August 2013- Archive

8-31-13 First-Place Winner, 2013 Black Knight Squash Short Story Contest

8-31-13 Favourites Cruise Through In Rotterdam by Howard Harding

8-31-13 Fukui Breakthrough In Yokohama by Howard Harding

Preaching to the Choir is Not Enough! by Nick-At-Will

8-31-13 Ramachandran Hoping for the Unpredictable in Buenos Aires by Mark Bisson

8-31-13 More Good Will from Nicol David

8-31-13 US Squash to Host Fourth Annual Assembly at US Open

8-31-13 Video: Movement Timing from Squashskills

8-31-13 CSA Video: MIddlebury v Bowdoin Men's

8-31-13 America's Fastest Growing Sport? Professional Bull Riding

8-31-13 Greenwich High School Grapples With Bullying Following Teen Suicide

The Black Knight Short Story Judges Speak

8-30-13 Sports Illustrated Profiles Squash on Eve of IOC Decision

8-30-13 Wrestling Gearing for Final IOC Presentation

8-30-13 The Squashist: What To Do on the Eve of the Decision?

8-30-13 Reader: I Love Squash, but Wrestling Belongs in Olympics

8-30-13 Q & A With World Number 5 Joelle King

Canadian Laura Ramsay Courts Perfection at World Masters by Dan Ebenal

Squash Canada Unveils Changes to Officiating Program by Danny Da Costa

8-30-13 CSA 2013-14 Reminders from Michael Bello

8-30-13 SquashSmart's Stephen Gregg to Speak at The Beyond Sport Summit

8-30-13 Connecticut High School Squash Expanding to Lower Schools

2nd-Place Winner, 2013 Black Knight Squash Short Story Contest

Bid Video Approaching 150,000 Views As IOC Decision Looms

8-29-13 Capsule Summaries of Bid Contenders At Ten-Day Mark

8-29-13 Nicol David is New KLM Ambassador

8-29-13 Nicol Shares Story With University Students by Kng Zheng Guan

8-29-13 Job Opening: Part Time Pro, Southport

Willstrop: Match Fitness the Key As Season Begins

8-29-13 World Championship Courts AJ Bell Sponsorship by Sarah Gormley

8-29-13 Mark Talbott's Bay Area Presence Key to September Netsuite Open Success by Doug Kelly

8-29-13 Alan Thatcher: US Open Diminished by Absence of Game's Hottest Ticket

Seven-Sisters All-Conference Team Recognized by Anne Bello

8-29-13 Where's Dick? by John Lau

8-28-13 Hany Ibrahim Ahmed Claims Third WSA Title by Elliot Selby

UK Shopping Centres Want More 'Pop-Up' Squash Shops by Howard Harding

8-28-13 It’s Official, God Backs 2020 Bid by Alan Thatcher

Help My Squash Game, Episode 45 from Barb Cooper

8-28-13 Grand Opening Festival at UVa's McArthur Center Includes PSA, SDA, Skill Levels & Juniors

8-28-13 Three Olympics Questions for Nicol David

Willstrop: Warm-Up Gigs the Ticket

8-28-13 Beng Hee Fit & Ready in Malaysia

8-28-13 Mark Devoy's Cornell Men Add Four to 2013-14 Roster

NESCAC All-Academic Team Honored

8-28-13 New Canaan High School Team Enters 2nd Season As Varsity Sport

8-28-13 Former New South Wales Squash Center Converted to Boarding House

8-28-13 Tennis's Low-Profile Nishikori Earns $10 Million

8-28-13 California Lawmakers Want to Tax Little League Baseball

8-27-13 Third-Place Winner, 2013 Black Knight Squash Short Story Contest

8-27-13 Home Hero Declan Wins First Tour Title by Howard Harding

8-27-13 Nicol David Eyeing Penang Food As Well As Nationals

8-27-13 David 'The Voice' Kaye Backs The Bid For Squash 2020 by Nick-at-Will

Hollywood Producer Mike White On Board

8-27-13 The Squashist: The IOC Better Choose Carefully, Part I

8-27-13 Domain For Sale by Steve Cubbins

Princeton Men's Squash Counting Down

DAC Looking for 4-Peat in Cross-Border Challenge by Mick Joint

8-27-13 Brutal Security Lines Dampen US Open Tennis

8-27-13 Did Bobby Riggs Throw Billie Jean King Match to Satisfy Mob Debt? by Don Van Natta Jr.

Greg Goes For Mexican Double by Howard Harding

8-26-13 Nicol David Celebrates a Birthday

8-26-13 One of the Best...Ever! by Nick-at-Will

8-26-13 Raubenheimer Wins PST Opener

8-26-13 Squashskills Video: Racquet Head Through Hitting Zone

8-26-13 Another Australian Squash Complex Earmarked for Demolition

Corruption Claim in Olympic Wrestling World

8-26-13 Greenwich Estate Fetches $9.8 Million But Includes Court

8-26-13 Hudson Valley Country Club Memberships Rebound

8-26-13 Did Cavemen Get Athlete's Foot?

8-26-13 Growing Tennis Debate Over Injury Connection to 5-Setters

Gaultier Heads PSA World Series US Open Draw by Howard Harding

8-25-13 David, Massaro Top $115K US Open Women's Draw

8-25-13 South Africa's Siyoli Waters Fighting for Olympics Squash

8-25-13 Latitude 38 Singles & Doubles to Combine With San Francisco Netsuite, Entry

8-25-13 Q & A With Saurav Ghosal

8-25-13 Barry Ward, Ted Childs Named Connecticut College Men's and Women's Coaches

8-25-13 Video: CSA Women - CT  College v Drexel

8-25-13 Pro Squash Tour Comes To Mamaroneck by Suzanne Samin

8-25-13 PST Buffalo Wild Wings Update

8-25-13 Head Graphene Neon 130 Racket by Pierre Bastien

8-25-13 Liberty League Men's All-Academic Team Announced

8-25-13 Ghosal and Chinappa Dominate 61st Indian Nationals

8-25-13 Trend Toward Taller Tennis Players Called Indisputable

Willstrop: Decision Time

8-22-13 Wrestling's Dan Gable Shares Life-Altering Power of Olympic Gold by Bryce Miller

8-22-13 The Life Time Race to the Olympics

Q  & A With Karim Darwish by Brett Erasmus

8-22-13 The Squashist: Achieving Quiet

8-22-13 Kelsey Engman Named Drexel Assistant Coach

8-22-13 Penn Adds South African Richard Dodd to Staff

8-22-13 Squash is Not Just a Game. It is LIFE! by John Lau

From Football to Squash, Politics and Myself by Ian Batts

8-22-13 Squash In the Frame for Sport England’s Major Boost to Grassroots Sports Clubs

Ghosal Calls for Support of Indian Squash

8-22-13 GrowthPoint Technology Partners On Board as San Francisco NetSuite Sponsor

8-22-13 Squash Magazine Merges Operations With US Squash

8-22-13 Intern’s Death Puts Banking Culture Under Microscope

Namibia In Historic World Championship Breakthrough by Howard Harding

8-21-13 PST Season Kicks Off in Westchester This Weekend

8-21-13 2013 Academic All-Ivy Team Announced, by Anne Bello

Pakistan/PSA Controversy Reported

8-21-13 Willstop Prepares for 2013-14 Campaign

8-21-13 Video: Shahier Razik on the Backhand

More on David Palmer Group Black Knight Acquisition

8-21-13 George Washington's Wendy Lawrence Adds Alexander Gross as Assistant Coach

8-21-13 SDA Hardball Doubles Match Video: Park/Smith v Price/Leach

Once-Accused Tennis Umpire Back Working US Open

8-21-13 Australian Tourists Urged To Boycott US In Wake of Baseball Player Murder

Squash & Tennis To Join Forces In Rotterdam by Howard Harding

Sharp Shoots For Academy Hat-Trick by Howard Harding

8-20-13 National Capitol Recap, 3 Straight for Sobhy by Elliot Selby

8-20-13 British Columbia's Gerry Poulton Wins 70's World Masters Title

8-20-13 World Masters Results

8-20-13 Nicol David Begins Countdown to IOC Vote

Chicago's Top 5 Private Clubs by Seth Putnam

8-20-13 Diet Credited For Propelling Tennis's Djokovic

Reducing Injury Risk in Female Athletes by Kevin Miller

8-20-13 Pole Dancers Say Sport Has Evolved, Should Be In Olympics

Three Weeks From Today and Counting by Bob Hanscom

8-19-13 Video: Sportswire Interviews Paul Assaiante

8-19-13 Ivy Champion Princeton Women Welcome Three Freshmen

Fantasy...or Innovation!? by Nick-at-Will

8-19-13 Ramy A Class Act by Kng Zheng Guan

8-19-13 Squash Teaches Core Youth Games Values by Nick Butler

8-19-13 Old Guys Break the Rules by Kenneth Tuttle

8-19-13 Head Cyano 115 Racket by Pierre Bastien

8-19-13 Does Athletic Competence Help a Politician? by Catriona Menzies-Pike

8-19-13 Joe Namath and the Dawn of Big Money Sports by Randy Roberts

Team Play Continues at Caribbean Championships

8-18-13 Amanda Sobhy Wins National Capitol Open for 3rd Straight WSA Title

Ashour Confident Squash Will Make Olympic Cut

Father of Late Harry Faulkner Working to Raise Awareness

8-18-13 Malaysian Squash Siblings Married on Same Day

8-18-13 On Court Thought Process by Mike McCue

8-18-13 Video: Attacking Squash by Mike Way (27 minutes)

8-18-13 Tennis Entrepreneurs Carving Niche With Online Instruction

8-18-13 Accused Tennis Ref Files Lawsuit

8-18-13 Small Colleges Using Sports to Keep Enrollment Up

Why the 10,000 Hour Rule Doesn't Always Work by David Epstein

$230K October US Open Confirms Nicol David Entry

8-17-13 US Open Men's Pre-Qualifying Draw

8-17-13 US Open Women's Pre-Qualifying Draw

8-17-13 Sobhy & Adel In $10K WSA Washington, DC, Final

8-17-13 Concern On Isle of Wight Over Squash & Sport Center Closures

South Africa Rhodes University Squash Club Celebrates 80 Years

8-17-13 Video: 2013 CSA Men's Championships, Dartmouth v Amherst

8-17-13 Ban For Wrestler Accused of Racism Delayed Until After World Championships

8-17-13 Sharapova Fires Connors After One Match

8-17-13 NAACP Critical of Dartmouth Summer 'Crips & Bloods' Frat Party

8-17-13 Just Not A Headline You See Every Day

Important Announcement Regarding Black Knight Short Story Contest

Ashour, Gaultier, Willstrop on Top as $70K Netsuite Draw Announced, Illingworth Gets Wildcard

8-16-13 Sobhy Sisters Into $10K WSA Washington DC Semis

Harrity, Sobhy To Lead US Pan Am Teams

8-16-13 Canadians Progress at Toronto NSA Open

8-16-13 University of Western Ontario to Dedicate Courts to Legendary Coach Jack Fairs

8-16-13 Princeton Men Welcome Incoming Freshmen Under New Head Coach

8-16-13 A Day Trip to Aosta by Richard Millman

Hey Ref! Part 6, by Barry Faguy

8-16-13 Video: Selby v Salazar, 2011 Comfort Inn Quarter

How Stanford and the 'Smart Schools' Got Good at Football by Stewart Mandel

Gulf Squash Growth Will Yield A World Champion Says Ramy Ashour, by Howard Harding

Chris Binnie and Nicolette Fernandes Retain Caribbean Championships Titles

8-15-13 $5K PSA Men's Toronto Report

Video: Amr Shabana San Francisco September Netsuite Preview

8-15-13 Laura Massaro: Scholarship Aided My Career

Haverford Men Win 2013 Barnaby Award by Anne Bello

8-15-13 Trinity Men's Squash 'Dominated Its Way' Back To National Crown

8-15-13 Jahangir: Mismanagement and Terrorism Fears Destroying Pakistan Sport

8-15-13 Nicol David Returning to Malaysian Nationals

8-15-13 Physiological Cost Is Part of Tennis’s Evolution by David Cox

8-15-13 Balco's Victor Conte Says Half of Baseball Still Using Steroids

Black Knight Squash Short Story Contest Ends Tomorrow

Matthew, Willstrop, Elshorbagy & Shabana To Clash in Nimick's 4th Annual 'Showdown at Symphony' by Colleen Turner

8-14-13 Nick Matthew To Be Honoured As Sheffield Legend by Kate Reveley

8-14-13 Olympic Bid Gets A Hollywood Wave of Support

8-14-13 What’s in Your Squash Bag? by Pierre Bastien

CASA '13 Into the Finals

8-14-13 Sept 27-28 Amateur Maine Bobcat Classic Entry Form

8-14-13 New Cameron Pilley Day-in-the-Life Promo Video

8-14-13 Nissan Note Part of 'Squash Line', Inspired by Court Angles

8-14-13 Video: Willstrop v Rodriguez Mega-Rally

8-14-13 CSA Hall of Famer Gail Ramsay Briefly Profiled

US National Grass Court Tennis Championships Had Main Line Flavor

The Absence of Southern California Junior Tournaments by Bob Hanscom

8-13-13 Hong Kong Junior Open Concludes With Record 560 Competing

WSA Hamptons Recap, As Sobhy Powers To 8th Career Title by Elliot Selby

8-13-13 Squash and the Olympics - The Final Chapter? by Brett Erasmus

8-13-13 Jahangir: 'Massive' Hard Work Needed to Recapture Pakistan Glory

8-13-13 Harrow Club Launches Petition Against Court Removal

Jonathon Power Was The Magician by Mehwish Rizvi

8-13-13 Asics Gel Doha GS Junior Squash Shoes by Pierre Bastien

8-13-13 Video: Coach Paul Assaiante Interviewed on Connecticut Morning Show

Israeli Tennis Players Fined for Refusing to Play on Yom Kippur

8-13-13 Mental Training for Sports Begins in the Gym by Dr. Jim Taylor

Bogota King Barker The Fourth by Howard Harding

8-12-13 PSA Colombia Semis Report by Howard Harding

8-12-13 Amanda Sobhy Over Yathreb Adel in $10K Hamptons for Second Straight WSA Title

8-12-13 September 8th IOC 2020 Bid Vote Detailed

8-12-13 US Wins 'Battle of the Border' in Ontario

8-12-13 Ontario-American Blog