvard Men's Preview
9-23-16 Ivy League to Propose Curbing Early Recruiting of Athletes
9-23-16 Coloring Books Increasingly Embraced by Colleges
9-22-16 Navy Men's Preview
9-22-16 Wesleyan Women's Preview
9-21-16 Middlebury Women's Preview
9-19-16 Tufts Men's Preview
9-18-16 Dartmouth Men's Preview
9-16-16 Drexel Women's Preview
9-15-16 Bates Men's Preview
9-15-16 Video: Assaiante on Upcoming Hall of Fame Induction
9-13-16 Malaysian Wee Wern Earns Double First At World University Championships by Howard Harding
9-13-16 Ex Harvard Coach Satinder Bajwa Helping Chandigarh Kids Scale the Walls of Privilege by Dilip D'Souza
9-11-16 Intercollegiate Hardball Doubles to Combine with US Open
9-11-16 Philly Fortnight to Include Paul Assaiante Induction
9-10-16 Columbia Introduces Incoming Women's Class
9-9-16 Low Wee Wern & Yip Tsz Fung Claim World University Titles by Howard Harding
9-8-16 Bill Doyle Recognized in March College HOF Induction
9-6-16 Paul Assaiante, Norman Bramall and Jane Austin Stauffer Announced as 2016 US Squash HOF Inductees
9-2-16 Bringing HD Streaming to Yale Squash
8-31-16 Freshman Victor Padilla First Squash Haven Grad to Attend Yale
8-30-16 Julia Beaver in March CSA Induction
8-25-16 Jane Parker Resigns as Vassar Head Coach
8-25-16 Coaching Changes by Michael Bello
8-23-16 Yasser El Halaby jn March College Hall of Fame Induction
8-18-16 2017 CSA Individuals March 3-5 at Dartmouth
8-17-16 Marcus Cowie into CSA Hall of Fame
8-11-16 Carol Weymuller Inducted into Men's College Hall of Fame
8-10-16 Harvard Women's Squash Announces Incoming Class
8-9-16 College Team Championships Revert to 2-Weekend Format
8-5-16 Penn Names Emery Maine Greenwood Assistant Coach
8-4-16 Cornell Women's Coach Julee Devoy Announces Fall Recruits
8-4-16 NESCAC All-Sportsmanship Teams
7-27-16 College Women's Video: Dartmouth v Virginia
7-26-16 George Washington Announces 2016-17 International Men's Recruits
7-12-16 College Video: El Defrawy v Sobhy
7-7-16 College Squash, Rochester v Trinity Men's
6-28-16 Howe Cup Video, Princeton v Stanford
6-10-16 College Men's Video, Williams v Wesleyan
6-5-16 College Women's Video, Bowdoin v Wellesley
5-29-16 Men's Division 1 Final Rankings
5-25-16 Women's Division 1 Final Rankings
5-21-16 Video: Dartmouth v St Lawrence Women's
5-13-16 College Season Photos for Sale
5-11-16 CSA Men's Video: Khalifa (Columbia) v Hatata (Bates)
5-9-16 Princeton Women Welcome Recruiting Class of 2020
5-8-16 Princeton Men's Team Announces Three Recruits
5-8-16 European Under-19 Titlist Amelia Henley Harvard-Bound
5-7-16 National Champion Yale Men Choose 2016-2017 Captain
5-6-16 Trinity Women's Season Recapped
5-6-16 Trinity Men's Recap
5-1-16 Final Men's College Club Rankings
4-29-16 Dickinson Men Honored with 2016 Barnaby Award
4-25-16 Final College Men's Team Rankings
4-25-16 US College Club Teams Should Switch to UK Racketball by Ted Gross
4-23-16 14 Women's Club Teams Earn Final CSA Rankings
4-15-16 St Lawrence Senior Amr Khalifa Wins 2016 Skillman Award
4-13-16 Penn Promotes Gilly Lane to Men's Head Coach
4-13-16 CSA Women's Video, Cornell v F&M
4-11-16 Women's Final College Team Rankings
4-7-16 Men's College Scholar Athletes Announced
4-6-16 Video: Men's CSA Final, Abdel Khalek v Kobayashi
4-5-16 Eligibility Chaos at the Root of College Squash Troubles by Ted Gross
4-5-16 CSA Announces Men's All-Americans
4-4-16 Video: Women's CSA Final, El Defrawy v Sedky
4-3-16 Nick Matthew Supporting University of Sheffield Squad
4-1-16 CSA Women's Scholar-Athletes Announced
3-30-16 Women's All-Americans Announced
3-29-16 Final Men's Individual College Rankings
3-25-16 Bates' Two-Time Intercollegiate Champion Abdel Khalek Profiled
3-24-16 CSA Men's Divisional Players Recognized
3-24-16 CSA Women's Divisional Players Recognized
3-18-16 Women's Year End Ivy Awards Announced
3-18-16 Men's All-Ivy Selections
3-17-16 College Richey Award to Kanzy El Defrawy
3-17-16 Amr Khalifa Wins Skillman Award
3-13-16 Intercollegiate Champion El Defrawy Credits Reduced Training
3-11-16 Video: Rochester Squash, 'An International Affair'
3-8-16 Four Elis Earn All-American Status
3-8-16 For Endo, Inspiration In Rivalry
3-7-16 Trinity Senior Kanzy El Defrawy Wins US Women's Intercollegiates
3-7-16 Bates College's Ahmed Abdel Khalek Repeats as Men's National Champion
3-6-16 Bates' Abdel Khalek, Rochester's Kobayashi into Men's Collegiate Final;  El Defrawy of Trinity v Sedky of Penn in Women's Final
3-5-16 US Squash CEO Kevin Klipstein: College Squash Needs Overhaul
3-5-16 Top Seeds Advance on Day 1 of Men's & Women's College Championships
3-4-16 Chelsea Piers First Non-College to Host CSA Individuals by Erica Bates
3-4-16 Bates' Abdel Khalek, Trinity's El Defrawy Top US Intercollegiates Fields, DRAWS
3-4-16 Drexel Sending 6 to Men's Individuals
3-3-16 College National Individuals: Complimentary Tickets Offered to CSA Team Friends and Supporters by David Keating
3-2-16 Max Martin of Yale and Aria Fazelimanesh of Rochester Pulled from National Individuals Following Contentious Potter Cup Finals' Match
3-2-16 Yale's Kah Wah Cheong Post-Championship
3-2-16 Laid Back Yale Coach Dave Talbott
3-1-16 CSA National Individuals This Weekend Will Apparently Require Deep Pockets by Ted Gross
2-29-16 Yale Beats Rochester 5-4 to Win First Men's National Title Since 1990